Random Encounters


Random EncountersSo I was alone and horny on a Friday night. No prospects in sight. Wasn’t dating anybody. My main friends were out of town and I typically don’t go to bars. Especially alone. So there I was. On the wordlwide classified ads to see if someone, anyone was nearby. Didn’t matter. Girl, guy, group, I just needed to get my rocks off. I guess I was a bit luckier than some in that for me I was open to all.I saw an ad in the “men seeking men” section for a self described “fuck party.” It was open to all, but I noticed it was just a couple of blocks away from a highly concentrated area of gay bars. I responded to it. And about a dozen others.The fuck party was the one that responded first. It basically said come in. Get comfortable. And have sex. There would be porn playing and music. Drinks if you wanted them. No d**gs would be offered. I liked that part. I kind of thought it would be a kind of big orgy. So I said I’d be there after I sent the pics of myself and saw some of the people that would be there.I drove up and parked. There were maybe six or seven cars on the street, but no real concentration in front of the house. I walked up and rang the doorbell. I could hear music playing. It wasn’t loud, which I liked. The door was answered by a guy in very casual dress. Shorts and a t-shirt. He wasn’t super cut istanbul escort or fat. Just average. He invited me in and I looked around. SUre enough, there was music playing and some gay porn, but no one else was in the room. He said that there were about six people here and that they were all in the back of the house. That was confirmed when I heard a woman screaming in orgasm.I came in and sat down. I accepted a drink, and started chatting with the guy who opened the door. I found out it was his house and he lived there with his ex wife and his son. I asked about his ex wife and he said she was in the back probably being DP’d right then. After about 10 minutes of chatting, he asked what I was wanting to do and what I was into. I said I was very open minded and would have sex with just about anything. At that He unzipped his pants and whipped out his dick. I reached over and started to stroke it. It was average length and pretty thick. I knew I would have trouble with it in my mouth but gave it the old college try.Slurping down as much as I could I sucked this strangers cock.Bobbing up and down as far as I could go, which honestly isn’t that far. He leaned back and was moaning in enjoyment. I got up and stood before himto get in a better position. avcılar escort I took off all my clothes while he took off his. I knelt down and looked at the TV just as one guy receiving a blowjob blew his load all over the face and tongue of a willing male recipient. I got down and started to work his dick hard. I wanted my cum treat.So there I was. Ass up with a nice cock in my mouth when I heard someone come from the back of the house. The guy with his dick in my mouth started talking to him but I was too busy. Next thing I know I can feel a couple of hands opening my ass cheeks and a tongue flicking around my asshole. I was really liking that and my own dick was hard as a rock and pointing straight down. I opened my legs a bit so whoever this was could get the best angle.Soon I could feel a nice stiffening rod being placed between my ass cheeks and being slowly rubbed up and down. This dick was already lubed up it felt like. I relxed my anus and got ready for it. I could tell this cock was going to be longer that the one in my mouth. And not too thick. But plenty thick to feel it slowly stretch my hole. It took a bit but he got it in and started slowly pumping away. This was apparently was what my host was looking for because after just a couple of minutes of being fucked, I was being şirinevler escort blessed with a nice thick load being injected into my mouth. I gladly gobbled it upand licked all of it that I could from the shaft that had fed me. I was still being pumped, so I looked back to see who was my backdoor guest. Boy was I suprised to see a k** who was no more than a bakers dozen in age. His little hands felt soft as they grasped my hips with each thrust. His hairless chest heaving with every breath. But mostly, his man sized cock on a very young mans body was really starting to tear into me. He was working it so hard. And I can take a real beating back there. I don’t necessarily like it, but when I’m the bottom, I am there to take whatever the top dishes out.I guessed this was the son my host talked about. I turned to look at him when I saw he had scooted up and his anus was right before me. So I stuck my tongue up there and started eating away. I really enjoy eating ass. BUt this was the first time I was being fucked while eating an ass. This was apparently what my backside pounder was waiting for because after a couple of minutes of eating his dads ass, the son was spewing a thick load inside me. He pulled out and slapped my ass and headed to the kitchen. I joined the father on the couch and he started to feel up my cock when more people came back from the back of the house. A couple of women and a couple more very young boys. I was introduced to everybody and through the night, I was treted to a sexual encounter with each of the people there. And a couple more that had shown up later. And again, this was all bareback. The only way to go.