Sarah and the pool

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Sarah and the poolThe family across the street was loaded. Like, a Ferrari in the garage loaded. They had a pool in the backyard which always seemed funny to me because they were gone most of the summer. As a result they usually hired me to be their “pool boy” , from the time I was 15 I did all of the vacuuming, skimming and chemical maintenance on the pool. It was good money, and easy, plus I got pretty much to use the pool whenever I wanted because they were never around. Oh, yeah I forgot to mention the pool had a hot tub on the side too.The summer of my Junior year of college was business as usual. I was taking care of the pool and then usually my girlfriend Jane would come over and join me, take in some sun, have a dip, then we would have sex, either in the pool, hot tub or a chaise lounge. This went on for several weeks until one day I was enjoying a really nice blow job from Jane. I had my head back and eyes closed and as I came close to blowing my load I opened my eyes and saw someone watching us from the second floor of the house. As I focused I saw that it was a female, late teens early twenties, long blond hair and she was only wearing panties. Her hand was deep in the panties. We made eye contact and her eyes went wide and I shot right into Jane’s mouth. Jane wasn’t really big on that, and she got pretty pissed off and left in a huff. I was very intrigued by the girl in the house. Who was she? Why was she here? How long has ısparta escort she been around? All of these things. I thought the best strategy was to just play it cool. I did some more chores around the pool deck and just as I thought “Fuck it, I am going home” the back do opened and out came the blond. She was wearing a bikini and carrying a towel and a drink. She sat down on one of the chaise lounges and asked “Wear did the girl go?” I was sort of stunned, she was simply beautiful. I sort of stammered out, “She went home” and thought to myself, “God, what an idiot you are!” She giggled and said “She doesn’t like a load in her mouth?” Again I was stunned, but I regained some of my composure and just laughed and said no. I sort of stood there looking at her and right as I was about to ask who she was she said,”I am Sarah, I and Gil and Mary’s niece. I am taking a couple of classes at the college over the summer and they offered me to live here and house sit while they were in the Med. I thought I would be able to study, I didn’t realize I would have live porn in the backyard everyday distracting me.”I got embarrassed and sort of mumbled an apology, and she said, “Don’t be silly, first off it was a pleasure watching you and second off you have kept me from going out and prowling looking for a guy. I have decided that I want you, bad, and I will have you before I leave here.” Decision time. I could have her right now, fuck here til escort ısparta the summer was over and still have Jane, or I could be the man and stay faithful. Shit, Sarah was hot as lava, but I really did have strong feelings for Jane. I thought for a bit and wouldn’t you know it, my dick won.”Wanna go for a swim?” I asked. I took off my trunks and dove into the pool. She laughed and said, “Don’t you ever wear a suit?””Nope, the chemicals ruin them.”She dove in and swam over to me. We lounged in the shallow end and I told her about myself, and she told me about herself. Turns out that she normally lives on the other side of the State. But her college has a bunch of campuses and the one close to us was offering classes that she needed. I was starting to get a little cold and I suggested that we move to the hot tub. As we were getting in she took off her bikini. She was tall, maybe 5’8”, thin, but not bony. She had tits that wouldn’t quit. Upturned with pink nipples. Her pussy was shaved as well. Hot, so fucking hot. We were just sitting in the hot tub when Jane came back. She took about 3 feet into the yard and saw me sitting in the hot tub with a topless hottie and turned right around and stormed out. I was about to jump out and chase her, proclaiming my innocence when I remembered that I was naked, and had a pretty well inspired hard on from looking at Sarah’s tits for the last half hour. “Shit” I said. Sarah just looked at ısparta escort bayan me and said “I can make it better, if you want.””What are you going to chase her?””No silly, not better with her, but better here.”At that point she reached out and grabbed my cock. About 5000 volts seemed to travel from my cock to my head, my heart sped up by a bunch as well. I simply reached out and cupped one of her beautiful tits while caressing the nipple with my thumb. She took a sharp breath and bit her lip. Fuck she was sexy. I reached down and took her hand off my cock, and sat next to her. We kissed and I scooped her into my lap. I spread her legs with my hand and started rubbing her thighs. I moved my lips down to her nipples while I started to finger her pussy. She was moaning gently and holding my head. I found her clit with my middle finger and proceeded to do a little circle, rub, tap number on it. By alternating it keeps her guessing what is coming next. After a couple of minutes of this she reached down and grabbed my cock again and settled herself down on it. She rode me as I reached around and stimulated her clit and kissed her neck. I felt her pussy start to spasm as she came hard. She laid her belly out on the deck of the hot tub and I moved to fuck her in a sort of modified doggy position. She really got into it this way telling me that I was filling her up to the brim. Soon I felt my release coming and pulled out and came all over her ass and back.This was just the first of many times fucking Sarah. Some how she also got to stay there the following summer as well. I still can not forget how she also had one of her friends come stay with her, but that is a story for another day.