Secret Treasures.


Secret Treasures.* based on a true story. I am Jessica female30yrs.The rain pelted down on the Victorian style home . Legand was it was haunted. Lights would turn on without cause.. dripping faucets.. drawers creaking Open. But, it was beautiful. I loved the home. My cat and I were ready for bed when a knock at the door startled. It was aunt Kim. Come to visit.’ Your father asked me to look in on u..’ she said.Ok Kim..make yourself my cat and I went to bed. The rain on the window pane pelted and my cat scurried under the sheets. I got into my robe; revelling my soft pale wet breast bubbling over top of the the robe.i felt something gaze from the open door. I let the robe slide down my body Revealing wet breasts and started rubbing slowly my nipple. And tugging.. my hips lay over the bedside and glazed wet from the rain .my Sparking wet breast grew firm. My pale white breasts shining in the hot rain.someone was watching me.. i felt eyes on me as I rubbed myself softly.purring,,,my robe slide off. ‘ mmmm.. I heard from afar…my hips glowed from the water.. my breasts in view.’ I want u… ‘ I heard whispered bites came upon my vagina. And I felt my vagina being massaged.* it was aunt kim* I felt pressure between my legs. My legs spread wide.. and a deep massage developed. I felt a rough rubbing on my vagina. Up and down.. side to circles… kissing my vagina in a dark wicked hot kiss.The rubbing between my legs growing deep and long.. growling in the distance..Something was kissing me deeply on my vagina passionately.pulling me to it. Rubbing my vagina slowly wickedly. dark hot kisses circled my vagina.. she was kissing me gently.and rubbing…my vagina hard.The rub grew dark. Deep. ‘ your delicious..’ I heard as my vagina was deeply suckled. ( up and down in and out.. . ) Sliding her fingers slowly, twisting turning into me. Hocking my finger up my wall twirling high deep. Biting my vagina and tugging.twirling high she was .rubbing me on my vagina slow.deep. Hard. Kissing me softly around me curls.nibbling my vagina slow. Aunt k was Licking around my slit. And eating me out slow.’your beautiful.. ‘ I heard as the suckling grew deep. Devilish.and the rubbing of my vagina grew soft..kissing me gently on my vagina. With wickedly hot kisses.As the biting on my vagina became hard and rough. Long. The suckling on my vagina …Long.deep The massage of my vagina long deep. ‘Yes right there..deeper…’ I moaned. As she suckled me deeper. ‘Delicious ‘ she ate me out. Suckling deep. Rubbing me deeply on my vagina…..her wet kiss dark sucking my vagina and nipple.rubbing me hard on my vagina. Tugging my nippleslow. And biting my vagina softly.‘Yes….’ I purred…Aunt Kim rubbed me deeply. Sucking on my vagina turned dark wicked..deep and long..massaging me between my thighs.rubbing me hard.long. ’your beautiful..’ I heard…whispered.’ I love sucking u..; ’ as the lips on my vagina grew hot. Kissing and sucking deep on my vagina. Biting me softly…i felt the rubbing between my legs grow deep. It was Tugging my vagina…. ‘ Silence.’ I heard being hot lips grazed my slit with hot wet kisses.stroking my vagina softly… kissing it tenderly…’ I love how soft u are..’ whispered. Nibbling my vagina with wet hot kisses.and Licking my breast. Stroking me gently between my legs. Rubbing deep. And suckling…deeper and deeper.( kissing me between my legs gently) in a fire and ice storm.Tugging pulling me hard. ( grinding my nipple to her lips). Kissing….my nipple slow.I turned to her touch. My nipple melted in her mouth as she suckled.stroking my vagina…licking….tugging….squeezing…pulling..suckling..suckling..suckling..deep.long. Hard.‘silence’ she the sucking grew dark. Something was massaging me between my breasts.rubbing hard.suckling me…hard. Kissing me deep. I felt a mouth dulve between my vagina and suckle. Squeezing my vagina. Twisting…licking around my vagina wall. Suckling..suckling..suckling…licking it slow &soft.