Our New In-Laws Ch. 03


“Daddy?” A gentle prod to his ribs roused the dreaming Jack Baker. “Daddy?” A word he had heard many times in his dream, whispered, shouted and moaned.

He opened his eyes to see his actress daughter wearing the tiniest bikini he had ever seen. “What time is it?” His eyes saw that the top was loose enough for him to see the weighty globes of her breasts spilling out.

She left her hand on his shoulder. “It’s almost three o’clock.”

He sat up and took in her alluring body. He recognized the suit from the torrid girl/girl scene he had watched in the RV.

“We need to talk, Daddy.” She said easily.

Jack thought they had so many things to talk about. Where to start?

“Dee Dee told me you watched one of my movies.” She seemed so calm he thought.

“I, uh, … well, yes.” Did Dee Dee tell her that she was topless at the time, watched him climax at his daughter’s on-screen blowjob and gave him a cleanup towel when he joined the male actor in his money shot.

“I don’t mind, Daddy, but she said you were masturbating while you watched.”

Jack tried to read her face for her thoughts on this, but couldn’t find a hint, and then he looked down and saw her nipples were swollen behind the thin little triangles. Was she turned on by his very unfatherly act?

“I can’t lie, I did.” He smiled weakly.

Her hand rubbed his cheek. “It’s okay Daddy, that’s why we make the videos.”

“You were very good in it.” He tried to sound casual.

“Thanks, Daddy. I work hard at it.”

“I even came twice.” He admitted. He blushed furiously. Why would he tell her such a thing?

“Twice? I must have been really hot then.” She kissed him. Not the daughterly busses on the cheek as in her past; she pressed her lips to his and held the kiss until each drew back panting.

The room was silent as they re-aligned their relationship.

Jenni whispered, “Want to watch another?”

Jack’s eyes darted to the door. “What about your mother?”

His daughter giggled, “Mom’s busy with the Oscars talking business.”

“Sure, honey, pick one out.” Jack rolled over on his back.

Jenni got out of bed and knelt at the DVD cabinet. Jack looked at the ass of a grown woman. She resembled her mother at this age; the tanned globes were round and tight with no pale lines anywhere. He would have to ask her about that later. She removed a DVD just a few to the left of the one he had selected.

“This is my first one.” She put the disk in the player. “It’s with Isaac. I volunteered to fill kaynarca escort in for a girl who didn’t show.”

“What’s it called?”

“Ass Virgins,” My performance was the only true story on the DVD.”

Her scene was the first chapter on the disc. She sat on the bed by Jack. While lying in bed with Allison rarely excited him, his daughter’s almost naked body caused his cock to twitch under his thin white shorts. They both leaned back against the headboard as it started. Jack couldn’t believe he was in bed with his daughter ready to watch her star in a porn video. This wouldn’t have been possible at home. They would have both feared Allison’s reaction at their sin. Why was such an explosive situation acceptable here? Jack didn’t know.

It was a very basic sex video, except that the young man and woman who sat on a couch kissing happened to be his daughter and future son-in-law.

“Daddy, Isaac and I had been having sex before this, but the anal part was a first.” The relaxed way his nubile daughter talked about having anal sex amazed Jack. A wall had vanished between father and daughter, but he couldn’t fathom where it had gone or why it was no longer there.

What set this video apart from so many others was the banter between the couple. They chatted, teased, and laughed as they undressed. They obviously cared about each other and it created a magical atmosphere. It also created an impressive lump in his shorts.

“It’s okay, Daddy.” Jenni reached over and give his swelling a quick rub. “I get hot watching this one every time.” Jenni raised her right knee and then let her leg flop open. The motion pulled her bikini bottom tight over her pussy. Her moist pouting lips adhered to the bikini. She glanced at her reticent father, “It’s okay, Daddy. We all do this when we watch these in private.” She tugged on a side string and pulled it across her body exposing her pussy to her astounded father.

His eyes darted from the wide screen TV to the small triangle now lying useless on her tanned thigh. Her bare pussy gleamed with her juices. Jack had never see a live hairless cunt. She was watching her future husband lick her pussy on the crystal-clear screen. “Oh, I love that,” she moaned.

“What are you doing, Jenni?” His voice quavered as he saw her fingers spread her lips looking for her hard nub.

She giggled at her worried father. “I’m going to masturbate, Daddy.” She saw his wide eyes taking in her act of pleasure. “It’s alright, Daddy. Join me.” Her moan sent a shiver down Jack’s spine.

“Okay, orhanlı escort princess. You talked me into it.” Jack’s hand moved under his shorts. His strong fingers gripped his throbbing cock. His tight shorts restricted his hand motion.

