Paid to Seduce His Mother V. 02 Ch. 10


Mike recovers from getting shot and impregnates his wife and sister. The inn is successful and life goes on. For most of them. Evie pays Mike another visit. Hope you all enjoy this final chapter. Jb7

Paid to Seduce His Mother… Redux v. 02 Ch 10

Part CXX


Michael screamed, sitting bolt upright in bed. Sara woke instantly, and sat up, throwing her arms around his chest. “Shhhhh, Michael; it’s okay. It’s just a bad dream, sweetheart; wake up now.” She tightened her arms, pulling him against her.

With a start, he awoke, shaking in her arms. “The same one?” Sara asked, gently. He nodded, slipping an arm around her. “How far…”

“Through Limbo, and my time with Evie, waking up and your visit. It wasn’t quite the same. It was just you, Ellie, Mom and Anna this time. Then the shower and the nurse molesting me. I woke just as the second nurse opened the door. All her bullshit about… about them using me—I don’t understand. Where’s all that crap coming from?”

“I don’t know, sweetie. Are you sure you don’t want to talk to someone about all of it? What you went through is pretty much beyond any person’s normal experience.”

“No; the dreams are coming less frequently, and, except for the ending, aren’t as scary.” He slipped his other arm around her, pulling her to him, and buried his nose in her hair. “Sara, do you think there’s anything to what she says in the dream, about them all using me?”

She tightened her arms around his body and shook her head. “No, Mike,” she said, gently. “One of the four of us was in your room from nine in the morning until they chased us out around nine-thirty at night. The only action you got was when they changed your catheter. In the four months you were out, there was no sign, ever, of an erection.”

“Then why…” he choked out. “Shit! What difference does it make? Maybe I should see someone.” He held her tight and wiped the tears which had started on her hair.

Correctly interpreting his action, she asked, “Do you want me to call around and find someone for you?” He hesitated, obviously thinking, then nodded. Sara reached up and kissed him on the cheek.

“Admittedly, I’m not anything close to a professional counselor, but Psych was my major in college, and my police training included a lot of psychology, especially dealing with motives. Your dreams might be wish fulfillment. Maybe you want to have sex with Bobbi.”

Mike gave her a look that signaled he thought she might be crazy. “No way! I realize that if someone looked at my sex partners over the past year, they’d say I had a thing for older women, but, except for Mom, my having sex with anyone older than me was someone else’s idea.”

“Don’t get me wrong–I enjoyed all of it, but I prefer sex with someone my own age. Mom was an exception. Ever since I realized sex was an expression of love, I wanted to make love with her, but if I hadn’t ever got the chance, it wouldn’t have mattered in how I feel about her. With Anna, your mom, Rita and my aunt and grandmother, other than my first time with Rita, the sex was instigated by someone else. If it hadn’t happened, no big deal.

“All of which is a long way to say not only is there no attraction to Bobbi, but I really don’t want to have sex with her. I’m perfectly satisfied with you, Ellie and Mom. I get to be with each of you once a week and the ones I’m not with can satisfy each other if they want.

“On a more pleasant topic, since we’re wide awake, have you chosen a time and place for our honeymoon?”

She pushed him down on the bed so his head was on his pillow and lay on his chest, looking up at him. “Sometime this summer, if Stevie can be available to take over the kitchen. We could be real traditional and go to Niagara Falls, or New York City. Or there’s a honeymoon lodge, just up the road at Schroon (pronounced screw-in) Lake. If you don’t mind traveling, we could pick from a couple of areas and play tourist for a couple of weeks.”

“What areas,” he asked, reaching out and caressing her cheek.

“Oh—there’s the Finger Lakes Wine Country here in New York. Or there’s the Gettysburg – Hershey – Amish region in Pennsylvania, or the Black Hills – Yellowstone Park country, out west.”

He knitted his brow and asked, “How would you feel about doing the touristy thing?”

“Sweetheart,” she answered, with a smile, “as long as we’re doing it together, and get to sleep in the same bed every night, whatever we do will be fine.”

He returned her smile. “Then let’s keep it simple and plan a trip through the Finger Lakes, hitting as many wineries as we safely can. I also hear there are a number of new small craft breweries in that area we could visit.”

Sara sighed and laughed. “Okay, but you’ll have to stay sober enough so sleeping in the same bed makes sense.” She moved up to kiss his cheek. “Can you sleep now?”

“No,” he sighed. “I think I’ll go soak in the small hot tub for a bit. You go to sleep. I’ll see you in the morning.”

