Ravishing Miss Price


“I can see old Toby Fforbes now,” I laughed, “Screwing this Turkish whore up against the wall of the whore house when,” I laughed again, “He lost his balance and they fell sideways and.”

“Captain Darrowby please!” Miss Price chided as she walked beside me as we followed the rest of our party along the path beside the river Colne in the glorious afternoon sunshine.

“Wrenched his member!” I added, “Groin strain they called it, three weeks in bloody sick bay and they gave him a damned medal, wounded on active service.”

“Thank you Captain,” she said, “When I need advice on the whores and whore houses of empire I shall certainly know whom to ask.”

You see when one reaches a certain age and rank, in my case twenty eight years and a Captain, one does seemingly become irresistible as a potential husband to the unmarried elder sister of the latest debutante beauty, and I had long since perfected my speech designed to repulse at once even the most ardent admirer.

“A pleasure, anything you want to know, any position, anything I don’t think there’s anything I haven’t seen that’s possible.” I assured her, “Shall we catch up with the rest of the party?”

“Have you no more tales of Turkish whores with which to regale me?” she asked.

“Indeed I have, if you are interested,” I suggested.

“Indeed I am, it is my favourite subject save but for watching paint dry,” she insisted, “For myself it is the fornicatory behaviour of the household servant which I find absolutely fascinating,” she smiled at me with a twinkle in her eye, it un nerved me, “Hastings our Ostler well he has the appendage of a donkey, and often consorts with Milly, the scullery maid in the stables in the warmth of a summer evening.”

“Oh,” I gasped.

“Oh yes, poor Milly, she has such struggles at times to accommodate him, such struggles,” she exclaimed, “Yet she returns time and again to be abused.”

“In plain view?” I asked.

“Oh no, but from the attic window I get a view, I slip off my robes do you see, bolt the door and caress myself as I watch,” she explained, “My bosoms and my peach and everything, do you see and with a rolling pin do I imagine it is Hastings ploughing me.”

“Miss Price!” I exclaimed.

“Oh yes, indeed Captain,” she continued, “Sometimes I bite upon a handkerchief so I do not cry out such is my ecstasy!”

“Miss Price, please!” I exclaimed anew as I felt myself blush at her impropriety as at the same time my appendage work from his slumber at the thought of Miss Price disrobed.

The line and swell of her breasts was clear at a glance such was the cut of her gown, a graceful neck ripe for kissing, yet the same gown hid her belly and her haunches, were they in the same mould I wondered? her legs, graceful, her feet were not particularly dainty.

“Captain?” she queried, “Are you quite well?”

“A momentary discomfort,” I explained as the need to release my appendage from the constriction of my under breeches became urgent, “Will you excuse me?”

“Perhaps?” she said with a wicked smile, “Perhaps not.”

“Miss Price please!” I said “Look away.”

“Why, shall you expose yourself to me Captain, do my words instill uncontrollable lusts within you?” she chuckled.

“Yes, I need to adjust my dress woman.” I exclaimed plaintively.

“Then show me!” she said, “Is that not what you had intended all along, to expose your mighty shaft that I might leap upon it in unbridled lust?”

“No!” I protested plaintively, “But I must adjust.”

“Then I shall look away.” she said.

Thankfully with my back to our party and Miss Prices gaze averted I released my belt and breeches buttons and eased my shaft from its constriction to lie upwards.

“Five,” Miss Price said, “Out of ten.”

“Miss Price!” I exclaimed as I stood in the scarlet uniform of a serving officer with my rampant pink member in my hand.

“Definitely a five,” she said and she laughed, “Now put it away you look ridiculous.”

“Oh my lord,” I exclaimed as I struggled to make myself respectable again.

“I suppose you would like to see my mounds?” she asked.

“What?” I asked and I’m sure my shaft grew another half inch.

“My mounds, my teats?” she asked, “Is that not how officers judge a wench?”

“No,” I protested as I continued to struggle.

“It is only fair,” she said, “Really.”

“No,” I replied, “It will not be necessary.”

“But you can tell your brother officers that I showed you my teats,” she teased, “Popped them from their constriction and allowed you to inspect them with the utmost thoroughness.”

I struggled anew, my swelling was to excess now, he sought relief not constriction, “Please Miss Price, do not torment me so,” I said but she moved around and bent from the waist that I might better see down the cleft between her mounds and by so doing I saw the promise of a flat trim belly surmounted by the most desirable soft yet firm mounds, neither too large not too small.

My mind wandered to softness and clouds and that pleasant warm feeling Şerifali Escort began to overwhelm me, Miss Price appeared but as a dream and before I knew it it was all far far too late.