Jenni sat up and leaned over him. She unzipped him and pulled down his shorts. “Daddy, you can’t masturbate with your pants on.” She giggled as she tugged down his underwear exposing his cock to her gaze. “Nice, Daddy,” She smirked, “Now let’s get to it.”

She flopped back on the bed. Jack’s mind hovered on the thought that if Allison walked in right now he would be divorced by late afternoon. Still, he joined his daughter masturbating. He hadn’t masturbated four times in one day since he was a teenager. Yet, he was like steel as he stroked and watched Isaac ease his big cock into her mouth.

When she began to suck Isaac’s cock, Jenni pulled on the other string and dropped her bikini bottoms on the floor. She slid her left leg over her dad’s right leg and rubbed harder.

“Daddy, do it with me.” Jenni panted.

Jack’s hand strangled his cock with his thick fingers. Jenni’s hand whirled in a blur as she worked her hard clit.

Jenni’s ass filled the screen. Jack could see the shiny oil coating her ass crack. He tried to slow down, because he knew what was coming. Isaac’s cock, also with a deep sheen, entered the shot and pressed into Jenni’s asshole.

The cock bent slightly as it attempted to penetrate his daughter’s virgin asshole. Isaac backed up a little and tried again. He pressed into her tight ring and retired, over and over he attempted to take her. Jack heard his daughter cry out in pain.

“It’s okay, Daddy, the pain was short.” Jenni turned on her side and pushed a wet index finger up her ass. “I love it up the ass now, Daddy, it doesn’t hurt a bit”

Their labored breathing echoed in the room as Isaac completely filled his fiancé’s ass. His princess’ voice rose as Isaac’s pace picked up until he was banging the shit out of her ass.

“He makes me cum so good, Daddy. Watch me cum.” She went into spasms on the screen. “That’s not acting, Daddy. I was really cumming.”

Her Daddy didn’t know if she meant watch her cum larger-than-life on the screen or in person. So he tried to watch both at the same time. Jack could feel his fourth load rising rapidly.

The throbbing ache of Jenni’s loins pushed her hips off the bed. She turned her head and watched her father’s hand fly along his thick shaft. Her desire to lean over and accept tepeören escort his steaming load into her mouth was great.

The thought flashed in Jack’s mind that he should turn over and just fuck her, but he held back. It was her game, and he would play by her rules.

The desires of each were preempted when her father groaned and his sperm leaped for the sky. Like fish swimming up ladders at a dam her father’s sperm jumped for freedom.

Jack knew if his wife caught them he would be ruined, but he couldn’t stop. Jenni reacted to his orgasm with her crushing climax. Her moans from the bed joined with the cries of passion from the television. Jack and his frantic daughter locked their heated gaze. He shot one large last spurt and the rest of his cream weakly dribbled down his shaft over his fingers.

Jenni watched his cum coat his shaft and dribble down over his balls. She rubbed her pussy until he was drained.

“Daddy, I’m glad we did this.” She whispered breathless from their shared sexual experience.

“You are?” Jack’s doubt rose up in his mind again. What was going on in this place? “Yes, I think you and I could bond very closely during your stay here.” Jack knew she was right as long as they stayed here. Should he grab her and run for home before he couldn’t hold on and rolled over on her and shoved his cock into his daughter’s pussy.

Jenni stood up and walked into the bathroom. Jack couldn’t take her eyes off the ass that had so readily accepted Isaac’s cock. The image of his cock in her ass crossed his mind. Anal sex was a mystery to him. Allison would have never tolerated a suggestion of it.

His daughter returned with a damp cloth in her hand. She slowly and carefully washed the semen from his stomach, chest, and cock. Jack heard her humming while she wiped up his discharge.

She gathered her bikini bottom and while Jack tried to make sense of what had just transpired with his daughter she said, “Get dressed Daddy, and come downstairs.” She didn’t follow her own suggestion, leaving the room bare-assed.

Jack heard a young man moan, “Cumming!” The television showed Isaac’s cock spraying Jenni’s face with a thick coating of his semen. Jack wondered if his load would rest on his daughter’s face sometime soon. He watched Isaac’s thick white cream drip down Jenni’s face. His cock twitched when she scooped it up and pushed it into her mouth. What was happening to him? He had never dreamed of seeing his daughter acting like this. It was impossible that he had just masturbated with his little girl, but at twenty-five, she wasn’t a little girl. She was a woman who loved it up the ass. Before his cock could rise again, he got up and dressed. When he arrived at the pool, he saw his wife and knew that the day’s surprises weren’t over.