RUBY (A Lesbian Tale) – PART 2

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RUBY (A Lesbian Tale) – PART 2RUBY (A Lesbian Tale)- PART 2“Yeah”, answered the woman on the phone“After five years and all I get is a “yeah””, I answered trying not to explode in laughter“Who the fuck is this ?”, she yelled“Did you make it out of the police station last time ?”, I continued recognizing her voice even better now.There was a silence. I was afraid she was going to hang up.“Baby !”, I cried out“Holy fuck…where are you ? London ? Paris ? Willsborough, North Carolina ?”, she screamed with tears in her voice“I’m in Boston…and here to stay”, I blurted out, tears running down my faceWe cried on the phone for a few minutes. “3560 Stuart Street and ring 12”. Get your ass over here”, Ruby finally screamed——————————————————————————————————————Ruby lived in a nice high-rise building but nothing extravagant. She hadn’t changed much except for her clothes which were very high-end. She was beautiful. She had put on a few pounds in the right spots and she was gorgeous. We went out to dinner a few blocks away. I didn’t know downtown much. We caught up during dinner. Laughed a lot. When we walked back to her place, we held hands. Nobody on the street turned around. She told me I looked beautiful, even more than 5 years ago. That made me happy. She told me I looked more sophisticated. She’s right, the European stay gave me an assurance I didn’t have before.“So can you stay ? Tonight ? Can you stay with me ?”, I was so happy to hear those words.Even though she had told me at dinner that she was alone, I wasn’t sure if she still wanted to be close to me. We quietly started to disrobe on either side of the bed. It was hot, very erotic, like giving each other a striptease. When we kissed on the bed, it seemed like it was for the first time. My cunt was ablaze. We were shaking, we were so excited by each other. Nevertheless, it was a slow come together, stroking each other’s cunt, sucking on erect nipples and tongue kissing again. I finally remembered her smell, her real smell, not that oil we used to put on for the shows. It struck me the next day that, except for that very first night together when we flossed with our cunt hair, we had always rubbed cunts in our make-believe sexfights and rarely made love but often just had sex. It was sex for people to watch, not really for us.This time we stretched out and 69ed on our side so we could stick a finger up each other’s asshole. We sucked lips, rimmed cunt holes, and sucked clit. We came in each other’s mouth, juices flowing into our open mouth, sucking it all up, lapping each other. “That was the best one yet”, said Ruby in a sigh as we both lay on our back side by side.“You bet”, I said, “We finally made love after all these years”. “You want to be with me ?”, asked Ruby“I want to be with you baby”, I osmaniye escort answered immediatelyAnd we went at it again for another hour of sucking, rubbing, poking and squeezing.———————————————————————————————————————The next morning, she told me what she was up to. Orville, who owned the restaurant, mixed with the wrong crowd and got shot over a silly disagreement. She inherited the restaurant which she immediately sold to the man I had seen there. She bought the apartment on Stuart and she had enough money to put a down payment on a small health club which occupied one floor of a building in South Boston. “You won’t believe it but I made it into a women-only health club”, she chuckled“Did the city give you trouble ?”, I asked‘You bet they did, but I argued that when I bought it, it had been a health club for men only’, she laughed“I can imagine what goes on there”, I laughed“It’s lesbian only, baby. I have a gym, showers, and massage”, she answered“You make money on the membership ?”, I asked innocently“And I get a cut on every massage, on every trip to the sauna, but the showers are free”, she laughed.Ruby had paid every loan and then bought the nightclub we had had a fight in the last night I was in Boston. That was going broke and she made it the center of lesbian action in Boston. Ruby was getting rich.————————————————————————————————————————–The next day we went to the health club, and Ruby introduced me to a black woman. “ Do you remember her ?”, she asked“No..should I ?”, I answered“She’s the one I had the fight with that night at the club”, laughed RubyHer name was Libby. They explained that after the fight they were put in the same cell and eventually had sex. Libby was managing the health club. Another girl oversaw the dyke club.“What do you want me for ?” I askedRuby watched as Libby put her arm around me and put her other hand under my skirt. Ruby was smiling watching us. “Come on baby, let yourself go”, urged RubyI grabbed Libby’s crotch through her expensive woolen trousers. She put her heavy lips against mine and we undid what we had to in order to get into each other’s panties. Ruby was licking her lips watching us frigging each other and kissing. We came together and Ruby licked our hands as her reward for introducing us. “I want to set up a lesbian brothel”, said Ruby seriously“There is a demand for it in this city”, added Libby with her arm around my waist. Ruby had made an offer on a hotel in an old part of town which was getting upscaled. The hotel had six floors and 10 rooms per floor. She would have it fixed so that there were fewer but larger rooms, a large ladies’ room per floor, etc…It was quite a bit of money. “I have a backer”, escort osmaniye said Ruby, “and it’s a good idea if she meets the woman in my life and