Pete’s Two Lovers


I want to tell you about the best day of my entire life! It was a dream fantasy come true!

My lover, Debbie, and her daughter, Angie, and I had just celebrated Angie’s 18th birthday with a delicious dinner at our favorite upscale restaurant. When we got back to their house, Debbie tied a big red ribbon around me and said, “Angie, Honey, here’s your special gift – from both of us!”

Angie wasn’t surprised because Debbie had told her about the “present” two days ago. Although Angie had already taken her own cherry (with her mother’s vibrating dildo), Debbie wanted to initiate her daughter into sex with a man who was safe, experienced, gentle and considerate. And, naturally, I was selected!

So here I was in a big king-sized bed, slated to be the main entrée at a mother-daughter banquet with two beautiful gals! Never have I felt so special or so very lucky!

Debbie was a short, vivacious gal I’d met across a tennis net, very pretty and with a great figure. She worked out regularly, keeping her body trim and firm. Her breasts were very full, beautifully shaped, and universally admired. Her light brown hair was trimmed and short. Angie was cute and slender, already a little taller than her mother. Her breasts were not large yet, but lovely; in two years they would be as big and luscious as her mother’s!

The two girls wore sexy black shorties from Victoria’s Secret, bought especially for this occasion – not that I would need any extra inducement! I was sprawled flat on my back, and they were kissing, teasing and caressing me. Naturally, my cock was “a rod of iron!” My hands fondled Debbie’s gorgeous big tits and tweaked her nipples through the silken gown, while Angie’s tongue drove deep into my mouth.

Debbie moved down to my crotch, and pulled my bikini briefs down to my knees. Lowering the straps of her gown, she enveloped my aching prick with her big soft breasts. With my left hand, I played with Angie’s nipples. My other hand stroked Debbie’s splendid up-turned ass. I carefully unsnapped the crotch piece on her teddy, and gently slid my fingers back and forth in her moist slit. She moaned softly, and squeezed her tits harder around my stiff cock.

“Angie, sit on Pete’s face,” she said. Angie tore her mouth from mine. “Oh, yeah! That’s what I need right now!”

She got to her knees and threw her left leg across my body, facing away from her mother. When I looked up and saw that gorgeous young virgin pussy suspended just above me, I groaned and thrust out my tongue. Her nether lips were gaping open and very moist, showing how hot she was already. And when she carefully lowered that luscious cunt to my willing lips and tongue at the same time Debbie took my throbbing cock into her warm loving mouth, it was too much! My cock exploded furiously into that hot heaven, and I almost blacked out in the depths of the sensation.

Even though I was floating in never-never land, by concentrating hard I began to pleasure Angie with all the skill I could muster. Inhaling her delectable fragrance, I kept tonguing and sucking gently on her flowing cunt. I pulled down the top of her gown and toyed with her pretty tits, stroking the nipples gently. They were so stiff and erect! She began to sob softly and slide her pussy and clit back and forth across my lips, chin and nose.

Meanwhile, Debbie had shifted around and positioned her ass toward my head so I could finger her more easily. She continued sucking my cock with her fantastic mouth, moving slowly up and down, licking and teasing with her torrid tongue. She lifted up on her arms, keeping my prick in its heavenly prison, and swaying back and forth, rubbed her generous breasts erotically escort kartal against my belly and right hip.

Debbie began moving her sumptuous ass up and down while my fingers were not only deep in her fiery cunt, but playing with her protruding clit. Then she straddled my hips, facing Angie’s back, and expertly impaled herself on my now stiff rod. She reached around and played with Angie’s lovely tits. Angie pressed her wet pussy harder against my face, and began to wail loudly.

“Oh, Mom — I’m going to come already!” she gasped.

“Yes, Baby — go for it!” Debbie cried as she kept sliding up and down on my aching cock.

Debbie’s ass began to move even faster, rubbing her clit on the base of my hard-on, and her cunt began to throb. She, too, was sobbing loudly, and I knew they were both at the point of no return. Then Angie screamed softly,

“Oohhh! I’m cumming, Mom! I’m cuummminggg — NOWW!!”

And she pressed her cunt down hard, pushing my head to the mattress. Debbie, too, gasped loudly, and stiffened. Her cunt squeezed my cock very tightly, and the juice poured down my thighs from her swollen lips as she came powerfully!

Then Angie came a second time, crying with joy as I devoured her gorgeous flowing cunt. Finally, Debbie lifted off my turgid cock. I felt like I’d have a hard-on the rest of my life!

