Playing with Richard’s Friends II


Playing with Richard’s Friends III held my pillow to my tummy and kicked my feet and screamed “ get , get away all of you, you’re sex maniacs. “ now that Chris had recovered. I was looking at five hard cocks waving around as they pulled at my pillow and tickled me.I said “ wait , wait , I really need a drink. “ Richard being the funny one put his thick hard cock in my face and said “ here you go mom, just for you “ I said “ I’ll bite that damn thing off in a minute “ and I cracked up laughing.Not that I needed another glass of wine I was just thirsty. I drank it down and hiccupped , everyone including me started laughing. The glass was taken away and I was gently laid down on my back.I was sighing and moaning little ahs as five set of lips were randomly kissing my body. I got shivers and goose bumps as I felt warm wet tongues trailing along my whole body.I sucked in my breath as both of my nipples were kissed and licked into hard points.I ran my fingers through their hair as they sucked and nibbled on my pointy hard nipples.I raised my hips up as I felt my sopping wet pussy being held open as a tongue snaked it’s way over my swollen clit and into my tight wet vaginal opening.I sighed in relief that whoever was licking and sucking my pussy wasn’t concerned about the multiple loads of sperm that still oozed out of me. I felt the soft skin of a rock hard cock brushing my lips. I opened my mouth and slowly sucked on the head of it and grasped the shaft and slowly pumped my hand up and down the long smooth shaft. A muffled uh slipped out around the head of the cock in my mouth as I was entered by a fat hard cock.My wet cunt made a squishy sound as oodles of sperm was forced out of my cum filled sloppy hole as I squeezed down on the fat cock tunneling into my dripping wet pussy. I looked up at Chris and smiled and pulled him down and kissed him.Our tongues intertwined and wetly danced as he thrust his fat cock into me. I pulled my mouth away from the cock in it and wrapped my legs and arms around chris. I sighed out a long low moan of pleasure as he began to grind his cock deep inside me.I slowly rolled over and chris realized what I was doing he pulled me over on top of him. I whispered to him fuck me nice and slow chris, I really love the way you fuck my slippery wet pussy with your big fat cock.I felt another hard young cock trying to get into my pussy and moaned out oh god yes, oh god yes put it in me . I want both of you in me. Fuck me nice and slow. Oh god yes I loudly moaned out as I felt my pussy opening up as another hard throbbing cock inched it’s way inside me.I clawed at the bed sheets and threw my head back and moaned loudly as I felt it snuggled tightly inside me along with Chris’s hard fat cock. Yes I sighed out oh god yes you two fuck me uh huh fuck me so deep and hard uh huh that’s it give me those big fat cocks oh god yes you’re tearing me apart.I realized it was Richard when he groaned out “ fuck mom holy shit you really got us both as deep as we can go. “ I looked over my shoulder my mouth hung open and I only nodded and gasped for air as they began to move in and out of my spastic cunt.They began a slow rhythmic thrusting in and out of my tightly stretched slippery pussy. Even though I still had puddles of cum inside me I still felt a pang of pain as they fucked my stuffed cunt.Nothing could contain the moans and groans that poured out of my mouth. Oh god’s and fuck me’s came out in whimpering sighs as they began to speed up and pound into me with their fat thick cocks.I thought I’d surely pass out from the intense pleasure as they began to pummel my tautly stretched cunt. Screams rather than moans came from deep inside me as I screamed out yes, yes oh my fucking god yes oh oh uh huh yes oh fuck me oh god yes pound my pussy with your huge fucking cocks.I pushed my hips back like a woman possessed with demonic fever. My body was covered in a sheen of sweat as they relentlessly continued to fuck me into oblivion. My head hung as I gasped for breath now as I felt a warm tingling intense massive orgasm building up from deep inside of my battered pussy.I tore at the sheets as I screamed out in orgasmic delight as I felt their cocks balloon and swell until I thought my pussy would tear open and be ripped to