Rehabilitation Pt. 01


Prologue – The crime.

Nick and Don were both at university studying medicine. They spent all their free time together. Like all young men, their bodies and minds were awash with testosterone, and they were obsessed with sex. Every week they went out hunting, prowling the clubs and streets for victims. Many times they had caught a woman and taken turns to penetrate her in all her orifices while she screamed and struggled. This only excited them more and as time went on they became more and more violent.

None of their victims identified them or even, as far as they knew, reported the crime that had been perpetrated on them. They always wore masks and condoms so the chances of being caught were slim.

One day a new student joined the class. She was tall and olive skinned with long straight black hair and legs that seemed never to end. She was dressed in tight leather trousers, heels and a close-fitting crop top that barely covered her breasts. She strode into the lecture hall arrogantly, looked around just long enough to be sure she had been noticed, tossed her head and sat down. All the men in the class and some of the women were staring at her, slack-jawed. She was really the ultimate desirable woman. Nick felt his cock stiffen and looking at Don sitting next to him, a swelling in the crotch area was very noticeable.

After class, they talked.

“Oh, man, I just have to have her!” groaned Don.

“OK, let’s do her, but we need to be extra careful. This is very close to home.”

They planned to follow her, find out where she lived and take her one night using a van borrowed from a friend.

Don followed the girl to a dingy block of flats, and watched her go inside. This was presumably where she lived. Just to be sure, he watched at the same time the following day and came back in the morning to see if she left. She duly arrived and left in good time for the class.

The following night they got the van and waited down the street from the flats. When they saw her strutting along they got ready with a gag and cuffs and slid the door open. As she passed they pulled hoods on, stepped out of the van, grabbed her arms from behind, gagged her and had her cuffed and helpless in seconds. No-one could have noticed what happened.

Inside the van, Don held the girl down while Nick unzipped and pulled off her trousers, revealing a tiny thong. He ran his finger down the butt crack and she wriggled and moaned, protesting at the violation. He hooked his finger under the back strap of her thong, lifting it aside aside, and unzipping his fly with the other hand. After rolling a condom over his already stiff penis, he just pushed it roughly into her cunt, fucking her hard and fast. Very soon, he ejaculated with a loud expletive.

Then he took over from Don, holding her down while Don fucked her cunt and came as soon as Nick had.

They both did her mouth and then her anus, only waiting long enough for their penises to harden again.

When they were both spent, they shoved her out of the van and drove off, leaving her sobbing in the street. It was only later that Nick worried that the girl might have recognised his voice from class and, worse, realised that his condom had split.

Chapter 1 – Retribution begins.

Nick wandered aimlessly round town, slouched, head lowered, hardly aware of where he was. From time to time he groaned as the knot of fear in his stomach tightened. He jumped as his mobile rang. “Anything?” asked Don.

“Not a fucking thing.”

“She wasn’t in class today again, was she?”

“Nope. Maybe she hasn’t talked…”

A pause. Then Don said, “I don’t know how long I can go on like this, man, the strain is killing me, not knowing when the pigs might roll up and haul us off”.

“Shit, don’t think like that,” growled Nick. “I feel sick too, but we just got to keep cool. And if they do come, stick to the story, it’s only her word against ours, right”.

Another pause. Then suddenly a loud rattle as if Don had dropped the phone. The sound of footsteps.

“Don?” Nothing. Faint traffic sounds on the still-open line. Then the line was cut.

The two men in suits walked side by side down the fairly busy street without deviating from their path. They didn’t need to – business-suited they might be but people automatically moved out of their path. Both were well over six feet tall, and their conservatively cut black suits didn’t conceal their muscular physiques. The cropped hair and thick necks straining at their shirt collars contributed to the impression of power and controlled violence.

But as they approached Nick they moved slightly apart as if to pass each side of him. Nick, overwhelmed with panic was holding his phone and staring into space, not seeing them, or anything around him. As they passed, without changing pace, each grabbed one of Nick’s arms and walked him backwards towards the open side door of a waiting black van.