“It’s time you had a cock in you,” she said to Angie. “Come on, slide down here and I’ll help you.”

Angie’s sopping cunt left my mouth and slid wetly down my chest and belly. Debbie held my rod in the right position as Angie moved closer, and soon the head was nestled inside those warm, wet lips.

“Now, Pete, you take it easy and be gentle with my Baby,” Debbie said to me.

“Take it in slowly, Angie,” Debbie said. “Sit up straight, and lower yourself carefully. Let your cunt adjust, and it’ll feel good!”

“Ohhh, yesss,” Angie groaned. “I love it! His cock is so hard — and so HOT! It’s going in so easily. I love it!! Oohh, now I’ve got it ALL!”

Debbie crawled up and straddled my head, facing Angie, and lowered her wet gaping cunt to my mouth.

“Now, Darling,” she said to Angie, “I’ll tell you how to get yourself off while fucking. Press your cunt down and back, rubbing your clit against him. Do the same as I’m doing on his face. Yes, that’s right. Slowly, and keep contact on your clit. Yes, now you’ve got it! Oh Baby!”

And she wrapped her arms around Angie. Their mouths devoured each other’s, their tongues fought, and their tits rubbed together. Debbie’s cunt was doing a real number on my face, and Angie began to hump faster on my swollen cock. My hands roamed frantically between those gorgeous tits and soft asses, pulling their pussies hard against me.

Their movements, and mine, became more and more frantic! We were all moaning and groaning as loudly as possible, considering that our mouths were all covered with hot flesh! And then Angie tore her mouth from Debbie’s.

“Aahhh! It’s happening! I’m going to come on his prick! It’s wonderful! Oohhh Goddd!! I’m CUUMMMINGGGG!!”

And I felt her cunt spasm and clutch my cock tightly as her body stiffened in orgasm. Debbie clamped her mouth on Angie’s breast, bit the nipple gently, shoved my head down hard with her cunt, and juiced my face real good! I shoved my cock powerfully up into Angie, took a big mouthful of Debbie’s pussy, and then my cock spurted deep into that tight, sweet cunt!

We were all groaning and crying with joy as we came together for long intense moments. I was floating on a purple cloud, holding tightly to Debbie’s opulent ass. And then mother and daughter kissed again, murmuring love words to each other.

“Oh, uğur mumcu escort Mom, you’re wonderful to do this for me, to teach me how to enjoy sex. I love you very much!” And then she began to move again on my cock.

“Oohh, yes! Again! I’m cummming AGAIN!! Fantastic!” she whispered breathlessly. And I sucked and tongued Debbie’s stiff clit, and she too began sobbing.

“Yes! Me too! Again! NOW!! Ooohhh, marvelous!”

And I really was in heaven! They both continued to move and thrust and cum and cum, over and over again. They each had five or six orgasms before they collapsed, holding each other, and fell to the bed beside me.

They laid there, wrapped in each other’s arms, chests heaving, until finally their breathing became more normal. As if on a signal, they suddenly both crawled over on top of me and showered me with kisses, fondling my softening cock and crooning to me.

“How wonderful you were, Pete! What a lover!!”

“You were great! Now we’ll go shower and make ourselves all clean and kissy-sweet, and then we’ll be back for more!”

I mumbled something about that being fine with me, although I wasn’t at all certain that I’d be up to it. And then I closed my eyes, and happily drifted off to dreamland.

In my stupor, I became aware of a very nice sensation in my genitals, and some silly giggling nearby. When I groggily lifted my head, I saw the two of them kneeling side by side, wiping my cock and balls with a warm, wet washcloth, and teasing me with hands, tongues and wet mouths.

“Oh, the poor little thing! I’m afraid he’s dead!”

“I think he’s been a bad little boy — a juvenile delinquent.”

“Oohhh, but he’s growing! He’s not so little any more!”

“Now look how BIG he is! If he’s been bad, he’ll have to be tried as an adult!”

“Oh, Wow — I like him better as a MAN!”

Giggle, giggle!

Then they got serious and the giggling stopped. Both mouths were working on me – one enveloping my cock head and the other wetly tonguing my shaft. A soft hand cuddled my balls, and another moved slowly up and down my cock, jacking it into that gently sucking mouth.

Debbie’s gorgeous ass was near my right shoulder, so I slipped two fingers into her slit, already moist. My other hand played with her satiny tits, which were pressed against my belly. Her mouth was pleasuring the head of my cock, while Angie was fondling my balls and licking the shaft.

