School for Scandal: Diamond’s Day 06


It was quite an introduction to the school: a humongously hung teacher on the front lawn of the country house, his jutting monstercock flaring out prodigiously in front of him, the brawny length captured between the tits of the world-famous teen pornstar who was straddling the giant penis as it protruded through the perfectly formed gap at the juncture of her legs and pussy, the slut clasping the massively fat cock between both hands and humping against the base with her spasming, ejaculating cunt, spewing a blizzard of pussy juice up in the air. It was almost as if Diamond were some kind of teen-porn-bombshell witch riding a broomstick and cackling, except the broomstick was a massive, heavy, throbbing monstercock and the cackling was orgasmic screaming and an expression of delicious eroticism.

Charles had been enjoyably toying with Diamond’s balloon-knot ringpiece as she came, and had worked a couple of fingers into her anus past the knuckle, kneading away and tickling her rectum expertly. With his dick otherwise occupied, the great veiny funnel sliding to and fro between Diamond’s knockers from the underside, sliding up through her legs from behind, the vein-ridged shaft gliding over the contours of Diamond’s hard stomach muscles, he soon got another idea, and used his free hand to clasp his swinging ballsack in his palm. As the lithesome, gorgeous, eighteen year old slut convulsed in front of him, the taut muscles in her back flexing, and her massive round booty cheeks rippled also, the hung science teacher reached downward, bending slightly at the knee, and succeeded in flipping his testicles upwards, using the substantial weight of his capacious, lemon-sized bollocks to slingshot themselves around and upwards so that both of the firm orbs swung round the top of his massive pillar of flesh at the base and smacked against Diamond’s gleaming, tanned, firm but peachy and oversized, deliciously shaped asscheeks.

The three new arrivals, were agog, the all-American blonde Lacy Stringer in her stars and stripes slingshot bikini, knotted rows of etched abs like a fitness model and two humongous spheres of titflesh like a monsterboobed pornstar, standing with her mouth wide open, the sunglasses dangling precariously from the side of her plump lips. Her vast, projecting, bronze-tanned boobs were speckled with ropes of silvery precum suspended between them, sticking out over her abs and casting a shadow on her chest, so deep was her cleavage. He pussy lips were also glistening with the fluid. Lola Montez was looking down in amazement at her drenched slutty top, and Adoria had her hand over one of her curvaceous, round, asscheeks, holding it open so that she could wink her asshole to let the precum that had been jetted into her rear-end dribble out in stages.

‘Welcome to our interview day, Ladies,’ Charles said, ‘at first glance you look like fine candidates. But I’m afraid you will have to excuse me while I feed my balls into Diamond Gazongas’s asshole.’

At this, Diamond released a sound that was halfway between a cat purring and miaowing, and she moved her hands back from where they had been fondling Charles’s meaty monstercock in front of her torso, and around to the back of her where she proceeded to grasp an asscheek as fully as she could in each palm of her black vinyl glove clad hands, and hold apart the peachy halves of her booty, the teen slut already using her preternatural control to expand the size of her rosebud into a cavernous hole.

‘Now there’s something I’ve always wanted to try…’ mused Adoria, as she turned around to face Charles and Diamond, determined to give the scene her full attention.

‘I’m surprised an anal queen like you hasn’t has any balls in her ass before,’ said Lola in surprise, glancing at the immensely busted Italian sexpot.

‘Oh, I have,’ said Adoria, ‘I’ve knelt on the floor, stuck my booty in the air and had three studs stick their balls in my ass at the same time. But one of this guy’s balls looks to be about the same size as all six of their’s put together. And they were fucking studs, let me tell you.’

The trio of boobed sluts watched as Charles, gazing down at Diamond’s cavernously enlarged asshole, grasped his substantive testicle in the palm of his hand, delighted at the way that the circumference of the ring of muscles quivered slightly as they tensed, the eighteen-year old pornstar’s control over her cinnamon ring tensile and immaculate, the blonde expanding the ring and making the orifice maintain its widened dimensions. Experimentally, the hung science teacher applied the testicle to Diamond’s gaping hole, and found that her tight booty gripped it as it reached its widest point. Diamond flexed her asshole just as Charles fitted his throbbing bollock to her tensing hole and found that the pulsing of the firm, fleshy lemon-sized nut rippled against the rim of her sphincter. Greedily, she used all her preternatural skill and summoned all of her experience of being reamed by Yalova Escort a succession of cocksmiths each sporting ten-inch boners that had queued up by the dozens to take her anally in ‘No Such thing as too much anal’, and made her asshole swallow the first of Mr Woodcock-Spatterwell’s testes. A deep growl from Charles behind her indicated her success, as did the delicious feeling of her booty being filled up by the throbbing testicle. Her anal passage felt chock-full, but Charles soon disabused her of that notion by proceeding to firmly insert his second testicle into her clenching asshole, her asscheeks actually being pushed apart by the penetration of the thick gland. With both orbs rooted in her tight rectum, Charles inclined backwards a little, straightening his back and looking down to see the skin of his leathery scrotal sack leading into Diamond’s once-again tight rosebud asshole.

