Searched in the back room

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Searched in the back roomI was that afternoon at the local mall, having some nice diamond pieces between my fingers at the jewelry shop. I could not decide what to buy…Suddenly four strong hands lifted me in the air and dragged me into an office, before I could open my mouth to scream for help.Two giant security guards had attacked me. They locked the door behind them and made me stand in the middle of the room. They were both black men, hard bodies, muscular and even handsome…I started to be scared, thinking those men were going to fuck me inside that room and nobody could help me…”Get against the wall, bitch” The older guard ordered me. The look on his face was so cruel and hard that I had to turn away from his gaze. “Why?” I pleaded, trying to be defiant to both men.”We’re going to search you, bitch” He just grunted. “That’s why…” “You can’t do that… And stop calling me a bitch” I protested. “Looks like we got a tough bitch here, man” The older guard grunted looking at his younger mate. “Let’s show her how we treat a slutty married white wife here” Then the young black man grabbed my wrist and twisted it very hard. The next thing I knew was that I was right with my face against the cold wall. He made me spread my arms and my legs wide apart so that I leant against the wall with my palms flat out. I struggled to get away him from me, but he slammed me against the wall. “You just stay calm until we’re finished with you, bitch. We saw you take all that stuff and now we are going to search you and find it.” “Try anything and I will scream” I told him in a defiant tone.”You can scream all you want, bitch. No one will hear you…” The older man said, as he was putting a pair of latex gloves in his hands…The young man put one hand inside my pants from behind. I could feel his fingers reaching my vulva and touch it over urfa escort my thong.Suddenly he moved closer and I could feel his hard crotch pressing against my ass. I turned my head over my shoulder and saw the cruel smile on his face. Then I noticed the older guy was sitting at the desk. He had my purse emptied on the table. “The slut is married…” He whispered, as he searched my wallet.Then he laughed saying:“Look what we have right here in the lady’s purse…”And he showed his mate a nice diamond ring shining under the lights.”No… this is not mine” I cried, looking at that ring.“Of course, bitch… you were trying to steal it from our shop…” He said.He approached to me, showing the diamond ring in his fingers.”Sorry, bitch, but we have to report you to the police…””Unless you want to be nice to us…” The other guy suggested.”I’ll do anything you want.” I said softly… “Anything”Then I knew both bastards were just after my ass. And there was no way I could stop them from getting it. So I figured I’d better go along with it, to get it over with as soon as possible. The older man looked at me from toes to head.”Strip for us, slut… Let’s see what you got.” I unclasped my jeans, pushing them down to my thighs. I felt the silky transparent material clinging to my ass cheeks. “Now get down on your knees where you belong, whore!” They both unzipped their pants and took out their hard, black dicks, waving them in front of my face. I noticed those hard veins surging and throbbing. There were already dripping some liquid… Mickey, the young guy, called me and made me crawl over him.Then I knelt in front of his wide open legs, reaching for his prick. He ordered me to eat his black cock. Soon that hard, slick shaft split my mouth open and he started fucking my throat…He grunted and moved his hips up and down, fucking my mouth escort urfa while he pushed my head hard against his groin. The older guy, whose name was Clinton, knelt behind me and he made me spread my thighs. “What a nice fucking ass…” He whispered softly.Very soon, I felt his hard cockhead pressing against my tiny asshole. I shuddered, trying to move away but the bastard grabbed my hips firmly.He held me still in position. His huge hardened cock slipped up and down along my crack, making my cunt get a bit wetter. He laughed as he noticed my wetness. He started to prod my tight rosebud.I grunted as I sensed his huge black cock sliding into my rear hole. It hurt a lot and I cried in pain. The brutal man was splitting my ass apart with each hard push. I felt his dick was thick enough, warm but hard as a rock. I even could feel it surging and growing inside of my tight canal…Mickey had me bobbing my head up and down, sucking on the full length of his prick. The bastard suddenly brought my head all the way up so that my red lips sucked on the fleshy tip; then he slammed my face way back down, fucking my throat as hard as he could; making me gag to tears on his cock.“Oh yes… the married white bitch is a good cocksucker…” He moaned.I could not move away. All I could do was suck and squirm as those niggers were battering away at my holes with their stiff filthy black pricks…Clinton, the man behind me, was now plunging his stiff prick all the way into my poor asshole and in one sudden shove made me groan in pain. I then tried to scream for him to stop fucking my ass, but all that came out of me is a strangled gasp, as I heard both men laughing at me. “She likes it…Listen to the bitch squealing for it…” Mickey commented. “Yes, the bitch is a real nigger dick lover…” Clinton murmured.He pulled my curly blond hair, urfa escort bayan lifting my head up. “Yes… you, fucking bastards… I love it” I hissed softly.Clinton pushed his cock even harder, making me groan in pain.“Yes, bitch… Let me know you like it… “Let’s hear you beg for it.” Over and over these bastards tormented me, hurting my holes with their thick cocks. Clinton pumped my asshole real hard, in and out of me so fast that my whole body shook with each violent stroke. But then, bit by bit, the pain reverted into pleasure. And I started to move hard against both stiff dicks. My cunt was dripping wet, full of hunger for a stiff dick. But I knew both bastards only wanted to fuck me in the ass…Pushing my hips back against Clinton’s crotch, I trapped his whole length deep in my anus. He held me firmly by my hips and then I sensed his throbbing dick was starting to spurt his burning semen deep in my bowels…The old black man grunted as he emptied his balls inside of me…He slipped out and told Mickey to trade positions. Mickey’s dick felt even thicker as he shoved it up my ass. He made me grunt and scream in pain as he began to pump faster. Meanwhile, Clinton sat down in front of me and made me suck his dick clean. I did as ordered and I swallowed his whole heavy black rod.Luckily for me, Mickey tensed his back very soon and I sensed another warm discharge of semen being deposited deep into my stretched anus.At same time, Clinton came into my mouth and I swallowed his warm load.Both nigger bastards were done and satisfied with me.But I was still horny, since they had had not fucked my hungry cunt…The men started to dress again and they told me I could also dress up.A third man entered the room, saying they had caught a thief in the local… Clinton turned to me saying he was sorry about their mistake…I then moved forward, trying to leave the room. As I walked close to Clinton, he grabbed my arm and whispered in my ear:“Bitch… I know you loved to feel my black cock up your ass…”I looked at him into his eyes, telling him that he was absolutely right…