Out For A Walk Ch. 02


Kate had spent a very unsettled night trying not to masturbate. She knew she should be disgusted with herself but her pussy was on fire and, no matter how wrong it was, she knew she had to have her brother again.

She had returned to her room with his cum dripping from her face and her pussy desperate for some action. She wanted to wait, however. She wanted to wait until she was taking his cum again, only not on her face but in her cunt too. “God!” she thought; maybe Jack would be the one to finally take her anal virginity and cum up her arse. She was certainly hoping so.

It was no good, she couldn’t wait. She couldn’t control herself. Knowing that her parents had already left for work and knowing that Jack’s bedroom was just across the hall, she got up and opened her door just a fraction of an inch. With any luck he would hear her and join in before she made herself cum.

Returning to her bed, she lay on top of it and reached into her bedside drawer, rummaged around at the very back and finally found her vibrator. Turning it on, she ran it across her breasts, luxuriating in the thrills she felt as the vibrations stimulated her hard nipples. But she wanted more. Closing her eyes, she moaned quietly as she moved down from her breasts, down over her belly, down until it reached her clit.

She thought about Jack masturbating too and imagined him watching her, taking his cock in his hand and stroking it slowly as he enjoyed the show she was putting on. That thought alone was enough to make her body shiver in delight and, much as she was enjoying the thrills running from her clit, she needed more.

Rolling round, she brought her knees up, knowing that if Jack heard her and came to investigate he would have a perfect view of her arse and pussy as soon as he walked in. Inserting her toy into her waiting cunt she began to slowly work it in and out.

Jack had slept like a baby all night. He had cum so many times the day before that he didn’t think he would be ready to cum again for some time but, sure enough, when he woke up, his cock was erect and waiting for relief. He decided to switch on his laptop and replay once again the film of his younger sister being fucked by her Headmaster.

As he stroked his cock, watching his sister pleasuring herself even before the older man had turned up, he marvelled at the delights of her body all over again. Small but perfectly curved, her nipples were hard as she played with herself, her head thrashing from side to side as her orgasm approached. Jack could feel his own cum rising just as his younger sister came on camera and he jerked harder and faster, groaning as his cock erupted and his cum was poured down his hand.

When he got up to go to the bathroom and clean up while the house was quiet, he heard a noise from Kate’s room. Creeping silently to her door he was delighted to see it was already open just a crack so he pushed it further, just an inch.

The moans of pleasure were getting louder and Jack was only glad their parents had already left for work. As he peeked in to his sister’s bedroom, he could see Kate on her bed, on her knees, naked, facing away from him, her arse in the air and a large plastic cock between her legs.

“Where on earth did she get that?” he wondered, but his eyes were fixed on the incredible sight of his sister masturbating and he could think of nothing else for the moment.

Kate had heard the door being prised open just as she had intended. She had given up on her attempt to deny herself and now she was determined to make up for lost time. “Jack already thinks I’m a slut,” she told herself. “I might as well put on a good show and prove his point.”

Her pussy was dripping from the attention of the plastic cock and the thought that today might be the day that Jack finally fucks her. The idea of her brother plunging into her tight cunt was all it took to put her over the edge. As she rubbed her clit with one hand and forced her plastic toy deeper than it had ever been, her body stiffened and she collapsed face down on to the bed.

“Fuck me,” she screamed. “Fuck me, Jack; please fuck me.”

It was like an explosion going off inside her as a flood of juices poured from her cunt and soaked her bed. As the waves of pleasure died down, however, she had to stop fucking herself as she was totally wiped out. Keeping her eyes closed, she held her breath as she waited to see what Jack would do next.

“You really are a whore, aren’t you, Kate. Get dressed; we’re going out.”

Kate had jumped up as soon as her brother had opened his mouth to speak, pretending to be shocked by his presence and shocked that he had seen and heard what she was doing. Jack, in turn, simply turned and went back to his room. He had to think about what he had just witnessed and, even more urgently, he had to do something about the huge erection that was sticking out of his shorts.