Part tuzla eve gelen escort CXXI

Mike shrugged off his robe and, with a sigh, slowly sank into the warm water. As he sat there, ruminating on the previous six months, he heard the door to the hot tub room open. Before he could say anything, the light came on and he saw Stevie drop her robe, revealing she also had come to the spa naked under her robe.

She turned around and saw him, causing her to gasp, then laugh, making no effort to hide her nudity. “Got room in there for another body?” she asked.

“Just about, if you don’t mind being crowded.”

“I know–it was designed to be crowded. We used to refer to it as the honeymooners’ tub. Will it make you uncomfortable if I join you?”

“Uncomfortable, no; embarrassed, probably.”

“With all the naked women you’ve apparently been exposed to? I shouldn’t think seeing a body like mine would have any effect on you at all.”

“Don’t sell yourself short, Stevie. If I was single…”

“You’re sweet, Mike,” she said, lowering herself into the tub. “Single? You’re not married to Sara yet, are you? Engaged? And your mother and sister living with you. And Anna and Belle when they’re here. Sounds like you’re all a real close family.”

“Yeah, you could say that,” he replied, a question in his voice, wondering what she was getting at.

Stevie looked at him closely, as if debating with herself. After a lengthy silence, she began to speak softly, so he had to listen closely.

“Ron and I grew up in Southern Tennessee, in the mountains just west of the Carolinas. His daddy was my daddy’s half-brother. His momma was daddy’s sister.” She stopped and looked at him, waiting for his reaction.

He returned her steady gaze, saying only, “So, you’re really close cousins. I understand that’s not a problem in New York.” Stevie laughed and leaned into his shoulder.

“Aunt Claire died trying to deliver their second baby. She came early and Aunt Claire was alone. They were both dead when Uncle Billy found them. Ron was in his crib, crying, both hungry and dirty. Uncle Billy got him cleaned up and fed, then brought him to our house. After he told them what happened, Momma and Daddy went to bury them and clean up, Momma told me. Near as she could reckon, she caught me that night.

“The day after Ron’s fifth birthday, Uncle Billy went off and joined the Army, leaving him with us to bring up. Momma said a couple of years later, times got hard, so Daddy went up to Ohio looking for work.

“While he was gone, Momma other brother JimBob came to look after us. He slept in Momma’s bed, taking Daddy’s place. Nights I could hear them doing what Momma and Daddy did when he was home.

” When Daddy came home to get us, he and JimBob both slept with Momma that night. Ron woke me so we could watch them. She must have had a real good time that night. She was in a good mood for a week. After that, Daddy called her his sweet sandwich meat.

“We moved to Dayton, where Daddy went to work in a tire plant. He found us a room in a motel owned by an old man who hired Momma to clean the rooms in return for our rent. I think she did more than that; he passed away the year I turned ten and left the property to Momma. That’s how Ron and I got into the business.

“On Ron’s eighteenth birthday, Momma got all dressed up, ‘n’ she and Ron went out to dinner alone. I fixed dinner for Daddy and he watched TV while I did my homework. In the morning, I saw Ron and Momma coming out of one of the rooms after Daddy left for work. When I asked her about it, she said she was doing a mother’s duty–making sure her son knew how to take care of his wife.

“The night I turned eighteen, after dinner, Ron was sent to tend the front desk. Daddy pulled me down on his lap, one hand around me, holding my boob, and the other, halfway up my thigh, under my skirt. Momma asked me what I knew about making babies.

“I told her we’d studied sex in school and I knew all about the parts and how they were supposed to fit together. She asked if any of the boys I’d dated had ever tried to ‘fit them together’. I giggled and told her, tried, yes; done it, no.

“By then, Daddy was rubbing his hand all over my crotch. He asked if any boy had ever touched me like that. I shook my head because it was hard to think of a way to say no. Then Momma came over and started taking off my clothes, saying, just like she’d done her duty by Ron, Daddy was going to show me how a man pleasured a woman.

“And he did. He used his mouth, his hands, and his pecker, and every one of my holes they’d fit into. When he was done, Momma sent in Ron, and we’ve been together ever since. Up until Daddy retired and he and Momma moved back to Tennessee, it was a toss up who’d be sleeping with who. Ron’s name is on their birth certificates, but I’d be hard pressed to swear that he’s my children’s father.”

