Princess needs discipline from Daddy


Princess needs discipline from DaddyDisciplineHe told me to wait for Him in the bedroom. He said, “Stand with your legs spread, hands on the bed, ass high, skirt up, panties around your knees, I’ll be in.” I shrugged. This isn’t a common request but not crazy. I skipped upstairs eager to obey.I hear Him leave to take the dog out so i know i have some time. I wash my face and brush my teeth. The whole time i feel anxious and excited. I cant wait to hear the door to know He is home. I feel my pussy starting to seep into my panties and then i hear the door again. I scurry into position and wait. I lower my panties to my knees and lean forward on the bed, careful to be in the position he asked for. I spread my legs as wide as the white cotton panties around my knees will allow. My white socks are slipping on the wooden floor so i have to balance for traction.  I flip the back of my skirt over my bottom and I lower my hands to the bed, my fingers curled into the coverlet and i lower my head down and wait.I hear the TV downstairs and start to wonder where he has gotten to. I wonder if He has forgotten what he told me to do for Him. I look at the clock next to my bed and tell myself in 5 minutes i will go and find Him.I stay in position my hearing sensitive to the sounds of his feet on the stairs. I wait eagerly for Him. My mind works on what He will do with me once He has found me here waiting for Him. I start thinking of Him positioning himself behind me and taking His cock out and just taking me without warning from behind. My mind works on this mini fantasy for a few minutes and i feel myself wetten. I look up at the clock, 4 minutes. I will go find Him in a minute.I stand up, straighten my back and start to step toward the door. I hear the TV shut off and noises from the kitchen. “he is just putting his glass in the dishwasher, he will be right up, i should stay where i am” I think to myself. I hear him on the stairs now. He is coming to me. I make sure I’m in position. He is getting closer, i start to tingle, i feel that sense of calm that comes before i am taken, and reminded istanbul escort i am His. My pussy is leaking now, a thick droplet rolls down my leg. I look to the side to see if the bedroom door has opened and it hasn’t. I am still waiting. I look up at the clock. I tell myself to be patient, another moment, He will come for me.I look up at the clock again. It’s been another 5 minutes, what could He be doing? I stand there, becoming annoyed and i look at the clock, only a minute has passed since i last looked. I stand waiting. I am doing what i was told. I was excited about this. I am becoming angry. The anger starts to fester. I stand up. Listening for him, I pull my panties up and sit on the end of the bed where my hands were. I sit and watch the door, get my book from the bedside table and start to read.I read an entire chapter. WHAT THE FUCK IS HE DOING? I’m pissed. I passed cute and excited about 10 minutes ago. I’m furious, what the fuck, i mean you told me to get ready for you, and you don’t come, what the fuck?! I get undressed and start pulling back the coverlet to get into the bed.He enters the room now. I am FURIOUS. I am not speaking to Him. He says jauntily, “whatcha doin’, princess?” I just glare at Him. I am afraid if i speak it will be only swears. I say nothing. He says sternly, “I thought i asked you to do something for me. I asked you wait for me.” I spit back “yeah, 30 minutes ago, I WAS waiting.” He nods and looks disappointed.”Baby, i didn’t say when I’d be up, I asked you to wait. I expected you to wait, no matter how long. you know I’ll always come for you, baby. Don’t you trust me?” “But i waited….” I try to defend myself, “then i heard You come home and watch TV and go into the kitchen….”  but i know, he is right. I should have waited. I was quick to get angry. I should have waited. He nods and pats the bed for me to sit next to Him. I’m completely deflated, all of the thrill of expectation has left me and I’m just left feeling hollow. He puts His arm around my shoulder and pulls me in avcılar escort closer. He puts His lips to my hairline and says softly into my hair, “baby, your a shitty submissive, you cant even wait a half an hour for me.”I feel the tears prick my eyes. I don’t want Him to see me cry, but i feel terrible. I ruined it. I should have just waited. He slides his big hand over my bare shoulder and looks into my wet eyes. “You just need to learn discipline, get on your knees and make it better.” I look up at Him astonished. “really?””Are you going to question Me or do what you are told? Get on your knees and suck my cock, girl.” I nod, feeling very awkward about this new turn of events but i get to my knees. He looks down at me, and drops a pillow onto the floor for me to kneel on. I pull down the zip on his shorts and he stands and lets them fall onto my pillow. He steps out of them and His fully hard cock bobs into my face. I smile weakly up at Him and open my mouth. Looking directly into His eyes, I lower my lips slowly from the tip to the base of His cock.He curls His fingers into my hair and moans, “yes, baby, that’s it, take Daddy’s big fucking cock. Suck it deep. Tell me what you are.”I look up at Him. His cock still in my mouth while i think of the words I think he wants to hear. I am drawing a blank… WHAT AM I?? I assume this is a test. I slide my lips up and back over His cock, teasing the tip with my tongue as i consider His question. What AM I? I curl my fingers around his thick hard throbbing cock considering what i am. I look up at Him. His head is tilted to the side, He looks blissful. He catches me looking up at Him as His cock slips in and out of my mouth. He smiles down at me and i assume he has forgotten His question. I put the palm of one hand under His balls and hold them, weighing them in my hand as i work with my other on his shaft.Holding His cock tightly in my hand i slide it up and back making a seal with my lips around the tip so as it slides in and out it makes a slurpy gurgling sound in my mouth. He looks down at me, I şirinevler escort feel his cock throbbing and he pulls me off of his cock. His thick fingers twined into my hair. He holds my mouth away from his cock. There is a stringer of precum from my lips to his cock head. He tells me again, “Tell Daddy what you are, tell Daddy.”I improvise, “im Your dirtly little cum slut Daddy, please cum on my face, please, i’ll be a good girl, i promise, please can i have your cum?”He grips my hair tighter. “NOT now, what are you?!”Then it comes to me, i understand. “I’m YOURS, Daddy, i’m YOUR girl, i’m Your love, i’m your property, i’m sorry.” He looks down at me. He is smiling so broadly he looks deranged. “You are a good girl, make me cum now, princess.” I lower my head to the tip of His cock, my fingers curl tightly around His shaft and i stroke Him with my hand and feel his balls tighten in my other hand. I look up to see HIm smiling down at me. His teeth clench as he watches me flick the underside of His head with my tongue. He grips my hair and pushes me onto Him. His cock is deep in my throat now, i feel the power of His throbbing cock in my throat and i gag around it. My throat going raw.His cock throbs harder and i feel it, jerk, and then the warm soothing taste of His cum, fills my mouth and i gulp loudly as the first ropey load hits the back of my throat. He pulls my head back with the grip he has on my hair and the next load sprays across my lips and onto my chin. He watches as i flinch back and then smile up at Him as he looks down at me. He gasps in low grunts as he cums then he is perfectly still for a long moment. His spent cock going soft against my cheek.”Your a good girl princess, you just need discipline. When will you ever learn?”  He slides a finger through the cum on my lips and feeds it to me. I suck His finger and smile up at Him. He shakes His head like the school master and waggles the cummy finger in front of my face. “No cumming for you until tomorrow, maybe you will learn to wait.” He touches the tip of his finger to the tip of my nose and lifts me off the pillow and positions me to stand me between His legs.  Laughing He says, “I mean it, no cumming, but it doesn’t mean I’m not going to try to make you disobey.” He lifts His lips to my nipple and i roll forward and lay on top of Him. I kiss Him. “You are bad, You did this on purpose didn’t You?””Maybe, you just needed Discipline”