( in circles)rubbing me in circles on my vagina. My bottom turned.glisning. ‘ your so soft…’ I heardas she was .rubbing my bottom . I Sparkled. I was licked on my bottom,, rubbed. bottom was suckled slowly…..kissing my curves and tummy curls..Fisted deep and slowly…. spanked hard. K…Stroking me between my legs softly…Sucking my vagina long and slow.squeezing …squeezing…her kiss deep. Dark hot wicked kisses on my vagina. Rubbing me deeply… stroking me between my legs softly..slowly..Rubbing me between my legs generously…rough up and down side to side .in circles hard.Placing her finger high up my wall,hocked it and tugged.hard. Twirling and twisting.the rubbing and suckling between my legs grew deeper.Tugging hard on my vagina. My breasts glazed .i felt a hand on my bottom caressing it. Biting it rough. Then , on my nipple,pulling,licking.kissing..squeezing. bursa escort Biting my nipple hard..Licking my breast and spanking and fisting my bottom.Kissing my curves..biting my breast and vagina dark deep wickedly..rubbing my vagina in sinister delight.pecking long up my wall.twisting. ‘Good girl..’ as I was pulled,tugged and kissed wickedly..lips licked around my wall. Suckling my vagina. ‘ harder’ i Moaned. As she suckled deeper.harder.wetter… I felt a tear as a toungue twisted high up my vagina. In circles…biting my vagina slowly. Hard.sucking it hard and long.Rubbing me..stroking me between my thighs gently… hard..deeper and deeper…long.Suckling me long and deep.i was being deepthroated . Long and deep.deepthroating me darker and darker..hard. ‘ yes right there don’t stop.’ I cried .tearing,,,as thr pressure on my vagina grew hot sinfil. Like fire.’Kim deepthroated me again and again. Rubbing my soft vagina.suckling…deep.nuzzling long and deep between my legs suckling’ delicious..’ she whispered.suckling deeper. Stroking me softly between my legs.kissing me between my legs softly with a hot wicked kiss. Licking..Kisses hot like fire enveloped my vagina,caressed me on my vagina. And massaging me deeply, a bite deep between my legs.‘ silence..’ I heard whispered. Massaging me deep between my legs.i felt kisses on my vagina sucking me deeply.i was showered with hot wicked fire like kisses circling my hips,nipple,and vagina. Licking my vagina curves….‘ oh yes harder I screamed ..’ as the wet kiss on my vagina became dark.a toungue twisted to the tip of my vagina nibbled..the twists up my fall. Hot. Sinister…wicked.,,bite marks placed on my vagina.biting me deeply between my legs..kiss me deep between my legs and rubbing…nibbling my vagina and nipple..i purred…’ yes don’t stop.’‘ Right there yes’ as I was deepthroated Deep..dark and long. Hard. The sex became ferocious . Hotter and hotter. Teasing my curls with her finger ( up and down..) deep up my wall.tugging pulling…hot wet kisses were on my v wall. a toungue circling high up my wall. .twisting In circles up my vagina.her finger latched high up my wallpressing deep. Hard. ‘ ’yes.right there.’ I cried. ‘ silence ‘ I heard. Perching my head back, I felt biting on my vagina. Nipping at my was over whelming. The orgasm spread in waves ( as I was deepthroated long and hard ) deep for hours…my breasts grew firm. In the fierce she latched to my breast suckling my nipple slow.gently…‘oh yes. Don’t stop.’ Her toungue latched to my vagina and suckled hard. Stroking me gently on my vagina. Tugging me hard. Rubbing me deeply on my vagina,grazing my nipple with her lips, and licking..around my nipple..the orgasm in waves entered me.Stroking me between my legs…massaging… gently….. squeezing my vagina tightly.and twirling..rubbing…….rubbing rubbing…rubbing.biting me hard on my vagina.kissing me with hot wet lips around my vagina licking my vagina softly.tenderly..with hot wicked kisses.