Perfect Office Party


It was almost 5 o’clock on Friday, as I sat in my corner office, looking at the snow fall over the cityscape. I wondered what this first Christmas party would bring. You see I just started at this company at the beginning of the year. For the most part, I have found most of my employees to be very dedicated and creative when it came to the advertising campaigns that our clients present. The men and women here seem to be very outgoing and happy to be working here, could be something to do with we are one of the best advertising firms in the South and they make good money here. I took over the CEO job when the last person was found guilty of embezzlement and I was recruited by this firm. Everyone here received me with open arms, and was looking forward to working with me, as they had heard of my previous success of bringing in the big clients where ever I went.

The Christmas party was to be held on Saturday, and was being handled by my administrative assistant, Tonya, a bright and lovely 26 yr old who had been with the company for 5 yrs. She has been handling the Christmas party ever since she has been here, and she ensured me that it is always a great party and everyone who comes never goes home early. That most if not all the clients are represented by their top brass, and that they almost always resign their contracts with in the week after the party. This actually had my mind turning, why would our clients resign their contracts with us immediately after the Christmas party. Guess I would have to wait and find out.

When the morning sun snuck under my blinds and woke me up around 10 am, I was eager to find out about the party, but I would have to wait until 4pm when the social hour started. The company had set aside $5,000 in it’s budget for the Christmas party so I was expecting big things from this party, if I was disappointed I would cut the appropriated funds and put them to better use. Tonya had rented a meeting room at the local Marriott hotel, and one of their suites.

Throwing off the covers, and feeling the cold air hit my naked body, I contemplated getting back into bed, but thought I had better get up and start my day. I could freely walk around my condo nude, being Saturday and the housekeeper being off for the weekend, so I put on my slippers and sauntered out to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee. As the coffee was brewing I went to the front door to get the paper, and to my utter surprise when I casually opened the door, there stood Gina. Gina is a gorgeous young lady with a marvelous complexion, terrific smile, shoulder length brown hair, burning brown eyes, firm round tits, and long athletic legs, accented by two squeezable globes of an ass. She also happens to be my only neighbor on the floor, and an accomplished editor of a famous woman’s magazine.

“I see I have caught you at an inappropriate time, I was just going to see if you wanted to come over for breakfast, and a to share in some holiday spirit.”

Standing in the middle of my doorway, totally exposed to her not so subtle glances at my manhood, I didn’t know exactly what to do, so I invited her into have a cup of coffee with me. My cock was thinking of more than coffee, and it was obvious to Gina, as it started to think of it’s own holiday cheer. Being the gentleman that I am, I escorted her to the kitchen, told her to make herself at home then politely excused myself to my bedroom to put something a little more comfortable on.

When I returned to the kitchen Gina was sitting at the oversized table, drinking a steaming hot cup of coffee, and reading the financial page. “Find anything of interest?” I asked

“Yes but not in the paper.” Gina said with a wicked smile and a wink.

I went to the counter and poured myself a cup of joe, and sat next to Gina. Sharing the same floor as her I didn’t really know her, just saying “hello” to her in passing or sharing an elevator with her, so I wanted to get to know her, and what was the reason for this unexpected, but welcome visit. “What brings you to my part of the floor this morning?” I asked.

“With Christmas just around the corner, and knowing your single and your family lives out West, I just thought I would come over to see if you had any plans, and if not if you wanted to stop by my place Christmas Eve, for dinner and drinks.” She obviously had been doing her research on me, because she knew more about me then I did about her.

“Sure, that would be nice, and I will bring over a bottle of wine when I come.” “Maybe you can help me out with something I began, our office Christmas party is tonight, and I am afraid I am going to be the only single, dateless man there, would you like to go as my date, it really would alleviated a lot of my fears about going alone.”

As Gina began to answer, she turned in her chair, and put her hand on my thigh. She boldly started to rub my leg, feeling my silk covered leg from my knee all the way up to my groin. On cue my manhood began to rise the closer she got to it, and with a devilish grin she put her hand inside my pajamas and stroking my cock ever so lightly, and rubbing porno the head she said “I will be more then happy to accompany you two to your party tonight. What time shall I be here?”

