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OUR DAUGHTERS URGESThis is perverted”, f******n-year-old Jessica told herself as she crept along the darkened back hallway of her house, moving closer to the soft moans coming from her parent’s bedroom. It was almost one o’clock in the morning, and Jessica, clad in her flimsy powder blue nightshirt had been fighting the urge to peek for ages. Images of being caught peeking flashed into her mind, the outrage of her parents, the embarrassment of being caught. But other images flashed into her mind as well. Images of passionate, wriggling bodies and glistening skin… a hard cock, swaying balls… legs sensually spread wide and twitching in orgasmic pleasure. Jessica couldn’t help herself; she had to look. Quietly, she tiptoed down the darkened hallway to her parent’s bedroom. In the darkness, she crept silently forward, until she could see the bed, and the writhing bodies upon it, through the opening in the double doors. The soft swish of the waterbed could be heard now, and in the dim moonlit room she could see her father Tony, kneeling behind her mother, Jenny. Tony had a handful of Jenny’s long red hair from behind, and his lower body was pressed firmly against her butt. Jenny’s head was tilted back and her back was arched up forcing her luscious ass back against her husband. The dimness of the light reduced the image to black and white, Jenny’s ass looking smooth, round, and firm, her father’s muscles rippling as he hunched into his writhing wife. The covers were a heaped mess on the floor at the foot of the bed, and Jessica noticed that her mother was all but shredding the bottom sheet with her long fingernails, which dug into the mattress deeply for support. Jessica felt a knot in her stomach, one that twisted all the way down to the moist spot between her young firm thighs as she watched her parent’s. Tony moved in slow, even strokes, arching his back and thrusting into his lovely wife with long, deep strokes. Each thrust brought a primal growl from deep inside Jenny’s throat, and Jessica watched her mother’s hips move back instinctively, forcing her father’s huge shaft deeper inside of her. “God! You’re so tight like this!” Tony whispered, his words carrying, easily to Jessica’s young ears in the nearby hallway. Jenny half moaned, half sighed her response, pushing her upper body up on her hands, her full breasts swaying beneath her slim, supple body. “Harder honey.” she breathed. “Screw me hard and fast. Cum in me! CUM IN MY ASS!” Jessica couldn’t believe her ears! Her nipples were already hard, excited by what she’d seen and heard so far. Now they ached to be touched and Jessica’s right hand found her left nipple, teasing it. She watched as her father began thrusting faster into her mother’s raised ass, their bodies making an audible “smack”. Jenny’s breasts bouncing, and the flesh of her ass rippling. Jessica felt her panties clinging to her crotch, moistened with her own juices. “Yesss!” Jenny hissed. “Fuck my ass. Pump your cum into my ass, you big fucking stud.” Jessica heard the words again and couldn’t believe it. Her father was actually fucking her mother’s ass! She had heard about that kind of thing at school, but treated it with incredulous suspicion. Now she was witnessing it for herself, in her own house, with her own parents! It was incredibly exciting. Jessica let out a low sigh… a sigh of lustful teenage arousal. Her left hand replaced her right on her nipple, and her right hand slid under her panties and between her legs. Jessica knew she was wet, and she slipped one finger deep into young pussy, rubbing her clit frantically. She had been masturbating since she was twelve-years-old, and by now she knew exactly how to bring herself off in the shortest possible time. She slipped another finger into her tight, little cunt and began to move it in and out. The two bodies on the bed undulated and writhed about, glistening even in the semi-darkness of the room. Jenny’s long dark red hair flailed about her, as her body heaved and bucked to Tony’s rhythm. It wasn’t long before Tony groaned and began fucking his wife even harder. He was pulling on her hips and slamming his cock into her so hard that Jenny’s whole body shook. To young Jessica, it looked almost like her father was trying to drive even his balls inside her mother’s ass. Suddenly, they both stiffened and shuddered. Their groans and loud breathing filled the air for a few long moments, and then they fell silent. In the sudden silence Jessica stopped cold. Her own heavy breathing was covered by theirs, as was the wet, squishing sounds her fingers had been making in her pussy. She slowly caressed herself and watched the two lovers on the bed, her father on top of her mother from behind, both kissing and fondling each other in post-coital bliss, just floating along together. Jessica finally realized the show was over and she crept back to her bed, still excited by what she’d witnessed. Her own sleep came only after she’d rubbed her gooey little slit to orgasm, fantasizing about her father’s cock as she came. The next morning Jenny was in the kitchen first, having made coffee and preparing to make breakfast for the three of them. Jessica shuffled in wearing her robe, shaking out her long golden hair. “Well! Good morning sleepy-head!” her mother said cheerfully, handing over a cup of hot chocolate. “’Morning, Mom”, Jessica said blearily. “Thanks.” “Well, you look dreadful.” “I have an excuse, Mom”, smiled Jessica. “Mmmmm? And what might that be, dear?” asked her mother absently. “All that noise you and Daddy were making last night.” “Oh? I’m sorry, did we wake you, honey?” Jenny asked looking surprised. “Yeah, it’s okay though.” Jessica said. Jessica looked at her mother. They had always had a good relationship, more like friends than mother and daughter, and Jessica knew she could talk about sex with her mother openly. “Is Daddy good in bed, Mom?” asked Jessica, almost innocently. Her mother blushed, even through her early summer tan. “Well, er… yes, I’d ah… I’d have to say he was very good”, stammered Jenny. “But it’s not something a young girl asks her mother about her father, dear”“Why, Mom?” Her daughter had her there, Jenny realized. “Ah… I… I don’t know, it just isn’t done honey, that’s all.” “But, Mom, I thought you said for me to ask you anything about sex I wanted to know. You said anything at all, remember?” Jenny swallowed uneasily. This was going to be difficult. She tried desperately to think of a reason not to answer her daughter’s question, but couldn’t think of one. Remembering how her own mother had avoided the subject of sex at all costs, Jenny decided to be candid with her daughter. f******n years ago, Jessica herself had been the result of Jenny’s own dismal ignorance of sex. “Okay, honey”, said Jenny finally. “What exactly do you want to know?” “Nothing,” replied the young girl, nonchalantly. “I was just wondering if you and Daddy did some of the things I’ve heard about at school, that’s all.” “And what sort of things have you been hearing about at school?” “You know… weird things…” “You’re going to have to be more explicit than that, dear. I have no idea what you’re talking about.” “Well, some of the other girls talk about sucking a guy’s thing…. you know his um… cock. Do you and Daddy do that sort of thing?” Jenny almost went back on her promise to herself about telling Jessica the truth. But her daughter’s unashamed frankness prevented her. The last thing she wanted was Jessica growing up disgusted with sex, in any of its forms. “Yes, sometimes I do, honey”, Jenny, admitted. Jessica’s eyes lit up like birthday candles. “And um… does Daddy do the same for you, too? You know, lick your pussy?” “Sure, but I prefer the term nibble,” said her mother with a grin of insecurity. Jessica felt her own pussy moisten at the thought of her father’s tongue licking her mother’s wet cunt slit to orgasm. “Is he good, Mom?” “Mmmmmm, the best, baby”, admitted Jenny, feeling suddenly much more comfortable about talking to