All the while she had been talking, Stevie had been slowly caressing and jacking tuzla otele gelen escort his cock. When she finished, she glanced down and, seeing his erection breaking the surface of the water, licked her lips.

“Is there a reason for telling me this, Stevie?” he asked, taking hold of her hand and pulling it away from cock.

“To let you know Ron and I don’t have any room to judge your relationship with your mom and sister, and if you’re interested, I’d be happy…”

“Thanks, Stevie. I’m flattered, believe me, but my relationships with Meg, Ellie, and especially Sara, pretty much preclude any outside fooling around without getting their okay first.”

Just then the door opened halfway. “Mike? Are you in here?” Ellie called.

“In the small tub. Stevie’s here, too. She’s been telling me her life story.” Ellie pushed the door the rest of the way open and entered, to see Stevie’s bare butt disappear behind a towel.

“You don’t need to leave, Stevie. Sara sent me to make sure Mike hadn’t fallen asleep and drowned himself.” She walked to the tub and saw Mike’s erection extending above the water’s surface.

“No,” the older woman replied, “I have to go get ready for the breakfast service.” She looked at Mike while shrugging on her robe. “Let me know if you change your mind. Anytime.”

“I might have to share some of your story.” Stevie looked at him for a few seconds, and then nodded.

As the busty grandmother left the spa room, Ellie pulled her top over her head. “Stay where you are, brother. Today’s my day and I want as much of you as I can fit in. It’s been ages since we’ve been able to have a before breakfast fuck.”

She stepped into the small tub and straddled Mike’s thighs. “You ready, Mikey? I am,” she said, positioning him and engulfing his shaft as she sank into the warm water. “Does Stevie want some of this? I can’t blame her, with her husband gone. The only men left here are Geordie and Joe.

“Geordie’s so gaga over Rita he won’t look at another woman, and Joe’s so pussy whipped he brings other women home to service his wife. I’ve overheard him talking on the phone about plans to try and convince Bella to join them again.”

She paused to swivel her hips, taking him in further. “Sara said you had another nightmare?”

He nodded. “Not really—same one, just some details different. How are you doing? What’d the doc say?”

“Nothing really—same as Sue, my gynecologist. Everything looks normal. He did say that the only way to tell for sure would be to remove the implants and try to get pregnant. Once the fertilized egg attached to the wall, if there is something wrong, it could be six to eight weeks before I miscarried.”

“What’re you going to do?”

Avoiding his eyes, Ellie answered softly, “We’re doing it. I had him remove the rods when I was there. It’s been a week. There should be an egg waiting for your champion swimmer floating around in there. We’ll know by July if Evie’s ghost was right.” She looked at his face and shrank back from his expression, a combination of anger and sadness, chasing each other across his face.

Dismayed at what she saw, Ellie threw her arms around his shoulders and choked out, “Mike, sweetheart, what’s wrong? Why are you upset?”

Struggling to deal with the unexpected emotions Elli’s statement had produced, Mike stumbled over his reply, “I…it’s… I’m not… I just…you should have told me first… it’s just like the nurses in my dream, using me…”

When Mike was done, Ellie had a vision of herself back in P’town, being fucked, without any care or concern, by the two guys whom she had let pick her up. “Oh, God, Mike! I’m sorry; I really didn’t think you’d mind. I think Evie’s right and it’ll abort itself. But if it doesn’t, there’s nobody else whose baby I would want. That’s why…Oh, Mike, please don’t be mad at me,. I’m so sorry,” she sobbed, drawing away from him.

His arms tightened, pulling her back to him. “Ellie, Ellie, shhh. I’m not mad, and I understand why you did it. It’s just me, and not knowing if the dream was real or if something else is going on.

“Sara assures me that during the day there weren’t any signs anything could happen. I just don’t know where it’s all coming from.”

Ellie pulled back from him, wiping her eyes with her hands. “Huh? Are you serious? Has anyone mentioned, more than a few times, a little something called PTSD?” She settled back down on his cock, pushing her groin into his.

“Let’s see, now, what has happened over the past year that might be considered stressful? Winning the senior competition; positive stress, but still stress. Graduation; walking in on Dad and his redhead; successfully seducing Mom, there’s a biggie; sex with Aunt Sally and Grandma, two more biggies; getting engaged; changing jobs; learning about Evie’s incestuous history; getting into Anna’s pants; learning you were a father; Evie’s death, a humongous stressor; connecting with Sara; trying to hide, and failing, your relationship tuzla sınırsız escort with Mom; Sara being assaulted; suddenly getting richer that hell, and, finally, the shooting.”

