Pas de deux


Pas de deuxIt all started in the last year of Primary School when I discovered the pleasure of masturbation. Just as I started in Secondary School, I began producing sperm, causing all sorts of spillages everywhere I went. I can truly say that there was not a single place in our house I hadn’t cum in. And in the garden, in the school, at the playground, in the library, at friends’ houses, … In fact I seemed to walk around with a permanent hard-on ready to spew at the least provocation, more or less, which my parents apparently were clueless about.Not so Auntie Faith and her husband, Uncle Orlando, though.To make a long story short, Auntie Faith seduced me and soon I was sharing their marital bed whenever possible. I learned almost everything worth learning about sex and love-making from the two and enjoyed most of it, although I’d rather fuck Uncle Orlando than be fucked by his black monster cock. But hey, I had a happy time with the two and having tasted the forbidden fruit, I extended my menu as much as possible and two years later, having tasted more or less everyone willing in Belfast, I met Ruth. Ruth was our neighbour’s daughter, a hold-out of my approaches since I got started down my avenue of indulgence. Two years later, on my birthday, she was invited to my party and somehow I managed to persuade her on the day and after bedtime I sneaked out of my room and met her at our summer house in the garden. It didn’t have a bed but a nice, thick rug that was meant for lovemaking. Well, love we made … and then some.Unfortunately, she became pregnant, which caused quite a bit of commotion and recriminations as abortion, this being Northern Ireland, was out of the question. ?llegal, in fact. She did not want the ch?ld and neither did her parents, so in the end my parents said they would take over with me after the birth. Thus, still in secondary school, I became a rather clueless father. (Well, I learned quickly.) The nurse gave the boy to me right after he was born and Ruth never touched him as such. She and her parents, blaming me (somewhat rightfully) for the whole thing, immediately moved back to Nigeria, never to be seen or heard from again. So, now you know how I came to be a young father of a beautiful boy named Roland.Fast forward to the present day where I’m 28, got my degree in biochemistry from Oxford University (Yeah!) and working like mad for the company I started with a fellow student Yasmine, the brightest person I’ve ever met, a militant lesbian and a huge influence on my life. Since Roland’s birth, I hadn’t had any time to pursue a love life between looking after him and pursuing first my studies then the company. Yasmine, between a long line of lovers, told me to get out more and enjoy myself, so that became my plan.It was a Saturday evening and while I was half-watching the news on TV in my underpants (me, not the TV!), I had installed Grindr on my phone. I was looking through the many profiles and realised that most people were looking for “fun” and “now”, which did not match my current interests. As much as I was looking for “fun”, I was also looking for more, and the “now” would be a problem with Roland in the house, so I had to plan things ahead.I looked through the profiles several times but didn’t find anything that seemed right for me. For some reason I looked at the one next to my profile. The headline said, “Whr R U Daddy?” Being only 28, I did not consider myself a Daddy in the way it was used on Grindr, where it mostly referred to some old geezer well past his prime looking for some young meat to bang his fat belly against — OK, I know it’s far from the whole truth, but all the same, it normally referred to someone much older than me.Out of curiosity I opened the profile and read it. “Inexperienced, black boy looking for gentle Daddy, who over time will teach me everything I need to know.” Hm, could be interesting. He was a black, HIV negative, versatile bottom twink. A good fit to my versatile top. Actually not really very versatile as I still didn’t like to be invaded, but I would let the right person fuck me now and again.He was online so I could just as well find out more and sent him a message.[me] HiI waited a long time and had almost given up on a reply, when it came.[him] hi how r u[me] Fine, thanks.[him] good[me] So, what are you up to?[him] im just chillin in m bed[me] Me too. Chilling, that is[him] u a daddy[me] Depends …[him] on what[me] What you mean by “daddy”[him] i see[him] im looking 4 1 whod like 2 teach a yng twink[me] Like a sugar daddy?[him] suga daddy?[me] Someone who’ll take you out and spend money on you, you know[him] no no no well yes but not like that[me] What do you mean?