her daughter on such a personal subject. Jessica felt a sudden wetness between her thighs as her excitement leaked out through her panties and dampened the chair. She fought the urge to touch herself, crossing her legs instead. “Does Daddy have a big cock, Mom?”, she asked, remembering that it had been too dark to see much the night before. “Now, you’re getting a little too personal, dear”, smiled her mother. “At least let your father and I have a few secrets” “Aw, mom!”, frowned Jessica. After last night, she was eager for more juicy tidbits from her mother. “All I’ll say honey, is that your father is well-endowed, okay? Now, why don’t you go and take a cold shower, young lady,” giggled Jenny. Jessica smiled. “Okay Mom,” she said, walking out of the room. Before entering the shower, Jessica surveyed herself in the mirror. What she saw pleased her mostly. Fair skin but with a few freckles (never mind that most of her friends at school told her they were sexy), a pair of slightly bloodshot blue eyes, and a very attractive face. Her nose was a little too big she thought, but no one ever complained. Her best features, the ones she knew would always get the boys to look still pleased her. Her hair was straight, and long, stopping just below her waist, like a golden-blonde waterfall, and her eyebrows, which matched her hair exactly. Some of the bolder boys had asked her if her “other” hair was so perfectly matched. Sometimes, if the boy was cute, Jessica playfully invited him to see for himself, and only to see, no touching was allowed. Her budding breasts weren’t as large as she wanted, but at her age they were well proportioned to her lithe young body. Her waist was slender, and she was trim. Her history teacher had told her she had an athletic looking body, but he was always complimenting the more mature looking girls in his class, trying to get into their pants no doubt. He was kind of cute though, she mused. She wondered what his cock looked like, maybe if she played her cards right he’d even let her see it. Jessica stepped into the shower and soaped up, thinking of her mother and father’s performance last night. She didn’t masturbate though, she never could in the shower, but she did feel much better after she’d cleaned up and put on what little makeup she usually wore. She brushed her long hair, still wet, and used the blow dryer for about ten minutes. It was still damp when she stopped to answer the knock on the bathroom door. Her father stood in the hallway wearing jogging shorts and, as Jessica looked more closely… trying to keep an erection down. Jessica wore her robe but was naked underneath, and it showed. By the way he was staring at her, her father hadn’t missed it either. She smiled and let her father into the bathroom to change her light bulb, while she returned to the kitchen and the smell of bacon and eggs. Her mother’s t-shirt was outside of her shorts now, something Jessica noticed quickly. “I see Daddy’s said good morning to you,” she said. Jenny glanced down at her top, and then looked over at Jessica, grinning. “Yeah, the a****l!” she added with a wink. They ate breakfast when Tony returned, and afterwards, Jenny braided Jessica’s long blonde hair. Then she took her shower with Tony. Jessica tried unsuccessfully to ignore the sounds of splashing fun coming from the bathroom but it was no good, her easily-aroused young pussy became instantly moist at the very thought of her mother and father’s naked, wet bodies sliding sensually against each other under the steamy, cascading water. Afterwards, Jenny and Tony went out shopping, while Jessica contented herself with sunning by the pool, reading a new book by her favorite author. Her parents had offered to take her along, but Jessica knew they wanted to be alone. She’d lied about having to go out to a friend’s house, and just wanting to relax by herself for a while. She’d tell them her friend called to cancel as soon as they got back home. In the meantime, Jessica worked on her tan, hoping that her freckles would blend into a semblance of a tan at least. It was pretty and quiet this time of year, but still warm, and Jessica only stayed in the sun for a short while before moving into the shade. She read for about an hour and a half before she dozed off. Jessica awoke, stretching like a cat, and then stood up. The light coating of sunscreen still glistened on her skin and felt slippery since she’d perspired during her nap. She picked up her towel and turned to enter the house when she saw her mother and her father inside. They obviously didn’t know she was home, and hadn’t seen her lying in the shade. Jessica watched through the large glass doors, her eyes wide, blinking in amazement or sleepiness. Her mother lay on her back on the sofa, her ass at the edge of the cushions. She was naked, with her legs high in the air; her father was crouching between her thighs, rolling his face around in her open cunt. Her mother was shaking and rocking her hips, grinding her cunt up into Tony’s face, obviously enjoying his tongue. Jessica wondered what to do as she watched. Somehow they’d come back while she’d dozed off, and hadn’t seen her out here. Her father made her mother come in a gasping orgasm, which made Jessica very wet, and she wanted to finger her pussy, but she didn’t dare. She didn’t want them to catch her watching them, let alone masturbating while she did! Her parents swapped places, and now her mother was sucking on her father’s cock. In the daylight Jessica could see that her mother’s comments on the size of her father’s cock were an understatement. The thing was huge! The sight of his jutting organ sent a sensual thrill through her adolescent young body and Jessica squeezed her legs together in a vain attempt at relief. She picked up her book and ducked behind a wall, still watching her parent’s antics with growing excitement. Jessica watched as her mother sucked her father’s cock with practiced expertise. Jenny’s naked body was smooth and evenly tanned, except for the small light areas that showed the tiny bikini she normally wore. She could clearly see her mother’s open cunt slit, wet with her father’s saliva, and was only mildly surprised to find that the sight of her glistening, pink hairless gash excited her almost as much as the sight of a rock-hard cock. Concealed by the wall, Jessica slipped a hand beneath the waistband of her swimsuit and began fingering her pussy as she stared with lust at her horny parents. To the young girl, it seemed like her father’s erect prick was almost a foot long. She didn’t know how on earth her mother was taking it so far into her mouth, but she was anxious to find out. Jessica felt her feet moving, and she felt as though someone else was controlling them. As she moved, it came to her that she was going to walk in on them, and she prepared an “excuse”. If they objected or were embarrassed, she would simply go to her room, then shower off from her sunbathing. If they didn’t object then…well, she’d see. Jessica took a deep breath and opened the door, walking in and closing it carelessly behind her. Just as she entered, her mother looked up, and her father began to shoot. Mother and daughter locked eyes for a moment, and then Jessica’s eyes were drawn to the thick white cum spurting against her mother’s neck and chest. Jenny looked down, paused, and then engulfed Tony’s spurting cock, making him cry out loudly. Her father hadn’t seen her yet; his eyes were tightly shut as he groaned out his orgasm in exquisite bliss. Her mother looked up and nodded towards the kitchen. Jessica took one long last look at her father’s slimy cock and tiptoed quickly towards her room. She had noticed the wetness and color of her mother’s aroused cunt; it excited her strangely. As she walked she could feel the slipperiness of her own pussy and the tight, stiffness of her little nipples. She heard her mother whisper something to her father and the sound of hasty dressing. Jessica decided to take a shower in an attempt to cool down her i****tuous arousal, and had just