She cocked her head to the side and regarded him a few seconds before continuing. “Shit, Mike! A lot of it is positive stress, but they don’t cancel each other out. As far as the body is concerned, stress is stress. This past year has been an emotional roller coaster for you. I’m surprised you and Mom are able to function in polite society at all.”

“When you put it like that, I guess it has been a helluva year.” He paused and looked at his sister. “Where is Mom? I didn’t see her around yesterday at all.”

“She went down to the City to talk to her friend, Irene, about forming a repertory group to perform here. She hasn’t been pleased with the touring groups we’ve had. With Irene’s help, she wants to hire about twenty-five or thirty actors and actresses, a couple of electricians and stage hands.

“She wants to produce the plays during the Spring to Fall months, in the nude, rotating eight plays through the season, finishing with a major production. If we can find someone to visit and star, we’ll advertise all over the region, otherwise, we’ll just advertise the rotation on posters at the various tourist spots, highlighting the nude theatre in the round.”

She looked down at her brother and giggled. “Oops! You’re getting all pruney and wrinkled. We better get you out of here,” she said and stood up, pulling away from his now flaccid cock. “Did you…” she asked.

He grinned and nodded. “If it’s possible for you to get pregnant today, there’s a good chance you will.” He pulled her close. “I hope Evie’s ghost was wrong. It’ll be a beautiful baby.”

Ellie buried her face in his shoulder, hiding her tears of joy. “Me, too.”


Danni Yasserian was a bubbly, blonde, slightly plump, 28-year-old psychiatric resident, just beginning the first of two sequential rotations at the Glens Falls Mental Health Center. Two weeks ago, she had just finished six months at the Albany State Hospital, dealing with chronically mental ill adults and children. While it had been a good experience, it had been an emotionally draining six months. She had needed the two weeks to decompress.

It was her third day seeing patients. They had already been screened by an intake worker who assigned them to therapists/counselors according to their needs (type of problem and level of emergency) and availability of the therapist. As the new kid on the block, she was catching most of the non-emergent new cases.

The patient coming in looked interesting. He claimed he was suffering from erectile dysfunction secondary to PTSD. She quickly reviewed the intake worker’s notes, then went out to call him in.

“Hi, Mr Nelson. May I call you Mike?” He nodded. “You can call me Danni or Dr. Y. Dr. Yasserian is a bit of a mouthful. What brings you here? I know you briefly described your problem to Mrs Jenkins, our intake person, but I’d like to hear your story from you.”

“Well, last August, at a party to welcome my sister home from England and to celebrate selling the family business, my girlfriend’s uncle shot me and my father trying to kill her and her mother. Since then, I’ve been having some really weird and disturbing dreams. Then about six or seven weeks ago, I lost the ability to get an erection.”

“Did something happen to you physically which might have caused you to lose your erection?” Danni asked, remarking to herself how calm and collected Mike seemed, given the history he had just reported.

“Uhh, my sister, Ellie, used me to get pregnant, to see if she could carry a baby to term.”

That set Danni back. “Your, mmm, your sister? Used you?”

“It’s a long story, but we’ve been intimate for a few years now.”

“”Do your parents know?” she asked, trying to stall for time to assimilate the shocker.

“Mom does. Dad didn’t.”

“Didn’t? Oh, when he was shot, he…”

“Was killed instantly. He was protecting my fiancé, while I shielded her mother. Look, Danni, it’s a longish story, and a lot to take in. Let me tell you about the past year. Unless you have the equivalent of a photographic ear, you might want to record it. Ellie and I sat down the day she got pregnant and were able to count nineteen stress inducing events beginning last May when I won a major school award.”

Danni nodded and, turning to her desk, grabbed the mini recorder she used for dictation. “Okay, shoot,” she said, hitting the record button.

“…and that night, Ellie joined me in bed and I couldn’t get hard, not just sustain an erection, not even begin to get one. We just put it down to fatigue because I hadn’t slept much the night before, but it’s been the same since then.”

“First time it’s happened?” Mike nodded. “Any problem or pain when you ejaculated?”

“Only after the fifth or sixth time in a day.”

“Holy shit!” Danni thought to herself. “Christ, kid, where were you when I was in school? I could have used you…” She stopped, realization hitting her like a club.

“Mike, you’re right when you say you’ve been under a great deal of stress, and I think a few sessions giving you some time to vent and some support, we can get you on top of it without any problem.