shreds as I felt the first hot blast of their sperm splashing and splattering my pussy with jets of scalding hot cum.Yes , yes uh huh oh god yes fuck me I cried out. Fuck my pussy with your hard beautiful young cocks. Oh god yes fill me with your hot molten sperm oh god, oh god oh fuck oh shit I screamed out as yet another powerful orgasmic wave crashed over my body. Rocketing me into yet another level of sexual pleasure.Chris and Richard kept pumping their cocks into my cum filled cunt as the last drops of their cum began to slow to a trickle and dribble into me. Yet at the same time wet squishy sounds of cum forced out of my stuffed pussy could be heard too.I took in deep gasping breaths of air as my whole body shook and trembled from the sheer pleasure of the deep radiating needles of ecstatic bliss that settled deep inside my cunt. I could feel their cocks deflating inside me and I pushed back gripping down on their softening cocks.My pussy felt empty as I felt their cocks slipping out of me. I collapsed and fell face down on the bed. There was total silence as my body anadolu yakası escort was racked with huge gasps of air. The only sounds was that of our combined breathing and we lay on the bed completely spent.I turned my head and looked at the others and they sat in stunned silence as well. I moaned as I rolled over and tried to reach for my glass of wine. Only to remember it was empty. Scotty grabbed my glass and I yelled out bring another bottle Scotty.I tired to sit up but I felt as limp as a rag doll. Louis grabbed some pillows and I settled back and just sat in stunned wonderment at what had just took place. I could feel gobs of sperm flowing out of my sloppy loose pussy and dribbling down onto my butt hole.Richard leaned down and kissed me and I smiled up at him. Chris came over to me and held my hand and asked if I was all right. I slowly smiled and said yes, I’m fine thank you, thank you both.Scotty came back with a bottle of wine and some beer. I thought well, why not, let them have a few beers too. Scotty , Louis , and Brian came over and sat by me. I looked at them and shook my head and said “ don’t even think about it. “ I’m going to drink a few glasses of wine and go take a shower. Then, maybe then we’ll see about anything else. They looked crest fallen.I smiled and leaned over and kissed each of their throbbing hard cocks and said “ don’t worry, let me shower. I did promise so quit looking like sad little puppy dogs. Let me go wash this sweat and sex off of me.I let the hot water rain down on me and washed my hair and I left the conditioner in while I washed my body ( particularly my pussy ) . I used my mango scented body wash and began to feel human again. I brushed my hair out , took a look at my body, I turned this way and that, and was very happy with what I saw. My butt still looked darn good, and my breast though not teenaged anymore still had a womanly firmness to them.I walked back in my bedroom. I had a towel around my waist and one d****d over my shoulders. I was greeted with whistles and woo hoo’s. I blushed and filled my glass with wine and sat on the bed Indian style.Unbelievably five boys with five very hard cocks sat on the bed around me. I shook my head and said “ you guys are really trying to kill me aren’t you? “ Louis sat behind me and reached around and fondled my breast while kissing my neck and nibbling on my ear.I leaned back into him and sighed as he left little wet kisses along my neck . Scotty kneeled in front of me and I reached up and wrapped my hand around his cock. I licked my lips and brushed them over the sensitive head of his cock. I looked up at him as I took his young cock into my mouth.My tongue swirled around in little circles and then teased the underside of his now throbbing cock with little butterfly flicks of my tongue. I took him half way into my mouth and got his cock nice and wet and began pumping my hand up and down as I pursed my lips and sucked on the head of his cock.I watched his eyes as I took his cock down my throat. I reached around him and held him by his butt cheeks as he began to throat fuck me. I made wet gurgling moans around his cock as he thrust himself down my throat.He pulled back and held my shoulders as he pushed me over on my side then onto my tummy. He began kissing