Poki the half squirrel gets fucked

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Poki the half squirrel gets fuckedThe squirrel boy who lived in the woods.The squirrel boy lives in the giant Oakwood forest, it seems to go on forever and ever but eventually it ends at the deep volcanic plains.He is 150 centimeters tall and thin and short. In human years he is 23, he looks somewhat like a little elf.His hair is deep chestnut brown and he has cute little rabbit teeth that stick out. He looks mostly human and elflike but he has little claws and paws.Most noticeable is his giant fluffy soft brown and grey tail. He lives his little life in a quaint little town in the forest. But today was the day our little squirrel friend, Poki, got into serious trouble.In the Oakwood forest lives a lot of creatures, half a****ls and monsters.And today our little friend, Poki, was minding his own business, thinking about important matters to attend to, such as His personal loans, colleges for half a****ls and monsters, and since he was walking to the grocery, he has to consider what he might The little squirrel boy who lived in the woods.”Ah!” He exclaimed, “Someone’s got my tail!” And someone did.A giant Oakwood forest police officer had grabbed our little Poki by the tail. She was 190 centimeters in height and laughed at the cute squirrel.”Where are you going?” Her fangs poked from her mouth, she looked to Poki like she might be some kind of gargoyle person.”I’m on my way to get my groceries..! Please let go of my tail..” He struggled and tried to wiggle his tail loose. “Not so fast.” The giant grey skinned woman chuckled at him. “You’ve been stopped in this area before for stealing food from the grocery store.”Poki felt cold sweat on his neck, it was true. He had stashed away lots of berries and nuts in his cheeks and ran out of the store many times in the past.”B-but yalova escort ma’am… I don’t have money to pay for it.. And I’m so hungry..” She laughed again. ” I know, I’m here to give you your new job. ” Poki was very concerned about the look in her eyes.”But I can’t be a police officer.. I’m just a half squirrel..!” But she was already dragging him away by his tail. She picked him up and spread her giant stone colored wings taking flight andsoaring above the forest . “Oh my! Please miss, put me down!” He shivered and clung tightly to her, he hid his face in her breasts. It was warm and smelled like fabric softener, this put Poki at ease.After about 20 minutes they landed. She held his hands together and pulled him into the giant stone cave. It had a giant wooden door and looked like even the strongest monsters from theForest could never even hope to knock it down. “That’s a lot of locks to be out on one door, isn’t it?” He nervously laughed but she didn’t have a response. “S-so when do I start my police job?””You don’t.” She looked at him with a dead serious expression. “Oh Gods..” Poki thought to himself. “Poki, do you know why I brought you here? I brought you here because you don’t work.All you ever do in town is cause trouble and you don’t have anyone to miss you.” “W-what!?” ” That’s right. So I’m going to keep you as my own personal pet, you’re so hungry aren’t you? “Poki started to panic, she grabbed him by his clothes this time, pulling off his jacket and shirt. “Oh! Please don’t do that! I’ll pay from now on! I’ll get a job! I promise!!” But it was too late.The gargoyle lady was much stronger than little Poki and gently kissed his face. He blushed, Poki thought she was very beautiful and he had never been in a situation this before.”Honestly… escort yalova I think you’re so cute and handsome. ..and..” She paused. “I want to mess you up so bad.” ” W-WHAT!? ” and at that moment he was bent over her knee on the hard couch.”You’re a bad little thief!!” She pulled his pants and underwear off and spanked him hard. Poki cried out in pain as his chubby butt bounced back from her hand. “Goodness all of that stolen foodJust have all gone to your fat little ass..!” He blushed deep red, humiliated and unable to escape her tight grip. ” Oh my.. So red and cute. I love your fat little ass. ” “I’ll get you for this!! I’ll have the police force get you fired!!!” She snickered and smiled at him. “Oh my…. You’ll get me? That sounds like a threat. I guess I’ll have to cavity search you for weapons.” His eyes widened. She suddenly Smacked his chubby butt cheeks again and pushed her middle finger inside of his tiny hole. “Oh Gods aaaaahhh!!” She gently wiggled her finger inside him and pressed her thumb against his fuzzy plump ballsack . “Nnnhgvh..!! Please…. If you do that…. Something will…!!!” She laughed at his expression and pulled her finger back out with a loud pop! “Goodness.. I didn’t realize you were such a pervert..” ” I… I’m not !! ” “yet you almost came from a cavity search..” She smacked his ass and balls and came back with a black bag. “What’s inside that??” ” Your next punishment, little Poki. ” “don’t call me that!! I’m 23!!” ” Yet your butthole puckers to be the size of a dime.. ” she lifted him by his tail and started sucking and licking his balls and asshole. “Oh my.. It’s tightening on my tongue.. Don’t tell me that you actually are enjoying this..?” He shivered and twitched, precum started dripping down onto her face. “Since yalova escort bayan your mouth is so hungry.. Let’s see how hungry this mouth is too…” She flipped him over, his chubby butt up in the air with his tail revealing his red cheeks and little pulsing button. She pushed two fingers in and started stretching it out. “Aaahhh ahhh ohhhh please….. Don’t stretch it like that…!” She laughed and kept stretching it and pulling it wider until finally she opened her bag and brought out a bowl of Poki’s favorite berries. “Oh..? Something smells so good..” For a brief moment he forgot all about his ass, the smell of his favorite berries wafted through the air but suddenly he felt something cold inside his ass. “W-what are you doing!?” ” Feeding your greedy greedy hole. ” she chuckled and pushed more and more mushy berries inside of him until he started to grown. “Uhnnnn….please….. I’m stuffed.. You can’t fit any more in there..” Of course she disregarded this and kept stretching him out and pushing even more inside, finally his little bum was swollen and pulsing, little bits of berry juice squirting out of him. “Ahh it’s working just as I thought.” She then pushed a thin long vibrator in his asshole and switched it to maximum.” AAAAAaaaaaa….AaAAAAAaaaaaaaa…..!!!!!Please!!!!!!Please Oh p!Please!!!!! ” it stirred deep inside of him, fast and mushing all of the berries to juice, she left the room and came back with an ice cream sundae, pulling the dildo out of him and pushing down on his stomach. Berry juice spewed and sprayed out of his asshole, he panted and moaned as she held him down, covering her ice cream in the fresh berry juice. She then gave his ass a wipe down and started jerking his fat little cock until it sprayed, she covered the ice cream in his cum and added some whipped cream. “Alright, you’re free to go.” She picked him up and set him outside. ” W-WHAT!? YOU’RE NOT GOING TO k**NAP ME?!?! ” She laughed. “Of course not, my blender was just broken and I wanted some jam.”The end. 🙂