gotten undressed when gaziemir escort she heard a soft knock at her door. “Yeah?” “It’s me, sweetheart, can I come in for a moment?”, she heard her mother’s muffled voice ask. “Yeah! Come in, Mom!”, said Jessica, hastily wrapping a towel around her naked young body. The door opened and her mother entered the room. She was fully dressed now, but her face still held a rosy flush of sexual excitement. “Can I talk to you about what happened just now,” asked Jenny? Jessica looked embarrassed and a little frightened. She was certain her mother was going to give her a good chewing-out for spying on them. “I’m really sorry, Mom!” she sputtered, “I won’t ever do it again, honest! I just couldn’t help but notice you and Dad fu… um. Doing it!” Jenny smiled at her daughter and sat down on the bed next to her. “Hey… hey… You’re not in any trouble, honey.” She crooned, hugging the girl affectionately. “I’m not going to get mad at you for a little natural adolescent curiosity.” “You’re not?” “No! In fact, your father and I both agree that we should be more open with you rather than trying to hide what we do behind closed doors. Now that you’re at that age where girls start to experiment with sex, we both want your first experiences to be as open and as pleasurable as possible.” “You mean you told Daddy I saw you um… sucking his thing, just now?” asked Jessica fearfully. “Sure!” smiled Jenny. “He was a little surprised at first, but when I told him about the lecherous way you were staring at his cock, I think he actually started to get hard again.” “MOM! That’s disgusting!” exclaimed Jessica, but she couldn’t suppress a faint, mischievous little smile at the thought of her father getting aroused by her. “Not to me it’s not, honey,” chuckled Jenny, “And don’t be so smug, I know you want to get your hands on your father’s big thick cock. I could see it in your eyes as you watched me suck him off just now. Am I right?” Jessica lowered her eyes and nodded silently, squiggling uncomfortably on the bed. Her mother was right; the sight of her Daddy’s long, thick erection glistening with saliva and cum had been a tremendous turn-on for the young girl. Even now her little pussy was still itching with arousal at the very thought of her father’s huge cock. “Don’t be ashamed, baby” said Jenny, hugging her daughter close. “I had the same feelings about my father when I was your age. I guess nearly every little girl does at some stage or another.” “Really?” chirped Jessica, happy that she was not alone in her i****tuous fantasies. “Sure. But not every girl is lucky enough to get a chance to actually do anything about it,” said her mother with a sly little grin.“You don’t mean that you, and…Grandpa, actually…ah” “…. screwed?” Jenny said, finishing her daughter’s question for her. “We still do, sweetheart. Your grandfather is hardly an old man you know, he’s only fifty one and believe me, he can still give your father a run for his money in the bedroom.” “Does dad know, you know, about you and Grandpa?”“Of course he does, sometimes he even joins in.”“All three of you, together?”“Yep. Sometimes I take both of them at the same time. Now that’s real fun!”Jessica was getting very wet between the legs listening to her mother’s startling family revelations. The thought of her big handsome grandfather fucking her mother was intensely arousing to the young girl, but the thought of her father and grandfather in her mother at the same time. WOW! She squirmed her ass on the bed and parted her thighs a little; in a vain attempt to alleviate the hot burning itch emanating from her aroused young pussy slit. Jenny could see that her daughter was getting sexually excited and decided that the mood was right to do something about it. She’d had several sexual encounters with other women in her life and even though Tony usually kept her fairly well satisfied in bed (and anywhere else he could get his cock into her without being arrested), occasionally Jenny had the urge to sample a little female flesh for a change. Watching her gorgeous young daughter squirming her naked little ass around on the bed was making Jenny horny too. “What’s wrong, honey?” she asked, stroking her daughter’s exposed thigh. Jessica’s young pussy moistened at her mother’s touch and instinctively she opened her thighs wider, u*********sly inviting the hand on her thigh to venture further. “I… er…. I… um… don’t know, Mom. I feel kinda, funny!” “Good ‘funny’ or bad ‘funny’, sweetheart?” asked Jenny, letting her fingers slide up under the hem of the towel, which just covered her daughter’s furry little crotch. “Good… I guess,” murmured Jessica. After all she had seen and heard today, her mother’s touch excited the young girl much more than she would admit to. “Do you want me to stop, honey?” asked her mother. “I will if you feel uncomfortable about this.” “N…no! No, don’t stop….” said Jessica, her voice almost a whisper as she lay her head against her mother’s shoulder. “I want you to touch me, Mom” “I am touching you, baby,” teased Jenny, inching her hand further up under the edge of the towel. “No… t..touch me between the legs, Mom,” Jessica panted, “Please stroke my pussy. I’m so hot and wet down there.” “Oooooohhh, my sexy little baby! I bet you are!” moaned Jenny. “Watching Mommy suck Daddy’s big hard cock got you all horny didn’t it, sweetheart?” “Ummmmmmm, yessss! But looking at your pussy got me hot too,” admitted Jessica. “Uuuuhhh, please, Mom… feel how wet I am!” With a low moan, Jenny dropped to her knees on the floor between Jessica’s legs, at the same time pulling the towel away from her daughter’s body. For a moment she just stared at the girl’s body, drinking in her daughter’s budding nakedness. Then, with her face down close where she could see, Jenny slid her hand between her daughter’s smooth young legs. The touch was light and sensual. Jessica’s legs opened wider, and her lips parted in a sigh of arousal. Jenny’s hand lingered a little longer, and then she began rubbing her fingers gently along the girl’s cunt slit. Jessica looked down, watching her mother caress her almost hairless pubes. Jenny’s mouth was only inches from her pussy. The sight aroused the young girl almost as much as the sensations her mother’s fingers were producing in her quivering loins. Instinctively, Jessica’s hand moved and touched her mother’s head lightly. To Jenny it was a silent invitation and she leaned forward and kissed Jessica’s pussy, then she began to lick and kiss her way up her daughter’s naked body. Jessica seemed to move on automatic. She leaned forward, tilting her head slightly, and then it happened. Their lips met in a kiss. Jessica was surprised at how warm and soft her mother’s lips were. Their breasts touched lightly, making Jessica’s nipples stand up even harder. When they parted, Jessica gazed into the eyes of her mother, her own eyes wide with wonder at the new experience. Jenny stood up and quickly removed her clothes, wanting to feel her daughter’s soft, naked flesh against her own. Jessica lay back watching her mother undress, her legs still wide apart and her hot little pussy slit gleaming with wetness. She couldn’t help the little gasp of pleasure, which escaped her lips when her mother’s naked tits jiggled into view. They were so big, and creamy and firm looking with large pink nipples that now stood stiffly erect, a testament to her mother’s arousal. Trembling with excitement Jessica reached out and touched her mother’s breasts. This was the first time she’d ever touched another woman sexually. The soft flesh was so warm, and exciting. Jenny’s full orb drew Jessica’s hand into a cup shape, which the young girl slid over the end of her mother’s breast. Jenny’s hands slid down and cupped her daughter’s tiny ass, kneading it softly. Jessica’s whole body trembled, as though she were going to have an all-over orgasm. Jenny trembled at her daughter’s nervous excitement and she leaned down, taking one of Jessica’s tiny young nipples between her lips. As she sucked on it, biting down delicately, Jessica gasped and