Scruffy the Lovely Horsey Girl


Some of my readers might be interested to know why I have a rearing horse as my profile picture? Well, I am a countryman for sure, but it’s also in honour of my sweet, horsey girl Scruffy, who might well be the love of my life, although I have loved all my women in their own way.

You might think that Scruffy is a name more suited to some shaggy mutt rather than a beautiful girl and you’d probably be right, for Scruffy was the affectionate nickname I gave to my lover, although she was certainly also a cute “Lassie” as we say here in Scotland.

I first met Scruffy at the stables where she worked as a groom and she was also my riding companion when I returned to live in the South of England after having worked for a while on a livestock station in Australia. I learned to love horse-riding in the Outback and wanted to keep it up. Part of Scruffy’s job was to exercise her client’s horses when they were away, which was why she was able to join me on rides along bridleways winding through the beautiful English countryside.

It was myself that named “Scruffy” Scruffy, not too much to her liking at first, but it was an apt description on account of her permanently tousled, blond hair. It was dyed blond, of medium length and very soft, but with spikes and strands going off in different directions and wisps going down her pretty, little face. She looked so incredibly cute that it immediately stirred my heart and sparked the protective instinct that a big, strong guy has for a woman for whom he feels a strong attraction.

Scruffy was also full of life, probably because she was almost permanently outside in all weathers and always around animals both domestic and wild. Her cheeks glowed pink with health, along with a constant, sweet smile below a lovely pair of bright, hazel eyes. Of about 30 years old at the time, she had the slender and firm body of youth, often clad in polo shirts, riding boots and jodhpurs that perfectly accentuated her pert behind.

I became a regular visitor to the stables, partly because of their proximity to my workplace, but also due to the presence of Scruffy, as I had taken a strong fancy to the lass. She had recently broken-up with a long-term boyfriend, so I didn’t Van Escort make a move on her at first, but really enjoyed her company on rides and chatting to her over a coffee in the wee farm-shop that was part of the enterprise.

One summer’s evening, I arrived at the stables to take out one of the stallions for a country ride, only to meet Scruffy in the yard. She was saddling a young mare for some exercise and so we agreed to ride together. It had been a lovely, warm day and the bees were buzzing in the hedgerows as we rode out beside each other. It quickly became apparent however that I would have to turn-back, as it was clear the mare had come into season, for the powerful stallion was becoming skittish in his attempts to get behind the filly.

Scruffy also agreed to return to the yard and was pleased with the development, as they had been hoping to get the mare with foal for some time. After removing the saddles from our mounts and brushing them down, we released both horses into a paddock as the sun was setting.

Standing close to the lovely Scruffy, I lent on the wooden fence, as we watched the stallion chase the whinnying mare around the paddock. The mare was a flirtatious creature as she led the male a merry dance, stopping at times to allow him a good sniff at her hind-quarters, before moving off quickly just as he was about to mount. The stallion’s huge, erect penis was waving around beneath him in a comical, yet desperate quest for a warm, wet place.

Scruffy and I were amused by the spectacle, but glanced at each other furtively and with wide smiles as the sexy scene was unfolding. After a minute or so, the mare came to a stop in the middle of the paddock allowing the stallion to pad-up slowly behind her. Both horses whinnied gently and the stallion nuzzled and sniffed deeply before rising onto his hindlegs to mount the compliant mare. The enormous horse prick pushed into the mare, causing her to neigh and buck slightly, as the stallion humped forward baring his teeth and ejaculating torrents of sperm deep into her.

After this life-giving moment, I turned towards Scruffy and we looked into each other’s eyes for a second before grasping into a passionate kiss that had been Van Escort Bayan far too long coming. I towered over Scruffy, pulling her up to me as I rained kisses on her lovely face, stroking her back and shaggy little head. She raised a leg to push her groin into mine and rub her little titties against my chest like a wee, horny minx.

Our passion was a little too much for being out in the open, so Scruffy pulled me by the hand towards one of the barns at a pace that confirmed her sexual fervour. Once inside an empty stall, we were all over each other, my cock hard as a rock in my tight, riding trousers. It felt like we had more than four hands between us as we stroked and cupped and fondled wildly.

Still standing, Scruffy’s little hand was rubbing over my dick and mine went down the front of her cream coloured jodhpurs to finger and probe her moist slit. All the while our tongues were fencing as we snogged, moaning and sighing with pleasure.

Pausing to unbuckle my belt, Scruffy sank to her knees to undo the button of my trousers and pull them down along with my boxers, allowing my stiff prick to spring free. Taking my cock into her mouth, she swirled her tongue over its bulb, causing my knees to buckle and hands to grab onto her shaggy head. Grasping my shaft, she pumped this to and fro as she sucked, sometimes releasing it from her mouth to rub the pink cock-head naughtily over her lips and pretty face. I knew if this carried on for much longer I would spurt my load, so leaned down to raise the girl to her feet, as I had no choice but to plunder her sweet pussy.

As if reading my mind and in total synchrony with my nefarious intentions, Scruffy pulled her Jodhpurs down over her thighs and pert bum to plead: “Oh, fuck me now, please fuck me now!”

Clearly, I needed no further invitation, as I positioned myself between her spreading legs, aiming my rampant cock at her glistening, pussy lips and thrusting upwards into Scuffy’s tight, wet hole. The lovely, little girl screamed out in pleasure at the welcome invasion into her sensitive place.

Humping upwards into Scruffy, trying not to bang her too hard against the planks of the stall, my cock was in heaven as it shafted Escort Van in and out of the beautiful woman. The angle of my thrusts was a perfect grind onto Scruffy’s clitty and soon she was shrieking in ecstasy as an orgasm wracked through her, causing her body to contort and shiver in my strong arms.

Kissing her neck lovingly to allow a little recovery from her rapture, I next pushed-up Scruffy’s polo shirt and sports bra to feast on perfect boobs and pink nipples. Sucking and flicking my tongue over her little buds, soon had them stiffen in my mouth and Scruffy gasping and moaning.

Turning Scruffy around, she clasped the bars of the stall to give purchase and arched her back to present her neat, round bum to me, just like the mare had done to the stallion. My thick rod throbbed and bounced like the stallion’s as it pushed balls deep into the wee filly and it took all my effort not to explode right there and then like with the perfunctory mating of the horse.

Shafting in and out, my thighs bounced against Scruffy’s wobbling bottom, as I reached over to grasp and fondle her jiggling boobs. My cock felt amazing as it slid back and forth in her wonderfully-tight love tunnel. Scruffy looked over her shoulder at me as we shagged, her mouth wide open and eyes swimming with lust. The muscles of her pussy rippled along my thick shaft as if to squeeze the contents of my heavy balls to an inevitable flood.

My thrusting came harder and faster as I built to a climax with Scruffy’s bum pushing back against me in perfect rhythm. My manly grunts complimented her high-pitched cries as we mated furiously. My prick slammed in and out of the gorgeous woman like a piston, until the pressure just had to blow. Stream after stream of spunk exploded from my balls, spurting deep into Scruffy’s pussy, which was pulsing over and over in its own climax at the shock and warmth of the man-juices jetting into it. Rearing out of Scruffy, the final strings of pearly seed shot over her bottom and lower back causing her to arch and squeal in satisfaction.

Cuddling and kissing, I felt immense affection for the pretty girl with the scruffy, blond hair. It was the start of a love affair that I wish had led to marriage and family and it is to my everlasting regret that fate had other plans. The time we were together is perhaps the most precious in my life and I feel privileged every day for having felt such love for this wonderful woman.