my calves and biting and licking his way slowly up my thighs. Louis turned me sideways so my head was at the edge of the bed and slid his cock into my warm waiting mouth.I felt Scotty part my butt cheeks and then felt his warm wet tongue on my pink pooper. I sighed around Louis’s cock as I felt Scotty’s pointed tongue probe my tight puckered butt hole. I pushed back trying to encourage him and let him know I wanted him to keep probing my shit hole with his wet tongue.He slid two fingers into my slippery wet pussy and began to slide them slowly in and out of me as his tongue circled and pushed into my tight asshole. Louis was slowly throat fucking me as I gurgled out moans around his hard cock.Scotty moved over top of me and slid his throbbing hard cock downward from my butt hole down between my swollen wet pussy lips. I pushed up and rotated my butt in slow circles as his cock slid wetly up and down my butt crack until it found my hot dripping wet cunt hole and slid easily into me. Drool was running down my chin as Louis held my head and fucked my throat.I squeezed down on Scotty’s cock as he slowly and gently began to fuck my slippery wet pussy with long deep strokes. Whimpering moans gurgled in my throat and I’d gasp for air when Louis would pull his drool coated cock out of my throat.Scotty leaned down and whispered into my ear “ I’m going to fuck you in your shit hole. Tell me you want me too. “ “ Oh god I moaned out yes Scotty yes, please fuck me in my shit hole uh huh do it scotty put your cock in my tight little poop hole. “ My nails dug into Louis as Scotty slowly spread my asshole open with his hard hot cock. I began to really moan out as his cock sank deeper and deeper into my moist dark hole. Fuck me, oh god fuck me, uh huh fuck me, yes fuck my asshole, uh huh oh god Scotty fuck me , yes fuck me, fuck me, oh god yes fuck my shit hole.I started to roll and Scotty rolled with me and with a few adjustments I was sitting back on his hard cock. I knew exactly what I was doing when I got on top of Scotty pendik escort and leaned back. Louis’s eyes lit up as he also realized what I did when I leaned back and wiggled my finger at him.With a huge grin on his face he positioned his cock at the entrance to my soaking wet pussy hole and began to slide his cock into my hot wet cunt. I closed my eyes and bit down on my lower lip as I felt their cocks separated by a tiny walled membrane begin moving in and out of me.My mouth and throat were now free so my long whimpering moans and sighs filled the room as I vocally expressed my pleasure. I began to groan out long sighs of oh god yes, uh huh fuck me, uh huh fuck me, fuck my pussy oh god yes fuck my pooper. Oh my god yes fuck me, fuck me with your hard long cocks.Slow , slow and easy you two, I need it nice and slow and gentle. I want you to fuck me and make it sweet and slow for me. Mm I moaned out as their cocks slowly slid in and out of me. Yes, uh huh, oh god yes just like that, uh huh fuck me, fuck me, oh god yes fuck me.Brian came over and knelt beside me. I whispered to him if you’ll wait Brian you’ll be the last and the last always gets my best I said with a smile. Brian said “ oh, yeah, I mean hell yeah then I can wait. “Louis’s cock swelled and pulsed as suddenly blast after blast of hot scalding sperm erupted out of his throbbing cock. I moaned out, yes uh huh, mm yes ,oh god your cum’s so hot. Yes Louis oh yes that’s it give it to me fill my pussy with your thick gooey sperm.The cords of his neck bulged out and his face turned red as he slammed his throbbing cock deep and fast in and out of my spastic cunt as I felt an orgasm building up deep down inside me. I could only lay there and scream out over and over.Fuck me Louis , uh huh fuck me, fuck me ,oh god yes fuck me, uh huh ,oh god yes, I’m cumming, I’m cumming with you, yes I screamed out as my pussy gripped down on his pulsing cock. Louis grunted and rumbled deep in his chest as I felt the last powerful blast of his cum splattering the walls of my quivering cunt.Louis ground his cock deep inside me and threw back his head and grunted out “ Fuck yes, yeah, fuck, that’s some tight ass pussy. “ I squeezed down on his withering cock and it noisily popped out of my cum drenched cunt.I could feel his thick warm sperm dripping down onto my butt