Satin Ties


Blindfolded I sit nervously on the bed waiting for you to enter the room. I hear the door easing open as you step inside. Surrounded by new smells and sounds as I struggle to guess what you have planned for me. Setting a tray down beside the bed you then take the ties, caressing my body with them before securing me to the bedpost.

Trailing kisses lightly down my body over my breasts covered by sheer lingerie, down over my stomach making me moan softly in anticipation. Over my hips and down my left leg, taking the third tie you spread my legs apart binding me to the bed. You move to the other side kissing down my body again until you reach my ankle then slowly binding the satin tie around it taking my leg to the final bedpost so I’m now spread eagled on the bed, blindfolded and at your mercy.

I hear you chuckle softly under your breath knowing that I’m completely in your trust and even thought we had discussed this fantasy you can still see the worry on my face. Walking back around the bed so you can see me from all angles, you decide where to start. I feel the pressure as you move on to bed then feeling a soft ticklish feeling trace over my body I start to squirm, but just succeed in tighten my binds. I bite gently on my lip to try and counteract this feeling of delicious tingles through my body.

Ever part of my body is subject to this feeling as you sweep the feather over my face to my neck, my shoulders and down my arms. The sides of my body, over my firm breasts, lightly tickling my stomach then along my inner thighs. The back of my knee down my calves to my feet, then slowly working back up the other side. You watch me wriggle and squirm as you gently tease me, causing you to become aroused, as you know this is exactly how you want me. Finally the feather stops at the junction of my legs, you can see a moist spot on my sheer black g string realising that I’m just as turned on as you are.

Tracing over my pussy with the feather you can hear my breathe grow quicker, looking up you see my chest rise and fall as I gulp in air. You know that I have completely surrendered to you. Reaching across me you take your next tantalising toy, rising above me, I feel drops fall slowly on to me, then cold hard wetness against my erect nipple causing it to stand out firmer against it. I gasp as I realise what you could have planned for me.

The ice is traced from my left nipple over my chest to my right one, the lingerie offering no protection from this icy path you are taking. Circling around my right nipple you watch as it grows under your touch then you quickly replace the ice with your warm mouth making me moan at the contrast. Then back to my left one the ice slides, this time your mouth slowly follows making me shiver at the new feelings you have created.

Taking my nipple between your soft lips you start to suck it into your mouth using your tongue to gently flick over it, I have momentarily forgotten the ice until you start dripping it over my warm lingerie covered pussy.

Arching my back, you know I want more…. ice moved down on to my steaming pussy you gently trace my lips through my g string. My juices sucking the g string in. My lips become exposed around it, the ice melting as it rubs on my pussy causing drips of water to run down to my Uşak Escort arse and pool on the bed.

You move down closer so you can watch as my clit becomes aroused enlarging as you rub the ice into it. Gently blowing across it you can see me throb as the cool air hits against my skin, my pussy juices are now sliding down from my opening you have never seen me so wet before.

Moving over to your tray again you tell my to lie very still not to move at all, I feel cold steel against my skin as you move back between my legs. The steel object moves under the wet fabric against my lips, I gasp at this unfamiliar texture, again you ask me to stay very still. Then I hear a snip as it moves against me and then another, as I realise you have cut my g-string away. I’m exposed to you completely.

Raising the fabric to you face, you inhale my odour, then take it to my lips telling me to suck on it. I eagerly lick and suck my juices from the remains of my g-string then you kiss me so deeply wanting to taste it from my tongue. I feel the cold steel against my belly as you start cutting upwards snip, snip, snip, it falls open against my breasts. Two quick cuts left and I will be completely naked snip, snip and the lingerie is then removed. Closing the scissors you carefully trace down to my pussy, I shiver realising how completely in control you are now.

I hear the scissors returned to the tray and have to wonder what will be next. I hear you open a bottle and the smell of chocolate surrounds me. I relax as you coat my nipples in chocolate sauce enjoying the sensation as your tongue slowly licks it sucking all around it. Circling smaller and smaller until just my nipple is left in your mouth, sucking it in as far as you can, seeing it stretch then knowing when I’m at my breaking point you let it fall from your mouth. Again and again you suck hard on my nipples pushing my limits each time.

Long after all the chocolate has disappeared you finally stop, only for the sensation to be replaced as you place nipple clamps on me loosely at first, then tightening them until I’m begging you to stop. Easing the tension on them a little you decide to leave them on, I realise that you are really enjoying taking me to my limits and back again.

Lying there I wonder what will be next but I don’t have to wait as you start the next part of our journey. A familiar shape begins to trace over my body its smooth and long but quite slim in girth, over my breasts it goes then up to my mouth tracing over my lips. Parting my mouth you slide it in, I moan around it and realise that it isn’t one of my vibrators it must be a new one you have purchased just for this occasion.

Slowly you start sliding it back and forth in my mouth knowing how much I love to suck cock. Secretly wishing it was your cock I had in my mouth, but no sooner had I really started to enjoy it that you take it away. Tracing down my body once more, arriving at my clit, rubbing it gently as you turn it on. The vibrations are travelling through my body making me want more and more from you.

Plunging it into my pussy in one stroke I arch my hips in a silent plea for more. You slowly fuck my wet hole back and forth, knowing I will take all you have to give me. Back and forth slowly at first then Uşak Escort Bayan faster and faster, my breathing is rapid as I get closer to cumming.