“Four o’clock should be fine, that will give us time to get downtown in enough time to enjoy the cocktail hour”

Gina bent down, slipped my cockhead out of my pajama bottom and gave it a quick kiss “see you at four then.” With that she got up without saying another word, stood up and sashayed out the door. Wow what a way to start a Saturday, I thought to myself, forgetting all about the breakfast I was going to cook. Damn 11 o’clock already, and I have lots of things to do now before four.

It was 3:30, and I had gotten most of the things done that I needed to; detailed the Porsche, hair cut and manicure, massage, new Christmas tie bought, and now I was just getting out of the shower, and toweling off when the doorbell rang. I put the towel around my waist and went to answer the door, it was a delivery man, with a small package in his hands. I signed my name and went back inside. Curious from who it was from, I opened it up and found a note from Gina, “Hope to see these later” signed with looked like an authentic kiss. I pealed out the decorative paper to find a pair of silky thong underwear….hmmmm this could be an interesting night, I thought. I proceeded back to the bedroom with the pair of red silk thongs in my hand, to finish getting ready. I proceeded to put on a sleak, black and white Italian pinstriped double breasted suit, over my present from Gina, along with a green silk shirt, and my new and ugly (thought it is only Christmas once a year) Santa Claus tie. Right at 4 o’clock the doorbell rang and it was Gina. I took her arm as we went to the underground parking garage to get into my Porsche.

When we arrived at the Marriott, I used their valet parking and tipped the gentleman who took the keys well to look after my car. I followed Gina into the hotel admiring her nylon covered legs that showed they were held up by a hint of a black lace garter under her short red sequin dress, with a low V cut top, that proved to me that she wasn’t wearing a bra. I thought that this morning was hot, the way she was dressed tonight proved I might be in for an even hotter night.

I found our party already in progress in the oversized meeting room. Tonya had gotten Marriott to provide us with a cash bar, and some Christmas cookies. We proceeded to the bar, and ordered our wine. Tonya came up to me just as we were leaving and I introduced her to Gina, they seemed to hit it off from the start. “I didn’t know you were bringing a date M (Manuel is my given name, it is a family name) I hope we have enough food for one extra person,” she said with a laugh. “I am going to steal Gina from you for awhile and introduce her around, giving you a chance to mingle with the employees and clients and not boring her so much.” With that being said Tonya stole my date from me not more then 5 minutes after we had arrived.

The social hour was just that, I had drank a few glasses of wine while touching base with some of our biggest clients, thanking all the employees for coming and wishing everyone a great holiday season. There was something strange in the air, more then just the holiday cheer, not the usual holiday stress, something that I just couldn’t put my finger on. Was it the fact that I hadn’t seen Gina and Tonya for over an hour, or was it that people, both men and women would disappear and reappear about every 20 minutes or so. I was talking to Robert, one of my more aspiring junior vice presidents and asked him where our suite was at that I wanted to go up there. “It is just about time to sit down for the dinner, I will go find everyone, just save me a seat.” Then Robert walked out the door into the main lobby, but true to his word he came back shortly there after with 15 or so others in tow, including Tonya and Gina.

I sat at the head table, along with Tonya, Gina, Robert, Jade (a senior vice president), Carter (senior vice president) and a few other executives. As dinner preceded I got up to the microphone, and began to thank everyone for coming to our party this year and hoped they were having a good time, that is when I heard quaint little laughs. I looked at Tonya with a puzzled looked and she just smiled and winked at me. Clearing my throat I picked up my speech from where I had left off, talking about our financial statement briefly, our progress that we have made, and where we were going and everyone’s favorite part…their end of year bonuses. I called everyone’s name up one by one and personally handed them out, I like to do that, I believe it keeps me at a personable level with everyone. The very last thing I had to give out was the employee of the year award…which no one knew about, not even Tonya. I explained the criteria, and some of the smaller prizes, but I got the biggest uhhhhs and ahhhs when I mentioned the all expense paid trip to the Bahamas. I announced the winner, her name was Samantha, she was a account sales person who had been with the company for just over anime porno a year. She brought in some big accounts locally, and one national account…Pepsi.

