Rick and Andy go on a road trip

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Rick and Andy go on a road tripAndy picks me up at 8 am, just as planned. I load my stuff in the back of his 1970 dodge van and jump in the shot gun position. Andy asks me to show him that I am ready, i smile at my hunk boyfriend and pull up my skirt to show him my lace panties and thigh high stockings. I lean in for a kiss and he pulls away. once on the highway he gives me that look, the look that says i should be devouring his cock, a look I beg for and always succumb to. I get on my knees , flip his shorts down and start tonguing his gorgeous cock. I kiss the head, lick the foreskin in tiny circle then work the whole shaft as it grows. I love this mans cock and he knows it. I show it to him every time I get to play with it. I start to take it down my throat and he groans, i mumble for him to watch the road while his cock is in my mouth and he moans louder, i start to hum and moan back and this makes him shoot a large jet of cum down my throat, i latch on and milk him dry. What a start to the trip!.i get back in my seat and recline, shut my eyes and picture dream of Andy’s cock. I must have dozed off because i awake to see my skirt up and my panties down to my knees, Andy is still driving but he is giving a trucker a show of my little cock and smooth feminine body. I look up at the trucker and can tell he is masturbating to my body. Andy makes me jerk my cock back. I decide to lean back and really give him a show, if my boyfriend wants me to be a slut – Fine!.I bend over and give this man a view of my tight ass, while i do this, i pull a vibrator out of my bag and bring it in view. A slouch down in the seat, place my heels high on the dash and start to work the vibrator into my ass, i don’t use lube anymore since Andy has turned my ass into a pussy, i secrete natural juice that get me wet, like a girl. I get about 6 inches of the 8 inch vibe in my ass and start working it in and out in a fairly fast rhythm, my g spot is humming and my little cock gets rock hard. I start to really fuck my self and feel my cock spasm in orgasm, i shoot a nice load all over my smooth chest and skirt. I start to lick it off and spoon my own cum in my mouth when i hear the trucker blow his horn. I must have sent him over the top. As he slows down and lets us continue ahead of him. Andy looks at me like he’s proud of his slut. I feel warm and happy to satisfy him. it is late morning now and we are past the georgia state line, Andy pulls into a Pilot station to gas up. He asks me to go in and get some supplies, food, etc for the trip. I start to head in the back of the van to change but he wants me to go in wearing my skirt, which has an obvious cum stain on it. I must say that I have a smooth feminine body, but I am not a passable cross dresser unless i wear a wig and spend an hour on make up, neither of which I have done. But, i can not say no to this man.I straighten my self out, get out of the van and walk into the store area of the stations, there must be over 100 people in here. I focus on the door and hear giggles, a view cat calls and such but I just keep walking. I load a basket with munchies, get some drinks and start browsing the toiletries aisle when i feel someone grab my ass, I spin around and see a large man smiling at me, he whispers for me to turn back around – I do. He feels me up while i just stand there i feel him pul my skirt up and rub his cock on my ass cheeks, he is jerking his cock off on my ass! i just stand there and try not to make a scene but i know people are everywhere. eskişehir escort He pumps for about a minute when i feel his hot cum splat on my ass. I just stare down and let him finish. He pulls my skirt down and walks away. I look down the aisle and a woman and two other guys are laughing. I quickly get my stuff and head to the register. I can feel the cum dripping down the back of my thighs but there is little I can do. I pay and start to head out, Andy walks at me and asks me to come to the restroom with him. I follow him to the restroom area, it’s more of a bathhouse area for the truckers complete with showers, etc. There are quite a few guys in here and they al give me horny looks. Andy pulls me into a stall and pushes me down on my knees. I pull his shorts down and stat to suck him. I always obey him when he’s horny. I get his cock hard in no time flat when when he starts fucking my throat , then he pulls me up , throws me over the toilet and starts to fuck me doggy style. I feel his big hard cock slide into me and he starts to pump, i moan it feels do good and he covers my mouth with his hands. He starts to really fuck me hard and i love it. I notice a man staring