Rachel’s Visit to The Club

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Rachel’s Visit to The ClubRachel’s Visit to “The Club”Rachel stood at the check-in desk of ‘Le club des esclaves féminines’ and smiled at the older well dressed man standing behind the ostentatious desk. She looked down at the sign-in list and noticed there were only two other women signed in for the ‘Rope Wednesday’ evening session so far, a Nyasia and a Raina.“Bonjour madame, I am so happy to see you this evening…Miss Rachel. As I am sure many of our members are going to be also.” He smiled knowingly at her.Rachel hesitated for a second before signing her name in the third row of the entry log. Her eyes darting to the Dom’s sign-in list. She felt butterflies in her stomach and a tingle in her pussy as she noticed well over a dozen plus names signed in, and it was well past 10 pm. Which meant that with only three girls to entertain their varied perverted tastes, she would quite frankly find herself being possibly gang banged all night.A thought that instantly made her pussy begin to soak itself, her bare nipples hidden under her knee length coat harden into pointy rock like nubs. She tried hard not to reach under her coat and start stroking herself in front of the old smirking concierge.And as if knowing how she felt, he leaned forward and murmured with a smile and a deep look of commanding wisdom. “Go ahead my dear. You can fondle yourself in front of me. I have seen everything you can think of at this club over the years. In fact… I command that you touch yourself.”He had seen everything here, every possible spectacle of debauchery and hedonism one could imagine. The club was a place for Masters and the odd Mistress to come and enjoy and share their submissives and owned slaves.It was also a place for women like Rachel. Successful, intelligent and well educated, but in need of being debased and degraded from time to time. So she would attend the club frequently, not as an owned slave, already collared by some Dom, but as a free woman.Free that is until she entered the stone archway behind the dark chestnut wood check-in desk. To be designated a slave as soon as she crawled into the club’s Chamber. A slave girl ready to be debased, punished and above all sexually used at the discretion of whomever wanted her.There as per the club’s number one rule, she would take to her knees. Her breasts, ass and sex exposed for all to see and use, as per rule number two. And of course her soft lovely body would be chained, roped or belted in leather, depending on the night.She was never to rise again on to her feet, for the duration of her visit. Unless hoisted up by some club member or members, intent on making her hang from her wrists or even neck as he set about inflicting some twisted torture on her.This was the nature of this club, a place for women to become slaves, playthings or just pieces of attractive fuck meat. Their will tested and broken by an assortment of the most dominant and in some cases, sadistic Dom’s in society.Rachel sighed as she slipped her hand inside her coat and down over her bare abdomen. The corset she wore tonight covering nothing but her midriff and trying its best to reign in her extra bit of waist and belly flesh. While she wasn’t fat, she also wasn’t skinny.But she took great satisfaction in knowing more than a few club members liked grabbing her fleshy hips so hard that they bruised, as they pounded their cocks into her. And more than one brutal gentleman liked to hang her by her wrists, gagged and sobbing as they took a whip or crop to her full round ass.Thoughts that made her grow even wetter as she rubbed at her slit. She was so busy moaning, rubbing and daydreaming about being gagged and whipped, she didn’t hear the first cough from the old gentlemen and his, ”Madame?”His second louder, “Madame!” getting her attention.“And Madame I said to ‘touch yourself’, not to cum in my entry way. Please save your orgasms for the gentlemen ready to punish you in the club. I am going to let them know you deserve a little extra tonight.” He said with a stern look on his face.Rachel gulped and then blushed deeply. She bowed her head and whispered “Sorry Sir.” Her shoulders suddenly becoming chilled, as he abruptly pulled her coat off her body. She watched him glance up and down, over her near naked body. A wrinkled smile filling his face.