It all happened so fast, Nick Betturkey had no chance to resist: not that it would have made much difference if he had. One moment he was standing, appalled and frozen in panic, the next huge hands were gripping his arms and he was propelled backwards into a van. Before his eyes could adjust from the bright sunlight to take in the new surroundings, the door slid shut and he was in complete darkness. His arms were twisted behind his back and he was pulled down to his knees. Cold metal round his wrists, then racheting sounds, and he realised he was cuffed. The van lurched as it moved off.

The hands on his arms released their grip. He began to react at last, leaning forward to try and get to his feet, but his wrists were anchored to something. At the same moment, he felt something being pulled over his head. Form the smell and feel, a leather hood. He started to open his mouth to scream a protest, but his captors were working fast and efficiently. With a sharp zip sound, the leather pulled tight over his face and under his jaw and a strap was tightened round his neck.

By now Nick was in total panic, already feeling a depth of helplessness and fear he had never known before. Events were moving too fast for him to be able to process what was happening to him, and his captors, well aware of this, kept up the pace. He next felt their hands on his legs. His trainers and socks were removed, the legs of his jeans slid up, and he felt straps tighten round his ankles. Then his ankles were steadily and firmly pulled apart until his knees started to follow them, sliding on the cold metal floor of the van. The shackles on his wrists held his arms up and back, so as his body lowered he was forced to lean forward to stop his arms being dislocated. He heard two sharp clicks and knew his ankles had been secured.

He was now kneeling in a most unnatural and uncomfortable position, with his legs spread, almost sitting on his thighs, his bottom pushed out. He tried lowering himself to get some relief, but that just tore at his arm sockets and the tendons in his thighs, so he was forced to hold himself there, his thigh, calf and back muscles already aching with the effort.

Fingers brushed his neck as they slipped into the collar of his tee shirt, pulling it outwards. There was a soft tearing, slicing sound and he felt cool air on his chest. Nick experienced a new level of shock and fear as he realised his clothes were being cut off him. The hands slipped the now open tee shirt off his shoulders, he felt the sleeves being cut through, and the cloth slip free. Fingers unbuckled his belt and slid it out of the loops on his jeans. Nick was now trying to struggle and shout, but he could only squirm very slightly and his cries were no more than soft moans through the nose holes of the hood.

A hand slipped into the back of his jeans, one of the fingers sliding into the cleft of his buttocks before pulling the material out and slicing it down to his crotch. The procedure was repeated in front, the hand this time just brushing the front of his underpants. He next heard the snick of a heavy scissors – clearly they couldn’t cut the legs of his jeans off with a knife without slicing his legs. The cold steel of the scissor blade slid between the sensitive flesh of his inner thigh and the tightly stretched denim, then methodically snipped its way down, nibbled at the tightly creased cloth at his tightly bent knees, and then down over his calves. The same with the left leg, the cloth sliding away and he was all but naked. Then suddenly he felt both sides of his underpants pulled out and snipped simultaneously, the cut cloth dropped away and he was fully exposed.

Throughout his ordeal so far not a word had been spoken. The only sounds he could hear were the rumbling of the van engine, the suppressed roar of passing traffic, the occasional scuffing of his tormentor’s shoes on the metal floor, the little sounds that had accompanied each stage in his capture and humiliation. Despite his acute discomfort and humiliation, the two goons seemed so far to have avoided inflicting direct violence on him. Indeed, the overwhelming feeling was that they were using their strength to handle him with a sort of gentleness that yet allowed no possibility of resistance.

Once he had been stripped, there was a pause in the action. Nick’s mind was in such turmoil of fear and humiliation that any attempt to think clearly through his situation was impossible. One thing only was obvious. This must have some connection with the girl. She must have talked, but not to the cops – surely these guys couldn’t be cops? Other than that, the thought dominating his mind was that he was totally in their power, completely without power to control the situation. They could do absolutely anything to him, and judging by what had happened so far, they had every intention of demonstrating that further. This realisation in itself redoubled his fear and he realised his body was Betturkey Giriş now trembling, his leg muscles in spasms with the constant agonising tension from holding himself in his spread kneeling/squatting position.