hole and Scotty’s cock. With the added lubricant of my pussy crème and Louis’s sperm, Scotty’s cock began to noisily and easily slide in and out of my puckered pink shit hole.Scott briefly pulled out of me and put me in the doggy position and slammed his hard thick cock back into my butt hole causing me to cry out and suck in air as he buried his cock back into me.Scotty grabbed my hips and started grunting out “ shit I’m going to nut, oh fuck yeah. “ “yes, I looked over my shoulder and screamed out yes Scotty do it, do it to me, fuck my asshole, uh huh, just like that, oh god so deep and fast uh huh fuck me fuck me fuck my asshole. “ fuck me with your big hard cock.I felt the warm tingling fingers of another orgasm spreading outward as I grabbed the sheets in a death grip as scotty furiously pounded his hard thick cock into my asshole and I screamed out yes, oh god yes, fuck me scotty fuck me, uh huh fuck me oh god fuck my shit hole. “My moans and screams were muffled as I buried my face into the sheets as Scotty pounded and pummeled my gaping asshole with his hard swollen cock , as streams of stringy hot sperm began to splash and splatter into my bowels as he held my hips and drilled his cock in lightning fast thrust after thrust.I pushed back on his cock as it slammed in and out of my cum filled shit hole I threw my head back and groaned out long wailing moans as his cock tore into my stretched out asshole. I screamed out in a raspy winded voice “ fuck me, yes, fuck me, uh huh fuck my shit hole with your big fat cock, yes, oh god yes, oh my god yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck my shit hole, uh huh yes, oh god, oh god, oh god I wailed out as an orgasm ripped from my cum filled bowels and exploded as I wailed out like a she wolf in heat.I fell onto my tummy and Scotty’s cock plopped out of my cum filled butt hole and a river of warm wet sperm flowed out of my gaping open pooper. I could feel it washing over my twitching pussy as slowly rolled over on my back and threw my arm over my eyes.My breast were heaving as I sucked in mouthfuls of air as I slowly got my breath back.“ Oh my god I must look like a sweaty mess. “ a slow smile spread across my face as Brian lay beside me. I started giggling and just couldn’t stop as I thought ” horn dogs , a pack of horn dogs. “ I turned my head and looked at Brian and caressed his cheek with my hand. I said “ don’t worry I did promise “ as I rolled facing him and reached down and held his throbbing hard cock in my hand as I said “ I just need a few minutes before you even think about putting that thing into me. “ That brought a smile to his worried face. I rolled back onto my back and I felt his fingers toying with my sopping wet cum drenched pussy. Two of his fingers found my sopping wet hole and slid inside me.I closed my eyes and basked in the gentle slow caressing fingers that explored my vaginal sheath. I sighed out when I felt his warm wet lips surround and gently suck on my nipple. I could feel my nipple harden as he lightly tuzla escort sc****d his teeth over it.Quiet sighs of pleasure started deep in my throat and escaped in long moans as I felt Brian’s tongue making wet long circles around my nipple. His fingers coated with my pussy juice slid up between my soaking wet pussy lips.I raised my hips and thrust up when his fingers found my wet swollen clit. My breathing became fast and labored as his tongue bit and sucked one nipple and then the other until my breast ached and my nipples hardened into little pointy diamonds.Yes, I moaned out when I felt his warm wet lips kissing and licking my tummy. I held my breath as his lips went further down my tummy. “ Oh god yes I groaned out when I felt his warm breath on my quivering cunt.I reached down and tangled my fingers in his hair as I said “ yes, Brian, yes, oh god yes, your tongue feels so hot and soft on me uh huh mm yes Brian just like that, keep doing what you’re doing, it feels so good.I had my eyes closed and when I felt a cock by my lips I whispered out “ not now “ and turned my face away. I wanted to savor and enjoy this soft gentle boy who was making my thighs begin to quiver and my breath come in short gasps in and out as I felt the stirrings of an orgasm.His soft wet tongue began to flicker like butterfly wings and my hips