“Captain Darrowby please!” she wailed in a pretence at shock as the first of many great gouts of silvery emission erupted uncontrollably from my member, I knew not what to do, as my seed burst pulsating from me missing by no more than a fraction the hem of her gown.

“I am so sorry I am truly mortified,” I said, “How can you ever forgive me.”

“I’m sure we can make some arrangement,” she said, “But perhaps a five was somewhat mean, I shall say a six.” she said and she bend down to where a small pool of my emission lay and dipped her finger in in and brought it to her lips.

“Mmmm,” she said, “Slightly salty, Hastings often makes Milly lick up the surplus from his shaft when they fornicate and she always says ‘Ummm, salty.”

I stared aghast, but before I could frame a reply she added “Oh no, I shall not lick you dry sir.”

I stared helpless, our party had now slipped from sight, “Your kerchief sir,” she demanded and took the same from my pocket, “Allow me,” she said as she briskly wiped away the slime from my shaft and marvelled at its resurgence, “Still a six,” she laughed, “Now put it away before it gets you into serious trouble.”

“I really am most mortified Miss Price,” I apologised most profusely, “It was entirely unintentional,” I pleaded, “Pray how may I atone for my impropriety?”

“Indeed, I am mortified,” she said her eyes twinkling, “Its is insulting when an offer to display one’s charms is cast aside without consideration.”

“So you are not discomfitted?” I enquired hopefully.

“Oh no, but wait until I tell Mama!” she replied.

“Then in due course I shall take the utmost pleasure in viewing your charms,” I agreed, “Mounds teats, and every other thing that you wish to display.”

“Shall you start with my mouth like as with a horse?” she asked.

“No, your haunches like I am seeking a whore,” I laughed, “Come tongues will be wagging.”

“Then haunches it shall be,” she said and she bent from the waist placed her right hand upon the ground and flicked her gown and shift up her back so they displayed her haunches to perfection, and then she rose, “So, out of ten?” she asked.

“Eight, damnit I’m swelling again.” I cursed and she laughed,.

“I think we should rejoin our party,” she suggested, “Before you do something you might regret.”

Our absence was barely missed, Mrs Price was busy with the younger Miss Price, Adele, fresh from school in her first season,and my Miss Price, Amelia, was to all intents and purposes an inconvenience her girlish beauty waning to the pleasant comeliness that comes with the age of one and twenty.

“Shall you accompany me to dinner?” Miss Price asked as we returned to Harthope Hall the residence of our host Lord Harthope who as Mrs Price’s eldest brother was Miss Price’s dear uncle.

“I would be delighted,” I agreed, as I acknowledged that Miss Price was proving to be a far more pleasant companion than I had expected.

Lieutenant the Lord Melchett was the reason I was invited, they couldn’t invite him alone for ther matchmaking with Miss Adele Price so they invited me as his immediate superior officer, and as Lady Harthope’s banquets were legendary I would have been foolish to refuse.

He came to my room as I dressed for dinner, changing my day uniform for the second dress uniform as appropriate for polite society.

“Ah sir,” he said apologetically.

“Yes sir,” I replied as though I out ranked him Militarily he out ranked me socially.

“This afternoon, sir, Miss Amelia sir, you dallied sir.” he said.

“Indeed,” I agreed.

“But why sir?” he said, “I wished to dally with Miss Adele.”

“And that young sir is why Miss Amelia dallied with me,” I submitted, “Adele is too immature for dalliance,” I submitted, “She is a butterfly, a peacock, let her fly not burden her with children before her time.”

“But our peacocks can barely fly two yards!” he declared and I raised my eyes to the heavens.

“You are too young,” I replied, “Sample succulent whores while you may and when you desire because young Geoffrey, that Price girl would milk every drop of jism from you and there would be no whoring if you were wed.

“Really sir, every drop?” he said in a remarkable display of stupidity, “Oh my!”

We sat together Amelia and I, I think Mrs Price thought it convenient, and Adele and Geoffrey likewise sat together.

I drank copiously of the water provided, Geoffrey preferred the claret, port, elderberry wine, nettle wine and everything else with the scent of alcohol until he was entirely intoxicated, though sadly not insensible.

“Darrowby says you would drain my snake entirely were I to marry you,” he suddenly announced to no one in particular.

“Geoffrey,” I cautioned, “Watch your tongue please.”

“Did you really say that?” Miss Amelia asked, and Göztepe Escort without waiting for a reply she added, “Captain Darrowby does say the strangest things why he regaled me of the tale of Toby Fforbes and a Turkish whore and,” she laughed, “He lost his balance and they fell sideways and wrenched his member and they gave him a medal because he was wounded on active service!”