When Kate knocked on his door shortly after, however, her appearance had his kurtköy escort cock tingling again and he wondered if he was fighting a losing battle. She was wearing a tiny black skirt that barely covered her decency and a tight white top. The fact that her hard nipples were poking through the thin cotton made it obvious that she was not wearing a bra. “Surely she has at least put on some panties,” Jack thought, but secretly hoped she hadn’t.

Kate tried to hide her smile as she saw the shock on her brother’s face. “That should get him going,” she thought to herself as she watched him struggle to rearrange his trousers, trying to hide his growing erection. “Men are so easy,” she thought, but hid her smile, reminding herself that she was still playing the innocent victim with her brother.

“Where are we going, Jack?”

“I’m taking you for a drive. I don’t want to be disturbed by any neighbours or deliveries. What I have to say to you is far too important for that. And put some clothes on, for God’s sake; you look like a cheap whore.”

That was exactly the look Kate had been trying for and she was delighted that he was taking her somewhere else. The idea of having him fuck her in their parents’ bed was appealing but, he was right; they didn’t want to be disturbed. They went out to his car together and got in, Kate trying to show off as much of her body as possible while Jack continued his ongoing struggle with his rampant cock.

He drove to one of the many secluded spots he knew in the hills and parked the car. During the drive Kate had sat demurely in her set with her hands clasped in her lap, innocently sliding down the leather seat, slowly, revealing her naked legs, inch by inch. Each movement caused her skirt to ride even higher up her thighs until the hem was almost touching her panties. She made sure Jack got a good look before she sat up straight and started the whole process again.

By the time they arrived, Jack was having difficulty keeping his eyes on the road and even more difficulty driving at all as his cock strained for release. He had dreamed for some time about what he was about to do but, now that the moment had arrived, he wasn’t sure exactly how to proceed. As he parked the car he decided to stick to his original plan and to blackmail his younger sister.

Ordering her into the back seat, he got in on the other side and looked sternly at her. Kate was playing the frightened victim perfectly but he knew she was anything but innocent.

“Kate, you are undoubtedly the dirtiest whore I have ever met and if our parents were ever to find out they would be shocked beyond belief.”

“Please, Jack, please don’t tell them. Don’t show them the video. I’ll be a good girl from now on. I’ll do everything you tell me to. It would hurt them too much to find out about me and Mr Banks.”

“You should have thought of that before now, you little slut. Imagine fucking an old man like that. He’s old enough to be your father, for God’s sake. But you’re right. You will do whatever I tell you from now on and, outside of your time with me, you will be a good girl. You will get rid of Mr Banks and anyone else you’ve been whoring around with. You will dress more appropriately and be a model of innocence. Is that understood?”

Kate bowed her head and bit her bottom lip, seeming to look ashamed but, in reality, she was hiding her face to prevent Jack seeing how much she was enjoying this. He lifted her chin with his strong hand and frowned at her again.

“With me, however, it will be very different.”

Having said his piece Jack suddenly pulled her head back with her hair and practically crushed her mouth with his. Before she had time to react, Kate felt her brother pushing her legs apart, pushing his hand up her skirt and pushing her panties aside. Yes, she had decided to wear panties because she always loved the moment when her lovers took them off, either ripping them off passionately or sliding them down her legs sensually. She wondered for a moment what kind of lover Jack was going to be.

Jack thought he couldn’t be surprised by his dirty sister by now but even he was shocked at how easily she spread her legs and let him rub her slit. She was already soaking wet as he ran his finger up and down, flicking her exposed clit, causing her body to squirm. It didn’t seem to Jack, however, that she was squirming away from him.

He slid two fingers easily inside her pussy and pulled her down so that she was lying on her back across the seat. “What a whore,” he thought to himself as he looked down on his younger sister, her skirt around her waist, her panties brushed aside, her brother’s fingers fucking her cunt and her nipples practically bursting out of her top.

He leaned forward, sucked one, then the other, and wondered if her nipples were as sensitive as they were responsive. Kate answered that very quickly by writhing around the back seat, aroused by his manhandling, aroused like she had never aydıntepe escort been before. She had no problem with deserting Mr Banks, or anyone else for that matter, not now that she had the one man she had always wanted.