pressed her soft tit into her mother’s face. Jenny pulled on the other nipple with her fingers, then gently sucked Jessica’s conical little tit almost entirely into her mouth. Her mother’s breathing was shallow and ragged, and Jessica could feel her cunt leaking warm cream down her thigh where they pressed against each other. Jessica felt like she was on fire. She grabbed her mother’s face and kissed her. It was nothing like the daughterly peck she usually gave her mother. It was one of the most passionate kisses she’d ever given. Jenny returned it, with her hands exploring the lean, smooth texture of her daughter’s slender adolescent body. When their kiss broke, Jessica burned with desire, a carnal lust that transcended gender and sexual taboos. She bent and licked around her mother’s nipple, then sucked hard on the erect bud. Jenny cradled the girl’s head to her breast, and felt Jessica sucking and licking her tit, suckling her just like she had done as a baby. But now it was different, her little sucking mouth sent shivers of lust to the core of Jenny’s being. Jessica’s right hand slid between her mother’s legs, stroking tentatively at first then more eagerly. Her own pussy spasmed when her fingers discovered that her mother’s cunt was soaking wet. Her fingers slid back and forth through the hot, slippery cunt lips, then Jessica sighed as her finger slid into her mother’s body. Jenny gasped, rocking her hips forward against her daughter’s exploring hand, trembling with excitement. Jenny crawled between Jessica’s legs and spread her daughter’s pussy-lips with her thumbs. Then, before the youngster fully understood what was happening, Jenny pressed her mouth over Jessica’s gooey little cunt and began to nibble and suck. Jessica threw back her pretty blonde head and moaned loudly. She couldn’t believe it. Her own mother was sucking her pussy! The feel of a mouth and lips on her hotly aroused little cunt felt utterly fantastic, and that tongue… her mother’s wonderful long tongue… swirling around inside her, probing and delving like a wiggly little cock. Jenny began sucking Jessica’s pussy like a puppy-dog, lapping her daughter’s free-flowing juices and sliding her hands up and down Jessica’s thighs. Jessica gasped for breath, her stomach heaved in and out and her legs trembled. Jenny sucked and licked, and Jessica shuddered. A wave washed over her, starting in her cunt and spreading outward, returning to her twat as a flood of thick creamy juice to be greedily lapped up by her ravenous mother. Jessica layback exhausted, her body weak and flushed. Jenny crawled up beside her and kissed her daughter’s tits, then kissed Jessica on the mouth. Jessica tasted her own juices, not for the first time but certainly the most erotic. Her mother’s lips were slick and their tongues danced. Soon, Jenny was gasping for breath, sucking off her daughter had excited the woman so much that her own cunt demanded immediate attention. She took Jessica’s hand and plunged three fingers into her horny gash, fucking them in and out as she kissed the girl passionately. Jessica sensed Jenny’s urgency; she was highly aroused. Her mother had given her so much exquisite pleasure and Jessica suddenly wanted to return the favor. Instinctively, Jessica moved her head between Jenny’s thighs and tentatively tongued her mother’s swollen pussy lips. Her tongue licked lightly over the glistening slit, finding her clit at the top, all swollen and hard. Jenny’s hips jerked, as Jessica continued to lick circles around it. Soon Jessica’s chin was slick with the juices seeping from her mother’s sex, and her little tongue was sliding all around. Jessica loved the feeling on her tongue, and her face. The smooth, warm, slippery wetness excited her, and the musky scent of her mother filled her nostrils. “Put your fingers in me, baby”, Jenny said breathlessly. Jessica did, first one finger, then two, then a third. Jenny’s hips bucked and Jessica flicked her tongue over her mother’s swollen clit. She felt the spasms around her fingers, the grasping, pulsing squeezes as her mother began to cum instantly. Jessica shoved her fingers in deep, moving her hand back and forth until her mother moaned loudly and began shuddering. Jenny’s hips ground against her daughter’s invading fingers, and her hand pushed Jessica’s face tightly against her cunt. When Jessica pulled her fingers out, they glistened with her mother’s cream, a few whitish globs clinging to her fingers. Jessica licked her fingers off, savoring it like a fine sauce. They lay on the bed for some time, hugging and kissing each other tenderly. They had shared something very special, and each felt closer to the other than they’d ever been before. Mother and daughter had become lovers. Tony was half-dressed, watching a movie when he became aware that Jenny was taking a long time talking to Jessica. He got up and went to Jessica’s room. The door was ajar but rather than barge right in, he cocked his head and listened first. A long low moan was the first thing he heard. He recognized the sound immediately. It was the sound his loving wife made when she was particularly aroused. Tony peeked inside, and the sight he saw made his cock jerk in his pants. His wife and daughter were naked, and Jessica was licking her mother’s cunt like a little demon. Tony stared at his daughter’s naked body and dropped a hand to his bulging crotch, watching the way she tongued Jenny’s over-ripe pussy. When Jenny came, he watched them kiss and hug tenderly. His cock was hard as a rock just looking at his daughter’s juicy slit, and he began to jerk off. His wife didn’t know it, but one of his favorite fantasies was about fucking his daughter. For some time now he’d been noticing how Jessica was developing into quite a hot little piece of ass. Sometimes while he was fucking Jenny he had visions of his daughter’s long skinny legs wrapped around him as he pumped her tight little virgin cunt… now it seemed like he would have his chance. With a lewd smile, Tony opened the door and went in, removing his shorts as he went. The two on the bed were too engrossed in each other to notice him until Tony sat down on the bed beside them completely nude. Jessica sat up guiltily, her pretty face covered with her mother’s juices, but Jenny wasn’t worried in the slightest. She had seen the smile on her husband’s face and knew what it meant. Tony was the first to speak. “Don’t worry honey, I’m not mad at you”, he said reassuringly. Jessica could only stare at her father’s huge erection. Her mother noticed it too. “Have you been spying on us, dear?” Jenny asked her husband with a cheeky smile. “Yep, and not a bad show either”, grinned Tony, slipping a hand up between his wife’s open thighs. He began to finger her cunt. “You want us both, don’t you honey?” Jessica heard her mother whisper. “Ohhh, Yes”, replied Tony. He noticed a look of uncertainty on his daughter’s face, and then added. “ But, er… only if Jessica wants to, that is.” Jessica smiled at that. She loved her father, and the sight of his big thick cock had plagued her thoughts ever since she first saw it. If her mom and dad wanted her to play their sexual games, she was only too happy to join in. She nodded her head in agreement, unable to take her eyes off her father’s naked cock. Up close it looked incredibly big to the young girl. Tony saw Jessica staring at his prick as he fisted it in his hand, tugging on the long stem of his tremendous erection. Jenny giggled. “Remember you asked me this morning about the size of you father’s prick, honey?” Jessica nodded. “Well? Now that you can see for yourself, what do you think?” “Jesus, it’s big,” blurted Jessica. Her parent’s laughed. “Not TOO big, I hope!” grinned Tony, eyeing his daughter’s pouting little slit.Jenny took her husband’s hand and placed it on their daughter’s cunt-mound. Tony’s finger slid inside. “Ah-h-h-h-h…Ohhhhhhhh, Daddy!” Jessica sighed, cupping Tony’s hand over escort gaziemir her little cunt. Her hips rocked against her father’s hand, urging him wordlessly to