[him] i want some1 whos nice & sweet & good pendik escort lookin like my own dad[him] some1 thatll be nice 2 me & teach me about sex & make luv 2 me[me] I see[him] dont have 2 be old just 2 make me feel safe learning[me] Yeah[him] u nice & sweet & good lookin[me] Ooh, how to answer that?[me] I’m pretty sure I’m nice and sweet, but good-looking, I don’t know. I think so. People have told me I look good, so maybe[him] goodSuddenly he sent a picture of the bottom half of himself bent over from behind. He looked young with a tight, hairless arse, big, loosely dangling balls and a good length, thin, half hard cock.[me] Wow!!!!!!!He sent another picture of his front. It was slightly from the side and showed his hard, straight, six-inch cock sticking out between his smooth legs. He only had a shimmer of pubic hair like what you have in the first years of puberty.Suddenly I was rock hard.[me] What a gorgeous, hard cock you have![him] thxI pulled my underpants down my ankles and took a quick picture of my conspicuous erection. I figured out how to put it on Grindr and sent it to him.[him] luvly cock & not a hair how come[me] I like it smooth and shave regularly[him] great i like it smooth 2 ill also shave when i start 2 get more hairI looked at the clock in the corner of the screen. It was past nine and I realised I had to get Roland to bed.[me] Sounds good. I’ll have to go now as I have something to do.[him] oh ok when can we chat again[me] How about tomorrow, a bit earlier, maybe?[him] ok 2morrow then[him] goodnite then sexy man xxx[me] Good night sexy boy. Sleep well. X[him] im not sure i can ill think of u & ur big hard cock the whole nite & ill be wankin all the time & pretending ure makin luv 2 me xxx[me] Oh God, what a thought! I’ll think about you too and I’m sure the thought of you will make me cum nicely[him] good c u[me] LatersI rose from the chair and pulled my underpants up. Just in time, I realised, as I could hear Roland skipping down the stairs. I had hardly donned my underpants when he entered the office.”Hi, Sweetie. Why are you wearing one of my T-shirts?”The T-shirt was much too big for him and came almost down to the middle of his thighs.He slid his hands down the front of the T-shirt, outlining his cock in the process. He was growing and growing up, I suddenly realised with a pang. “Hi Dad. Oh the T-shirt? Well, it’s nice and comfy, innit?” His eyes didn’t meet mine but were looking further down and I realised that my underpants were bulging in a very telltale way. Damn it, that guy on Grindr had seriously got to me.Roland gave me a hug. “Good night, Dad. Sleep well and sweet dreams. I love you.””Good night, Sweetheart. I love you too. Sleep well and happy dreams to you.” I kissed the top of his head.”I’m sure I will,” he said as he turned around and went upstairs.I followed him with my eyes as he climbed the stairs and when I saw his smooth buttocks I realised he didn’t wear any underwear under the T-shirt. I shook my head as I went back to my phone to see if the guy was still on but he had left Grindr and I didn’t find anyone else I wanted to chat with.The following day I sat in the office just before six in the evening when Roland returned from school and football.He opened the door and stuck his head in. “Hi Dad,” he said. “I’m just gonna have a shower and do some homework before dinner. OK?””Sure,” I said and waved at him.He waved back and skipped upstairs.I quickly finished the last bits of paperwork and opened Grindr on my phone. He wasn’t online, though. I went out in the kitchen and made myself a strong cup of coffee. Something to do to pass the time. I took a peek at the lasagne in the oven and it seemed to fare well, so I left it on its own. The shower stopped upstairs and I could hear Roland walk back to his room. I went into the living room and turned on the news but they were so depressing that I soon turned them off again. I sat back in front of the computer and deleted the spam mails that had snuck themselves in while I was gone. I started doodling and got quite engrossed in the details of King Kong climbing Big Ben with Theresa May in his hand when my phone played a notification sound. I reached out for my phone and managed to toss it on the floor in the process. I picked it up and unlocked it with my index finger.It was him![him] hi daddy xxxxx[me] Hi Boy. How are you? X[him] im fine now i havent thought about anything else than this[me] Me either[him] im lying naked on my bed beating my hard cock[him] u naked[me] I can’t. I’m not alone in the house[him] me either but who cares ;-)[me] Well, I think it’d be rather embarrassing to be caught naked in front of the computer[him] lol guess so[him] u hard[me] I could break down a escort pendik brick wall[him] then u need 2 get it out & wank it[me] It’s almost dinner time and he’ll be down soon[him] whoo[me] My son[him] ur son[me] Yeah. That’s a problem?