As these thoughts cohered in his frenzied mind, he felt hands through the leather covering his face. First, a tug at one side, the sound of a heavy zipper opening across his mouth, at the same time easing the tightness under his jaw. Able for the first time to protest, he opened his mouth to speak but it was immediately plugged with something fat and stubby with a rubbery taste and feel, which almost filled his mouth. He felt a strap being tightened behind his head, and the gag drove further between his teeth, filling his mouth almost to his throat and making his jaw gape to the point of dislocation. As he was coming to terms with this new torment, he felt two tugs, a snapping sound and a flap was lifted and secured back, allowing him to see for the first time.

The interior of the van was dimly lit by a couple of overhead lamps, but after being blindfold Nick was momentarily dazzled. As his vision recovered, he started to take in his surroundings. He couldn’t see either of the goons, who must be behind him. What immediately caught his attention was the figure facing him – a man, no, a boy like him, leather hooded and, he soon realised, chained in exactly the same position. It didn’t take long to work out that this was Don. The knowledge that they had both of them was yet another blow to any remaining hope of getting out of this nightmare.

He could see Don’s wide, fearful eyes through the two holes in his leather mask. He looked just like one of the awful gimps they’d seen in the porn movies they watched together. Like Nick, he was naked and his limp cock and balls were swinging between his legs, his body visibly juddering as he tried to cope with his unnatural posture. His lips gaped around the enormous cockgag filling his mouth. Nick could see it had an outer rubber ring with the dildo part fitted through the centre, and a small strap hanging from the outer side of the dildo, like a leather tongue.

The van was large, the size of a small room, all black except for bright steel rails and sockets in the ceiling, floor and walls. Various straps, cuffs, chains and hooks hung along the side, apparently ready for use. Don was shackled by his ankles to ring bolts in the floor, and his wrists to a pole locked into a ceiling socket. As he watched, one of the men stepped from behind him, holding what seemed to be a tangle of leather straps and chains, and a small leather covered box. He was still dressed in his black business suit, neatly polished shoes, white shirt and tie. For the first time Nick saw his face. If he’d been in a state of mind to think about it, he’d have said the guy was good looking in a rugged, outdoor sort of way, with blonde hair cropped like a squaddie. But what he did notice was that the expression was not of cruelty or malice: it was an expression of intense concentration, of a professional absorbed in his work. Somehow, that chilled Nick.

Blondie laid the straps on the floor and sorted them, revealing that there were two sets. He lifted one up, looked directly into Nick’s eyes, and spread it out. There was a wide strip of thick leather with various hooks and studs in it. Dangling from it was another, thin strap, interrupted in two positions by large steel rings.

He moved over to Don and taking a chain from the wall of the van attached it to a hook slotted into a rail above and slightly behind him. He strapped a leather cuff onto each of Don’s wrists and hooked them together with a short chain. Then he passed the chain hanging from the roof between Don’s wrists and hooked it back on to itself so he was still secured. Only then did he release Don’s handcuffs so that he was no longer tethered to the pole in the floor. Finally, he unhooked the roof chain again and hauled in on it, drawing Don up to standing position, bent forward and down by the backwards and upwards pull on his arms, his legs spread and his bottom in the air.

Next, the wide leather belt was passed round Don’s waist and Blondie began to tighten a set of straps with buckles at the back. The belt was so wide it was like a waist cincher, and Nick could see Don’s waist pulling in till his ribs and hips bulged out over it. The thinner strap was passed from the front, between Don’s legs, and loosely hooked onto the belt at the back. Blondie then took Don’s cock and balls in his hand, and squeezed them through the front metal ring. Again, Nick could see the shock in Don’s eyes at being so intimately and ruthlessly handled. He knew that the second ring would be right over Don’s anus when the strap was pulled in.