fuck her with his finger. Her eyes closed and her lips parted in a long sigh of pleasure. “She’s tight, isn’t she, honey?” Jenny asked softly, fisting her husband’s throbbing erection. “God, yes”, moaned Tony. “Tight, and hot!” Tony felt his daughter’s cunt clamp securely around his middle finger. She was like a vice. His fingertip pressed against her hymen and tentatively he probed further. The elastic little membrane gave a little, causing Jessica to moan, but Tony wasn’t sure if it was a groan of pleasure or a groan of pain. Her maidenhead felt intact, which swelled Tony’s heart with pride. His little girl still had her virginity… and she was going to give it to HIM. Without a word, Jenny slid down between her husband’s legs and took his rigid cock into her mouth. She sucked on him lovingly, moving up and down the shaft with quick movements. Her mouth watered and saliva coated his cock making it glisten wetly. Jessica watched, fascinated at the way her mother could take so much of that huge organ into her mouth. With her father’s finger in her pussy her excitement was building. She lifted her mouth to her father’s and kissed him, swirling her tongue around his as she had done with her mother. It felt good. Her father was a good kisser she decided. She loved the way his tongue pushed past her teeth and slid into her mouth, writhing against her own as their lips mashed together sensuously. Jessica sent her tongue halfway down her father’s throat, thrilled at the reaction it caused in him. He pulled her against him, crushing her hard little titties against his chest, his finger rubbing frantically in her flooded cunt slit. She felt her nipples pressing into her father’s naked flesh, the pressure exciting them both. Father and daughter mouth-fucked each other with their tongues, while their bodies blazed with fiery passions. At the same time, Tony’s hips rocked up to cram his cock into his wife’s mouth. Jenny was making loud slurping noises as she sucked her husband expertly, squeezing his huge balls just the way she knew he liked. Tony squeezed Jessica’s budding tits, and she began panting, looming closer to orgasm with each jab of her father’s finger into her cunt. He wasn’t penetrating her deeply, but the insistent pressure on her little clit was sending her over the edge, rapidly. Within seconds she came, her tiny cunt juicing copiously around her father’s finger, her little hips bucking and jerking, like crazy. Tony couldn’t hold on, either. His wife’s expert mouth had him nearing climax within seconds, and he felt the thick jism rising from his balls. Jenny’s hot mouth slid down his cock, making sloppy, wet sounds as his cock began swelling. Tony’s hips arched and he groaned loudly. In awe, Jessica saw her mother’s brow furrow in concentration and the thick pulsing of Tony’s cock in her mouth. Jenny’s mouth and jaw worked, and then Jessica heard a bubbling, squirting noise. Jenny moaned as his jism flowed, filling her mouth with his creamy cum. She sucked greedily, pulling his sperm into her mouth, coaxing every drop by licking just under the tip of the head. Finally spent, she let his softening cock slip from between her lips, trailing a dribble of sperm over her lower lip. Overcome with lust, Jessica leaned down and licked the excess semen from her mother’s lips. Jenny grabbed her head and pulled her closer. Jessica opened her mouth, wanting to taste more of her father’s cum. Jenny parted her lips and used her tongue to push the warm, thick mass of sperm into Jessica’s mouth. It was deeply erotic to the inexperienced young girl, and she sucked the sperm from her mother’s mouth. Then, they tongued each other fiercely, swishing cum back and forth into each other’s mouth, sharing Tony’s copious load between them. Parting their kiss, strands of jism connected their lips. Tongues flashed and collected it, and they both swallowed, devouring his jizz like a tasty cream sauce. Her father’s fingers had just brought her to orgasm, yet Jessica’s body refused to yield. Her passions were beyond what she’d ever experienced, and she wanted to come so badly she would do anything her mother or father asked. “Oh, Mom, Dad, that was wonderful. But I want more. I want Daddy’s cock inside me…. I want to be fucked!” Jenny turned to her husband. “Yes, fuck her, Tony. I want to watch. Make our little girl a woman!” Tony lay his daughter on her back and spread her legs wide. Kneeling between her gorgeous thighs he aimed his throbbing cock at her cunt. Jenny reached out and pointed the tip towards her daughter’s little pink hole. “Umm, let me,” she husked, “I wanna help you fuck her, hon.” Tony grunted and let his wife guide the head of his prick between his daughter’s cunt lips. It was a tight fit, but the cream form her previous orgasm provided more than enough lubrication. The huge cock head parted the youngster’s cunt lips like a hot knife through butter, and as all three of them watched intently, Tony’s cock slid slowly into Jessica’s clinging little pussy. “Ohhh Jeeezzus!” Tony moaned. “She’s so tight isn’t she?” Jenny said to Tony. “And so hot and wet. Ohhhhh, baby! Fuck her! Go ahead, I know you want to fuck her and cum in her cunt. Do it!” Jenny was rubbing her pussy wildly as she watched her husband’s cock fill her daughter’s tiny little cunt. It was barely halfway in when Tony felt the inevitable barrier. He pushed a little harder but the taut membrane of flesh refused to give. Jessica’s face was a mask of pleasure and pain. “Am I hurting you, baby”, Tony asked her. “No, I’m okay”, Jessica panted. “Push harder, Daddy! I want you to fuck me!” With that, Tony lunged a little harder, lifting his daughter’s ass clear off the bed as he drove into her. Jessica gave a little squeal as her hymen broke, followed instantly by a loud moan of pleasure as her father’s cock sank into her little virgin cunt to the balls. Jessica gasped for breath, then sighed as his cock began sliding in and out of her. It felt so good to have her big handsome father fucking her slippery hole. With one hand, Jenny caressed her daughter’s body, the other hand worked frantically between her own legs, rubbing her pussy in a frenzy of lust. Watching her husband fuck their daughter was the wildest turn-on she had ever witnessed. Jenny wanted to get her big black dildo to fuck herself with while she watched her daughter getting fucked by Tony, but she didn’t want to miss a single stroke. Tony fucked Jessica slowly at first, trying to restrain himself in Jessica’s incredibly tight young cunt. She was like a little china doll he was afraid of breaking. Her body glistened with sweat, and with her ass high, offering her cunt to him; Tony was straining not to shoot too soon. He wanted it to last, for her as well as for him. It was her first time, and he wanted it to be the best fuck she’d ever have. Jenny was beside herself with lust, shoving three fingers inside her frothy cunt. “Ram that cock up her cunt and fuck her!” she gurgled. “Make her cum all over that beautiful cock of yours. She wants you to fill her with cum, don’t you honey?” Jessica nodded, gazing up into her father with the most pitiful, pleading look he had ever seen. “Ooooh, yes, Daddy! Fuck me, please fuck me!” she begged. “Okay, baby, you asked for it. Hang on!” grunted her father. Tony pumped faster, his cock throbbing and straining. It felt like his cock was a steel ramrod; plunging in and out of Jessica’s soft flesh Her cunt was extremely tight yet well lubricated. It made squishing, slippery noises, and the way she moved her ass made Tony grimace to keep his resolve. “Ohhhhh yes! Cum in me Daddy!” Jessica moaned. “Fill me with cum! Fuck me! Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me!” Then the unbelievable happened. Jessica’s eyes went wide, her voice got horse, and her breathing got shallow. “Ooohhh god Daddy, you’re getting bigger. It feels so good, fuck me Daddy, fuck your baby Daddy. Fill my cunt with your cream, MAKE ME A WOMAN DADDY!”Tony felt his balls tighten. It was almost like a dream. His sexy little daughter was writhing around beneath him like a whore, begging him to fuck her, and her moans of pleasure told him that she loved every second of it! He fucked his daughter like a madman, only vaguely aware of his wife’s presence. Beside them, Jenny was moaning and finger-fucking her sloppy cunt like crazy as she watched, her eyes glazed over with lust. “Yes! Harder! Fuck her harder! Cum in her cunt”, she chanted. “I want to suck your cum out of her. Let me lick your sperm from our daughter’s cunt. Soak her, Tony! Ram that thing up her hot little cunt and fill her with cum!” Jessica was moaning too, but her moans were largely unintelligible. She was riding a wave of pleasure so intense that she wished it would never stop. She hunched her cunt up at her father, trying to get more of his big, thick, manly cock into her. If this was what fucking was like, she wanted to fuck forever! Tony’s cock exploded, gushing thick sperm into his whimpering young daughter’s cunt. He thrust deep into her, pressing his throbbing cock as deep into his daughter’s spasming cunt as it would go. Jenny could see his cock swell between Jessica’s cunt lips with each pulse, and feel the tension in his legs as well as all through Jessica’s sweat-slickened body. Tony spurt and spurt into Jessica, feeling like his body was draining itself dry in her, trying to fill her sucking little cunt to capacity with his sperm as Jessica’s body twitched with each spurt mixing her cum with his in her own climax. At last he stopped, feeling the thick warmth surrounding his cock inside her. Jessica was moaning softly, and grinning broadly. Jenny pulled Tony back, and as his cock popped out of his daughter’s sperm-filled little cunt, his soft, wet cock hitting her mouth and chin with a wet splat. Jenny licked the head and shaft clean, and then pulled Jessica’s cunt to her mouth. Opening her mouth wide, Jenny began sucking the length of her daughter’s cum-filled slit, lapping up the sperm and cunt-juice that flowed out of the gooey little snatch. Jenny shoved her tongue inside Jessica’s hole, withdrawing it covered with their rich, creamy mixture. Jenny lapped and sucked at Jessica’s pussy, making her daughter climax twice. When she finally finished, her face and neck was slick with their juices. Jessica rolled off, sat up and kissed her mother deeply, licking her own cum mixed with her father’s sperm from Jenny’s lips and face. Mother and daughter hugged and kissed one last time, then looked at Tony, who was sitting beside them striking another enormous hard-on. “Wow! You don’t get that hard again so quick when you fuck me, you horny bastard!” Jenny teased. “Nobody could stay limp watching you two.” Tony smiled. “Can you cum again, Daddy?” Jessica asked, innocently. “I sure can, baby,” grinned Tony, fisting his rejuvenated erection towards the two women. “Who’s next?” “Ohhhh, Daddy! Can I watch you fuck Mommy now? Pleeeease!” begged Jessica, reaching out to stroke her mother’s juicy wet cunt slit with one hand, and her father’s long hard cock with the other. Jenny smiled at her husband and layback spreading her legs wide. “Come on, big boy!” she winked, holding her arms out to him. “Climb on and let’s show our little girl how to really fuck up a storm.” Tony grinned at his beautiful wife and scrambled between her widespread thighs. Jessica knelt on the bed beside her parents, watching intently as Tony lowered his face to Jenny’s crotch and began to expertly lick and suck his wife’s glistening pink cunt flesh. Jessica’s young pussy tingled as she watched her father’s tongue slide up and down the length of her mother’s cunt slit. She dropped a hand between her legs and fingered her own hot little cunt in time with her father’s jabbing tongue. “Uuuuhhhh, yeahhhhh!” moaned Jenny; hunching her crotch up to her husband’s munching mouth. “Suck me good, baby! Get me all hot and wet for your big fat cock!” Tony didn’t need any encouragement, as he pressed his face into his wife’s gaping slit, driving his tongue in as deep as he could, licking and sucking her lewdly spread pussy as if he were a starving man. Jenny’s juices were flowing in no time and it soon became obvious, even to the watching young girl that her mother was more than ready to fuck. Her father obviously thought so too, because he suddenly pulled his face from between his wife’s thighs and climbed on top of her, pausing barely a second before letting his cock slip between the hot, gooey folds of her up thrust pussy. Jenny squealed with delight as her husband’s hardness entered her, impaling her squirming sex with his huge spike. Jenny bucked her hips up to meet him, hunching her cunt up at Tony’s pounding cock with ever-increasing urgency. As Tony fucked in and out of his wife’s tightly clenched pussy, the fact that their 16-year-old daughter was watching them intently was an incredible turn-on. His cock had never felt so big and hard in his life. It must have been affecting Jenny in a similar fashion, he thought, because her cunt felt different somehow, hotter, wetter… even tighter. Her cunt lips were pinker and more swollen than usual, making for a much snugger fit. His cock felt like it was made just to fit her pussy; her hot, sucking flesh caressed every vein as it slipped in and out. If he closed his eyes he could almost imagine he was fucking a teenager, she was so tight. The thought made him turn and stare at his pretty daughter, kneeling beside them. She had both hands between her gorgeous young thighs now, rubbing her fingers feverishly up and down the length of her glistening pink slit. Tony could see her middle finger sliding inside occasionally to fuck deep up into her hot little pussy hole. Her eyes were half closed with lust and her gaze was fixed on her father’s long, thick cock as it plowed in and out of her mother’s cunt. Jenny looked over at her daughter as Tony pounded his cock into her. “Ohhhh, baby, you’re so horny aren’t you?” moaned Jenny. “Come here and let Mommy take care of your tasty little pussy while Daddy fucks me.” Jessica pulled her fingers out of her cunt and scooted her ass over to her mother as fast as she could. Jenny positioned her daughter so she was straddling her head, facing her father. The girl’s hot little pussy was literally dribbling cunt-cream into her mother’s lips as Jessica lowered her ass and dropped her gaping young slit right onto Jenny’s open mouth. “Oooh Jesus, Mom, suck me, lick me please! Uhhh, make me come! Make me come, please”, begged Jessica, holding onto her father’s shoulders for support. Jenny plunged her tongue into Jessica’s musky little pussy, darting it in and out as fast as she could. Then she pulled on her daughter’s hard little clit with her teeth, sucking it gently and flicking it with her tongue. It felt so damn good! As her tongue lashed Jessica’s drooling cunt, Jenny hunched her cunt against her husband’s cock with shameless abandon, bucking and thrusting her hips upward in a desperate attempt to increase the tingles and thrills coursing through her body. Within minutes, she had several powerful orgasms, her mind exploding with intense pleasure, again, and again, and again. Jenny had always wanted to try a threesome with another woman, but this was different, this was her family she was fucking… and it was absolutely fantastic! The only thought in her lust-crazed mind as she felt her daughter’s pussy cumming on her mouth and her husband’s cock grinding into her pussy, was that they should have done this ages ago. Tony was in seventh heaven as he slammed his cock deep up into his moaning, cunt-licking wife. Fucking Jenny while she ate out their gorgeous little daughter was such a turn-on! He had no idea that Jessica was such a horny, insatiable young k**; otherwise he would probably have started fucking her sooner, with or without his wife’s consent. Many were the times that Tony had gone to his cute little daughter’s gaziemir escort bayan bedroom over the past couple of years to say goodnight and left with a huge erection. Invariably he gave Jenny a good long workout