‘Open.’I she deepthroated my deeper….harder….and she kissed my wet curves,deep.‘Your beautifully delicious..’ suckling me vagina softly..stroking my nipple and vagina circling me with her toungue.and fingers..tugging..tugging..twirling tugging..twisting herself gently,thrusting deep into me. Kissing me passionately. ( coming in waves inside me)*‘Good girl..’ she moaned, softly..sucking me hard.( deepthroating me twice hard.) twirling..i felt bites on my vagina. My breast being pushed,pulled and tugged.squeezed . My vagina was kissed with wickedly.and rubbed deeply.stroking me between my legs gently grazing my legs with wet her lips.’ I love sucking u. U are so soft..’ ‘ahh..’ she moaned rubbing me softly,biting me hard on my vagina, sucking my wet the depthroating grew devilishly fierce.Stroking me between my legs.lunging inside me.lunge lunge lunge..thrust.thrust.thrusting herself hard inside me. Over and over.Fucking me hard and rough. over and over for hours.Lunge lunge lunge ( hard and slow) tugging and twisting.entering me in waves her orgasm exploded deep in me.Her touch got hot and wicked, toungue tugginghigh up my vagina wall.Twisting..twirling….fingers latching to my vagina tugging… twisting high up my wall. ‘Good girl ‘ as I purred and she finger fucked me hard. Kissing my bottom with a bite.lspanking and fisting me slowly..Licking around the circles of my nipple..and tugging..hard. Rough.rubbing me between my legs hard.deeply.kissing me between my legs with hot wet kisses..On my pussy..fucking me hard. Rough.’ I love how soft u are angel..’ she moaned.’silence’ As I melted to her touch. She orgasmed in me in breasts kissed, licked in circles ….squeezing,and tugged.* unbuckling *Her hands were on my breast caressing…slow.stroking lightly my nipple..with wet kisses.Stroking my vagina slowly…kissing my vagina bursa escort bayan with hot kisses Of sin.‘Spread..’ I heard being whispered.wet kisses on my nipple gently layed. Stroking between my legs…tenderly..kisses hot placed on my vagina.feeling myself being fucked. Hard for breasts licked and pulled pinched.cupping my nipple caressing. In soft her lunges became rougher .and rougher.Fucking me in dark wickedness.A mouth was dripping hot in me. Twirling high up my vagina….deeply..wickedly..kissing my breasts gently stroking my vagina softly.kissing me in circles on my vagina.sucking me deep.for hours.( deepthroating mr hard deep and long. Licking my vagina in circles….around and around.rubbing me deeply dark between my legs.’deeper yes right there. ‘’ deep inside..’ I moaned as the lunges went rougher and rougher. The Fuck fiercely hot and wicked.Fucking me for hours…hard.the oral sec grew sinfil.i cried.a tear left my cheek as tearing …’ tight deep…’‘ yes …. soft…’ I moaned. Moving slowly my hips to her I pulled to her hips as she orgasmed deep in me..biting my bottom and breast. Cupping my nipple tugging. In soft circlesas she lunged deeper harder rougher inside me, sucking my vagina firmly. Deep and wicked like fire and ice. A hot mouth twirling high deep up my vagina. In circles kissingmy vagina.suckling…massaging me gently between my thighs. ….rubbing gently between my thighs…. kissing.leaving kisses on me.deepthroating me hard deeply for hours.’yes right there..’ ‘deeper..yes’ I moaned.the oral sex grew dark she devoured my vagina with hot wicked wet kisses.suckling deeper and deeper…’ delicious ‘ ‘I love watching u between your legs..’ she whispered.massaging me deeply softly on my vagina. Licking my breast and tugging….kissing my vagina gently in a soft hot kiss..she whispered..’ good girl..’ as her finger hocked around my vagina pulling gently.. tugging softly. And I was finger fucked, hard. Latching her lips to my vagina.. suckling…tenderly.stroking my vagina softly rubbing gently.Fucking me hard. Biting my vagina with hot wet kisses rubbing deep and hard. Twirling her toungue up my vagina in circles…’ oh yes. Don’t stop ‘ I moaned.tugging my vagina…as she entered me over and over. Her orgasm showered me in waves as thev fuck grew dark.wicked and was delicious…..suckling..suckling..suckling..tugging..tugging.twirling.pulling.squeezing. Kissing….’your so soft.’ She I pulled her nipple. Licking her breast slowly Kissing it.Pulling her nipple in my teeth and instinctively giving her oral sex twice.’ Good my naughty angel..’ she growled.I began stroking her nipple slow with my finger.pulling it tenderly.: licking around her nipple. I Tugged it with my mouth kissed her passionatel( instantly I gave her oral sex)as I came in her mouth ‘Good girl.’ She whispered.grinding my hips to herd.groping her vagina. And pulling..twisting.’mmm’ she whispered. I cupped her vagina tickling her wet curls with nibbles.and tugging…caressing her breasts in circles lapping her pussy pulling her vagina.tugging…grazing her breast with wet kisses… pulling her nipple gently stroking her nipple with my finger and lips. Biting her breast hard. Circling her nipple licking her nipple softly kissing her vagina tenderly. Nipping her vagina with cool soft kisses.stroking her vagina slowly. Sliding my lips slowly up her vagina. Twisting gently… kissing her passionately on the nipple.circling her with kisses…tugging.pulling. Squeezing..her nipple hard. Licking in circles on her nipples. Blowing hot nothings on her breast. Tugging her gently with my teeth. Her nipple fit perfectly in my mouth as I suckledher slowly. ..cupping her vagina twisting. I tickled her wet curls in circles. Softly kissing her vagina and nipples.laping her pussy in my hands I pulled her vagina slowly..licking her vagina curls.biting her vagina.kissing it softly. Teasing her tracing in her curls softly with my fingers and .twisting,…Stroking her curls.stroking her nipple I kissed her nipple tenderly. Twirling her nipple between my fingers.. twisting high up her vagina. Nibbling and pecking her nipple.circling her nipplevwith licks.tugging it hard. Squeezing.pulling her breast.squeezing.enveloping it with my mouth and suckling…hard.pulling her nipple with my teeth.licking around her nipple and vagina softly.growling.. nuzzling her vagina with my nose biting softly.tugging her hard. I began caressing her breast. Kissing her nipple tugging..pulling.. squeezing.blowing it gently…stroking her nipple with my fingers.licking and kissing.sucking her nipple in circles wiyh my hands stroking her between her nipple kissing slowly tenderly.teasing her curls softly with bites and twirling my fingers gently stroking her curls.i plunged into her nipple sucking intently. escort bursa Sucking hard. Cupping her breasts,caressing.kisding her soft.on her nipple.she fit perfectly in my mouth as I slowly smiled and suckled. Tugging her hard and kissing her breast. Tenderly…licking …the tip of her nipple and pecking the tip of her vagina.caressing her breast slowly. My mouth opened to her nipplevsuckling her slow. Kissing her nipple she rubbed me gently on my slow tugs…on her nipple became hard. My toungue pulled her to me sucking her nipple slow.deep…my hands cupped her breasts caressing tenderly. Tracing her nipple with my fingers. Blowing sweet nothings on it. And nuzzling it with my nose. Biting her nipple hard.circling it with wet kisses .squeezing and pulling it tight.. pinching her tenderly on the nipple and vagina. Grinding myself hard to her hips.. cupping her vagina. Pushing her vagina in on e movement. She lunged.hard. Entering me in waves….I smiled. And continued rubbing her nipple down with my finger.stroking her nipple with my finger. Pinching her breast. My hands cupped her vagina.twisting…my tongue slowly stroked her vagina.up and down kissing. Her. Deeply.licking her