Anxious to make a good impression on the new batch of students, and hoping that he was, Charles completed the manoeuvre by flexing his pc muscle, feeling it throb and contract inside him, and using the immense strength contained within it by levering the shaft of his enormous monstercock upwards. Diamond’s torso had been more or less horizontal, her huge, solid tits splayed firmly either side of the veiny shaft, but Charles slowly tilted his cock upwards, pivoting slowly upwards from his groin almost like the raising of a drawbridge, and Diamond’s sexy, curvy body came up along with it. All Diamond’s weight was in her two gargantuan tits (choosing ‘Gazongas’ as her surname wasn’t a happy accident), but her slender, waspish waist, racked with slabs of deeply etched abdominal muscles weighed nothing at all, and the monstercocked science teacher found that he was able to use his monstrous shaft to lever Diamond’s body up vertically, attached to her asshole as he was by his ballsack, only too happy to grab her immense knockers with his hands to finally haul her upright, his face pressed into her mane of voluminous blonde hair as the teenage porn starlet reached her black vinyl gloved hands behind her head and stabilised herself by wrapping them around Charles’ neck behind her. He kneaded her jutting bazookas as she arched her back and groaned at the hardness and solidity of the gleaming globes that projected out of her chest, his palms and fingers only able to encompass a portion of the smooth undersides.

All that was left was to continue the welcome to the school, and Charles completed his set of movements by once again employing his superhumanly strong pc muscle to slowly return his enormous man-hammer to its original position, lowering the pulsing, vein-mapped shaft again, so that its bulbous, smooth, flared, precum slobbering head was once again pointed at the three new students, and Diamond’s slick, silky pussy lips were splayed apart over the top of the bass of the shaft, the science teacher’s throbbing, finger-thick dorsal vein pulsating against Diamond’s slippery clitoris.

The long tool bobbed in the air, the thick shaft weight down by the absurdly huge, bell-shaped, apple-sized crown on the end, thick, gluey juices pouring steadily out of it and onto the trimmed front lawn, the meaty python staring ominously at the trio of teenage applicants. The shades finally dropped out of the side of Lacey’s mouth to end up on the lawn, as the stacked blonde gawped as the pillar of man meat rippled with brawn, fat knotted veins standing out on the gleaming surface of the hulking shaft.

‘It’s… it’s…’ Lacey started.

‘Sooooo…’ Lola continued.

‘Monstercock…’ Adoria finished, somewhat too cock-struck to give the simple sentence grammatical consistency.

Lola, in the middle of the trio, snapped her fingers in front of Adoria’s and Lacey’s faces, breaking their shared reverie and then placed the thumb and forefinger of her right hand against her chin and cheek respectively, and her left hand lightly on her hip.

‘Mr Sploocock-Blast-herwell… uh, Hugecock-Plasterwell… uh… Mr… Mr… Mr Megacock… it’s nice to meet you… couldIsuckyourcockpleasethankyoummmmmmmmmnnnn…SLUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRPPPPPmmmmmmmmmm…ahhhhhh…GAKGAKAKGAKGAK!!’

It wasn’t perhaps the most accurate sentence ever pronounced either, but by the end of it, Lola Montez was on her knees on the lawn in front of Charles, her face planted against his dick and her soft lips slurping and smacking lovingly against the spongy crown, before a welter of slobber and precum cascaded from her lower lip, connecting her chin briefly to the grass. In short order the little Asian minx had opened her throat and was facefucking herself on the science teacher’s rod, trying to cram the immense tubesteak all the way down her gullet.

Diamond looked at Charles down over her shoulder. ‘Want me to squeeze my asshole on your balls, make them pop your load, sir?’