There was this awkward silence.

“Captain Darrowby please!” Mrs Price exclaimed at length.

I blushed crimson, “Ah, that was not exactly it.” I squirmed.

“Why would you say such a thing?” Lady Harthope asked, “In polite company.”

“I, I didn’t.” I tried to explain.

“Darrowby, I think you should leave us,” Lord Harthope added, “And for gods sake sober up man!”

“Miss Price,” I pleaded “Please.”

“Just because I drained your snake earlier does not mean.” Miss Amelia Price stated and then a great howl arose.

“Amelia, please!” Mrs Price shouted, “Decorum!” but it was too late, everyone remembered we had tarried far behind.

“Darrowby,” Lord Harthope cautioned, “Have you despoiled Miss Price?”

“Sir?” I replied at a loss for an explanation.

“He revealed himself to me Mama,” Miss Price explained.

“Did you?” the Lord asked.

“And he asked to see me bared,” Miss Price continued. “And showed me his emissions!”

There was consternation, Lady Harthope rushed from the room to be sick, Mrs Price looked aghast, Lt Melchett looked bemused, Mr Price grinned sheepishly.

“Darrowby, I asked you to leave.” the Lord insisted,

“Yes go you horrible, horrible man!” Mrs Price added.

“My apologies sir,” I said, “Miss Price, is.”

“Go sir, out sir!” Lord Harthope reaffirmed, “And you Miss Price, if you please.”

I stood bowed slightly and strode from the dining room, out into the high wide entrance hall and stepped out onto the terrace, in, if I am honest, a state of shock, the sun was setting over the hills casting an orange glow over the valley.

I heard footsteps behind me, Miss Price, “Oh Captain Darrowby,” she laughed. “And I thought you the most tedious stuffed shirt and here you are being completely outrageous.”

“And I thought you a grown woman!” I snapped, “Not an irresponsible minx!”

“Would you like to feel my mounds?” she whispered.

“Very much, now leave me before you feel my hand across your haunches,” I cautioned.

“Captain Darrowby, where are your manners,” she replied, “When a girl offers a gentleman the chance to sample her charms and he demurs,” she explained, “It is considered excessively rude.”

“And you are hardly a girl.” I pointed out, “You must be twenty and one if a day.”

“Rude to excess,” she laughed, “I shall see you later,” and she drifted away into the evening and returned to her room.

I walked around the gardens for a few minutes watching the light change as the sun set fading from green through orange to ochre before it disappeared into a uniform greyness and with the last rays of the sun I returned to my room.

“What delayed you?” a voice queried.

“Miss Price?” I asked.

“Indeed who else would await you,” she replied, “Or have you such a bevvy of admirers that they queue up to greet you?”

“Oh no, no of course not,” I agreed.

“I was joking,” she explained, “Now shall you inspect my mounds that I may be released from my obligations to you?”

“Miss Price!” I exclaimed, “This is entirely improper!”

“Then be quick,” she laughed and she bent down so I might view down between her mounds, “Or perhaps tomorrow,” she said lightly and then she slipped past me, “Good night!” she whispered, and then before she was through the door she stopped abruptly, “Damn!” she swore quietly, “Mother.”

She slipped quietly past me again and sat quietly upon the bed, “Mother is prowling,” she explained.

“But what if she finds us,” I whispered.

“Then your reputation is destroyed forever!” she exclaimed.

“Not mine yours!” I exclaimed.

“Then keep quiet!” she replied.

I went and sat by her upon the bed, “No damnit I might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb so show me!” I demanded.

She turned on me,” This has gone far enough!” she whispered but I grasped her by the shoulders swivelled her so she sat on the edge of the bed, “Captain,” she said, “Please I have indeed ruined myself with the rolling pin if we are found you are entrapped sir.”

I raised her gown and shift, the soft light revealing her shapely calves clad with short red woollen stockings and revealed her soft pink thighs and beyond the soft peach like entry to her womb as all her charms were displayed to me. “Oh Captain!” she whispered, “You must resist me.”

“Indeed,” I averred, as my fingers explored her softness, and as I did my shaft was once more finding himself constrained.

“Then there is no reason for propriety?” I stated as she moistened and I confirmed she was no maiden.

“None,” she agreed. “You are well and truly ensnared sir.”

“Then Ümraniye Escort we are of one accord,” I agreed, “I am indeed entrapped.”