vagina. Caressing her vagina, my kisses wet and cool breaths up her vagina. She orgasmed.and opened…licking my way up her vagina wall. My breath cool on her toyin circles slow sliding upon her breasts and up her vagina. Twirling my toungue up her vagina slowly…higher deeper and circles.tugging her vagina. And pulling her breasts with my teeth. Circling her nipple with my fingers.Nibbling her breasts and vagina tenderly. As I pecked her slow…stroking her nipple softly biting it tenderly..licking…..her nipple slow.pulling it hard. She came hard.Bugging her open, my teeth kissed beneath her vagina. Kissing her with cool breaths…up her vagina. Lapping her pussy with wet cool kisses.and licking…plucking her vagina gently with my tongue.kissing her twirling twisting high up her wall deeper and deeper.Kissing her nipple and vagina deeply. Slow and deep.licking my way up her vagina wall my toungue in circles twirling around inside her. Deep.long. Hard up her wall. Turning my tongue in circles.rising high and deep. Hard.blowing cool kisses up her vagina. Nuzzling her breasts with soft kisses.tugging her gently on her nipple.pulling it with my teeth.My nose pecking her fingers…twirling in her curls.nuzzling her breast with my nose , stroking slowly her nipple.and vagina.nipping it ..pecking it softly with a cool kiss.She orgasmed.growling…opening as I bobing on her vagina kissing her wet breast and grinded myself in her hips. Kissing her passionately.i came in her mouth hard twice.twirling myself around her vagina.biting her ..Softly.‘Fuck me..’ she comanded.i obeyed.Her breasts never left my i tugged .pulling her with my teeth.( giving her a dark rimjob) the oral sex grew dark. …dark. As we had oral sex for hours .‘Good my naughty little raindrop..’ as I purred. ‘ enter me now.’ She commanded as we fucked again. Harder. Darker. ..suckling her rough. ( the oral sex became hot and fierce.)her hands caressed m breastsbpulling. As I swivled on her vagina.turning.. up and down. Deeply…in circles.tugging her nipple( as I gave her a dark Her nipple was delicious hot in my mouth. As i tugged it slow.pulling her with my teeth.’good my naughty raindrop ‘as I licked and suckled her vagina rough.she gave me a deep massage.rubbing me gently on my vagina. Kissing me between my legs softly.* it was aunt Kim…..*she…stroing my vagina …and massaging me hard…rubbing deep.i felt my legs spread wide.and wet kisses placed between my thighs. Kissing me softly between my thighs and on my nipple.she massaged hard. Rubbing deep on my vagina. Sucking me fierce on my vagina. Hot wicked kisses as we had hot wicked .oral sex . she devoured my pussy deepthroating me hard. a hot long wickedly sinfil Oral sex marathon..developed.sucking on my vagina deep long and hard. Deepthroating me twice. ‘Turn.’ As I opened my hips she rubbed my bottom spanking me hard.licking my curves. Fisting…me slow..rubbing me slow between my legs. Deep. iting my vagina. And kissing her way up my vagina wall. (Turning her toungue high up my wall)as I moaned.her orgasm in waves entered me as she lit the tip of my nipple.fucking me from behind.lunging….the fuck lasted hours.hugging me tight. Grazing me with hot soft wet kisses.her hands cupped my breasts massaging.squeezing. Pulling me closer to her ,moving my hands to her vagina ‘suck hard.’ She commanded. I obeyed.suckling her deeply. Licking her passionately on her breasts.biting her hard on her vagina.turning her vagina in circles up her wall my tongue gently stroking her curls.and nipple.swivling on her… vagina.leaving cool breaths high up her wall.deeper and deeper….) and so the oral sex of fire Lasting hours….we fucked: Edge of heavenwaterfallhot seat. *69finishing in afternoon delight.pinning me to the bed.. fucking Me cowgirlstyle.hugging me tight. We fell to a slumber. As I slept on her breast purring..