Then Debbie raised her left leg, lifted her ass over my face, and lowered her delicious cunt carefully to my waiting lips and tongue. We sixty-nined wonderfully for several minutes while Angie’s mouth fought with Debbie’s for the head of my cock.

“You can have Pete’s cock all to yourself now, Baby”, said Debbie finally as she lifted up on her arms. “But swing around here so I can get at your sweet little pussy!”

Angie mumbled something unintelligible because her mouth was full, but she turned on her side, moved her body around and opened her legs. With a low sigh, Debbie leaned down and kissed her way up Angie’s incredibly soft thighs to the center of her desire. Debbie licked gently around on the outer lips, then spread them with her fingers and kissed the inside of Angie’s flowing cunt. That brought a murmur of pleasure from both of them, and Debbie pushed her cunt down more firmly on my mouth.

Debbie and I also turned onto our sides, and so we were in a delicious triangle, each sucking and pleasuring another. I pillowed my head on Debbie’s smooth thigh and licked and kissed and sucked everything I could reach. And I teased gently inside her cunt with two fingers. Angie’s mouth was really çavuşoğlu escort working fervently now on my iron-hard prick. She was crooning constantly, mostly because I’m sure Debbie was giving her cunt and clit a super workout.

Angie’s cries became louder and more frantic, and I knew she was right on the edge. So I moved my mouth to Debbie’s clit, tongued it rapidly from end to end, and then took it into my mouth, sucking gently. A muffled scream came from Debbie and she stiffened hard against me, juices flowing generously from her cunt. Angie gasped loudly, took her mouth off my cock, and sobbed harshly.

“Oohhh, Mom! I’m cumming! I’m cummminq on your mouth! Aaahhhhh, God! I love you so much!!”

I moved back to Debbie’s cunt lips for a short time, and then returned to suck her clit again — forcefully this time. And she came once more, even more powerfully. I could feel the spasms clutching my two fingers still buried inside.

Then Angie engulfed my cock again, and wailed out another orgasm, right in time with her mother. I had desperately held back to keep from coming. But I was more than ready. So I pushed Debbie away and pulled Angie off my cock.

“Angie, get up on all fours. You’re going to get fucked like a bitch in heat! All part of your education.”

When she was in position, I knelt behind her and Debbie took my turgid cock and guided it to that delicate, youthful cunt. She rubbed it up and down against the slit a few times to make sure both parts were wet and slippery, and then fitted the head into those gaping lips. I pushed in firmly but gently; her cunt was as tight as a fist! When I was almost all in, I stopped to let her get accustomed to my rigid cock. I reached underneath and played gently with her lovely breasts, teasingly running my fingers across her stiff nipples. …

All the while, Debbie was running her hands all over Angie, kissing her face and murmuring endearments. When my cock was fully in, she laid on her back and scooted under Angie to tongue and suck her lovely hanging tits. Angie pulled her mother around to the front, and leaned down to suck on Debbie’s full breasts. I started to move slowly in and out, and Angie thrust back rhythmically against me. I leaned down and ran my hands alternatively between the two luscious pairs of tits. Was this heaven, or what?

Then I became aware that Debbie was slowly pulling herself backwards and up, kissing along Angie’s tummy. Angie’s lips mimicked her mother’s, and soon both mouths were at their goal — a hot, juicy pussy! Those two mouths tongued and licked and sucked, and fingers stroked and teased wet lips and clits. I took hold of Angie’s hips, and my thrusts became faster and stronger, and my moans joined those of the two hot gals.

And then I was coming, spurting frantically into that wonderful pussy!! My world started to spin around crazily. Debbie reached up and sucked on my throbbing shaft for a few moments, and then latched hungrily again onto Angie’s clit. I could tell by the spasms clutching my cock and the muffled screams that both women were coming right along with me!

While I was still coming, Debbie pulled my cock out from its warm tunnel and bent it down into her torrid, sucking mouth. She laved it and loved it as Angie slumped forward, and I followed shortly to lie carefully on her heaving back. Debbie’s fingers were still in Angie’s slit, caressing gently, to let her down slowly. Then Angie crawled out from under, turned and joined Debbie in tonguing and loving my softening cock. Soon my cock was abandoned, their mouths were devouring each other’s, and their bodies were molded lovingly together. I was forgotten for the moment as they showed their love for each other.

But quickly they broke apart and both crawled into my arms, murmuring their love and happiness. Soon we were all drifting off into a blissful sleep. With a smile on my face, I was already dreaming of the next tutorial session!