please force me to eat my cum

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please force me to eat my cumFinally I whispered urgently, “please just make me do it baby, please force me to eat my cum”. “You want me to make you do what?!” I gasp, just a little too loudly, in a show of mock surprise, as if this wasn’t the answer I was expecting. “You really are so kinky!” I giggle, again just a little too loudly.This wasn’t the usual semi-exhibitionist style for either of us, but then this was not a usual night for us either. I was by now far too excited and beyond caring too much about what the neighbours might think. What’s the worst that could happen if they were listening in? They were practically anonymous strangers.It actually gave me quite a thrill to think that they might be there, just on the other side of the wall, listening in on us and some of the kinky things we were saying to each other, perhaps also caught up in our own excitement. I remember for some reason, wondering for a moment just how much bigger our neighbours cock might be than my husbands, and for a very brief moment I felt a pang of envy that it was probably a lot bigger, before the excitement of the current situation took over again.Beside me I felt by husband hesitate, unsure and unconfident that this was the way tonight was supposed to have panned out, lost and alone in this new territory that we set out to explore. “It’s OK”, I reassure him after a few seconds of letting him squirm, “this will just be between us now.” I said lowering my voice. “I just need to hear you say it yourself before I go through with it, to make sure this is what you really want to do”.”I’m not sure” he whispered quietly, “but I need to cum so badly and if these are the rules, then I’ll play by them”. “OK, it’s your call” I tell him. “Those are the rules. However I need to hear you ask me to make you do it – properly””OK” he hissed in frustration. “Please baby, please, please make me cum, and when I do, please MAKE me clean it all up, even if it looks like I’m wanting to change my mind – I want to do this so badly, and I need to do this once, if for no other reason than just to get the idea out of my head. Hopefully it’s just a one off thing I need to try”.”That’s more like it, my little dicked sissy boy – you’ve just begged for it, so prepare to be made a kinky little cum eater” I tell him, pleased with the result. “I don’t think you are going to like cum, but there’s only one way we will find out. Here we go now.”At that stage, it’s very clear to both of us that we have just crossed a line – there’s no turning back now.I spun around, straddling his face again but facing his feet this time, with my hands resting on his hips. He can’t escape and he can’t resist my smooth, hairless pussy right in front of his face. I felt his tongue begin working its magic on my clit again.Yet again, I’m amazed at how on the edge I already am, despite not having had a lot of attention myself so far that night. I put all other thoughts aside for now and selfishly just concentrate on my own enjoyment for a moment. “That’s it baby”, I tell him, “make it up to me for having such a small dick. Bring me to an orgasm with your tongue. Eat my cunt out!” I commanded.Obediently he increased his tempo, flicking away at my clit, and before long, I felt the first waves of an orgasm begin to arrive, building, then passing through, then building in intensity again. I was in heaven, and soon I could hold back no longer. I began to shudder and tremble. He eased off just enough to allow me to catch my breath, then he buried his tongue deep inside my pussy, before bring it back out, wet with my juices, forcing it against my clit, flicking it from side to side in a circular motion.Within seconds, and with the force of a fire hydrant I was overwhelmed by an orgasm the strength of which I had not experienced before. I groaned and cried out loudly in ecstasy, before finally biting my lip to avoid making any more noise than we already had, least the neighbours might finally decide that enough was enough.I was totally consumed by the raw power of this orgasm, and I could feel my pussy quivering and convulsing as it continued to pass through me.I collapsed down on my husband in the classic sixty nine position, feeling his cock against my head, harder than ever, but I didn’t have the strength to take him in my mouth.He continued flicking ödemiş escort at my clit gently with his tongue, but it was now so sensitive that I had to beg him to stop. He continued to lick around my pussy avoiding my clit, lapping up the juices of my orgasm. I can honestly say I had never come harder than I did that night. The proof was seen in his face, now covered in my love juices, which I saw when I eventually did have the strength to sit up again, as I beamed down at him with a smile on my face.”Wow!” I gasped, breathlessly. “That was really something!” He grinned back sheepishly. However it was clear he was still desperate for some relief.I upped the volume a little, “despite your small dick, you still sure know how to please a woman don’t you?” He beamed shyly with enjoyment and satisfaction at the pleasure he had been able to deliver me, and appeared unconcerned about anyone hearing that at least.”I wonder if you’ll enjoy lapping up your own cum with as much gusto as you did mine.” I said, reminding him that this game was only half way through, and that only a few minutes ago – it seemed like half a lifetime – he had begged me, promised me even, to make him eat his own cum.I leant forward again, reaching down, took his cock in my hand, and gently begin to work away on it, holding it like an ice-cream, licking and sucking the head occasionally, but mainly just squeezing and milking it rhythmically. His entire body twitched