When I finished with my speech the band that Tonya hired started playing and everyone started getting up and dancing. I sat back down and asked Gina, “Did you and Tonya have fun together? I didn’t see you two for over an hour.”

Wiping her mouth, then licking her lips she just smiled and said yes. Again as on cue Tonya stole Gina from me and said they had to go to the ladies room. Why do they always have to go in pairs I thought. They were gone for over 15 minutes this time, and I began to wonder where they were at, so I went up to the bar to get another glass of wine and just meander around for awhile before heading up to the suite I knew we had rented.

Going to the front desk I inquired about our suite and he gave me directions to room 901. I handed him a $20 as a thank you and went to the elevator. When the elevator stopped at the 9th floor and I stepped off, I could hear peoples voices. I headed in the direction of the voices to find room 901 with the door slightly ajar. The door creaked just a bit as I entered and a man that I recognized as one of our clients turned to look at me from just inside. I walked into the room, and when I turned the corner into the main room, I was totally shocked at what I saw.

Their in front of me were at least 20 people lying, sitting, or just standing around NAKED. In the middle of the group were two bodies I readily recognized….Tonya and Gina. When I looked around the room I noticed mistletoe hanging all over, including the spot where Tonya laid licking Gina’s delectable snatch. Gina wasn’t lying idly by either she had her tongue buried into another ladies snatch, and had both her hands filled with two hard dicks, with one of them being attached to Robert.

There were more women actively participating then men. I figured being the CEO of the company, I would jump right into the middle of things and try to even the odds. I cautiously hung up my suit on the hangers in the room, and then I walked up behind a young lovely redhead and put my arms around her and squeezed her nipples before she had a chance to turn around, when she did she gave me a huge kiss, and dropped to her knees and proceeded to lick my dick up and down while fondling my balls. I looked over toward where Gina and Tonya had being at earlier and they had disappeared again (dam I was getting tired of my date vanishing like this), but I soon found a pair of hands rubbing my shoulders and another pair on my ass. Had I found my two lost ladies?

To make things more interesting I slowly sank to the floor with the red headed sex goddess never loosing contact with my dick and the other two just sliding down with me. As I reached the floor I laid back and found it was in deed Tonya who had been rubbing my back and Gina who was playing with my ass. All three ladies now started to lick my dick and suck on my nipples. I couldn’t believe my luck…a Christmas Orgy….this is definitely something that you tell your locker room buddies.

Wanting to slow things down, so I didn’t loose all my enthusiasm to early, I guided the redhead up toward my mouth and sat her lovely pussy down on my tongue. I also scooted Gina up toward me so I could play with her sex, and I guess Tonya was continuing sucking my cock. Gina’s pussy was so wet, it was like the hoover dam had sprung a leak, making it easier for me to insert the second and third finger into her up to my knuckles.

The blowjob stopped for just a second, then I felt a warm mouth take me all the way into her mouth, but I also felt a tongue down by fingers in Gina’s pussy. The redhead who was sitting on top of my face now, was getting more excited by the second as I started flicking her clit, and sucking her love lips into my mouth. I had two fingers into this lovely lady, three into Gina and a mouth on my dick….I was in heaven.

Gina was really getting into the action now, with my hand in her pussy and what felt like a female tongue on her clit. When the redhead came on my face she leaned back just enough so that I could see what was going on. I had guessed right, it was Tonya’s tongue again licking at Gina’s gooey slit, but what shocked me was, it wasn’t another woman sucking me, it was my junior vice president Robert. Not knowing what to say as he looked at me in the eyes for the first time, I just threw caution to the wind and said Marry Christmas Robert and pushed his head back down onto dick just as I came.

When I finally sat up and glanced around, the whole room was full, and we were the main attraction, but we were not the only naked people or the only party going on. I got up to use the bathroom, and a lovely older looking lady followed me there. Thelma was the Owner of a local furniture chain and one of our clients.

“That was some performance you just put on, do you think you can do an encore with me and the women in a little bit?”

“I don’t see why not, it would actually be my pleasure,” arap porno I said looking at her 50 something figure and thinking it didn’t look so bad.