Even so, she couldn’t make it too easy for him.

“No, Jack, this is wrong. We mustn’t do this.”

“You’ll do whatever I tell you to do, whore. And if you really think it’s so wrong, why is your pussy soaking the seat?”

She couldn’t deny this as she could feel her juices flooding out past Jack’s fingers and pooling beneath her. She was losing all control but this was what she had always wanted. Ever since she knew what lust was she had lusted after her step-brother and now he was taking her like she had always dreamed he would do.

Keeping up the pretence just a little longer, Kate tried to push her brother away but that only seemed to spur Jack on even more. Biting down on her nipples, he rubbed her clit with his thumb and plunged his fingers ever faster, ever deeper into his younger sister’s pussy.

That did it for Kate. Her back arched as her pussy seemed to explode in a burst of pleasure. Wave after wave washed over her as Jack continued his relentless assault and Kate knew what kind of lover Jack was now; a forceful one, a talented one and one she was never going to get enough of.

By the time her body calmed down, Jack had removed his sticky hand from her pussy and pulled down his trousers, finally allowing his cock to spring free. Kate stared at it, eager to get her hands, her mouth, her pussy on it but she waited until Jack directed her to.

He took her small hand and guided it his cock, wrapping her fingers around it, as he wrapped his much bigger hand around hers.

“Please, Jack, what would our parents say if they saw us like this?”

“Don’t you worry about them,” Jack said with a grin as he felt his sister’s hand squeezing his hard cock. “Just you concentrate on obeying me and I’ll take care of our parents.”

With that, he put his hand on the back of her neck and pushed her down. Kate pretended to resist but Jack was too strong for her anyway so she was delighted to accept her brother into her waiting mouth. This time she would get to taste his cum from its source and she was determined to swallow every last drop.

He filled her mouth easily but the feeling of his hard cock sliding along her wet tongue was exquisite and she could feel her pussy flooding again even though Jack wasn’t touching it. Jack, meanwhile, just lay back and enjoyed his first blowjob from his sister. He knew it wouldn’t be his last but equally he knew that the first one was always special so he intended to enjoy every minute.

For all he knew his sister was a whore, she obviously wasn’t very experienced in oral sex but he was quite happy to let her go at her own pace, quite happy that his cock was now receiving the attention it had been craving since he got up, and quite happy that it was his younger sister who now had her soft lips wrapped around it.

Eventually, though, he decided he wanted to cum and he wanted to cum down his step-sister’s throat. Putting his hands on the back of her head he forced her down further, forced his cock to the back of her throat. Kate immediately gagged and this time, when she struggled, she wasn’t pretending. The more she fought him, the more Jack pushed her down and Kate knew she would have to allow him into her throat.

She gagged more, she struggled more and Jack seemed to take pity on her for a second as he lifted her off. She only had a few seconds though to suck in some air before her brother slammed her head down again until his cock was buried deep in her throat.

Kate really thought she was going to pass out and tried to breathe as much as she could through her nose but then Jack took over. Pulling her off for another few precious seconds, he then thrust his cock back in, this time taking her head in both his strong hands and bobbed her mouth up and down until he came.

Jack roared in delight as his cum poured from his balls all the way down his sister’s throat. He had never had a blowjob like it and it seemed like he was never going to stop cumming. Eventually, of course, he did and released his victim from his grip. Kate slumped back on the seat, her brother’s cum oozing from her battered mouth. She was stunned by the ferocity of Jack’s assault on her mouth, stunned by how much cum he had produced and stunned by how much she had enjoyed every single minute.

“Now that we understand each other, Kate, and now that you know exactly who is in charge, there is somewhere else I want to take you.”

Kate had no idea where that might be but, if it made Jack act as lustily as he just had, then she really didn’t care. He left her in the back seat to try to make herself decent while he simply tucked his cock back into his trousers, got back into the front and started driving. When they pulled up back at their own front door tuzla içmeler escort she looked at him questioningly.

“I’m going to fuck you now, Kate. I’m going to fuck you in the same bed my father fucks your mother. Go inside, go to their bedroom and be naked by the time I get there.”