involuntarily, still secured firmly by the arm and ankle restraints, as he responded to my touch.His cock looked angry now, purple and swollen, begging for release, and I sensed it wasn’t going to take long. I felt his body begin to stiffen and tense up. I felt his breath against my thighs, and the vibrations of his tongue, as he moaned in ecstasy, his mouth covering my smooth pussy. His tongue still darted in and out, probing my vagina and flicking at my clit, with an urgency I have not felt before.”Are you ready to cum, my little lover boy?” I taunt him.He didn’t answer but his dick began to twitch and throb and then, he let out a loud guttural moan, his mouth still covering my pussy, as three or four squirts of cum suddenly burst out, shooting several inches high, one even hitting my cheek, before falling back down onto his stomach. I soothingly clenched and released my hand, milking his still rapidly twitching cock, holding it firmly as the rest of his thick load of cum was pumped out, spilling out onto my thumb and forefinger, and dripping down over the rest of my fingers, with some overflowing onto his torso.His entire body twitched in spasms as his balls pumped the last of his seed out of his cock, his orgasm slowly subsiding. After an eternity, I eventually feel his body let go, and he relaxed. I sensed the first stages of him wanting to change his mind on his cum eating promise, as he tried to roll his head sideways to get free from my pussy.Unfortunately for him though, his head was still held firmly between my thighs, where he had been intently delving his tongue into my pussy, right up until the moment he came, just a few seconds ago. I shuffled back a bit, so that I could see his whole face, yet his head was still held firmly between my thighs.I scooped up the overflowing cum, and quickly – before he could protest – brought my hand to his mouth. He knew what was coming, and that it was pointless to resist. Even so though, he still tried vainly to roll his head away. However my hand followed his mouth the short distance from side to side easily. He was trapped and he couldn’t escape.I asked him if he is now ready to become my little cum eater. Out of embarrassment he doesn’t reply, but he stopped trying to move his head around, and closed his eyes, perhaps in shame.I gave him a second or two to savour the moment and the magnitude of what he is about to do. To take in the taboo nature of it, what he wanted to have happen, what he begged me to make him do, but what he is now clearly having second thoughts on doing.I’m surprised at how empowered I feel, as I look at my husbands beautiful manly body, naked, and tied firmly to the bed, and gaze lovingly down at his face, held firmly between my thighs. I’m the one in control here I tell myself, trembling a little with excitement and satisfaction. I’ve not often taken the lead role ödemiş escort bayan in our lovemaking situations, and I feel the thrill and realisation that tonight is a little different – make that a lot different – perhaps the start of a new side to our relationship.”Open wide my little cum eater with the small cock” I ordered him. “You wanted this, not me, and you’ve made me promise to make you go through with it, no matter what. I’m not going to break that promise, and I’m going to enjoy making you do this”. He opened his mouth just a fraction, and I lowered my cum covered fingers to his lips. He made no attempt to lick them, until I informed him that neither of us is going anywhere until he has fulfilled his obligation.He reluctantly poked out his tongue, and timidly began to lick around his lips where I have wiped my fingers. “Good boy”, I tell him, as I place my hand back in front of him, “but you haven’t finished yet – my hand needs to be spotless before you have finished your end of the bargain.”He opened his mouth wider, and I bring my hand back to his lips, feeding him my fingers one by one, as he licks them clean, slowly and reluctantly at first, then increasing in tempo, as if he has finally accepted his part in this act, as if he realises that the time to have resisted this act has already passed and he might as well get it over with, enjoy it even. I scoop up the cum that escaped my clutches, and which still lay glistening on his torso”Well done”, I say as he licked and sucked at my fingers clumsily, like a teenaged girl giving head for the first time. “You’ve almost eaten every last drop of your entire load of cum. As well as it being officially confirmed that you do indeed have a very small penis, tonight you also became my own little cum eating slut, by begging me to make you eat your own cum – and then you actually went through with it. How does that make you feel?”I looked down and saw that his cock, which never really went completely soft after he came, is now starting to stand again. “Looks like someone likes being made to eat their own cum”, I whispered. “You can’t hide your true feelings with that little indicator down there.” I felt him pause from licking and feel the warmth of his face on my thighs, as he flushes with guilt and embarrassment, knowing that he’s been caught out.”Who’s a good little-dicked cum eater then?” I asked, in a deriding tone. “Who liked being made to eat their own cum?” I continued. He didn’t answer, and instead squirmed in shame.”It’s OK”, I tell him, as I dismounted from his face, and spun around to face him, kneeling beside him on the bed, so that I could watch his expressions. “You are a kinky little cum eating slut. But don’t worry though; this will now be just another little secret of ours, just like your other ‘little’ secret – the one about your very small penis and your need to be teased and humiliated about how small it is.”I paused for a moment, unsure whether I should finally make the confession that I’m