“Oh you are going to make some men very happy tonight madame…very happy indeed.”He nodded and Rachel turned and walked into the archway. She knelt down, placed her hands on her thighs and waited for the night to begin. Her rest short lived as she felt a bundle of hemp rope land on her bare shoulder and a firm hand bunched her long hair together and pushed it aside to expose her neck.A deep voice rang out above her. “Accept your collar and your position in life, slave.”Rachel raised her chin and let the muscular hands encircle her soft neck with a steel collar. She heard a click at the back and knew it was locked on. Never to be removed until she left the club’s premises. The tall figure of a barely dress man appeared before her. It was the club’s rope master.A Dom named Daniel, who knew how to bind a woman in the most extreme and beautiful of inescapable predicaments. Rachel felt a rush of pleasure in her crotch as he loomed over her. He was clothed in nothing but a tight fitting pair of black spandex shorts. His erect and prominent manhood showing through the stretched fabric.He latched a short leash onto the front of her new collar and then took a step forward. His erect spandex covered penis, touching her forehead. He rubbed it gently all over her face as he reached down and picked up the bundle of rope lying on her shivering bare shoulder. Rachel, in a surprisingly bratty move, opened her mouth and tried to get a bite of his cock thru the fabric.“Oh, osmaniye escort ha ha…Someone is in need of some cock tonight. Is our slave girl needing to be fed, is she lusting after mouthfuls of cum?” he asked with a face wide grin.“God yes Sir.” Moaned out Rachel.“Well there are many a gentleman, and myself, in the club tonight who will make sure a beautiful deserving slave like you, gets her fill. Now present your arms for binding slave.” He commanded as he stepped behind her.Rachel moved her arms behind her back and shut her eyes in bliss as she felt Daniel wrap her wrists in the unforgiving strands of rope. Soon he had her wrists bound together, his firm grip pushing her trapped hands up higher on her back. The height making her yelp. It was a new and awkward position for her.He then worked quickly to lash the rope high around her chest, except for the odd few second break he took to squeeze each of her breasts. Which became a snippet of a torment session, as he gave a nasty quick tug and twist to each of her newly acquired nipple rings.Enough to cause her to bite her lip and moan. A moan growing into a squeal as he fully twisted the nipple rings around. Then he was back wrapping rope over her shoulders and under her arms, as a tiny tear trickled from one of her eyes. Her mouth shut firm, as to not protest his manhandling of her delicate buds. That would have only led to some awful sorts of punishments, she knew from experience.He soon had her hands pinned to the middle of her back, her elbows jutting awkwardly out behind her. A position that thrust her tits out over her corset, in what could only be described as a, ‘show off the goods’ position.Rachel then let out another of her little yelps of surprise and a short, “Oh fucking Jeezus” as she felt Daniel begin to wrap length after length of rope around her arms, just above the elbows. She shuddered as he tightened the rope, its strands biting into her skin. Her elbows touching, her shoulders screaming in discomfort as he tugged on the ropes and tightened them down with his above average strength.His warm breath spread over her shoulder, as he finished knotting the rope and whispered, “You’re never getting out of this rope work my little slave. Consider yourself trapped, bound and captive, for the depraved entertainment of all us dominant bastards here tonight.”Rachel gulped and then nodded, “Yes Sir…I am ready to be used….by everyone..Sir.”She then gasped and moaned as he stretched out two more lengths of rope and began wrapping each of her ankles in the fibres. She was sighing in out right pleasure as she felt him draw the rope from her right ankle upwards and then lash it to her tightly bound elbows.The rope tied to her left ankle, he yanked up on, drawing her heel into her ass cheek. Rachel’s eyes pinched shut and a groan emanated from her throat as Daniel held that left foot tight in to her body and he lashed the ankle snug to her upper thigh.He bent over a wobbly Rachel, her balance wavering as her bound right foot tried to steady her quaking body upright. He rang a tiny bell now in his hand and said, “Ah, the lovely sound of a shuffling slave girl.”Rachel secretly loved this part of the club rules. That all slaves in the Chamber of Pleasures were to be adorned with a bell. Be it clamped to a nipple, labia, clit or even somewhere more inventive. For Rachel, it was one of the reasons she had just gone and had her nipples pierced.The pain of wearing a torturously snug nipple clamp and bell, now somewhat alleviated. Though she hadn’t considered the agony that could come if someone decided to play with her nipple rings, just like the rope master had. Suddenly her bell jangled as she was almost tipped forward, her body jerked along.