Original Angels Ch. 46

Big Tits

This is a continuous story. There are many characters who have all been introduced and defined in previous submissions. The reader is strongly advised to visit my author page and read Intro, Massaging Trish, the Weekend With Angels series, Angelic New Year, and Our Wedding, to better understand the story. Since this story is the recounting of a ten day cruise it will undoubtedly involve several chapters submitted over a period of time. Be patient. I waited long enough to take the cruise, and it was worth it.

All characters are over the age of eighteen.


I woke up on Tuesday morning for the first time in my life as a married man, a very happily married man. My bride, Trish, was wrapped in my arms. The scent of her hair filled my head with delight. The scent of sex in our room filled my body with desire. Our wedding night lovemaking had left the bed in quite a mess. But as usual I woke up in an aroused state, ready for more. I was patient though. I can always wait until Trish wakes up because I know that when she does, she’ll be ready too.

I heard sounds coming from the kitchen. Normally our bedroom door is open and it’s not unusual for Trish’s daughters Tracy and Teri to come and join us in bed in the morning. But last night was our wedding night, and when Trish and I went to bed, we closed the door so that we could focus only on each other with no disturbances.

Trish began to stir in my arms. She rolled her head until our mouths were touching and we shared a good morning kiss followed by a beaming smile.

‘Good morning Mr. Randall.’

‘Good morning Mrs. Randall.’

We kissed again as she pulled herself up onto my body. She spread her legs and slipped down until my dick was poking at her pussy. I held the cheeks of her ass while she pushed herself down further causing me to slide in. She was still wet from all of our nighttime activities and I was immediately in deep. Trish sat up and wiggled her butt down on my hips. Then she began that familiar rocking motion. It’s her morning ritual — our morning ritual — to fuck me until I cum in her pussy. Sometimes she’ll sit up and feed it to me afterwards while I eat her out. On other days she likes to get up with my cum inside her and let it be a reminder all day long of how we started the morning.

She stood up on her knees and my dick popped out of her. I looked up to see what she was doing.

‘Did you enjoy fucking my ass last night?’ she asked coyly.

‘Oh did I ever!’

She turned herself around and faced my feet as she stuffed my cock back into her warm pussy.

‘Does it still look good to you? Do you love my ass?’

I took a close look at it before answering. Her skin is smooth and tan. And although Trish is nearly forty years old, almost fifteen years older than me, her ass is tight and firm. Her body looks more like a twenty something than her true age. Her hips are slim, her belly is flat, her tits are small and stand up on their own, and her ass is solid!

‘You know I love your ass! I love every little bit of your hot body! And right now I wish I had a two foot long tongue so I could kiss your ass!’

‘Oh baby if you had a two foot long tongue, you’d be doing a lot more than kissing my ass!’

She began her rocking again and I responded by thrusting my hips upward in time with her. There were squishing sounds coming from our juices as they were blended together in Trish’s hot pussy. Trish had one hand pinching her nipple and her other hand tugging on the gold ring that pierces her clit. She was starting to moan the familiar sound that told me she was close to cumming. I had no need to hold back.

There was a knock at the door. And without waiting for an answer, it opened and Teri stepped into the room with her friend Amy. Seeing her mom and me fucking was no surprise and she stepped closer to the bed as Trish continued to fuck me. Amy’s eyes met mine and she smiled a big one, knowing that she had once been in the same position that Trish was in on my lap. I thought about how she must know exactly what Trish was feeling at that very moment, an amazing thought to have as I was about to begin my orgasm.

Both girls were wearing tank style undershirts and no pants. I gazed momentarily at their bare young pussies and felt an extra jolt as I pumped my way into my bride.

‘Hi… honey.’ Trish said nearly out of breath as she kept up her pace.

‘Hi mom. Hi Rob.’ Teri said as she peeked around her mother to see my face as my first spurt of cum shot up into Trish.

‘Ooh yeah! Mmm, Oh I love it! Yes!’ Trish cried.

I felt a warm rush as her cum washed over me and we came together for the next minute or so. Teri and Amy sat and watched the whole time. When we finished Teri spoke.

‘Mom, you look so pretty when you cum! Do you always cum so hard?’

What a question I thought that was! But then, this whole scene was far different from what I ever imagined married life would be.

‘Oh God honey,’ Trish replied, ‘this is what Rob always does to me! You’ll learn as you go through life that there’s good sex and then there’s great tuzla escort sex. Sex with Rob is great sex!’