about to make. However it’s been nagging at my conscience for a while now, and I decided that honesty is the best policy, and opt to carry on. “About your ‘small penis’ secret though, I’m afraid I do have a big confession to make. Unfortunately one of my best friends now knows about it.”His eyes flicker open instantly. “What’s that?” I hear him ask in disbelief, as he stopped licking and sucking my fingers clean. I noticed the hardness begin evaporating from his cock almost instantly.”I’m so sorry baby. We were both pretty tipsy when we met for after-work drinks about a month ago – perhaps I was just a wee bit more tipsy than her. We were talking about lovers and former lovers and the subject of cock size just sort of came up. She was telling me about how the guy she is currently seeing has a very small cock – the smallest she has ever had.I didn’t mean to say anything about you but in defence of small cocks, I was telling her just how good small ones can be, and it just sort of… ‘slipped out'”. He ignored my obvious but perhaps ill-timed pun.”Before I knew it, the penny dropped and we were both suddenly aware that it was obviously you and your small cock that I was telling her all about, rather than anyone else’s. She seemed fascinated though, not only to hear that you are smaller than average, but escort ödemiş she was also especially interested to hear that you seem to get off on allowing me to – wanting me to even – humiliate you about the size of your little cock. I think she was wondering whether the same sort of thing might also be a thrill for her current man.””She just kept asking questions, and… well, I just kept sort of answering them I guess. Once I realised she knew that it was you I had been talking about, I did make her promise not to say anything to anyone about it though, not ever.””I’m so sorry baby, I never meant to out you, or tell anyone your secret, I just got caught up in the moment and the wine, and she just kept pushing and pushing for more info, and well…”I didn’t finish that sentence, but left it hanging. I watched his facial expressions intently, though it was difficult to tell what was going on behind those fantastically blue eyes of his.Was it fear and humiliation that if my girlfriend talks – as she almost undoubtedly will sooner or later – others will hear about his little secret; that he has a smaller dick than most other men?Was it embarrassment and shame that I’ve spilled the beans and accidentally outed him for his SPH fetish?Or possibly, was it excitement, knowing that one of my close friends now knows some very intimate details about him, such as his length and his girth, and probably that he’s circumcised, and even some of the kinks which turn him on? Could this possibly be an unexpected turn on for him?”I’m not sure how much she remembers from that night – she’s not brought it up again since then. But then again, the two of us haven’t really caught up properly since that night either”, I said, trying to gauge his reaction. “She did seem really surprised though, and was genuinely interested. Not judgemental at all, just really interested to hear that you have a small penis, and was she amazed to learn that you actually gain pleasure from being humiliated about it.” I paused to let the information sink in.”Perhaps she has forgotten about what we talked about”, I tried to reassure him. His erection, having initially softened to barely a semi, now looked like it was beginning to stir again.”Then again though, perhaps she hasn’t. She wasn’t as hung-over as I was the next day, and she has a memory like an elephant for all the ‘little’ details.”This pun also seemed to go unnoticed, as I watched him mull over this revelation, but I noticed that the hardness in his cock was definitely starting to return. I began to sense which way his mind was leaning on my confession, though not without some relief I might add. I hadn’t meant to tell anyone, and I was thankful he didn’t seem to be as concerned about it as I had expected. In fact, watching his cock now, I would say the news was having quite the opposite effect on him.”I can find out what she remembers about that conversation if you like?” I asked.”Umm, no, I don’t think you should bring it up again – not unless she does first” he replied.I could see his mind working overtime, mentally trying to work out which girl I was out with a month ago whom I told. Unfortunately for him I have quite a large circle of girlfriends, and we regularly catch up for drinks after work.His now fully erect cock made it abundantly clear that he was actually quite turned on by the news that one of my girlfriends had accidentally found out all about his small cock.”Baby. Umm… I’m just wondering, does this news actually turn you on?” I asked, as I nodded towards his cock standing proudly.”No, of course not”, he replied, but without enough conviction to be convincing, as he willed his erection to subside, without success.”Which girlfriend is it?” he eventually asked, with a tremor of fear – but also un-concealable excitement – in his voice.I considered whether to tell him which of my girlfriends it was that now knew his secret, but decided against it for the time bing, in case it made things awkward between them. They were actually good friends and always had plenty to chat about when they did catch up, and I didn’t want to risk spoiling that.”Well… I’m sorry but that will have to be my little secret I’m afraid” I stated, matter of factly, now back in charge and with my confidence now restored. “But one day she’ll probably look you in the eye with a knowing smile – perhaps give you a cheeky wink and subtly flash her little pinky finger at you. Then you’ll realise that she’s the one – the one who also knows everything about you, your kinky fetish, and your very small penis.”