Kate practically flew up the stairs to their parents’ bedroom and tore her clothes off, more desperate than ever to feel her brother’s hard cock in her cunt. She had long dreamed of being fucked by Jack; she had long dreamed of being fucked in her mother’s bed. And now both fantasies were going to come true at the same time and she couldn’t wait.

Jack had intended to finish the job in the car but, having seen how little room they had in the back seat, he wanted more time and space to relish every inch of his sister’s sexy body. He didn’t take his time climbing the stairs either but, by the time he opened the bedroom door, Kate was sprawled across their parents’ bed waiting for him.

“Get up, Kate.”

Kate was surprised but did as she was told.

“Undress me.”

Now this she hadn’t imagined but she was absolutely delighted. She walked towards her brother and slowly, as if she was reluctant, undid his trousers. She looked up at her elder step-brother before kneeling down and sliding them and his shorts down with one long pull. She was almost tempted to start sucking him again when she saw how hard his cock was but she knew that would have destroyed any hint of innocence on her part so she simply stopped and awaited her brother’s orders.

Instead of saying anything, Jack grabbed her by the shoulders, brought her to her feet and forced her back until she felt the side of the bed pressing against the back of her legs.

With one more push she fell on to the bed and she wondered if Jack had realised, as she had, that she was now lying on her mother’s side of the bed. She straightened up on the bed and lay her head on her mother’s pillow. She was about to be fucked in exactly the same spot her mother was fucked and it was her brother who was about to do it.

Jack quickly stripped off and climbed on to the bed, kneeling between his wanton sister’s outstretched legs. Looking down on her naked body, his eyes feasting on every inch of flesh that he now truly believed belonged to him, he lifted Kate’s legs up over his shoulders. This had always been one of his favourite positions for sex so it was right that this should be how he ravaged his sister for the first time.

Kate tried desperately not to let the lust that she was feeling show on her face but she could do nothing to stop her pussy from showing how turned on she was. She was already soaking wet and all she could do was moan when her brother leaned down and teased her by flicking her clit with the tip of his cock. She could only hope that Jack would interpret her moans of pleasure as shame and reluctance.

Staring her straight in the eyes, daring her to cry out, he slid his erection slowly between her moist lips. He knew she was soaking wet but, even so, he was still surprised at how easily he slid into his sister’s cunt for the first time. She was tight but she was certainly no virgin. After watching her in action with Mr Barnes yesterday he already knew that but he wondered if anyone had plundered her arse yet.

He slowly inched inside her, teasing her, making her wait. He wanted her to want this but, at the same time, he wanted her to have no choice in the matter. He could feel her tight pussy walls squeezing his cock as she took every inch he had to offer. Lying there on her mother’s pillow, he had never seen anyone more beautiful than his younger step-sister.

Kate was fighting a losing battle trying not to show him how much she wanted this. She was only just managing not to wrap her legs around his waist and pull him deeper in. She was only just managing not to beg him to fuck her hard. But she could do nothing to stop her body from responding to the wonderful thrusts of Jack’s cock. Still she made a play at trying to push him away and begging him to stop.

Slowly and deep he drove in, however, quick then slow, relentless, longing to make this last forever but afraid it was all too good. He had cum already but his sister had such an amazing effect on him that he knew he wasn’t going to last long.

He gave in and began to really fuck her. Looking down as her breasts bounced around in response to his energetic thrusts, he let go of her legs, leaned down and grabbed them. Squeezing them roughly as his cock reached new depths within her, he could feel his balls start to tingle. He was ready. He hoped she was too but he didn’t really care that much; he just wanted to fill his sister’s cunt with his hot cum.

Kate was ready. Oh God, she was ready and still she had to pretend.

“Please, Jack, please don’t cum inside me. This is all so wrong.”

“You didn’t seem to think it was wrong when old Mr Banks was fucking you yesterday so stop complaining and get ready, you slut.”

He exploded inside her, filling her waiting pussy with even more cum that he could have hoped to produce after such a short time. No one had ever turned him on like his sister and no one had ever made him cum more.