on those occasions, but even as he fucked his whimpering wife, his mind was on his daughter’s tight, snug little cunt. Jessica leaned forward and gave her father a long, passionate kiss, mashing her lips against Tony’s with the same heated fervor that she used to grind her drooling little cunt over her mother’s hotly sucking mouth. Tony kissed her back, driving his tongue deep into his daughter’s throat, fucking her sweet mouth with the same tempo he was using to fuck his cock into her mother’s slurping cunt hole. “Uuuuuuuhhhh, Daddy! I’m cummming!!” gasped Jessica, pulling her lips from her father’s hungry kiss. “Mommy is making me cum again… Unnnnghhh! Fuck her! Fuck her hard, Daddy! Lets’ all cum together, then you can fuck me again!!” Tony increased his thrusts into Jenny’s sloppy pussy, his daughter’s wanton plea ringing in his ears. The girl’s shameless request made his cock swell even larger inside his wife’s hotly-clinging cunt hole as he fucked her unmercifully, ramming the whimpering, writhing woman hard and fast as Jenny tried to keep her mouth fixed over her daughter’s squirming pussy hole. They were all extremely close now, and all that was needed was for one of them to cum and the others would follow like dominoes. It was Tony who climaxed first. Jessica’s offer to let him fuck her tight, steamy little hole again was enough to send him over the edge like a rocket. Tony shuddered and slammed his huge, twitching prick deep up inside his wife’s cunt, wrapping his arms around his daughter as he grunted out his orgasm into her rapidly jiggling tits. Jenny felt her own climax peak as her husband’s cock swelled inside her, squirting load after load of hot, sticky sperm deep up inside her quivering cunt. In turn, Jessica orgasmed almost immediately as her mother’s hot tongue shot deep up into her rapidly hunching young pussy. Jenny’s chin was grinding against her daughter’s throbbing clit as Jessica clung to her Daddy and fucked her cunt on her Mom’s face in a wild frenzy of adolescent lust. All three collapsed in an exhausted heap on the bed, Tony’s cock still twitching inside Jenny’s spasming cunt. Jessica was kissing her father deeply, sliding her tongue inside his mouth in time with her mother’s gentle licking of her quivering little pussy. “Ohhhh, God! That was fantastic!” murmured Jessica, snuggling up to her parents. Jenny and Tony cuddled with their daughter, stroking her slender, naked young body lovingly. It was indeed “fantastic”. Neither had been so deeply aroused before. For Tony, fucking his gorgeous wife while his sexy little daughter was in the same bed with them was an unbelievably exciting event, and for Jenny, her wildest dreams had cum true… she’d finally been able to indulge herself in the threesome she’d craved for so long. The fact that the third partner in her first ménage a trios was her very own daughter only served to heighten Jenny’s intense sexual pleasure. Jessica fondled her parent’s genitals, rubbing her little fist up and down her father’s sticky, limp cock as she stroked her mother’s hairless, cum-filled cunt. Tony had his own fingers in his little girl’s pussy while Jenny fondled her budding young tits, paying special attention to Jessica’s hard little nipples. “Mom… Dad?” murmured Jessica tentatively. “Yeah, honey?” replied Tony, sliding a finger up inside his daughter’s tight little fuck hole. “I feel …umm… I feel horny again!” It was a simple statement of fact, said so innocently that Jenny and Tony could do little but stare at each other in amazement. Their little daughter wanted to have sex with them… AGAIN!! Normally, after fucking his wife so long and hard, Tony would simply roll over and go to sleep, but tonight with his sexy little daughter in the bed with them, he felt like he could go all night. One look at Jessica’s slender, naked body and the tight, glistening little slit between her carelessly open thighs was all it took. Almost instantly, Tony’s cock began to swell in his daughter’s fist. A revelation not lost on the horny young girl. “Oooooh, Daddy! You want to fuck me again, don’t you?” she giggled. “Mmmmm, I sure do, baby!” grinned Tony, grinding his middle finger deep up inside his daughter’s hot, clasping little cunt hole. He shot a glance at his naked wife. “Lie back, honey and let Jessica suck you off while I fuck her this time.” In a daze, Jenny obeyed, spreading her oozing, cum-filled pussy to her daughter’s hungry gaze. Jessica crawled between her mother’s thighs and lowered her face eagerly to Jenny’s open cunt. Her cute little ass sticking up in the air like that made Tony’s cock twitch with excitement. He climbed up between his daughter’s thighs and grasped the tiny girl by the ass, rubbing his long, stiff cock up and down in her juicy, wet cunt slit. Jessica moaned into her mother’s cunt, wiggling her naked little ass back at her Daddy as she felt his huge cock sliding the length of her eager young gash. “Uhhhhh, please fuck me Daddy!” she whimpered, lifting her glistening young face from her mother’s pussy. “Fuck me hard while I suck Mommy’s cunt!” Tony looked down at his horny little daughter and grasped her by the hips, positioning the tip of his cock in her tiny pussy-slit. Once he felt the large, flared head pop inside Jessica’s tight little fuck hole, Tony drew his hips back, hesitated, then slammed forward, driving his cock into his daughter’s hot, clinging cuntal sheath. Jessica made a muffled gasping sound into her mother’s pussy, which quickly became a series of little whimpers of delight as Tony began to move his hips back and forth. He could feel her tight little cunt grip his cock like a fist as he shoved it in deep, then the delicious sucking sensation as he withdrew. The excitement of fucking such a hot, tight young cunt was something Tony only dreamed about these days. But this was his own cute little daughter. He could still hardly believe he was actually fucking her… for the second time in almost an hour! Not that he had not wanted to for several years. As a matter of fact, he thought, he had fantasized about fucking Jessica since he had walked into her bedroom one night when she was about 13 and found her asleep naked, on her bed. He had taken a peek at her young pussy then but not a very satisfactory one. Now, here he was, his cock buried to the hilt in that tight, clinging adolescent cunt. God, what a turn on! Tony felt his balls tighten and he hoped he would be able to last long enough to give his little daughter the incredibly powerful orgasm she so richly deserved. Jessica was licking and sucking her mother’s cunt with obvious relish as her father pistoned his cock into her from behind in a slow yet powerful rhythm. Her tongue flicked at her mother’s clit, darting down through the tasty, wet slit to her anus. Then, dragging her tongue back to Jenny’s cunt, Jessica slowly eased the tip into her mother’s hot, gaping fuck hole. As she felt Jessica’s tongue penetrate her cunt, Jenny reached down and placed her hands on the back of her daughter’s head, grinding the girl’s face hard against her quivering cunt. The incredible excitement of having her own daughter eating her pussy sent shudders of ecstasy coursing throughout her slender, naked body. Never had Jenny experienced a feeling like this, her passion seeming to engulf her with its fire. Her nerves were alive, her senses heightened and her breathing came in deep, heavy gasps as her gorgeous young daughter sucked and probed and licked her pussy to rapidly-approaching orgasm. Tony was hunching into Jessica’s slippery little cunt fiercely now, driving his cock deep and struggling to get it in to the hilt with every stroke. His balls slapped against her clit, causing the girl to moan as her mouth was pushed rhythmically onto her mother’s gaping pussy by her father’s powerful cock-thrusts. Jenny looked up at her husband with glazed, lust-filled eyes. “Ohhhh, yeahhhh! Fuck her, honey!” she gasped, staring at Tony’s huge glistening prick sliding in and out of their little daughter’s cunt. “Fuck her