[him] no not at all … daddy ;-)[me] LOL[him] im sure u need 2 shoot a load[me] God yeah, but …[him] cmon u can do itI sighed loudly as I realised he was right.[me] Oh, OK thenI pulled my pants off and sat back, naked with my erection poking serious holes in the air.[me] I’m naked, I’m hard and I’m horny[him] me too & im wanking like madHe sent a picture showing his blurry left hand around his beautiful cock.[me] Beautiful!I grabbed my cock and started stroking, imagining what this boy would look like.[him] u wankin now[me] I am[him] just imagine ur cock is pressing against my tite arse[me] Oh yeah![him] it hurts a bit when u press ur cock inside me[him] i groan as ur head comes insideUnc?nsciously I tighten my grip on my cock.[me] God, you feel so tight![him] mmm & it sort of hurts & feels good at the same time[him] ooh ure filling me up[me] Feels so goodMy left hand was a blur.[him] oh yeah im so close[him] keep doin it[me] Feels so good and so naughty[him] im cominShortly after he sent a picture of him cumming. A thick rope of cum shot out towards his navel on its way to join a white puddle already collected in the depression of his belly button. I can’t remember ever seeing a more sexy picture and I came, somewhat unexpectedly, flooding my keyboard with thick cum.”Damn!” I exclaimed with a chuckle. This young guy had just made me cum so hard I couldn’t control it.Yeah![me] Me tooI sent a picture of my dripping cock hovering over the flooded keyboard.[him] sweet & sexy[me] I’ll have to clean the mess. BBL[him] ill have to clean up 2 & then dinner ltr 2nite?[me] Yeah, OK. Later[me] Oh, and thanks for the show[him] :DI quickly turned the keyboard upside down so the sperm could run off on the floor. I grabbed a wad of tissues and wiped my still-dripping cock clean. I pulled my pants up and found a big blob of sperm had landed squarely on the front. Just as I heard Roland bouncing down the stairs, the timer in the kitchen beeped and I realised I didn’t have time to change.Ah well. It was worth it.Roland popped into the kitchen, once again wearing my oversize T-shirt. “What’s for dinner?” He raised an eyebrow when he saw the wet spot on the front of my pants. “Somebody wet themselves?” he said with a big smile.”Somebody’s in a good mood,” I said.He nodded.”We’re having lasagne and yeah, I sort of wet myself. I’ve been cooking, you know.”He gave an exaggerated nod as if to placate me. “Of course.””Please set the table, My Dear.””Subito.””Pardon?””Haven’t you watched Hell’s Kitchen?””I have.””And what does Marino say when Gordon Ramsay asks him to open the restaurant to the guests?”I shrugged.”He says ‘subito’.””And?””It means ‘immediately’.””Why didn’t you say so.”Roland shook his head in mock despair. “But I did!” He grabbed some table mats from the stack on the counter and put them on the table. He added bowls, cutlery, serviettes, glasses and a carafe of cold water.”Don’t forget a trivet,” I said and nodded towards the bottom drawer where we, for some odd reason, stored the trivets.”No problem,” he responded and bent over to get them.Bending over caused the T-shirt to ride up giving me an exclusive view of his smooth bum, low-hanging balls and uncut cock.”Have you stopped using underwear?” I asked with a wry smile.He straightened up with a start and pulled the T-shirt down over his bum.”I, er, was, er, going to have a shower later on.””Another shower?””I mean I have just had a shower, but …””And yesterday?” I laughed out loud. “Don’t worry, I’m not gonna tease you about it.”He looked relieved and whispered, “Thanks Dad.””I still need that trivet on the table, though.”He tried to squat this time, which was a bit awkward.”C’mon,” I said. “I’ve already seen the goods for crying out loud.”He heeded my words and bent over once again, this time deliberate wriggling his bum almost like he was twerking.When he looked back, I shook my head. “Yeah, right.”As soon as we had finished eating, he started to clear the table and fill the dishwasher.”What’s the hurry?” I enquired.”Nothing. I just want to get it over with.””OK. No problem.””Oh, by the way, do you mind if I go to the library tomorrow after school?”‘Hey, an opportunity to meet the Grindr guy,’ I was thinking. “Fine with me.””I’ll be back just before dinner.” He put the last bowl in the dishwasher and closed it.”That’s alright. Just text me or call me if you change your plans.””Of course. Thanks Dad.” He gave me a quick hug and was gone like a greased lightning.”You’re welcome,” I said to his pendik escort bayan quickly vanishing back.I finished tidying the kitchen, poured myself a glass of wine and sauntered into the office again. I had forgotten about the keyboard and was going to get a damp cloth from the kitchen when I saw my phone blinking green. I had a notification of some kind.I picked up the phone and saw it was a message from Grindr. Impatiently I unlocked it and opened the message.It was from him.The one.