Renter to Slave/Sex toy


Renter to Toy

Being divorced, broke, and late 50’s did not leave me many options to rent a place but I found one through local friends. It was in a house owned by a couple in their younger 50’s and the kids had moved out so they were empty nesters. I rented their basement bedroom; basement was partially finished so it was nice and always the same temp, and had my own full bathroom. All utilities and internet were included and because they knew my financial situation it was affordable so it was a win for both.

I had been renting for 7 months and we all got along great even enjoying dinners nightly like I was family. One weekday I took off from work, was a day when they were both supposed to be at work. I woke up later than normal and did not hear noise from upstairs so I figured I was alone. I was excited because I figured I would have alone time to bring out my dildo and play with myself for a while. I did my normal morning routine of coffee and then went to bathroom for that normal routine. When I went to shower I brought in my douche ball and made sure I was totally clean. Then I got in shower and shaved, face, cock, canlı bahis balls, and ass.

When I was done shaving I took my 9″ dildo and did myself for a few minutes then dried and went to my room. I opened the door and Stacy was bringing laundry down and saw me not only naked but carrying the dildo. She stopped in her tracks and just looked at me; I turned all shades of red and scurried into my room. That had obviously killed my wanting to play more.

I didn’t have dinner with them that night because I was embarrassed. Around 7 I got a text from Stacy asking if I would mind if she came down to talk to which I said ok. I was watching TV and she joined me on the couch and asked about the morning. I didn’t say a word so she then said it was ok but she was curious about me. I said I was open minded and she started to ask questions so I finally told her I was bi, sub, bottom, and loved to be of service and that’s why I got divorced. She was embarrassed this time but sat for a few and then left.

That Sunday tom went to play golf as usual and Stacy asked me upstairs to help her move something. We moved their dresser to the other wall bahis siteleri and she opened a drawer to have a hand hold. I looked in it and there was a strap on harness. I thought I knew where things were going, and they were but only after an hour of moving other things. She told me, not asked, to shower and douche then get back up to her room naked and to hurry. I did as told and she had her harness on and a large 10″ dildo when I returned. She told me to kneel and suck her cock so I did, how can I say no to a sexy woman with a strap on? She grabbed my head and rode my mouth and I was semi hard from the excitement of submitting to her whim.

“I see you got him, I knew you were a slut when I saw your shaved cock through your open curtains” I heard Tom say. I couldn’t pull off because she held firm but I did see him start to strip. He turned and came back after a quick shower and I saw he was totally shaved and had a real nice body. She pulled out of my mouth and kissed him deeply. Then she started to direct, first i was told to lube my ass then she told me to suck him. As I did I felt a pressure on my ass and knew where she had gone. She bahis şirketleri fucked me all the time he was riding my mouth.

I could feel him swell bigger and he started to moan so she stopped me and told him to finish in her pussy. I had to watch him slowly fuck her then faster until he shot his load and all the time I could not touch myself. I was so hard, I had never seen live sex. She told me to lay on the floor and she got up so I was excited to have her sit on my cock and ride me to finish. Wrong, she squatted over my face and pushed his load out as she made me open my mouth. That was another first. Tom was hard again, he had taken a Viagra, and she wanted to see him fuck my ass good and long, I was told to lay on the bed on my back and he lifted my legs to his shoulders and did me hard for a while till he was about to cum again. He pulled out and shot his smaller load on my stomach and rubbed it into my skin like I was his slut. I was then told to leave and she explicitly told me I could not cum until she said so. I was so horny I just laid there for a few seconds shocked she wouldn’t finish me off.

Later that night I got a text from her that said she would be using me again the next night and asked if I was into being bound, I said yes and she said good because she was having next door neighbor over for drinks after work and to be ready. Can’t wait.