my partner in business”I was blushing as Libby kissed my cheek. Ruby and I didn’t even hug, but it was a special day for us. That statement would shape the rest of our lives. —————————————————————————————————————————–Ruby had a driver when she needed one. We were driven to a very upscale area of the city. I had only seen pictures of it. I had spent two hours making myself beautiful and Ruby had lent me clothes (we were about the same size). I had a feeling I wouldn’t have to wear those very long that afternoon. “I’m Gail”, said the woman after she had walked down the long staircase. We were sitting on the leather couch after a maid had let us in. Gail (officially Abigail) was the sole owner of a chain of beauty parlours where women would have their hair done, nails done, eye lashes done, and even their cunt sucked if they asked the right person. She had millions and was a ravishing-looking lesbian of nearly 60. Ruby had told me that this “business meeting” was not really about money. It was about me. If she liked me, she was our backer.Gail had known Ruby for years and had the health club to herself for a whole afternoon or morning if she wanted to. She was very beautiful as women of that age can be. Of course, she had taken care of herself and no man had ever been close to her. She was a very sexual person and had no taboos about any part of what could happen between two consenting women.Ruby and I followed her to the bedroom, or I should say the “pre” bedroom area. It was a large room in which the walls were covered with lesbian erotica from 18th century French prints to modern American photographs. Gail left us there where Ruby and I took off all our clothes. We were given 30 minutes so that we could walk around and look at the artwork. It got us worked up looking at all those drawings and prints of women having sex in odd places, nuns involved in group sex, high-class women pissing on each other, and many other situations which are difficult to describe. Eventually a lovely naked blonde maid called us in. She was a decoy. Ruby knew the ropes and started getting it on with the hot blonde on a couch while I walked to Gail’s bed where she was eagerly waiting for me. It was a large round bed with a mirror on the ceiling. I had only seen this in movies. We hugged on the silk sheets, kissing and rolling about. I was surprised to see real tits on her and made the best of it. Neither of us was in a hurry to bring on an orgasm right away. We explored. She reminded me more of the European women I had been with. Long licks, long tongue kisses, and more oral than fingers. Gail sucked osmaniye escort bayan my cunt and I opened up for her, then I sucked hers, which was quite perfumed, a rare Asian smell. I’m sure she had dozens of fragrances. They were selling like hotcakes at her beauty shops. Gail had a beautiful ass and I was anxious to sample it. We whispered in each other’s ear about how eager we were to asslick. We whispered dirty things until we couldn’t stand it any longer and she attacked my Irish ass with her full tongue. She licked and pocked for ever while she stroked my cunt slowly with one hand. She stopped just before I came and offered me her ass, separating her asscheeks with her fingers, showing me her perfect hole. I tongue-fucked it and licked her rippled rim, then plunged again with a hard tongue like a small cock. Her shaved cunt was dripping as I stroked it, with cum juices rolling down my forearm to my elbow. We lay on our back for a brief pause after the ass play. I took a quick look at Ruby who was rubbing cunts with the blonde. I noticed a small patch of hair missing from the side of the blonde’s head. I didn’t need to ask about the circumstances. Gail was powerful and many rich women were envious. She had to keep a small army of bodyguards. Ruby smiled at me when she saw that Gail was leading me into the marble bathroom. I noticed that the blonde was slowly taking out a double-ended dildo she had shared with Ruby in what I thought was a simple cunt rub. My lover had asked me to work on a full bladder and I understood why when Gail and I resumed our sexual rampage in a plastic hammock set up over the extra-large bath. We literally showered each other in a massive pissing 69, our hair drenched, and our bodies covered with the nectar. Then I joined her in the shower, then the toilet and back in the hammock. I kept quiet about most of this even with Ruby who had her suspicions. —————————————————————————————————————–When we came back to Ruby’s apartment, we were exhausted. Before we left Gail’s, Ruby and the mistress of the house had a little talk in a private room while I slowly put my clothes back on. The blonde complimented me on my choice of lover, referring to Ruby. I answered that we were together which seemed to deflate any ambition that she had on Ruby’s time. I had learned from Ruby that, in this market, leaving doors open was always a good option. I left the blonde with the possibility of a three-way meeting. That seemed to cheer her up. “You must have pleased her”, said Ruby, “She is on board for the brothel which means money for construction work and decoration”“Great”, I yelled, “It’s gonna be a fascinating project. I already have ideas from lesbian brothels I visited in Paris and Berlin. ““Ah, right, you were there just to visit and buy postcards”, laughed Ruby“It was only an educational tour, I swear”, I smiledRuby was not convinced, and she insisted I show her the techniques I had learned in these establishments. She was my boss…..I had no choice. We undressed….again !END OF PART 2