at us through a glory hole in the next stall, he stands up and puts his very large cock in the hole, Andy guides ma to the cock and i start to suck it. This drive andy wild as really starts fucking my tight ass. I am moaning like a bitch in heat with my gorgeous man fucking me hard and a nice big cock shoved in my throat as a a bonus. As i moan i the stranger starts shooting cum in my mouth, i try to swallow but Andy is fucking me so hard that a lot of cum spills on my face. The guy leaves and there is a new cock immediately pushed through the hole. Oh well, i know my job so take him on my mouth and start to service him. Andy shudders and shoots a huge load in my ass while i take the new cock , he moans loud, very loud, i begin to sense that many people can hear us and are aware of what we are doing. I suck the new stranger hard and fast and he cums right away, i swallow all of his cum and get up, sit on the toilet and let the huge load in my ass drop in the toilet. I start to wipe all the cum off me and freshen up when Andy tells me to take a shower. I exit the stall and about 6 guys start to applaud for me. Here I am cum drenched, freshly fucked and flustered and I am being led through these guys to the showers. They slap my ass, blow kisses at me and call me slut as i pass by. I get to the showers and start to go in, Andy asks me to strip outside and he will bring me new clothes. I start to strip and the big burly guys start whistling like I’m a stripper or something. I strip naked, hand Andy my clothes and step into the shower. Turn on the water and let it get hot, the curtain stays closed behind me , i get under the warm water and soap up. It feels so good. I finally feel clean when the curtain is pulled open and i see three guys naked and masturbating. I tell them, no – i am spent but they keep jerking their cocks at me. Andy is nowhere in sight, i stay under the water but can’t help staring at their cocks. The guys keep pumping until on steps in and shoots a load on my stomach – he is so much taller that it lands on my belly button area. The next guy comes up and shoots on my thigh, they leave and the third comes on and pushes me to my knees and shoots on my face. His cum hits my cheeks and is washed away by the water. He leaves and I look outside, no one, wow, finally. I eskişehir escort bayan pull the curtain shut and bend over to wash my man pussy out. It feels good. I clean up, towel off , get out and there stands andy. He has very short shorts and a very tight tee for me. Nothing else, i put them on, the shorts are so tight you can see my little cock bulge easy. my tee is so tight yo can see my nipple through the material. He also has some bright red lip stick he wants me to put on. I do as I’m told and we head out. I fI didn’t look like a little fag before, I sure do now. Some how I don’t mind as long as Andy is with me. We head down the road about 80 miles and pull of fat a rest stop so Andy can pee. I get out to stretch and feel the sun. Andy comes back with a couple , the man is the trucker that i put a show on for this morning and the woman, I find out, is is wife who was blowing him while put on the show. they are headed to Colorado, like us and Andy says we are going to convoy – I will ride the next leg with the trucker (Bob) and Andy will drive the wife (Sandy). I hop in the rig, very cool being up so high and this thing is cavernous. I ask Bob if i should wipe off the lipstick and he says no, that i will wear it off on his cock and he smirks as we pul back onto the highway. when we get up to speed and in the middle lane he he pats his crotch , I know what to do and slide down next to his seat , take and start to take his belts off – he asks me strip naked first. I strip out of my tight shorts, then my tee and get kneel next to him. There is so much room in here its quite nice. I slip his pants all the way off and slip his boxers down to his knees. I look and see a very fat cock looking at me – not very long but fatter than a soda can. I start to lick it and slobber the shaft, it gets about 5 inches hard but i have a hard tome opening my mouth to get his cock in. I look up at him and he nods, i position myself so i can stretch my mouth around his fat cock and start to go at it, he moans, is groaning how good of a cock sucking bitch i am and then shoots a very long thick glob of cum in my mouth. I swallow as much as i can but he keeps cumming. Wow, this guy is loaded. He finally finishes spewing and I lick up all the excess cum. I start to put his boxers up but he says we will ride naked the rest of the way.I get up , settle into my huge comfortable seat and we have small talk for a while. About a half hour later Andy pull beside us so we can watch