‘I don’t think that would be appropriate at this time, Diamond,’ said Charles, noting the rapidity with which Yalova Escort Bayan Adoria and Lacey had swiftly joined their fellow applicant down on their knees in front of him, each of the monstrously stacked eighteen year-olds jostling for a go at sucking his shaft, which was soon gleaming with the slobber that each of the teenage sluts slurped all over it.

‘I think we’ll just have the blowjobs now, girls,’ said Charles, looking down and addressing the trio of stacked, foxy sluts gorging on his stiff anaconda, ‘and leave the anal until we get inside after the tour.’

At this, Adoria pouted, looking up at Charles with her plump lips pushed together and a rope of silvery precum hanging from her chin. Charles caught a glimpse of the Italian anal queen’s rump sticking out behind her and hoped he would have the fortitude to stick to his declaration. Wholly for Charles’s benefit, Adoria started to jiggle her ass, slowly at first so he could observe the hypnotic jiggle of her curved golden asscheeks as her junk flowed back and forth, substantial mounds of booty smoothly gliding up to her lower back and hips. Grinning lasciviously, Adoria suddenly started popping her glute muscles independently, making her ass waggle as her buttcheeks sprang around, her twerking asscheeks clacking together like castanets. Diamond was impressed. So was Charles – a huge plume of precum exploding in dual gouts from Lacey’s nostrils making this apparent, all too apparent to Lacey.

‘On second thoughts,’ announced Charles, ‘let’s do the anal right now. Diamond, I wonder if you might leave me with the applicants for now?’

‘Certainly, Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell.’

‘Now you can’t very well go Diamond without relinquishing those parts of my anatomy.’

‘Wish I could, Charles.’

Planting her feet firmly on the ground, the statuesque babe stood upright and allowed both of Charles’s balls to plop from her asshole and dangle where they belonged, under the science teacher’s girthsome member.

‘Now girls,’ said Charles, flexing his huge, brawny penis, ‘have any of you ever taken eighteen inches of huge hard cock in your asses?’

One by one, the three newly arrive teen sluts looked up at Charles with their eyes wide and their mouths agape, and shook their heads, only to stop and gasp longingly when Diamond finally dismounted Charles and they got to watch his ginormous slab of hard, veiny cockmeat bobbing in the air, spouting out precum as it moved and having the clear fluid run down its immensely long, massively thick shaft. Standing next to Charles, Diamond couldn’t help but giggle as the expressions that the trio were sporting resembled what she must have looked like when first encountering Mr. White.

“No?” Charles raised an eyebrow and lowered his cock while taking a step back, “Then I suppose we’ll have to leave it to chance which one of you gets to go first…”

There came another collective gasp of lust from Lacey, Lola and Adoria at the sight of Charles’ cock cutting forwards through the air until it was pointing straight out from his body, all three busty, horny teenagers ogling his muscular schlong as it flexed and throbbed in front of them, its length

such that it was almost brushing against Lacey’s face when he aimed it at her.

“Now, eeny…” Manipulating the muscles in his groin, Charles swung his cock towards Lola, who moaned at finding herself staring down the barrel of his member and at his widened pisshole drooling out prejizz that by now had begun to dangle off the undercarriage of his fuckpiece.

“Meeny…” Charles’ body pivoted thanks to the sideways motion of his dick as he brought it to point straight at Adoria, who responded by slipping a hand in underneath her teeny dress and began playing with her juicing slit.

“Mr. Woodcock-Splatterwell?” Lingering by his side, Diamond directed a question towards the mega-hung teacher.

“Not right now, Diamond,” Charles replied, then added a “Miny…” as he aimed his cock back at Lola, who looked extremely excited at the ripple that ran up the length of Charles’ turgid fuckmast.

“Mo,” Swinging his cockhead towards Lacey again, Charles smiled at her eyes widening and her nostrils flaring in response to his cumslit expanding.

“Fuck!” Lacey shrieked, a moment later, though much of her scream was drowned out by the resonant SPLAT! of a thick jet of Charles’ precum smacking into her face, instantaneously immersing it in a glossy sheen, while the Stetson hat that had remained propped up on the back of her head was snatched up into the air. Watching the hat swirl through the air until it ended up nestled into a nearby bush, Diamond came to think of old Westerns in which the hero would shoot the villain’s hat off his head.

“Congratulations, Miss Stringer,” Offering the kneeling and rather shell-shocked blonde a friendly smile, Charles then turned his attention towards Diamond, “I’ve always had a thing for blondes.”

“That… that’s going Escort Yalova up my ass?” Lacey asked, with a mix of fear, disbelief and utter, wanton sluttishness.