‘Mmm it sure is!’ Amy said quietly.

Trish looked over at her and smiled. ‘That’s right. You’ve been on the receiving end. He really knows how to make a girl cum, doesn’t he?’

‘Mmm yeah. He makes me cum even more than my dad does.’

I took that as a huge compliment since Amy’s father, Tom, has a huge penis. It’s easily a foot long and I’m not even sure that I could wrap my own fist around it. Thinking of Amy taking that thing inside of her is a feat in itself. I looked down between her legs. She seems so petite and fragile. And when we fucked on New Years Eve she seemed very tight. The human body is really incredible.

‘We’re making some breakfast.’ Teri offered nonchalantly. ‘Would you like some?’

‘Yeah, what did you make?’ I asked.

‘I made an egg and bacon casserole. It’s baking now. And Amy is in charge of the bagels.’

‘Ooo, that sounds good.’ Said Trish, ‘I guess we should all eat a good breakfast since we’ll be traveling today.’

Trish was still sitting with my dick inside of her. I could feel my cum dripping out and running down onto my balls.

‘Hey, what’s going on in here?’ We heard Tracy’s voice as she and her friend Tammi appeared at the door. ‘Something’s cooking in the kitchen and it smells good.’

‘Teri made breakfast so I guess we should all get up.’ Trish answered. ‘Are you all packed and ready for when the cars get here?’

The plan is to have everyone meet here at our home this morning. I’ve hired two stretch limos to take us to the airport in Phoenix. Everyone can leave their cars here. We’ll fly out this afternoon and board the ship tonight.

Tracy and Tammi were dressed about like Teri and Amy in short tshirts and nothing else. If it wasn’t for the trip and all of the guests who were going to be arriving soon, I would have been happy to hang out in bed all day with these beauties.

‘Yeah we’re packed. How many times are we gonna have to get dressed?’

‘Well if you want to go shopping on any of the islands, you’ll need to wear something, even if it’s just a shirt over your swimsuit. But you can’t walk around in any of the towns in just a thong.’

‘OK. I got everything into one suitcase. ‘Cause we can be naked on the boat all the time, right?’

‘That’s the whole idea.’

‘Do they have lots of chaises and chairs and stuff on the decks to lie on?’

‘Honey, you’ve seen the brochure with the pictures. You know they do.’

‘Do our rooms have windows?’

‘I’m sure they do, but they’re probably small.’

Trish stood up on her knees again releasing my shaft from her mine. It flopped over, still wet and sticky. Teri leaned down and dove under her mother and took my cock in her mouth. She was sucking it and licking all of our cum off. Within a minute or two she had me all cleaned up. This has become a fairly regular part of our morning routine. I realize that plenty of guys wake up everyday and make love with their wives, but not too many then get to have their step daughters suck their dicks.

‘Mmm, you always taste so good in the morning Rob, much better than coffee.’

‘Speaking of coffee,’ said Trish, ‘I could use a cup.’

‘OK.’ Teri told her, ‘I’ll get it.’

She got up off the bed and gradually we all started moving about. Trish and I headed for our bathroom while the girls all went to the kitchen. Teri returned a moment later and put two mugs of coffee on the vanity as Trish and I stepped into the shower.

It didn’t take long before we joined everyone in the kitchen. Everyone was dressed. Shorts and short skirts seemed to be the uniform of the day. Teri’s breakfast was perfect. We were all able to serve ourselves and there was enough left that we could share it with anyone who hadn’t eaten by the time they arrived. And I had barely finished eating when the doorbell rang. Tracy ran to get it.

It was Rita, our travel coordinator. She was wearing shorts and a matching camp shirt. She looked more dressed up than we were, but after all, she is the professional. We invited her to join us on the trip because we really like her and we know she’ll be a lot of fun, but I’m sure she still feels a little like she’ll be working. But the last time we saw her yesterday she was going out to our guest casita with my friend Sue Fine.

‘Why Rita, when did you leave last night? Did you and Sue leave together?’

‘Oh yes.’ She replied. ‘I was worried that if we stayed all night I’d never get back home to finish packing and be here in time. But I really enjoyed meeting Sue. She’s a doll.’

‘Rita, I want you to promise us that you’ll relax and consider yourself to be a passenger on this trip and not a travel agent. Do you think you can do that?’ I asked her.

‘Oh I always get this way when I’m going along on a trip.’ She replied. ‘But I’ll probably stop feeling like I’m working once I get my clothes off.’ She winked.