Sandy suck him off. This gets Bob excited again and he has me jerk him off while drives and watches. Andy comes in Sandy’s mouth and Bob stat to shoot. I lean over catch this much smaller load in my mouth as i finish him off. It gets darks as we make to to the Tennessee hills and we pull off at a rest stop. We all pile in the van and go to mcdonalds for dinner. I hit the head and look at myself in the mirror. What a fucking slut! red lipstick smeared all over, hair is a mess with sticky cum in it, my too tight shorts and tee show everything. Wow. From a normal teenager into girls less than 6 months ago to a cock hungry slut. Andy has me.We talk over dinner and find that Bob and Sandy are in their 40’s and she quit her job to join him on the road recently. She lets him fuck guys but not girls and understand that it gets lonely on the road. He admits that usually gets relief at a gloryhole but rarely gets to fuck. We decide to leave the rig at th erest stop and head to a motel for the night, Andy gets escort eskişehir us one room with two doubles. We go in and Bob breaks out a joint and a bottle of JD. We all get high and start doing shots. Bob tell us that his fantasy is to watch another man fuck his wife. Andy grabs me, pulls my shorts down, makes me take my tee off and then pushes me to my knees – i open my mouth and he slips his long cock in. my little cock gets rock hard and Bob starts to undress Sandy as I suck my man. He gets very hard, pulls me off him and makes me eat Sandy’s pussy. I lick her and get her juicy then lean up and suck Andy some. I alternate like this until i hear Sandy breathing very heavy. Andy pushes me aside and shoves his cock in Sandy. She squeals. I watch as Andy is pumping her when i feel the strong hand of Bob pull me to the other bed. He is naked and shoves my face onto his fat cock. He is very excited watching my man fuck his woman, i suck him hard and he pulls me up, i straddle him and start to ease his fat cock up my ass. He is so big i have to wrk slow, he stretches me wide, i slowly ease him in until i “pop” past his knob. It hurts in a good way and i start to ease around him. What a great feeling this cock is, not long like Andy but a new sensation being so fat. I start to ride up and down, he is moaning , Sandy is squealing, i rid eBob hard and start moaning like a bitch in heat. The room is so loud with sex, Andy turns Sandy over and starts plowing her doggy style. She is having numerous orgasms but stays horny. Bob pulls me up, throws me over and starts fucking me doggy style. I am face to face with Sandy, staring at her lustful eyes while her man is fucking me hard with his fat cock. It is too much for all of us , i start moaning and cum all over the bed spread, sandy cums then Bob pumps a load in me while Andy shoots into Sandy. we all clump down together and get our breath. we lay there for several minutes then bob lights another joint. sandy is moaning how happy she is, then andy asks me to clean her up. i move over, she looks at me and smiles, asks if i like her husbands fat cock as much a she does, i say yes then start to eat my mans cum out of her pussy. Sandy moans and wiggles while i do this. Andy comes over and feeds me his cock while i licj sandy. Sandy starts to finger my ass and do the same to her. I play around her hole a little, wet it with my tongue then slip my index finger in. She lets out a loud moan. Andy asks her if she’s ever been fucked up the ass, she moans no, that her husband is too big. Andy lays on his back and has Sandy mount him. Then he hugs her and tells me to fuck her ass. I get behind them, aim my little cock at her hole and enter her. She squeals. I am only 5 inches and pretty thin so she takes me easily. We start a rhythm and double fuck her. Sandy is moaning uncontrollably now and is have multiple orgasms. she squeals loudly and asks us to stop. I pull out , Sandy flops over and start sucking the pussy juice of Andy’s cock. Next thing I know, Bob is sliding his fat cock into me again. I am getting it in both ends and moaning, I see Sandy watching us, rubbing her swollen pussy in complete ecstasy. She is watching these two men fuck me hard. Bob starts to hammer me and he pump another load in my man pussy, Andy pulls my mouth off his cock and mounts me from behind and starts to push his big cock all the way in, it enter easy as Bob has stretched me so wide. He hammers me while Bob and Sandy watch and then pumps a big load up me. I collapse on the bed face down, Sandy and I share a gaze, we are two sluts who have been fucked silly. I just lay there and feel all the cum ooze out of my hard fucked ass. There is cum everywhere. We al fall asleep and wake early the next day….The adventure continues.