Returning from the bathroom, I sat down on top of the sink area, and watched the action, wishing I wouldn’t have forgotten my camera at home. I looked around and I seen women with women, guys with guys, threesomes, foursomes, and individuals either entertaining someone or being entertained by someone. Never haven been with a guy before, I found what Robert did a little dirty, but at the same time a little randy, or exciting. What I really liked though, and my dick didn’t give that away was watching my date, and my administrative assistant go at each other. Their bodies were almost a perfect match, and they both never seemed to tire of eating each other out or swallowing a load from a hot guy.

The party started breaking up around 2am but I did have a promise to keep to a client, and the girls had just woken up from a little 30 minute cat nap, so I asked them if they could do it one more time to help out with customer relations. Tonya just gave me that devilish grin and patted the spot next to her on the bed. I flopped on the bed between two ladies and Thelma in all her glory wasn’t far behind, landing face down between my legs.

For being 50ish Thelma was sure enthusiastic about giving head, she slurped, sucked and licked my Christmas balls until I was withering in pleasure. Gina not wanting to be out done started licking my chest and belly working her way down to my dick, not stopping until she reached the bulb of my dick. Tonya wasn’t being left unattended, she had her sweet pussy in my face, while laying across me eating and fingering Gina’s scrumptious box. Between the three ladies and myself, the aroma in the room was unmistakable, pure raw sex. That is what I couldn’t put my finger on earlier, the smell of lust and sex in the air, and now I had more then my finger on it.

After about 10-15 minutes of being in this position, the ladies switched, and I finally got the chance to “be” with my date. Gina put her pussy right over my lips and nose and started to grind away. Knowing she had been having sex all night with whoever was around didn’t bother me at the time, I was just enjoying the sensation of her delicious pussy being on my mouth. Gina was riding my mouth and nose as she faced away from me, thus giving her a chance to play with Tonya’s young nymph body as she sat beside us playing with my dick. Thelma took the chance when we switched to climb up on me and slide my raging hard on into her mature pussy.

Thelma rode me like it was going to be the last dick she ever fucked. Going up and down and rubbing her clit on my pelvic bone every time she came down was driving her wild. Her pussy was beginning to gush her love juices all over our legs. Tonya seeing an opportunity leaned down to lick up the nectar of our labor. Gina was riding my face still, rubbing her clit on my nose as my tongue dove into her glory hole. She bent forward to caress and suckle Tonya’s boobs, giving her a treat of being licked while licking. Thelma had been riding my dick for a good while, when she finally sank fast and hard on it and stiffened up and came with a loud moan, and a gallon of juice literally squirting from her pussy, soaking Tonya’s face and my legs.

Now it was Tonya’s turn, she replaced Thelma on my cock, taking her time and teasing me as she climbed aboard. Gina also took the opportunity to readjust herself as she sat down by my waist so she could have a better view of what was going on between my legs. When Tonya finally stopped teasing me she filled her pussy with my cock all in one swift downward thrust, letting out a shallow whimper when she did so. Gina reached over and started rubbing what was left of my dick, and massaging Tonya’s clit. That was Tonya’s on button because she started sliding herself up and down, back and forth on my dick. Gina’s hand couldn’t stay in contact with her clit because she was humping me so fast but she did manage to keep up a good hand job on my juice covered dick.

I looked over to the corner of the room, and there sat Thelma, watching the three of us fuck and suck away while she was playing with herself. She had one hand on her sagging breast pinching her nipples, and every now and then bringing one of them up to her mouth to suck on it. Her other hand she hand inserted all four fingers into her snatch and was pumping them in and out while she rubbed her clit with her thumb. “Dam that lady really knows how to pleasure herself” I thought to myself. Between looking at Thelma, feeling Gina’s hand job and getting one of the best fucks I have had, I started to get that joyful feeling. When I announced I was going to cum, Tonya started gyrating faster, and Gina started stroking harder. Tonya popped off and both her and Gina’s face went down to my cock, just as I blew my load. Tonya, being eager to please her boss, took the first blast in her mouth then pointed it toward Gina who took the last two or three shots onto her marvelous melons. Tonya eagerly got on top of Gina licking up my spent cum. The three of us heard Thelma, she was screaming like a banshee, as we looked over to see what was going on, we seen her pull her hand out of her pussy and squirt cum farther across the room then I had just done.