Part 2 of How I Became A Gay Escort

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Part 2 of How I Became A Gay EscortSo I got home after taking my first dick in my butt for money. In the bathroom, I removed my clothes and looked at my butt. I thought, wow, I reallydo have a nice ass. It really did have a great shape. That night in bed all I could dwell on is how his dick felt in my butt. It really, really hurt,but felt good too? How? It just did. I was embarrassed and horny too about how I felt. I didn’t crave to be with men, but I was interested in seeingthe black man again. I sent him a text telling him my ass was for sale when he wanted it.The next morning, I looked at my cell and there was a message from the black guy. The message was a picture of a thousand dollars and a text sayingfor me to text him when I was ready. While I showered I got another text saying that he would give me an extra three hundred if I would see him thismorning. I thought wow, thirteen hundred dollars! I text him I could be there in thirty minutes. He text me back that he could not wait, that he couldnot stop thinking about me.While driving over to his apartment, I was nervous again, but excited too. Excited to earn that much money, and to be honest I wanted to try taking hisdick in my butt again. I wondered if it would hurt as bad or would it be better.When I arrived, he was nude, and he immediately helped me undress. No talking. He had me get in the doggy position. From behind, I felt him lick my buttagain. I have to admit, I thought it was a lil gross the thought of him doing that, but the feeling was amazing. After licking and really getting my buttwet, he eased a finger in my butt. Again, I tensed up. He told me samsun escort I really need to relax my butt. I began to breath and relax and he was right, he was ableto slide a finger in my butt more easily. He then oiled his dick and told me to really relax my hole and let it stretch and open for his dick. So I did, andhis greasy dick slid inside me. It still hurt, but it wasn’t as bad. Soon he was moving in my butt, fucking my butt. He was really gripping my hips hardholding me in place watching his dick disappear in me. After about fifteen minutes he gripped my hips very hard, and moaned loudly, coming and ejaculating.I really did enjoy him fucking my butt, but it was such a relief when he pulled it out of me. So, I showered and dressed and came out. He gave me thirteen hundred dollars! I had made twenty three hundred dollars for barely an hour’s work. He told memy ass was worth every bit of it. He asked me where I was going. I told him work. He asked me why. I asked what he meant. He said I could keep earning moneywith my ass instead of going to a nothing job. He told me he had many married friends, friends with money that would be very happy to see me often. I told himI would think about it. He said okay and that I could earn more money today if I wanted to. I told him I would text him later.When I left, I immediately called my job and quit. I thought how I had a nice body and I would use it. I got home, I text him back asking if he would set it up this afternoon with one of his friends. He said yes, that his friend would text me soon. And soon I did get a text. It was a picture of skinny blackman in his underwear escort samsun with a text message saying he wanted some white ass now. I text him back asking if he understood the “arrangement”. He sent a pictureback of one thousand dollars. He told me to meet him at the apartment in thirty minutes.I met him at the apartment. He was a shorter than me, skinny, and very well dressed. He told me he owned several restaurants and that money was no problem. Hetold me I was cute as he undressed and handed me an evelope with a thousand dollars. He told me he had to see my ass that he was told was so nice and hot.I undressed and turned my ass to him. He said dam that is a nice ass. He then asked what I do for a thousand. I thought, and said well you can lick me andfuck me for a thousand. He said oh yea he was definitely going to be licking my fine ass. He asked if I would suck his dick. I paused, I didn’t really want todo that, he noticed me thinking and said he’d add another three hundred if I did. I said okay. He removed his boxers and had me kneel before him. He had a skinnylong dick and long low hanging nuts. I began sucking him. I just tried to do it like I liked my dick sucked. His dick got very hard and long. I looked up at him,his eyes were closed, his hands on my head. I sucked him a long time. He constantly moaned and moaned loudly. I noticed his nuts were raising up. He then told me to turn around and give him my ass. I did. He oiled his dick, I relaxed and he pushed in my butt. It didn’t hurt as much as the other man. But it did feel like hewas deeper inside me. He told me he could not hold it any longer samsun escort bayan and ejaculated in me. After he pulled out, he began licking my butt. My butt was still pulsatingand feeling his tongue there too really felt good. He fingered and licked my ass a long time and then he went and got another thousand dollars out of his billfoldand told me he had to fuck again. He tol me to lay on my back. He got between my legs, putting my legs behind his arms, pushing my legs toward my head andpushing my butt up to his hard dick. His dick slid in so easy this time. I watched his eyes close, his skinny older black body moving his dick in and out myhole. His body banging against my body. I admit I loved the feeling of him moving inside me. My ass felt so hot, feeling the lust this man had, how he was so enjoyingmy ass. He fucked me a long time, seem like an hour when he finally came. He eased his dick out and told me I had the best ass he’d ever had, and that hewould love to be a regular of his if it was okay with me. I told him yes, I would be a regular for him and to make sure we kept this between us. He said noproblem, that he felt the same because he was married. After he left, I took a shower, afterwards I got a text from my first black guy saying his friend hadtext him going on and on how hot I was and my ass was. He told me he had more married friends if and when I was ready. He told me if I were going to continue tosell my ass I should shave my buttocks and around my asshole. I said I’m not really hairy there. He said he knew but he and his friends would like a really smoothbutt and asshole. He told me to get a jock strap too and wear for my meetings. He also said he had paid for a gym membership for me. I said wow thank you. He saidI should work my ass out to keep it looking like it does.I got home, looked at the thousands of dollars I had earned.