You kneel between my legs and start flicking my clit with your tongue, then sucking it into your mouth, this pushes me over the edge as my body bucks and writhes in total abandonment. As I explode in orgasm around the vibrator you can see my juices flowing freely around it, you move down to start licking them up you can feel me still throbbing around it. Slowly removing the vibrator to let me catch my breath you turn it off, telling me to lick it all clean.

As it slides between my lips, I feel your cock rubbing against me and I can’t help but move towards it. You see what is happen but you still have other plans for me yet so you move gently away. Having licked the vibrator all clean, you insert it back into my pussy, reaching for your next toy. This time it’s a bigger and thicker than the first one, I can feel it as you caress it over my body. You bring it closer to my vibrator filled cunt tracing the lips as they are stretched around the smaller toy. Slowly moving the first one back and forth between my lips, you start to ease the second one in at first it seems nearly impossible, then the tip pops in. Continuing to move the smaller one back and forth slowly pushing more of the second one inside.

My pussy feels stretched as it takes the two vibrators deeper and deeper, finally I have both buried inside me. The feeling of fullness is overwhelming and I start begging for you to fuck me as I want a real cock inside me.

You softly say to me that I can have as much of your cock as I want when you had finished having your way with me. I shiver at the thought of what else you could possible do to me now. Then I feel you slowly removing one of the vibrators from my pussy, it clamps around it hard not willing to let it go, you can see the lips being stretch as you pull it out slowly then it lets go and almost pushes it out at you.

Moving the vibrator down you trace little circles around my arse moving it closer and closer to the hole. You rub it back and forth listening to how I react as you cross over the bud, knowing I want it fucked as much as you want to do it. Gently pushing it against my hole you can feel it resist at first then give way as it takes the tip of the fake cock inside.

Slowly you ease it in further watching my arsehole stretch around it. Inch by inch it moves in I can feel it rubbing against the one in my pussy and start squirming as I take it further. Dragging it back and forth slowly fucking my arse until I relax around it so you can push it in harder and faster. You start working both vibrators sliding one in as the other slides out, exciting me in new ways as you again bring me close to orgasm.

Faster and harder, in and out they slide the friction building as both holes get worked. You can see my stomach quiver and my pussy start throbbing as I start to thrust against the vibes, you slow the pace but start ramming them in together. I start cumming for a second time moaning loudly grinding down on both cocks.

You have really enjoyed teasing me and as my orgasm slowly subsides, you remove the vibrator from my arse and then the one from my pussy. Escort Uşak You can see my body relaxing, the blissful smile on my face, but you haven’t finished yet. Moving up the bed I feel your cock placed against my lips smiling I can’t help but flick my tongue out to lick up the pre-cum drooling from the tip. It tastes so good that I lick up and down the shaft making sure to get all of it.

Slowly you slide your cock between my lips and I use my tongue to caress it as it slides back and forth letting you set the pace as you start fucking my face. More and more of your shaft is sliding in until I can feel your balls hit softly against my chin. Your cock is now coated in my saliva, as much as you are enjoying this, its not exactly how you wanted things to finish.

Taking your cock from my mouth you move down my body stopping to flick my nipples still trapped in the clamps. Kissing between them, over my stomach you move downwards your lips reach my shaved lips and again my clit is caught between in your mouth. Flicking and sucking you play with it building me up yet again, then your tongue moves down to my wet slit were you devour my juices. Pushing your tongue as far in as you can inside, you suck out as much as you can, soon the juices are coating your face. Kneeling up taking your cock in one hand you run it along my cunt masterbating me, teasing me until you can’t take it any longer and have to plunge deep inside.

My hips arch up to take you all, my body strains to press against yours and just when I think your going to fuck me how I want you too. You pull out again, teasing me more and more, but you had this planned all along to tease me but to get exactly what you want as well. You know at this stage I’m completely willing to do anything you want and you use that to your advantage as you place your cock against my arse.

Slowly you press forward easing in the tip feeling my arse stretch around you, I hear you moan softly know that all this teasing has gotten to you as well. Pushing in further, my arse slowly swallows your cock inch by inch, you reach back untying my legs lifting them up so you go into my arse deeper.

Soon I’m taking all of your cock as you slide back and forth drawing right out to the tip, then plunging back deep inside me. You know this is driving me wild as I start to chew on my bottom lip moaning softly as you start fucking me harder and faster. I know your not going to last much longer as I can feel your pre cum travelling up your shaft my arse clenches lightly around you willing you to cum deep inside me.

Harder and harder you fuck me, until you plunge deep inside my arse holding it there, I can feel your cum travelling up to shoot out the end, my arse starts milking it up as I start cumming around you. The first cum shoots deep inside me and I’m lost in the incredible sensations that brings, my arse tightens around you gripping you like a hand squeezing it all from your balls.

Collapsing on me exhausted I can still feel your cock throbbing away in my arse, you kiss me passionately on the mouth and I can taste my juices on your tongue as I suck on it. You slowly untie my hands, remove the nipple clamps and last of all removing my blindfold.

Slowly opening my eyes I’m surprised to see you aren’t my husband at all but my lover and as I glance around the room I see the video camera positioned to capture everything we just did. You smile and tell me it was my husbands idea that he wanted to see me fucked good and proper so that he could watch it over and over again.