Trish looked at her and told her in a sultry voice, ‘Well in that case I’m gonna get your clothes off as soon as I tuzla escort bayan can!’

We all laughed. Teri offered her some breakfast, but Rita declined, stating that she had already eaten at home. She said she had spoken to Sue this morning and that she would be joining us soon. I heard a noise in the garage and a few moments later Lucinda and Melinda walked in. They’re a part of our household now and so they usually enter through the garage without knocking.

‘Good morning Mr. Rob! Good morning Miss Trish! How are you today? Does it feel good to be married? Oh I can tell that Teri has been cooking! Look at all of this mess!’

We laughed together. The twins always have a way of brightening a room. They chattered on.

‘What a wonderful wedding you had yesterday. Did everyone have a good time?’

We all nodded in agreement.

‘Hellooo…’ we heard Sue’s voice at the front door.

‘Come in!’ Trish called out.

‘I already have.’ Sue said as she appeared in the kitchen. She smiled warmly at Rita and then stepped closer as they shared a good morning kiss. ‘Ooo I had such a wonderful time last night! Trish, you and Rob put on the most fantastic wedding I’ve ever witnessed! Everything was just so perfect! And now we get to spend the next two weeks together! What more could we ever ask for?’

‘We can all pray for good weather!’ I quipped.

Again we all laughed together.

Lucinda was busy washing the dishes and pans in the sink. Melinda had gone to make up the bed in our room and we heard the doorbell again. Teri ran to get it. It was Candi and Carol returning together. They both entered smiling and hugging Teri a good morning greeting. Minutes later the bell rang and it was Tom and Dawn with Joe and Rhonda right behind them. Sue Landers and Jill Kelly arrived just a few minutes later.

By now we were all standing and chattering and hugging and laughing. I glanced at my watch and noted that the limos would be arriving in the next few minutes. I asked Rita if she wanted to make any announcements or go over any of the basics about what we needed to know. I quieted the crowd and Rita took the floor.

‘I know that you all have your luggage packed and that you’re as excited as I am about leaving this morning. But I want you all to take just a moment to double check and be sure that you have your passports and ID. There’s nothing worse than arriving at the boat and being told that you can’t board because you left something important at home.’

Everyone was rummaging in their pockets and purses to confirm that they had their stuff in order. Rhonda was standing next to me and as she bent over to open her bag I took an extended look at her long legs and her short denim skirt. I couldn’t resist running my finger up the back of her leg. She wiggled her ass seductively and I slid my finger up beyond the hem. She pushed herself back towards me and suddenly my fingertip was sliding between her naked lips. She was smooth and warm and wet.

When she found her passport, she pulled it out and held it up as she stood up straight again. Then she winked at me. ‘I intend to apply for membership in the mile high club today.’ She whispered, ‘Would you like to sponsor me?’

‘Maybe you should ask Rita if there’s a specific protocol. ‘I joked. Rhonda didn’t think it was such a joke.

‘Rita?’ she asked, ‘I’ve always wanted to join the mile high club. Do you have any suggestions for how I can do it?’

Rita was slightly taken aback, but then she started to smile a sly smile.

‘You know Rhonda, that question doesn’t usually come up, but in this group I guess it should be expected. Let me ask you all, do you know what the mile high club is?’

Most of the adults nodded their heads with some grins and giggles. The teens seemed to have questions on their faces. Rita surveyed the group and then went on.

‘For those of you who don’t know, the mile high club is the code name for those people who have been lucky enough to enjoy sex while flying.’

The giggles increased for a moment.

‘The few times that I’ve been asked about it before, I’ve discouraged it because of my position as a travel agent. It’s not the sort of thing that you would want to be caught doing on a commercial airline.’ She paused and took a deep breath. ‘Having said that, I will confess to you that I am a member already. And since we have a chartered flight this afternoon, the rules will be somewhat relaxed. I’ll see what I can find out about the flight crew when we board the plane, and unless I find out that we have such a straight laced crew that we shouldn’t even consider it, I imagine that today might be a great time for anyone who wants to, to go ahead and have a good time.’

She smiled as she finished and everyone cheered. I could see all of our guests exchanging glances as if to confirm the partners who they might share the experience with later today. I was already thinking about sitting in the limo and peeking up Rhonda’s skirt on the ride to the airport. I had to quickly remind myself that I’m a married man now. My lurid thoughts were interrupted when escort tuzla the doorbell sounded again. Lucinda answered it and the limos drivers entered the house. Again there was a cheer. Our journey was about to begin.

