Really Unexpected Sex During Friend’s Wedding

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Really Unexpected Sex During Friend’s WeddingHi readers, this is Achyuth once again, I hope you enjoyed my previous story. I want to share a new sex story with you.My name is Achyuth. I live in Bangalore. My age is 26 and I am unmarried. My height is 5.7 and I have a good looking body.Let’s move to our story.A few days back, I went to my friend’s marriage in a town near to our city. I reached there at the time of 8 pm. I met my friends – both boys and girls. Two persons drew my attention there.Person 1: My ex-girlfriend AnuShe was married to a rich guy 2 years ago. Her boobs size is 32B or 32C. She has a Slim body with a small tummy. She was 5 feet in height. She is a very selfish girl.Person 2: My friend SandhyaSandhya is a beautiful girl with a normal skin tone. Height nearly 5 ft and boob size 34B.She is an innocent and decent girl. I always had an eye on her. But I never got any chance to talk dirty or fuck her.After the reception was over, the preparation for the marriage ceremony was started.I moved to the gallery to watch it and took a seat. From there, I started watching ‘nature’.Sorry guys, nature means everything includes in that. Beautiful nature, beautiful views, feelings, emotions, especially beautiful girls and beautiful women.By watching them, I feel very relaxed and I get peace of mind.I and my friends started staring at everyone near to us and who were passing in front of us. But, my eyes were not feeling happy by watching them. My eyes were searching for my friend Sandhya and my ex-gf Anu.Twenty minutes later, I saw my Anu. She was wearing a black blouse and a green saree. I couldn’t take off atakum escort my eyes off her. She was like a sex bomb.She was standing near the bride on the reception stage. I could see the edges of her nipples on the saree. Sandhya was standing beside her.They both looked very hot. My dick was dancing inside.Then we all went to have dinner. There I talked to my ex-girlfriend.Our small conversation was like this,Me: Hi, Anu.Anu: Hi.Me: How is your life?Anu: Not bad.Me: Hmm, what else?Anu: Nothing, what’s going on??Me: What?Anu: I saw you were staring at me and Sandhya.Me: Yes, you both are looking awesome.Anu: Ahaaa, but your eyes were staring more at Sandhya.Me: Ya baby, after your marriage, I remained alone and wasn’t interested in getting into a relationship with anyone. But, every human body has needs. Whenever I see Sandhya, I just want to fuck her.Anu: Idiot, how can you think like that. She is our friend.Me: Ok, can you do me a favor?Anu: Yes, if I can.Me: I want to have sex with you today. Please, baby.After a lot of hesitation, my ex-gf finally said yes and told me to wait in her room.I entered her room with a lot of expectations and kept the door open. I was eagerly waiting for Anu.Then I heard footsteps of someone coming towards my room. I switched off the light and went behind the door.Anu entered the room. I quickly closed the door and locked the tower bolt. Without wasting time, I grabbed her from behind and hugged her tightly.She was trying to get out of my hands and said, “Hey hey no-no-no!”. But I was not listening to her. I started kissing her on the neck by holding her from the backside. escort atakum My dick was pressed onto her ass crack.Again, my ex-girlfriend tried to say, “no no please stop” in a heavy and different sound. Meanwhile, I bit her ears, licked her neck and shoulders. Anu’s breaths were getting heavy now.My hands went towards her boobs, they were so soft. I started pressing my ex-girlfriend’s boobs.Fifteen minutes later, Anu was slowly losing her strength against me. She came in my control. I loosened my grip.She suddenly turned towards me, slapped me hard and pulled me towards her! She then kissed me on the lips.We both were kissing madly now. While kissing her, I lifted her and moved towards the bed. I broke the kiss and removed her saree. She was in her bra and underwear now.I made her lay on the bed. I removed my clothes and jumped above her.Then I started kissing my ex-girlfriend again from her forehead to her thighs. I moved towards her cheeks and Kissed, bit and licked her on the cheeks.I headed towards her lips then. Anu’s body felt warmer than before.I opened her bra and started feeling those big boobs. I caught her one boob with both hands and played with it, kissing and pressing it.Anu remained calm. I smoothly moved towards her ex’s navel and kissed her belly area. The perfume she used was romantic, it made me feel more aroused.My dick was rock hard and not able to wait for more time. So, I removed Anu’s underwear and pulled her near the edge of the bed. I touched her pussy with my hand and felt like, it was covered with small hair.I inserted my finger in her pussy and started fingering her. atakum escort bayan But after a minute, Anu stopped me and asked me to insert my dick instead. She is in Full mood and asking me to Fuck me me n enjoying the romanceI brought my dick towards her pussy and rubbed her pussy lips. She quickly grabbed my dick and tried to insert it into her pussy herself. I then stopped her and wore a condom and then inserted my dick slowly into my horny ex-girlfriend’s pussy.It took a few strokes to enter her pussy fully. She was making sounds and moving which made it harder.Finally, after entering Anu completely, I started ramming her at a slow pace. Then I pulled out my dick and switched to missionary.I slept over her and hugged her tightly. This time, I entered her with full force and began to pound her. Anu was a little uncomfortable with my force. I squeezing her boobs hard with my left hand. Our lips fighting with each other at the same time.Soon, we reached our climax. After the sex, we slept on the bed naked.Suddenly someone knocked on the door. We both got up in a hurry and started getting dressed. Anu then ran inside the bathroom and I opened the door to check who it was.It was Anu!Oh my god, then who the hell did I just fucked?!! My mind was totally stunned.Anu came inside the room and asked me what happened here? I didn’t have any words to say.Anu switched the lights on and locked the door. Then a girl came out of the bathroom. She was my friend Sandhya!!Anu: Oh shit, what the hell were you two doing here??Sandhya’s eyes were covered with tears. I didn’t know what to do.****That’s the story, guys. I hope you enjoyed. If this story is published, then I will post the remaining part. Trust me, the next part will be even more interesting.Hi girls and ladies, if anyone wants to have fun, you can message me on email or hangouts. [email protected].