“Come slave, time to enter The Chamber, time for you to present yourself for inspection and selection.” He said, taking her leash and giving it a firm tug. Rachel shuffled her knees forward on the carpeted hallway. The short trip to the large ornate wooden door at the hallway’s end, seeming to take forever on her hobbled legs.The door opened and she wobbled in on her aching knees. The room was warm, glowing in amber light and there was much chatter. Well dressed men sat everywhere talking and drinking for the most part. A few were having their way with a full figured beauty over in the far corner.She was bent over a spanking bench and cuffed into place, her clamped tits ringing from the multiple bells swaying from them. One man was thrusting hard into her from behind and another was gripping her hair and pushing his long cock slowly and deeply, back and forth into her forced open, ring gagged mouth.“Come on Raina, take it all in deep, let me feel those well trained throat muscles of yours massage my cock.” The tall man gripping the groaning woman’s head said, as he began to gently slap each side of her face.He looked over at Rachel and smiled as his cock fully disappeared into the struggling woman’s mouth. Rachel could swear she felt trickles of moisture running down the insides of her roped up thigh, she was so turned on by the spectacle.Rachel squeaked again as her collar pinched at her neck and she almost fell over. Daniel had yanked hard on her leash again to keep her moving. Her bell jingled non-stop now and the surrounding conversations died down as Daniel led Rachel into the center of The Chamber.There, Rachel looked down on a young black female. She was bound similar to Rachel. Elbows so tight together, that they mashed against each other, not a sliver of daylight between her bound forearms. Both her ankles were bound to each thigh with four great bands of white rope per leg. The pinching white ropes showing off her smooth chocolate skin.As Rachel was forced to kneel beside her, she saw and escort osmaniye heard the faint buzzing of a dildo inserted deep in between the girl’s quivering thighs. There was a chuckle from a large, expensively suited, dark skinned gentleman, sitting in the armchair facing both of them. He had his phone out and ran his finger up the screen. The buzz increased and Rachel watched the moaning girl’s hips rise and lower, as if fucking the air.“Oh gawd..oh gawd Sir…Pleassse Sir …OH FUUUCCCK!” She shouted. Her last few words morphing into panting sobs as the buzz increased again and her bound hands clawed at the air above her perfect pert ass.Another man standing behind the seated man commented, “Wow great app, love the control you have. I see you can alternate the clit vibrating function separate from the main dildo function.”The seated man grinned devilishly and leaned down over his tightly roped up captive, “Yes Nyasia, let’s show our friend and this new slave girl beside you, what happens when we turn on both.”Rachel watched with aroused jealousy as Nyasia’s mouth opened and then a delayed scream burst forth. The girl’s whole body shook and vibrated as all the functions of the vibrator, wedged between her dark wet thighs, exploded into maximum strength.And then unexpectantly, Rachel felt her arms grabbed from behind, her body thrust forward to lie uncomfortably on her chest. Her face now lying next to Nyasia’s sobbing tear laden face. “Fuck that must feel amazing.” Rachel whispered to the sobbing girl.Nyasia’s face contorted in agony as a deep unstoppable and soon to be unending orgasm was building in her core. She began to scream out and chant, “Oh Gawd, oh gawd, stop it Sir …pleassse …OH GAAWWDDD”. An outburst that was soon silenced as Rachel watched another club member arrive with a huge thick rubber gag.He nodded to the gentleman in the lounge chair and then forced the thing into Nyasia’s open and shouting mouth, as she tried vainly to thrash her head around. The man found her mouth though and her screams became very well muted as he strapped the gag around her head extra tight.While the girl flailed there on the floor, in her extremely tight ropes, suffering through the most unrelenting orgasm of her young life, Rachel found herself being touched and fondled and examined by Daniel and the other three men.A hand slipped in between her thighs and stroked at her soaking wet slit. Rachel moaned and shuddered. Her folds smothered in her own aroused juices. Two long fingers sunk into her moist channel, pumping into her pussy with a strong steady rhythm.