Rubber restriction

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Rubber restrictionPart 1. It was a warm spring day when Miranda went into town Miranda was a very dowdy looking young lady. Not unattractive but she was always wearing very conservative clothing, she wore a long skirt down to her ankles and a blouse and cardigan and flat heeled shoes. She worked in the central library in town and was always on time and very punctual. Miranda was 26 years old and no boyfriend or partner to this day ever really hit it off with her, mostly because of her mousey timid image she gave off. It was a busy day at the library today. people milling about in and out checking in or taking books out. Patricia, the head librarian, looked at Miranda busying herself in her work as usual and as always started asking Miranda awkward questions.”Miranda Dear, why is it you never seem to have a steady relationship?” Patricia was in her mid forties but well dressed and always keeping her appearance immaculate , she had reddish brown hair in a kind of long bob, slender but curvacious figure and was always wearing high heels , her skirts were always much shorter aswell “I mean my dear”, Patricia continued in her usual unforgiving fashion ” you dress like a lady from Vitorian times with your long skirts and high collared blouses and those shoes….!!””Oh Patricia don’t start that all over again please !!” ….” Well I’m just saying, dear you ought to start dressing more to impress that’s all I mean …..”” You mean show off my cleavage and legs to all and sundry! Miranda quickly butted in “Well atleast try and look a bit more like a modern girl Miranda !””patrica , we have this conversation all the time and you’re always trying to change the way I am and i’m comfortable kuşadası escort with the way i dress thank you very much !” Miranda retorted , raising her eyes “Well I’m only trying to help dear !” replied Patricia sounding a little flustered that Miranda kept trying to change the subject . “I know , but I like beeing who I am ” Mirnda tried to explain for the umpteenth time “Anyway I must go put these books back so if you don’t mind minding the desk and not keep telling me what and and what I should not be wearing and how to live my life !”. Then suddenly remebering her position “I’m sorry patricia I should not speak to you like that , after all you are my boss !” “Alright Alright, no need to keep appologising for yourself, My dear girl you can be as assertive as you want to when you can, but sometimes I think you’re too mousey for your own good !” Miranda ignored the last remark and went to put the books that were piled up on the desk back on the shelves. Miranda was cross checking and referencing the books as she positioned each one neatly in order alphabetically when suddenly somebody with a voice of silky smoothness purred “Excuse me my dear, but do you have any books on erotica ?” Miranda was taken slightly a back as she eyed very slowly where the voice was coming from , there stood just behind her was this beautiful tall raven haired woman with an hour glass figure and wearing a pencil skirt and heels that seemed to be impossible to Miranda, to walk in “U-u-um I-I think you m-might find some books on human affairs in isle 6” Miranda stutterd “I-I mean I’m not quite sure we do E-erotica !!” she said looking crimson and flushed in the face as she escort kuşadası said so “Oh…. well would you mind showing me, I’ll have a look to see if you’ve got what i’m looking for !””um yes ok well just follow me er please miss ” and Mirand led the way to the isle . behind her she could hear the distinctive click of stilletos following her. “You are a very nervous young lady aren’t you Miranda ?!” the lady questioned in her liquid silk of a vioce “Well I-I’m usually very assertive ….well most of the time ” she replied not quite sounding as confident about her assertiveness now How did she know my name , miranda thought , then suddenly remebered her name badge “Tell me do you always dress like that ?” the lady questioned again ” I mean the long skirts and the blouse covering up your assets !” Miranada stopped all of a sudden then looked around to see the woman smiling in a rather knowing way”I-I dress like this because i find it comfortable and besides I like to look respectful in my appearance!” Miranda said trying her best not to be made to look foolish in front of this towering woman “hmmmm just as I thought !” the woman smiled again “Excuse me ?…thought what ?!”Miranda replied a rather put out how this woman was speaking to her in that husky liquid vioice. “What do you mean !” she demanded “Ahh so you do have some assertiveness in you!” the lady let out a slight laugh “For such a submissive young lady” “E-excuse me ?!” Miranda retorted “Who are you calling submissive !” “oh we do have some spirit in you then ?!” it was a retorical question and the lady went on ” Well my dear you are a fascinating little creature !” Miranda was flabbergasted and kuşadası escort bayan blurted out “I’m not a creature i’m a you woman thank you very much and yes I do have some spirit in me and By the way this is isle 6 , So if you can find what you are looking for Madamme kindly take it to the desk ….I take it you are a member hear ?!” Miranda was fuming inside and held her head up and was just about to walk away …”Oh i am Sorry my dear I did not mean to offend you , please help me look for the book i’m looking for I promise not to , em disguss matters to upset you again !” “I’m not upset for your imformation I’m just a bit fed up with people telling me how I should look …. and another thing I don’t think we would stock the kind of books you are looking for, why not try a book store !” “Oh quite so ….Of course you wear what you want to I’m only trying to appologise for the way I seemed to have touched on a sore subject, oh and I only want to borrow the book for a while “”Hmmm Well what book are you looking for anyway?” miranda asked still a little put out by the womans demenour “Oh well it’s a book on Fetish Fashion and artwork by Theodore Seldon, quite fascinating and very well illustrated , you see I’m very interested in the visual art of BDSM””BDSM?…..Um but what is that the meening of?” Miranda asked slightly out of her depth . Oh so niaeve the woman thought to herself with that smile again “It’s a book with illustrations and photos of Bondage, Domination & Sado Masochism , quite a big book if I remember I just wanted to check it out for a while because of some interesting items on Bondage and fetish wear !””Um …..Errrr we don’t have anything like that !”miranda tried to say quickly but the lady was quicker still in spotting the Black cover with the name of the author on the spine “Um I think that you will find that the book I’mm looking for is on the tuop shelf up there , Do be so kind as to bring it down for me !”