Peeper’s Reward Ch. 02

Double Penetration

Mom led me into the bathroom and sat down on the edge of the tub with me in front of her. I just stood there stupidly in awe of her beautiful bare tits and the furry patch between her legs.

“You won’t need these anymore.” she said as she yanked my shorts down to my ankles, my dick bouncing free and rigid.

Once she had me stepped out of them she tossed them aside and said, “You have a lovely cock, Matthew. A very, very, lovely cock.”

She placed the palm of one hand underneath my penis and with the other hand she stroked it as if it were a kitten.

“I’m so glad I didn’t have you cut, baby, your cock is absolutely beautiful.” With that she grasped her full hand around it and rubbed the tip across one of her nipples and then the other. I was visibly throbbing in her hand and her tits glistened with the result of my excitement. When she pulled away a strand of pre-cum stretched between my cock and her nipple, eventually sagging and breaking. Still holding my cock, she took a finger from her other hand and slowly wiped it across her breast, collecting all the pre-cum that she could. She then took that finger and put it into her mouth, sucking and licking it as if it were the last of a pop-cycle on a hot day.

“Mmmmm, baby, you taste good.”

I was about ready to cum then and there but she broke the mood somewhat by releasing my cock and putting her hands on my hips.

“There is a pair of scissors on the shelf, sweetheart, would you get them?” I just stood there. “Now!” she demanded.

I jumped to get the scissors and handed them to her. She smiled at me and ran her fingers through her bush. First she brushed it down and then fluffed it in upwards motions. She then put her fingers inside and said, “Mommy is wet too, Matthew.”

She spread her legs and instructed me to watch very closely. She snipped most of the hair away, it falling and clinging to her inner thighs or just falling onto the floor. She was almost finished when she handed the scissors to me.

“You finish it, Matthew. kartal escort Just be careful.”

I took the scissors and looked closely at what was left between her legs. There was a bit of curly, wiry tuft at the base of closely cropped stubble. Did she want me to touch her? I wasn’t sure that I should. I wasn’t even sure that this whole thing was real.

“Do it now, Matthew, and be careful.”

I started to do as I was told but wasn’t sure how to go about it. The strand of uncut hair was deep between her legs. Did I hold the scissors point up and work down or the other way around? I moved this way and that trying to figure out the best way to approach it. Strands of pre-cum kept stretching and collapsing between my cock and whatever I came close to, including her leg.

“God, Matthew,” she said “sometimes your are complete useless.” She then took the scissors from me and snipped off the remaining bit. “Now,” she said “I want you to get me the foam and safety razor next to where the scissors were.”

I quickly went to retrieve what she had asked for, fumbling around in my nakedness, eager to please the object of all my affection as she sat naked before me. God, my cock seemed almost six feet long as it bounced and bobbed conspicuously in front of me.

“Now Matthew, sweetie, what I want you to do,” she said as I handed her the foam and the razor, “is to shake this can very well and then spray it onto the palm of your hand.” and handed the can of foam back to me. “I know that you have an electric razor, baby, but this different.”

I took the can of foam and shook it as instructed and then pressed the little button on top so that it spilled into the palm of my hand. I kept holding the button down and the foam rose in an uncontrollable spiral and slowly and thickly spilled out over my palm and onto her tits, leg, and the floor. How it missed my rigid cock I’ll never know.

Mom giggled a bit and then instructed me to take what I had and rub it on her. I looked at my palm and then at kartal otele gelen escort her cunt, back at my palm with the overloaded amount of foam and then back at her cunt.

“On my pussy, baby. Spread it on my pussy. Go on, you can do it.” she said.

Holy shit, I thought, does she want me to put in on her pussy? Of course she did. Her legs were spread so far apart that they couldn’t get any wider. Yeah, she wanted me to put it on her pussy. That beautifully stubbly pussy.

“On your, you know, down there, you know?” I asked.

“Fucking right, Matthew.” she said, “On my pussy, baby. Put it all over my pussy. I’m waiting.”

I slapped the foam between her legs a bit too hard. It splattered everywhere. She squealed and giggled and told me just to take it slow and easy and make sure that she was well covered. I spread it all out as best as I could and was enjoying the experience beyond any imagination, although I could feel the rough and stubbled hair. It didn’t matter. Spread and smooth, I thought, spread and smooth.

“Sweetheart,” she said, “I don’t need the foam inside my pussy. Now rinse your hands off and get it out from there.”

Did she really say that? Did she want me to put my fingers inside? Okay, I thought, I can do this. Me and my cock bounced over to the faucet where I washed the foam off and came back and put my finger inside her pussy lips and moved it in an upwards motion to collect the foam.

“Oh, baby,” she said, “that was nice. Oh, very nice.”

I was damn proud of myself and ready to do it again but then she handed me the safety razor. I looked at it, I looked at her pussy, I looked at my cock.

“Will you help me, mom?” I asked.

“Of course I will sweetie, you get it started, up here near my stomach, and I’ll finish off the finer details. Okay?”

I carefully and gingerly went to work carefully shaving off the upper most regions. I must have gone over the same place eight times.

“That will do it, kartal eve gelen escort baby, I’ll finish the rest,” she told me, “but you have to pay very, very close attention.”

She took the razor from me and deftly cleared the remaining foam. With her instructions I rinsed the razor off a few times and when she was finished she asked me to bring her the towel on the edge of the sink. She wiped her pussy clean of the remaining foam and then tossed the towel aside.

“Go ahead, sweetheart, feel how smooth it is.” I obliged, of course. “Now put your cheek up against it. Is it really smooth?” I obliged again. “I like you there, Matthew. Kiss my pussy, baby. Mommy wants you to taste her smooth wet pussy.”

I put my lips on her pussy and gave it a small kiss. She commanded me to do it more and I did. I was becoming intoxicated. I kissed and kissed and started to lick and put first one finger inside that previously forbidden hole, and then two. I was going at it like starving man.

“Oh fuck baby! Oh fucccckkkkk, that’s good. Oh sweetie, you’re so fucking good at this. Don’t stop just yet. Please, Matthew, don’t stop.”

She wiggled and bucked and got very rigid. She was hanging onto the side of the tub and I had fleeting thoughts of her falling in just before she relaxed and took a deep sigh.

“Matthew, baby, you are so good. You need a little practice, maybe, but so good. Now stand up, sweetheart, and let mommy see what you really taste like.”

I did as she said and she took my cock in her hand and began by licking the pre-cum off. At least as much of it as she could. Next she put the head in her mouth and sucked and licked at the same time. I didn’t think that I could hold it much longer. I took a deep breath and she continued sucking and licking and then began jacking me off as well.

“Mom, I’m going to… ah FUCK, mom, I’m FUCKING going to CUMMM. MOM!” And I released my load into her mouth. She sucked harder and ran her tongue around my cock head faster and faster, hungry for what I had just produced. She finally released me with a gasp of breath and said, “Matthew, you lovely, lovely boy.” She stood up and took my still hard cock in her hand and said, “Let’s go into the bedroom now, Matthew, your grandma is coming to visit soon and we have to make sure that you’re ready.”