“Only if we are found Captain, now your discomfort, allow me!” she said and her hands were at my breeches, I wanted to demur but dared not lest the disturbance bring witnesses.

“At least allow me to hang my jacket neatly,” I requested, but she shook her head and worked diligently to release my member, and when he sprung free full of desire she caressed him gently and I drifted in my mind to heaven.

“Captain, I own I have never seen anything so rampant,” she whispered, “Pray relieve yourself, come!” she whispered as she grasped my shaft, “Let your seed flow Captain,” I needed no further bidding, “Quietly!” she added and I realised I was moaning as the pent up emotion flowed in liquid form from me and into the dish she reached from the bedside table.

“I sought to spare your reputation,” I suggested, as the flow subsided.

“Ah, such noble thoughts,” she said as she dipped a finger into the silvery liquid and transferred it to her own sweet soft pink slot, “I by contrast have no room for sentiment,” she said, “Mother!” she howled, “Captain Darrowby had defiled me!” she shouted but in vain for when I cupped my hand over her mouth there was just the faint happy chatter of inebriation from the withdrawing room to be heard.

“You damned fool,” I exclaimed, “You shall have your come uppence Miss Price.”

The light was near gone now, I unbuttoned my Tunic and hung it neatly, my shirt, cuff links, belt, breeches, socks everything I placed neatly as was my wont and then I climbed onto the bed beside her, “Does this Lilla licks Hastings clean or does she lick him to rampancy?” I asked.

“Lilly,” she said, “She is called Lilly, and.” she said as she grasped my member anew, “And you are rampant enough sir, you will treat me kindly won’t you.”

“No, I’ll ravish you like a Turkish whore,” I said, “Noisily and passionately,”

“So why are you whispering?” she asked.

“Your reputation,” I whispered as with her guidance I sank deeply within her, easily, warmly softly, perfect except that her gown was rucked up around waist, and her mounds were covered and inaccessible.

“Captain,” she whispered, “Am I?” she left the words hanging and she sighed.

“Yes, hush.” I suggested as I ploughed her gently at first and then faster and faster until with a crescendo of passion I reached the heights of heaven and reached my release within her and as I did so I buried my head in her neck and kissed her passionately to prevent myself crying out. We laid quietly afterwards, she slipped her gown off entirely and we lay together bare and as the moon rose I explored her mounds and teats in its silvery light.

“You capitulated very easily Captain Darrowby,” she whispered.

“And I thought it was you that surrendered,” I corrected her, “But the result is the same I fear, shall you tell your Mama or must I,” I asked and there in the mid night should our tale have ended but that a shrill scream rent the night time stillness.

“What was that?” I gasped and again a scream, nearby, agonised, plaintive from Melchett’s room just the stairwells width away fromm mine.

“Darrowby!” someone shouted, “He has Amelia!” and then before we could make ourselves decent Mr Price and Lord Harthope had burst upon us with candles flickering and the lord’s patent whale oil lamp blazing.

“What!” gasped Amelia.

I knew in an instant, “Melchett has pronged your sister!” I whispered.

“I say unhand her sir!” Harthope railed.

“Tis done sir,” I said, “She is mine, Miss Amelia has done me the honour of consenting.”

“So I see,” Price agreed, “Might have asked first, manners and all that,” he said, “Could have done worse, a lot worse,” he said, “Goodnight.”

Harthope was left flabbergasted with no axe left to grind except the impropriety and so he also left us.

“Oh!” Amelia declared, “So what was the scream?”

“Melchett, come, get dressed we shall investigate.” I suggested.

Melchett was only persuaded to open his door after lengthy persuasion, and there upon the bed lay a distraught Miss Adele Price.

“He professed love and inflicted agony sister,” she sobbed as we entered the room, Melchett was half dressed, his shirt on but naught else and his appendage stood nobly to attention, I wondered what the problem could be, certainly in was no greater in girth or length than my own if indeed it was a great but when Miss Price lit the oil lamp and it burned with a clean yellow flame was all laid bare.

“New to fornication are we Lord Melchett.” I asked.

“Indeed not sir, I fornicated frequently at school.” he averred.

“And you Miss Price, you are pure?” I asked, “You have not shared your sisters penchant for observing the fornicatory habits of the peasantry?”

“I am pure but not innocent of the ways of the birds and bees.” she admitted.

“Then you are too young!” I averred.

“Hardly Captain, Lilly is barely.” My Miss Price offered.

“Surely you do not wish this half witted peacock for a brother in law?” I asked.

“Indeed, he would be an excellent catch.” she agreed.

“Then in that case my darling disrobe that we may demonstrate the ways of love,” I suggested.