[him] im back again daddy[me] So am I. Enjoyed your meal?[him] yes and u[me] It was fine.[him] good good[me] I would love to meet you, what do you think?[him] oh yeah id luv that[him] when[me] Tomorrow afternoon would be fine with me. Are you able to meet somewhere in Town?[him] yeah can do[him] theres a cafe at the library how about thatGoodness, I thought, that could be rather awkward with Roland going to be there too. I could just imagine him seeing me with a young man and starting to ask embarrassing questions.[me] I’d rather not meet in the Library if you don’t mind. There’s a small cafe next to the station, do you know that?[him] the golden primrose yeah i know that[me] That’s the one. So what do you say then? And when?[him] thats fine after school about 4.15?[me] 4:15 is fine by me[him] good & how do i know uI thought for a moment.[me] I’ll be wearing a black Rolling Stones T-shirt, one with a tongue sticking out between red lips[him] i know what it looks like as my dads got 1[me] Obviously got good taste, your dad[him] yeah & his cool 2[me] Lucky you[him] :D[him] id luv 2 keep talkin but ive got homework 4 2morrow[me] Of course. I understand that.[me] So tomorrow at 4:15 PM at the Golden Primrose?[him] c u there[him] im all excited xxxxxxxxxx[me] So am I. So am I! X[him] good nite sleep tight & dont let the bedbugs bite xxxxxxxxxx[me] Good night XThe following morning I couldn’t shake the feeling of expectations and excitement off. I could hear Roland in the shower and he seemed to take forever so I went upstairs, knocked on the door and shouted, “It’s getting late, Sweetie. You’d better get out.” The door had not been closed properly and the knock pushed it slightly ajar, giving me a quick glimpse of his naked back and bum.”OK, I’ll get out now.”He turned off the shower as I started down to the kitchen again. I had just finished my coffee when he rushed in, whistling a merry melody and smelling nicely of deodorant. Without a word, he gobbled down a bowlful of cereal, rinsed the bowl out and put it in the dishwasher.”In a hurry?” I enquired.He looked at the time on his phone. “Not really.” he answered. “I’m going to the library today. Remember?””Of course I remember.” In fact, I was counting on it.”Good. Good.” He rushed into the bathroom to brush his teeth and was out the door in no time. “Bye Dad. Love you.” The door slammed behind him.”Bye Sweetie. Don’t slam the door, close it properly,” I said to the closed door.I could hardly concentrate on anything but I tried to relax with a hot bath, shaved my face and my genitals closely, dabbed my best aftershave on (face only!), ironed my Rolling Stones T-shirt, dressed and sprayed deodorant under my armpits.Then I started pacing, waiting for time to pass.At four o’clock I drove to the station and parked near the cafe. The Golden Primrose was more like an American diner than an English cafe. It was very wide (or long if you looked at it that way) but not very deep. It had a door at each end, a long bar going from end to end with high stools in front of it and stalls with benches and tables all along the window front. I sat down in one of the stalls near the centre of the cafe and had hardly touched the seat when a waitress came to take my order. I looked at the time, 3:55, and ordered a coffee, which she served immediately.I sat there, my nerves all a-flutter waiting for my secret date to arrive. Suddenly I felt a presence coming from behind and turned my head. My eyes turned wide with shock.”Roland!” I gasped.”Dad!” he cried.”What are you doing here?” we said as one.He walked to the other side of the table and almost fell into the seat. He looked at my T-shirt and his head sank forward until his forehead was resting on the table.”Grindr?” he whispered.”Grindr,” I confirmed, still in shock.”I think we’d better get home and talk,” I said with a trembling voice.He slowly lifted his head and nodded.”I’ll give you a lift home.”He nodded again.I rose from the table and paid at the till. Without a word we got his bike and stuffed it in the back of the car and drove home in silence, both contemplating the situation.I unlocked the front door and we went inside. Roland closed the door silently. With a sudden look of determination he stepped close to me, pulled my head softly down and kissed me on the mouth. Not a peck. A firm and loving kiss that sent sparks of lightning through my whole body.He broke the kiss and looked at me, fire in his eyes. “Teach me Daddy!”