Pain relief massage for wife – to a slow sensuous

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Pain relief massage for wife – to a slow sensuousPain relief massage for wife – to a slow sensuous sexNidhi was having pain in back. It was evening, unusual for her to sleep at that time. I came in with the other key. It was around 5pm. She was in saree lying on side and beautiful curves of her waist displayed. She was 24 yrs and looking hot. I washed myself and laid down beside her.My legs were trembling watching Nidhi hot in saree.I came close to her and touched her waist, she woke up and winced with pain in back. She had lifted something and had a muscle sprain at back. She was waiting for me to give a relief with my massage. She well knows I am good at massaging her.The fresh smell of blossoms, neck and the evening breeze hit my nose. I was hard instant. She turned and our met her eyes. I sensed her pain and touched her bare waist and back. Is it here- I asked. She noddedShe trusted my fingers. I went for a while to get the warm oil. She was ready with her pallu away from the chest. The view of her waist and cleavage in blouse was arousing. I had to control as , she had pain. I applied oil to her back , waist. She had pain in entire lower back. Her lower back , waist and abdomen was glistening in the layer of oil which I had applied. Nidhi was feeling relaxed my hand moving around her little waist. I started having memories of touching her waist for first time.It aroused me a little. Some oil slipped on to Nidhi’s blouse. I ignored that and start caressing her waist, back feeling the smoothness for a while. Her pain started reducing. I moved my hand over her back to urfa escort the bottom of her abdomen. Nidhi was relaxed, feeling the pain disappearing slowly from my massage and touch.She allowed me to navigate her through corners. Nidhi’s saree slipped low to her waist and accidentally i slipped my hand under her tucked saree due to the slipperiness of oil. Nidhi’s eyes suddenly popped out feeling my hand there.She lifted her head a bit and said “the pain is not there, dear”“I know Nidhi, it was the oil. Just slipped.” I said.I lifted the thin blanket from her and kept it aside. Her blossom, curves, cleavage were now mesmerising me and making me hard. Her saree rose to her thighs exposed with her legs moving. I was rubbing her waist, back by applying more oil to it. She turned he noticed my hardness.I was aroused remembering how I had first ogled at her curves and beauty. Her curves and shiny bareback was now tempting me. I asked her “the oil is spilling on the blouse”.“I can’t open it my dear hubby” Nidhi replied.She was sensing my hands to move, she told me later. She wanted it to move how it takes as her pain had disappeared. Moving my hands to her abdomen and slipping her saree a bit down with hot navel and shiny oil skin. I was massaging her so well that maybe she didn’t notice her lowered saree or she was acting. The devil under her was was slowly waking up making her hot. I could sense the way she breathed. The hotness of blossoms trying to rip her blouse apart asking for some attention. She was laying down and under the dim evening light and saree up to her escort urfa thighs and her exposed lower back’s, waist and cleavage was inviting me making blood rush down my tool more and more.I was aroused by her hotness and beauty. I spilled some oil over her lower back and slipped my hand under her saree feeling the flesh of her ass. I was now really navigating her corners. I untied the knot of Nidhi’s saree and made it loose. Now was really not just massaging her. The pain was gone and it was replaced by the relief of my hand and more sensations building inside her over half an hour.Willingly or unwilling – the semi-naked lying Nidhi opened herself silently. Her breath became heavy, heartbeat rose when i slipped my hands through untouched areas. I didn’t expose her fully. My one hand was feeling her back cleavage which was smudged with slippery oil.Nidhi was showing her uneasiness as she curled her saree up to her upper thighs. Her lustrous hot thighs were all rising the temperature. I was lost somewhere else. I placed one hand on her thigh and parted her legs apart. We were not speaking to each other. Our subconscious mind didn’t want to destroy the the fun.Then, I glossed her thigh with oil and slipped my hand in her groin area. My fingers dipped deep into her pussy parting the tight lips and perky wet small bush. She was not wearing panty. Slowly, i was pushing my finger in and out feeling her wetness and hotness of pussy. The atmosphere was sensual. I placed her legs on my lap and parted it fully opening her saree above her waist.The too and fro motion become urfa escort bayan vigorous as the lubrication increase with Nidhi’s will. She was sweating on that evening . Her hands moved into my shorts and took my penis out. The sensual-ism in the atmosphere was on high. I laid behind her and sniffed her neck and moved her hair. She was breathing heavily as i can sense that. She likes her neck nibbled and me smelling her hairs and neck, bringing goose bums to her skin. I moved her hair and faced her , her eyes were a closed enjoying my sensual touches.I came close and planted a soft kiss. I held her waist and inserted my fully erect penis into her soft hot blossom curvy bums . Slowly , I touched it around the wet dripping pussy area for raising the heat. My manhood was wet with pre-cum. I pushed a bit and the penis entered in tearing her dignity of silence and she slightly moaned. I rolled my penis in consuming the heat of her body. She dug her fingers deep in my body due to excitement.Then, I started thrusting hard in and out. The noise of lovemaking was in the air under the dimming light of evening. Nidhi was holding me hard and want to feel me deep inside her. I was thrusting hard and after some thrust , she stretched her legs more and started thumping fast with me. Caressing Nidhi’s firm 24 year old breasts in my hands, i experienced climax and fell on her hot body with her vaginal walls pulsating over my dick. She slowly crawled to my ear and said “Thank u dear!” . After cuddling for a while, when we got up, I smiled looking at the wetness at the sheets. She bit me hard and ran to bathroom for a wash.I knew more is coming later ( when she bites – I Knew she wants it more). In fact ended up giving full nude oil massage to each other at night and a slippery sex with oil flooding her pussy that day.