Blondie got to work on the adjustment at the back and as the strap tightened and despite Don’s agony the pressure of the ring around his cock started to make it swell. Next, Blondie took from the leather box what looked like a small cuff with an even smaller harness attached to it. He circled Don’s scrotum with finger and thumb, making his balls stand out below his hand, then with his other hand passed the cuff round the top of the scrotum and secured it with two small buckles. Then he arranged the little harness around Don’s swelling cock and carefully tightened each of five thin buckles, so that the shaft was almost completely sheathed in leather, leaving only the now very swollen head exposed. Don’s cock was now fully erect, standing out rigid from his body and seeming to be trying to burst out of its tight strapping.

Nick watched in fascinated horror as his friend was trussed and forced into arousal, knowing all along that soon it would be his turn. It was a relief to leave his semi-kneeling position, but he soon found out that with his arms pulled high up behind his back he now had almost to stand on tiptoe to ease the pain in his shoulders. He knew that from behind his anus, cock and balls would completely exposed to the gaze and manipulation of the man who was keeping them captive.

When the waist cincher was applied, Nick’s bowels seemed to be forced up into his chest and down into his bottom and it became difficult to breathe. He could feel Blondie’s breath on his back as he leaned down to take Nick’s cock and balls in his hand and slip them through the crotch strap ring. Then as the strap was tightened, he felt the pressure of the front ring forcing blood into his cock. What he hadn’t thought of was the effect of the rear ring, which was pulled tightly into the flesh between his buttocks, forcing it apart and stretching his anus open. The strap itself pressed hard on his perineum and into his bottom cleft and very quickly, like Don, and despite his pain and humiliation, he felt his cock begin to swell.

When Blondie squeezed his balls and applied the ball cuff, he thought he would faint with pain, but as the man continued to work, strapping his cock tightly into its leather sheath, his balls started to ease into position and his cock swelled inside its restraints until he thought it would explode. From his head-down position he could clearly see the tip, now purple and distended, with a string of precum already hanging from the slit.

Apparently satisfied that the two boys were properly trussed, Blondie now adjusted their arm chains so that the pull came more from behind, pulling their bodies to a horizontal position and they no longer had to stand on tiptoe. With their torsos in this position, their faces were quite close together. Blondie then took out of the box something shiny and black and again fitted with straps. He held it between them, letting them see clearly what it was – a thick, stubby double dildo. Blondie clipped a very thin rod into the roof and secured the middle of the dildo to it, carefully adjusting it so the ends were lined up directly in front of Nick and Don’s cockgagged mouths.

Then he took hold of the straps on the dildos in one hand and with the other gripped a cord hanging from the ceiling. He tugged sharply on the straps, releasing the locks that held the dildos into their rubber ring surrounds and yanked them out. At the same time he hauled on the rope, which drew the wrist chain anchorages together, pulling the boys forward and off balance so they fell forward onto the double dildo before they could utter a sound. Stubby thought it was, this dildo was a little longer than the previous ones, and it penetrated them to the throat. Both boys immediately started to gag and splutter.

Air escaped through their teeth and between their lips and the rubber ring with a wet farting sound and sprayed their faces with saliva. The feelings they now experienced were terrible for two highly sexed youths who considered themselves absolutely heterosexual. They stared into each other’s wide, horrified eyes, only inches apart, their lips touching as they bulge around the gags, sharing a fat dildo that was impaling their throats simultaneously, both with massive throbbing erections and with their anuses fully exposed and stretched open.

Blondie stepped back and permitted himself a small smile of satisfaction now that the boys could see only each other’s eyes. He moved to the front of the van and knocked on the door to the cab. Shortly, the van slowed and drew to a halt. His colleague, equally well-built but dark haired and with a harder, slightly cruel face, joined him in the van.

Don and Nick heard this, and heard the two sets of footsteps approach. Their fear and humiliation was magnified by seeing it reflected in the other’s eyes. But their pain and arousal were awakening a new emotion, one that perhaps had been in their friendship all along, but which neither had dared to acknowledge…

Any such thoughts were interrupted as they became aware that their two captors had taken up positions behind them. Moving in careful synchronisation, the two applied gobs of lube to their hands and slapped it onto each boy’s splayed-out hole. They each held a butt plug which they now prepared with lube. The plugs weren’t particularly large for an experienced anus, but quite large enough to stretch these virgins.