Saving the Future Ch. 02


Author’s note —

This is a work of pure fiction. There is no connection to any real people or places. Any resemblance to real life people, events, or someone else’s writings is coincidental. It is for entertainment only and is not to be reproduced without written consent.


My name is Egan (25), and my great, great, great grandmother helped save the future of planet Earth. I have been tasked to write this story to document the events that would lead up to preventing a world war. Part of this story is documented facts, part of it is family oral history, and part of it is first hand knowledge..

It is the year 2169. It was just 45 years ago that my father discovered how to make it possible to have a cold fusion reactor small enough to power everything from small cars to large ships. It even replaced the polluting oil fired power stations and radioactive risky nuclear power plants of the day. Doing so averted a global war over the last remaining oil reserves.

I’ve gone back in time 160 years to document a pivotal time in my family’s history.


When the three of us had returned from dinner, Riana and her old boyfriend John were gone. When Brian and Julie weren’t looking I pocketed the video camera and stopped it from recording. I would have to wait until hours later to find out what had happened. When the hour got late, Julie kissed Brian good night and ushered him out to door to return to his own apartment. Within an hour, Julie was asleep and Riana had not Uşak Escort returned.

Downstairs, I hooked the patch cables from the video camera to the TV and sat down to watch what had taken place while I was out.

For the first 10 minutes or so, Riana wasn’t doing much of anything, then the doorbell rang. There was a sound of surprise to her voice as she let him in to deliver a wedding present. After placing the present on the coffee table, he was just inches from Riana when he straightened up. At first it seemed like an awkward moment as he asked her how she was doing. Riana didn’t seem like she wanted to face him, so he pulled her even closer to him to ask her again. When he told her he still had feelings for her, she seemed conflicted. I could tell she still loved him, just not sure if she should show it.

It was when he pulled her tight to his body and gave her a passionate kiss that she finally broke and kissed him back. Within minutes, it was if they couldn’t get enough of each other. Somewhere during John’s passionate kisses, his hands dropped to the firm cheeks of her ass and pulled her into an erection that was swelling in his pants. This seemed to heat things up a lot more.

When things started to intensify even more, his hands left her ass and moved upward, pulling her pullover sweater upwards. It didn’t take him long for the sweater to clear her head and land on the floor. His hands wrapped around her back and his fingers deftly unsnapped her bra. Kisses down her neck, then down to her breasts, Uşak Escort Bayan left her eyes fluttering. The bra was soon on the floor as well.

At this point Riana started undressing him, first his shirt, then his pants, and finally his shorts. John was totally naked and he seemed anxious to have her the same way. Before he could get his hands to her skirt and panties, she dropped to her knees to give his cock some oral pleasure. It seemed that once you got her sex motor running, there was no stopping it until she was satiated. Riana was taking the full length into her mouth, then sucking hard as she pulled almost all the way back from it.

When John was able to get his hands working again, he stripped her of her panties, nearly ripping them off her in his haste. They went sailing through the air, landing near the video camera’s hiding place. John didn’t even bother removing Riana’s skirt, he was too impatient to take the time. Riana ended up on her back on the floor, with John diving into between her spread legs. Wasting no time, John filled her needy pussy, pumping his cock hard and fast into her. At some point Riana roll John on to his back and started riding his cock.

Riana was in her own little world, rising and falling onto John’s cock as if she were trying to drive it all the way to her throat. I could tell John was trying to hold out long enough to match her orgasm but he was having a hell of a time doing so. When he saw she was just seconds away from climaxing, he let go and let it happen, Escort Uşak coating Riana’s fertile womb with an ample supply of baby making sperm. Riana hit her climax a second later, in an ear shattering scream, dropping down on John’s cock so hard, I thought she was either going to push it into her throat or drive it into the floor. Her pussy must have clamped around his cock extremely tight because I didn’t see even one drop of cum out of her pussy until she finally lifted off of John. I guess this was why she ended up with so many kids, she had a sex craving that would be hard for 10 men to satisfy.

It took 10 minutes on the floor for both of them to recover enough to go searching for their clothes. When they were mostly dressed, John suggested she come back to his apartment to spend the weekend. Riana searched for her panties for a few more minutes but in the end, gave up as John almost dragged her out the door.

Twenty minutes of recorded nothing later, the video cam recorded me picking up Riana’s panties to put in my pocket before either Brian or Julie saw, and grabbing the camera.

Riana didn’t come back until Sunday night.

A month later, Riana was confiding to Julie that her period was late. A few days later, a pregnancy test confirmed she was going to be having a baby. Since I had been bird-dogging Brian, I knew he hadn’t had a chance to fuck her at the time it could have been his. The only one possible was John. Checking the family records on my PDA, I did see that Julie’s sister did have a husband named John. A week later John proposed and a wedding was hastily put together.

With Riana’s family history straightened out, I now had to figure out how to get Brian out of the picture and Julie’s eventual husband into her life.

To be continued . . .