hard, Tony! Fuck her face into my cunt!” She saw the look of concentration on her husband’s handsome face and added, “Ummmmmm, you love to watch your big, hard cock slamming into her tight wet pussy, don’t you, darling?” Tony murmured in the affirmative as he gazed down at his long, thick prick push his daughter’s little cunt lips in and out of her tightly clasping snatch. The sight of Jessica’s juicy, pussy-flesh clinging to his glistening shaft as he fucked his cock in and out of her tight little teenage cunt was tremendously exciting. Jessica was moaning loudly now, her cries muffled to a large extent by her mother’s wet cunt. Had she not been sucking her mother off, Jessica would have most certainly have been squealing with delight as her father’s massive cock pounded her hot little pussy, impaling her squirming sex with his i****tuous spike. The horny young girl bucked her firm little ass back to meet him, hunching her cunt at her father’s pounding cock with ever-increasing urgency. Even with the heavy fucking Tony was giving the young girl, Jessica never once pulled her lips off her mother’s cunt. Jenny’s ass was squirming around all over the bed and her hips were hunching up wildly, trying to press her cunt as tight as possible against her daughter’s hotly sucking mouth. “Uuuuhhhhh, Jesus! Suck me!” she whispered hoarsely. “Suck my pussy, baby! Fuck me with you tongue! Ooooooooohhhhhh, yeahhhhhhh, eat Mommy’s cunt!!” Jessica gave her mother’s creamy cunt a series of fast stiff jabs with her tongue and then took her clit into her mouth and sucked hard. Jenny came on the spot, moaning and whimpering loudly as her daughter’s eager young mouth and tongue pushed her over the edge into climax. Tony watched his beautiful wife squirm in orgasm under his daughter’s bobbing head. Jenny was moaning constantly now, her hips bucking up off the bed like she was having a fit or something. Tony was both surprised and aroused by the intensity of his wife’s orgasm. Jenny’s fingers were grabbing handfuls of Jessica’s golden hair as she forced her daughter’s face down against her convulsing twat, urging the girl to suck her quivering, cumming cunt hole even harder. Jessica was close to climax as well; her father’s constant pounding and occasional deep, penetrating thrusts were a dynamite combination. Tony’s hands were on her hips as he pulled her back onto his cock, fucking his daughter’s tight little cunt with brutal efficiency. Within minutes, Jessica squealed out her own climax, lifting her head from her mother’s pussy to look back over her shoulder at her humping father. “UHHHHHH! GOD! I’M CUMMMING, DADDY! FUCK ME!!!” she screamed. “OOOOOH, FUCK ME, HARD! RAM THAT BIG FAT COCK UP MY CUNT AND FUCK ME! UUUNNGHHHHH, DADDDDDDDYYYYYY!”Jessica was wriggling around like a snake, grinding her cunt back onto her father’s pumping prick. Tony grabbed her hips and held on tight, using them as levers to pull her spasming little cunt hard onto his ramming cock with each stroke. Jessica whole body was trembling now, her ass weaving from side to side as her father really began to pound his prick into her, urging her on. “That’s it, baby, cum… Cum for me… Cum all over Daddy’s big fucking prick!” Jessica’s little ass shuddered against him as wave after wave of intense pleasure washed over her. With a loud cry, she slumped forward over her mother, her father’s cock still buried deeply in her quivering cunt. Tony continued to fuck the girl, as she lay sprawled on top of her mother. Jenny wrapped her arms around her daughter and kissed her hard, grinding her gooey pussy up at Jessica’s cock filled little cunt-mound, loving the feel of Tony’s cock slide over her clit as it slammed up into the girl’s tight young pussy. He was stimulating both their clits with his cock at once. “Ohhh, that feels so good!” gasped Jenny, hunching her hips up so that her husband’s cock made even firmer contact with her feverish clit. “God, keep that up! I could cum again like this. Fuck us, Tony! Fuck us both!” Tony kept driving into his daughter’s creamy cunt. The bulge caused by his cock stretching her cunt was mashing Jessica’s erect little clit against her mother’s on every stroke. He was indeed fucking them both at the same time. Or rather his motion was causing them to fuck themselves. In any case, it was a tremendous turn-on. It wasn’t long before Tony felt his balls begin to swell with cum. It wouldn’t be long now he was sure, but he wanted his wife to cum with him as he filled his daughter’s tight little cunt with his hot, i****tuous load. Tony reached down into the steamy swamp between their wide-spread thighs and rubbed his fingers through Jenny’s gaping slit, feeling his cock sliding over her hairless, wet cunt lips as it slid back and forth inside his daughter’s hot clinging little hole. Their clits were being mashed and rubbed together as he fucked Jessica, but Jenny obviously needed more stimulation. Tony inserted two fingers into his wife’s slippery snatch, jamming them in as deep as he could until his palm was pressed hard up against her pubic bone, his fingers deep inside her smooth wet gash. “Oh, fuck, yesssssss!” gasped Jenny, as her husband began wiggling his fingers around inside her hot, clasping wetness. “Fuck me, darling! Fuck our daughter… Uuuuuunnghghhh, God! Fuck us both!!” Tony’s rammed his cock into his daughter and his fingers into his wife, holding back his own climax until he sensed that they were both about to cum. Then as the two women writhed and squealed in ecstasy, he pulled his cock out of his daughter’s cumming cunt and shoved it into his wife’s, fucking into her as deeply as he could. His cock squirted powerfully, filling Jenny’s squirming cunt hole with the first few squirts of his sperm. Instead of leaving it there, Tony quickly pulled his twitching, jerking prick out of his wife and thrust it back into his daughter’s tight little twat and gave the horny young teen the rest of his creamy i****tuous load. “Oooohhhhh, Daddy!” gasped Jessica, as she felt her father’s sperm squirt deep up inside her contracting little hole. “Cum in us, Daddy! Cum in both our cunts! Uuuuuunhhhhhh!” She was squirming her ass and cunt around like a bitch on heat, and Tony smiled, realizing that that wasn’t too far from the truth. God, what a sexy little piece she was! He looked down at her cock-filled pussy poking out from between her parted thighs. The almost hairless little twat was stretched wide by his cock and his sperm was leaking out around the base of his cock, even the tight grip of her elastic young cunt lips couldn’t contain the huge load he’d just dumped into her snug little hole. Tony pulled his cock out of his daughter’s pussy and lay beside them, cuddling them both. The three of them lay there panting for several minutes, trying to catch their breath, just hugging and fondling and kissing each other. They had never felt closer as a family than they did right now. However, now that they had finally bridged the artificial social hurdle of i****t and found they liked it, there was one thing on all their minds. Jessica was the first to bring it up. “Mom? Dad? Umm, now that we’re all… you know… fucking…” said the young girl shyly. “Well, I was just wondering…. umm… are we all going to sleep together from now on? Three in a double bed is okay for fucking, but it’s kinda cramped for sleeping, don’t you think.” “Hmmmm, you’re right, sweetheart”, replied her father. “I guess you’ll just have to sleep in our bed from now on.” “Ohhh, Daddy!” cried the naked girl, hugging her father happily. “I was hoping you’d say that!!” Tony stroked his daughter’s slender young body as she pressed her tits against him and kissed him hotly on the lips. Then she did the same to her mother, finally hugging them both at the same time. “I’m so happy!” she giggled, “I won’t ever have to worry about feeling horny and frustrated again.” Tony and Jenny looked at each other and laughed, replying in unison. “Neither will we, honey… neither will we!” They all drifted happily off to sleep, one big happy family.