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RewardFeeling slightly self-conscious in his kilt he waited outside Her door. The wind was cold this evening with flakes of snow fluttering down and a hard frost forming underfoot. The chill wind blowing up under his kilt reminded him that, aside from the ever-present chastity belt, he was completely naked under the kilt just as She had instructed. It had been a difficult week for him, mentally and physically and he was sure She had taken great delight in making it just as frustrating as possible.It was only after he left Her house last week that the true reality of his predicament sank in. Sure, he’d played with the chastity belt before, even worn it for a day but he’d always had a key, always had the ability to escape it’s clutches when it became too much. Nobody had ever thought to search for his spare key before… with hindsight he knew he should have left it at home but he’d gotten greedy, careless even, and now he was paying the price.Of course he’d tried to escape. Almost as soon as he got home he was trying to find a way out. Picking the lock just wasn’t possible – the thing seemed to have been designed to resist any attempt to pick it. Nor could he squeeze himself out of the belt – he’d done much too good a job of sizing it to his waist for that. He did briefly consider bolt-cutters or a hacksaw but quickly dismissed the idea, the belt was much too tight a fit for those tools to be used by anyone but a professional and he wasn’t ready for that kind of humiliation just yet!So, he’d resigned himself to staying in the belt for the week She had dictated. He quickly found that the belt was actually not too uncomfortable – yes, he knew i was there but it didn’t hurt, nor did it obstruct any of his daily activities. Well, except one.. there would be no more masturbation till the belt was off. No matter what he did the steel tube held firm, blocking any and all stimulation. Orgasm was out of the question! Aside from that, the only real change to his daily routine was the need to sit when using the toilet. Between the curve of the tube and the lara escort size of the hole they conspired to guarantee that any attempt to pee standing up would meet with messy failure, something he hadn’t really considered until the first time he tried it!Then the texts started. Four times a day, regular as clockwork they’d come.. every one a different picture of Her. As the week end on they became more and more suggestive, sexier, more arousing… and ever more frustrating. Worst of all, every one would have his key in it somewhere… tucked into the top of a stocking, nestled between her breasts, laying on her stomach… always it was somewhere, teasing and tormenting him with every glance. Then, on the very last night, She called. They talked for an hour, Her voice teasing and arousing him as She explained to him exactly what he was to do the next day. Finally, She delivered the ultimate torment… he could hear Her voice becoming husky, somewhat breathless, and he knew what She was doing. Quietly She whispered “Make me cum… now…if you want out tomorrow!” and he had been forced to tease, arouse and pleasure Her over the phone, all the while completely unable to pleasure himself.With a loud clunk the bolt was thrown, snapping him out of his reverie. “Put this on” came Her voice from behind the door as a soft black leather hood was handed to him. He quickly realized the hood had no eye-holes, just a space for the mouth and nose but he knew She would tolerate no hesitation. “Yes Miss” he replied, pulling the hood quickly over his head and cutting off all vision. He heard the door open and felt himself being guided in, pausing as She turned to close the door before being helped by Her to carefully climb the stairs. Once safely in the living room She guided him to the back of Her chair and firmly pushed his head down, bending him over it. In seconds his kilt was lifted and he felt something cold and slippery being forced into his ass. He started to protest but even before he got the word out it was over, the plug buried deep inside him. “There, escort lara that better” She whispered, pulling him up and into a tight embrace. “Now, dinner” and with that She led him, still a little stunned, into her dining room. “Give me your hands” She ordered and he mutely held them out for Her. Metal cuffs snapped round each wrist, a short length of chain joining them together. Once more She pulled him to her, this time kissing him deeply and passionately before guiding his bound, plugged and blindfolded form into his seat. He heard Her moving and then the words “You may remove the hood”. As quickly as he was able he tore the hood from his head, ready to complain and demand his keys from this evil Woman. The words died on his lips as his gaze fell on her. She was lying on the table in front of him, dressed in absolutely nothing but the sheerest of white silk gowns, a creation that revealed far more than it hid and that was fastened only below her firm breasts with the flimsiest of bows. A playful smile played across her lips.. “Dinner is served” She whispered, and closed her eyes. Stunned, he bent forward and kissed Her hard and long, his cuffed hands making him fumble as he undid the bow, revealing Her body in all it’s splendor. Her nipples were already hard and erect, responding quickly to his kisses and he traced his tongue down Her body. Swiftly finding Her sweet spot he plunged his head between her waiting thighs and set to work. His tongue caressed, lips kissed and his cuffed hands held her shapely buttocks as he brought Her quickly to orgasm, then slowly, then quickly again.. leaving Her shuddering and gasping on the table.So intent had been on pleasing Her that he’d totally forgotten the plug, which all the while had been moving gently, massaging his prostate and arousing him in ways he’d never felt before. He only realized when he stood and found his legs wet and sticky with ribbons of his own juices… massaged from his prostate by the plug. “Please Miss” he begged, “May I be released?”.Silently She stood, leading him somewhat unsteadily lara escort bayan through to her bedroom. A gentle shove sent him sprawling onto the bed, flat on his back. She deftly tied the chain of his cuffs to Her headboard then wrapped another scarf round his head, blocking his vision. He could hear Her moving, then felt it… his kilt being lifted, pressure, then the cool blast of air as She removed his cage. He almost screamed as Her lips closed round his cock, drawing it into Her warm mouth and sucking gently as he hardened uncontrollably. Within a minute he was throbbing and still She wouldn’t stop. Her tongue caressed and stroked the head of his cock expertly, teasing him, bringing him to the edge of orgasm time and time again. He could feel his precum flowing freely now, the plug pressing hard on his prostate as he tensed.. then suddenly he exploded, deep in Her mouth and without warning, his muscles jerking and torrents of cum pumped out of his cock and down Her throat. When, eventually, he was done She untied him, helped him to his feet and removed the cuffs.”Your reward”, She said, “is only part done. Undress, take off the rest of the belt and get into bed”. Quickly, he obeyed her command, shedding kilt, shirt and belt in record time. “Now, I have a question for you. Would you like to spend the night?”. Still slightly breathless from the force of his release he murmured “yes Miss, I would like that”. “Good” She replied, climbing into bed beside him, “I’m still VERY horny, and I hope you are too”. Kissing him deeply She straddled him, taking his quickly hardening cock inside her as she leaned forward. Again and again that night they made love, slowly, quickly, hard, gently… just about every way a man and woman could until both were totally drained.Next morning he awoke to the sound of running water and got up to find Her standing, naked, in the bathroom cleaning his belt. She turned to him and smiled as he asked “What are You doing that for?”. “Well, you have a choice to make. You can leave here a free man, with your keys and never see Me again or you can submit yourself totally to My control. The choice is yours, I’m going to breakfast.”With that, She put down the sparkling belt and walked out of the bathroom, leaving him to make his decision.