rose and fell as I held his head to my sopping wet cunt. He slipped two fingers up inside me and that was the catalyst that sent me soaring into the heights of a long blissful toe curling orgasm.I pushed his lips away and he looked up at me, his face wet with my juices. I smiled and said “ come here and fuck me now; just like you ate my pussy nice and sweet and slow.As he kissed his way up my body I spread my legs open as I felt his hot probing cock slowly enter me. “ Mm oh Brian uh huh oh god yes, just like that uh huh slow , so nice and slow “ I whispered in his ear. “ oh god your big hard cock feels so good in my dripping wet pussy.”I lay under him slowly pushing my pussy up as his throbbing hard cock entered me. My pussy gripped his cock and sucked and milked it as he slowly and deeply ground his cock into my sopping wet hot pussy.Long quiet moans escaped my lips as his wet warm mouth rained kisses down on my breast and stopped and bit gently down on my nipples as he moved like a wave on the ocean in and out of my wet clutching cunt.His tongue touched my lips and I opened my mouth as his tongue slid wetly and slowly into mine. I sucked at his tongue like it was a miniature cock. My hips rose and fell in slow rhythmic fluid motions that matched his as his hard swollen cock pierced my waiting cunt with slow circular thrusts.I gently nipped at his ear as I moaned out, “ yes Brian it’s so good, uh huh keep fucking me just like you are, oh god how my pussy loves your big hard cock”. “ Oh god you feel so good in me, uh huh don’t ever stop fucking me”. Yes Brian , oh god yes fuck me, fuck me, oh god fuck my pussy.Brian looked down into my eyes and started thrusting hard and deep into me. Yes I cried out uh huh go ahead Brian, uh huh yes do it , uh huh cum in my pussy Brian, yes, yes oh god I want you to fill my cunt with your warm hot cum. I wrapped my legs around him and threw my arms around his neck and held on tightly as he pounded my hot wet pussy with his throbbing hard cock. Oh god yes, uh huh fuck it, yes fuck it, fuck me, fuck my pussy uh huh fuck me, fuck me, oh god yes fuck me. I groaned out as his long hard cock drove in and out of my sloppy wet cunt.I felt his cock swell and throb as gobs of hot gooey sperm shot out of his cock and blasted into my cervix. Brian’s muscles were taut and straining as he opened his mouth in silent pleasure as he rammed and rammed his cock so hard and deep into my spastic quivering cunt as my orgasm shot through my body leaving me limp and weak as a rag doll.I quietly whimpered yes Brian that’s it, give it to me, uh huh that’s it cum in my pussy, oh god yes fuck me, uh huh fuck me, fuck my hot wet pussy with your big hard cock. I pulled him back down on me and whispered in his ear. Yes , Brian, that’s it cum in me, yes , I want you to cum in my pussy.I felt his cock jerk and throb as the last drops of his burning hot cum dribbled out into my warm wet quivering orgasmic pussy. Mm I whispered I needed that so bad. You don’t know how bad I needed you to fuck me nice and slow and then explode with passion. He rolled over and I rolled over on top of him and kissed him and whispered in his ear, thank you, thank you so much Brian. I kissed him with wet passionate kisses before I rolled over and threw my arms and legs out and said that’s it you horn dogs I’m dead.I started to giggle and soon everyone was laughing. All the boys jumped on the bed and kissed me and hugged me. I blushed and said okay , okay I love you too, but I need a hot shower and a cold drink and about 3 days sleep. Now get out of here and leave me alone.They all made sad pouting faces and I laughed and said there will be another time, maybe; I said but for now I need to just lay here and recuperate. Chris lingered and I looked at him and said is something wrong Chris?He walked up to the bed and smiled and said no, not really I , well , I wanted to be the last with you. I said come here and I sat up and hugged him. I looked at him and said can you keep a secret?, he said yes why?, well you will be the last, just sneak up here later tonight and you can fuck me all night long.He smiled ear to ear and said really?, I kissed him and said really, now get out of here. I fell back on the bed and closed my eyes before getting up to shower…until next time…Mrs. X