We were all rushing about, gathering our luggage and giving it to the drivers to pack in the trunks. Within a half hour we were all packed and ready to go. I did a final walk through the house and left the note for the man who was going to be checking on the house while we are away.

The door was open on the lead car when I walked outside. I got in and looked around to see Tracy, Tammi, Trish, Joe, Rhonda, (seated across from me) Tom, Dawn and Rita. The cars pulled out onto Dry Creek Rd and we were on our way to paradise. Rita handed me a package of paperwork to review and a glanced through it. Everything appeared to be in order. I looked up to see Rhonda settling into her seat and allowing her skirt to ride up as she opened her legs to my watchful eyes. She was staring at me to be sure that I noticed. Our eyes met and I grinned at her. Trish put her hand in my lap and gave my semi hard cock a loving squeeze.

‘I love you Rob.’

‘I love you too Trish. Are you ready for all of this?’

‘Oh God, am I ever! I can’t believe we’re really doing it!’

‘Rob?’ Dawn spoke. ‘In case I forget to tell you enough, thank you so much for this whole trip! I’d say that this is like a dream come true, but I never could have even dreamed that we’d all be doing something like this together! Thank you again.’

Trish answered for me. ‘Dawn, I feel a bit like you do. This is beyond what I ever dreamed of. But I realize I’ve been lucky enough to fall in love with the most wonderful man in the world. And that we’re both blessed to have so many wonderful friends like you, and neither one of us would have wanted to do this trip without all of you.’

She looked around and made eye contact with each person in the car. It was understood that we were all equally excited to be a part of the adventure we were about to share. The fact that Trish and I were hosting the trip and picking up the tab was simply a matter of fact, but it was only that, and we wanted nothing in return, other than assurance that everyone was resigned to having a wonderful time.

The ride to Phoenix went quickly. It took about ninety minutes and we were there. It’s always fun to pull up in flashy cars and see all of the people turning to look. Since there weren’t any stars in our party, the looks were brief, however I did notice that a lot of the men at the airport were doing double takes and taking longer looks at all of the attractive women in our group. I was proud to be with them all. I paid the drivers and tipped them well. I was assured that we would see the same drivers upon our return in twelve days.

Rita coordinated the baggage check and led the way to our boarding area. Again, I noticed a lot of heads turning as our entourage made its way down the terminal. Our plane was ready and we boarded right away. I was immediately impressed with the jet that Rita had chartered. It had seating for twenty-four passengers, with three sets of four seats facing each other (two and two) on each side of the center aisle. We were greeted by two attractive flight attendants, a man and a woman. The pilot and copilot were also a mixed team and they went from seat to seat, greeting each of us personally. Tina, the copilot seemed especially friendly. She had been well briefed and congratulated Trish and me on our marriage. Then she winked at us and said,

‘If there’s anything I can do to make your flight more relaxing, just let me know. I’m sorry that I can’t offer you a bed, but I think you’ll find these seats quite comfortable for whatever in flight activities you may wish to enjoy.’

I took that as a go ahead for ‘mile high’ activities.

Trish winked back at her and said, ‘Please make sure that you convey that message to the rest of the party. And if you can take a break to come back and join us, I’d welcome a few fun moments together.’

Tina gave Trish’s hand a knowing squeeze and then moved on to speak to the others.

Randy and Michelle, the attendants, served us all a round of drinks prior to take off and soon we were in the air. As soon as we reached our cruising altitude, the captain advised us that we could loosen our seatbelts and move around the cabin. Joe and Rhonda were seated across from us and we watched as Rhonda unbuckled her belt and turned to Joe.

‘Honey, I was serious about joining the mile high club.’ She began to undo his belt and pants. ‘That’s why I told you do dress commando style this morning.’ She unzipped his shorts and pulled out his cock. ‘Now let me suck this thing so you can stuff it in me. I’m so hot already!’

Her skirt had ridden up as she fiddled with Joe and her ass was partially exposed to Trish’s and my admiring stares. Joe flipped up the arm that separated their seats and then reclined his seat back to about a forty five degree angle. Rhonda leaned over and sucked him into her mouth. Trish and I looked on. Once she had him aroused she straddled him with her back to us and we watched Joe’s dick disappear inside of Rhonda’s slick cunt. Her skirt was bunched up around her hips and I enjoyed the view of her firm ass as she began to fuck him slowly.