“You are one wet cunt…You really need to be thoroughly fucked tonight slave.” Came a voice.The multiple hands kept exploring her every soft female slit and hole. They way her hands were bound, Rachel could not stop any of their explorations. She mewled and whimpered as a thumb explored her anus. Its associated fingers plunging uninterrupted into her flooded aroused pussy.Without warning she was lifted back up onto her knees by her bound elbows. She teetered on her knees and then stumbled forward as the dark gentlemen in the lounger, pulled on her leash. She wobbled precariously on her knees in between his broad legs, and took in the view of his large manhood. It was standing fully erect as it poked out of his trousers. Its veiny black skin making her shiver.He started to speak and Rachel didn’t even wait, she plunged her head down and took his black shaft into her wet slobbering mouth, as if her life depended on it. She didn’t even hear the laughs and comments about the ‘hungry little whore’. She was moaning and groaning as she felt his thick dark cock fill up her mouth.Her head bobbing away as she sucked in every inch and she tried to deliver a first class slave blowjob to this commanding gentleman. He was groaning in appreciation as she drew her mouth off and licked the underside of his jittery cock. Her saliva and his precum, making it shine in the amber light of The ChamberA few quick licks and she slammed her open mouth back down on his wet glistening dick. Its eruption imminent as she felt his hips lift off the chair and ram her in the face. His large hand fisted her hair and then impaled her mouth and throat on his cock. She could feel the surge of cum shoot through his shaft and explode into her slobbering and gasping mouth.She swallowed and swallowed, his ejaculations seeming to go on forever. Her appreciative hungry moans almost drowning out the male voices declaring, “I am next! ..No I am next!…No Fuckin way..I am next!”…..Rachel licked her lips, trying vainly to catch the last little dangle of drool and semen dripping from her lower lip. The last man she had just sucked, of the four currently having their pleasure with her, had cum messily in her mouth, and on her chin and breasts.But she was erect on her knees again, looming over the hogtied young black girl who was still shuddering and moaning pitifully on the floor. Daniel had just untied Rachel’s left ankle, giving her the ability to balance better, as he left The Chamber to go get a new toy the club had purchased.The first powerful looking man who had fed Rachel his cock, took out his phone and swiped it. The hogtied and brutally gagged young thing, squirming on the floor, let out a loud moan and her hips stilled. Her bound hands no longer clawing at the air.He put his phone away and looked down on Rachel, “I think this bratty little cunt has had enough forced orgasm punishment, for an hour or so. Now what about you slave? I hear you were a bit un-lady like, as you waited to come into the club tonight. A regular horny little slut?”Rachel’s cheeks flushed as she thought about how hard she had rubbed herself in front of the club’s staff. She had been naughty and knew the osmaniye escort bayan men of the club were planning on discipling her for her slutty behaviour.She just hoped it wasn’t the electrified phallus that they made the most naughty of disobedient girls ride. It was a devious device she had been hoisted up on to once before. A night that left her a blubbering tortured mess, with hours of the tortured experience missing from her over stimulated memory. Just the painful physical reminders remianed, an inflamed pussy, swollen clit and rope burns galore.“Yes Sir, I was a bad little slut.” She bit her lip and glanced up at him. Her long hair falling over her bare roped shoulders and making him harden again.“Well then you need to be punished.” Is all he calmly stated, as he took her leash and pulled her along through the growing crowd of men. The crowd blocking her view of where they were headed, until Daniel appeared and the men parted.Her first glance forward and her eye caught the electric phallus and she squeaked to herself. But then she saw Daniel standing there, patting the padded leather top of a device she would soon learn was called The Sobbing Horse.The tall dark man holding her leash nodded at her, “Go ahead slave, you better slick up that rather large rubber cock before we impale you on it. Get your pretty mouth around that fake dick and suck it like you just sucked mine.”Rachel did as ordered. His deep voice commanding her, made her thighs tingle, her already overheated pussy clenching to be stuffed by this phallus. She shuffled her bound body as close as she could to the kinky piece of furniture, and placed her lips over the erect dildo and began slobbering all over it in earnest.Her eyes took in the other appendages sticking up from the padded saddle and she knew where they would be going. As she sucked away on the fake cock, the anal plug next to her cheek began to buzz and shiver. ‘Oh..My …Gawd.’ She thought to herself as the appendage vibrated against her cheek.The round rubber spiked thing, she knew to be the clit tormenting part of the device, also came to life. Its round head spinning at high speed as her now worried eyes stared at it. Her mouth still full of fake rubber cock.There was suddenly a coldness between her bum cheeks and she let out a muffled squeal. Her drooling mouth still being wrapped around the thick rubber dildo. She felt the slicked up coolness enter her ass. A hand grasping her bound elbows and holding her steady as something long and ribbed slid uninterrupted up into her delicate ass.“Just making sure your sweet ass is ready to take it all in slave.” He said as he slid the chrome ball device into her snug ass. His hand and the handle meeting her quivering ass cheeks as he fully inserted the lubed toy.Rachel was ready to cum almost then, but she clenched her cunt muscles and gritted her teeth. Trying with all her might not to release yet, as someone drew the stacked balls out of her rectum and she whimpered.She was panting and groaning when multiple pairs of hands grasped her legs and arm ropes. She squealed as she was lifted up, turned around and hoisted above the horse. She was both terrified and anxious to be impaled, as the men held her over the appendages.The muscular arms holding her up, began to lower her captive body. Her fingers clawed into her own back as she felt the dildo enter her wet sex. Her channel expanding and throbbing as it drove up inside her. Then the vibrating butt plug touched her clenching anus and she squealed in delight and terror.The dark man stood before her smiling and ordered her to “Lift your chin slave.”A panting and groaning Rachel looked at him, confused for a second. Long enough for him to grab a nipple ring and twist it harshly. “CHIN UP CUNT!” he roared. Which she did immediately then with a pained whimper.Her eyes were growing watery as the appendages all came to life. She felt many hands clasping her legs and adding more rope to her sweaty thighs, to affix her solidly to the Horse. Her collar wrenched upward, as the dark skinned Dom secured her collar’s ring to a rope dangling from the ceiling. He knew that once this device began inflicting its stimulating punishment on her, she would collapse without the extra support.He then held the remote, to the punishing device, over top of Rachel’s straining and suffering face. She could read the three control headings as he held the remote there. ‘Ass, Cunt, Clit’ is all it said and she watched in horror as his finger slid each control over to maximum.The neck rope went taut, Rachel’s bound legs involuntarily began to pound hopelessly at the wooden sides of the horse. Her guttural scream as every synapse connected to her sexual organs exploded as if on fire. Her plugged ass, her stretched and stuffed pussy and her savagely titillated clit, all swamped her senses in unison. Her mind and body on their way to being utterly destroyed in sexual overload as she perched there, held in inescapable bondage, on The Sobbing Horse.…..Nyasia crawled to the doorway of The Chamber. She was so ready to go home and collapse in the arms of her Master in their lavish plush bed. It was well past 3am and they were the only two left. Well except for the slave girl named Rachel.She was still moaning and sobbing, her eyes glazed over and rolled back in her head, drool spilling from her now ball gagged mouth. Her shuddering, and at times convulsing, body still trapped on the vibrating device.Nyasia looked up at her Master and smiled, “Shouldn’t we be turning the machine off and let the poor girl stop suffering?”Her Master shrugged his shoulders, “Not our problem little one. Her Master will decide when it’s time to come off the horse.”“But what if she didn’t come with a Master?” she asked.“Well then, that slave better hope that some members show up tomorrow who feel like pulling her off that thing.” He grinned and then pointed at the exit. Giving Nyasia a swat on her cute naked bum to get her to crawl out the door and home, the lights going dark behind them.