“Quite so,” Charles replied, then proceeded to give the horny teen some firm but friendly instructions, “now get on your feet and turn around, and we’ll find out if you’ve got what it takes to take a foot and a half of hard monstercock up your slutty ass.”

“Oh God…” Moaning lustfully, Lacey followed Charles’ instructions by getting up on her feet while getting jealous glances from Adoria and Lola, and turned on the heels of her stripper sandals to present Diamond and him with a glorious view of her juicy, heart-shaped ass and the back of her slingshot-bikini rising up from between her full, muscular asscheeks while its front clung to her juicing little snatch.

“Diamond, you had a question for me…” Charles said as he stepped in closer to Lacey, approaching her from her left.

“Yeah, where am I going, Mr W-S?” While asking this, Diamond paid close attention to the flared, fist-sized head of Charles’ cock pressing down on Lacey’s left asscheek as he slid it across it and onto the small of her back, adjusting his position in relation to her so that he could thrust his cock up at an angle across her back, at the same time reaching in and pulling up the back of her slingshot and strapping it over the trunk of his cock before pushing on until the bulbous crown of his cock was sticking out way past her right side and his beefy balls were rubbing against the outside of her left thigh.

“Excellent question, Diamond,” Charles replied, then flexed his cock and made Lacey yelp with surprise at the sound of her bikini tearing before falling to the ground, suddenly cut in two at the back.

“Sorry, Lacey,” Charles apologized to the heavily breathing blonde leaning down in front of him.

“D-don’t worry about it,” Lacey whimpered as Charles backed away from her left hip to move in directly behind her, while Diamond could see the juices already trickling down her fellow blonde American teen-slut’s thighs.

“Now normally, Lacey,” Continuing the conversation with Lacey, Charles began rubbing his cockhead against her buttocks, using its girth to gradually push those taut, muscular glutes of hers further and further apart while the business-end of his pussy-pleaser sunk lower and lower until it was lodged up against her puckered ringpiece, “I would you use my tongue to get your teeny little asshole ready for my cock.”

“Oh fuck…” Lacey gasped, having never before felt anything as thick as Charles’ cockend lined up against her anus, and reached in between her legs to start rifling her soaked pussy as she felt her rosebud asshole become soaked with his precum.

“However, it’s damned difficult to carry on a conversation when you’ve got your tongue halfway up some sexy, horny Yank slut’s tight ass,” Taking a brief pause, Charles pressed his the purple crown of his tighter against the minuscule shape of Lacey’s bunghole, “I’m sure you understand.”

“Yes!” Lacey hollered, and could feel her asshole opening round the tip of Charles’ plump cockend.

“Excellent,” Charles shot Lacey a friendly smile that she didn’t see and turned his head towards Diamond, “Now Diamond…”

“Yes?” Diamond couldn’t help but giggle at how Adoria and Lola got down on their knees on each side of Charles so they could get a better view of his cock sticking out from underneath his waist like a turned-over lamppost, its crown so big that it was only partially obscured between Lacey’s asscheeks.

“My suggestion is that you head for that door over there,” With his right hand, Charles pointed over at one of the wings of the main school building, “then take the third door on the left.”

“I’m sorry, which door?” Diamond smiled naughtily, then proceeded to moan with excitement when Charles reacted like she’d hoped by returning her smile and raising his cock from Lacey’s bubble butt and letting its weight turn him to the right.

“This one, Diamond,” Charles said, before groaning and closing his eyes as his dick jerked and a plume of precum exploded from it.

“There’s no fucking way…” Adoria mumbled.

“Wow…” Lola moaned.

“Fuck!” Lacey cried out.

“Thanks, Mr W-S,” Diamond grinned at the teacher, seconds after the jet of precum had finished covering the thirty yards or so to the door and slammed into it.

“Had we been a little closer, I could probably have opened it for you, Diamond,” Charles replied, humbly.

“Fuck, Mr Hugecock-Spunkwell, you’re such a stud!” Lacey cried out, as bewitched by the sight of the gleaming door as her two friends, before turning her gaze towards Charles’ long, thick cock as it projected out to her right from just behind her ass. Without thinking about it, she grabbed hold of her asscheeks and pulled them apart as far as possible, moaning impatiently with lust while gawking at the thick business-end of Charles’ fuckpiece.

“It’s Woodcock-Splatterwell, actually,” Charles corrected Lacey while swinging to his left and having his cockend end up lodged against Lacey’s now generously lubricated anus.

“S-sorry!” Lacey stammered out.