Opps, mistress and I got caught, mmmm


Opps, mistress and I got caught, mmmmSince the last Opps story, Jen and I sex has expanded from the bedroom. Jen the Asian Latin chick got turned on more as we pushed into new locations. It started with a boring movie that know one was watching. Slowly we met up more and more, and closer to my home. Never inside my place, wife wouldn’t like it, but very close. Early morning, around 3am, Jen texted to see if I was up and moving. I texted back, ready and willing. I asked where to meet, and she responds with her being right outside. I checked my stuff and made my way out, expecting her car to be waiting. I walk out, and Jen walks up to me. She shoves me against the wall, climbing on her knees. “baby I really needed your cock” Jen spoke as her hand reached in to pull my cock out of my boxer shorts. Pop went my cock out, right into her mouth. I was going to say something, but her skills had me weak. Her mouth slowly sucked my cock, licking the tip, and teasing me with her tongue. I looked down to see her head bob back and forth, and just enjoyed the view of my cock getting treated so well. “Oh baby, when you ready to blow, shoot it on my boobs, I want your cream on them so bad” Jen said. Jen moved her mouth along my cock as she played with it. I reach for her head and held it as I fucked her mouth. I felt the surge of cream filling coming. “Jen baby, I’m getting konak escort ready to cum” I whispered. Jen mouth let go, and she pulled her shoulder straps of her sex dress. Her perky breasts exposed right before my cock, I layered it with my cum. As I caught my breath, Jen stood up, walked over to the stairs. she massaged my cum into her skin, then pointed to me to move closer to her. I walked over, and kissed her exposed breasts. “Baby, I want you to fuck me right here, I need your cock to fill my pussy” Jen sexy talked. I thought, a blowjob is ok, but sex here and now, could be a big problem if caught. Jen grabbed my cock, massaging it, playing with my balls. Then she walked to face the back of the stairs, up her dress went, and her sexy ass shook to invite me in. I walked over, removing my boxers. I grab Jen’s ass, bending her down a bit. Her pussy exposed and ready to be fucked. I played with my cock, getting it ready. The tip reaches her pussy lips, and I watch her shake. I guide my cock in, and feel her soaking pussy take me all in. I normally take my time with her, but not tonight. Soon as I got her pussy, I was pounding it hard and fast. I wanted to cum so bad, and Jen knew it. She yelled “oh baby, oh baby, oh I want you so bad, and I know you cant wait to cum”. The sounds of our bodies slamming into each were starting to echo in konak escort bayan the breeze way. My fear was my wife walking out, and one of the friends that lived above us, seeing this. I watch Jen body shake as my pounds got stronger, and pulled her up. Her dress was coming off, and I stripped her naked. My hands held her breasts as I was slowly still fucking her. Kissing her neck, Jen whispered to me that her body loved my cock. My cock let me know it was almost time, and soon we were back to Jen bending over and my furiously pounding her pussy. Like a volcano, my dick slowly oozed out its cum, followed up with my big eruption. Soon as I filled her pussy, I pulled out. I looked down at her pussy, and as much as I fought it, I wanted more. Jen started to move, but I grabbed her ass, and right back to work my cock went. Jen whispered to me about how thankful she was for my feeding her need. I just wanted to fuck her once more. As before, fast and hard, pounding her body. As I got lost in the feeling of her pussy, I failed to think when I heard a door close slowly. I came hard this time, just filling her pussy up once again. Jen once free from me, sat down, butt still up and showing me the cream she was pushing out. As I leaned against the wall opposite of my door, I noticed someone standing next to me. Jen talking “baby, you like escort konak to see your cum coming out of my pussy. I love when you filled up”. I look to see a blonde hair, and a lit smoke. I turn my head to fully see it was Sarah, and she was playing with herself. “oh my what if you wife saw you just now, oh you would be in for it” Sarah whispered to me. I thought about how to not to let her say anything. Sarah surprised me with this, “I want to suck your soaking cock”. Jen stood up and walked over, looking at Sarah, then me. I watched Jen was I lowered Sarah’s head. Her smoke grabbed by Jen who finished if off, as Sarah sucked away. It didn’t take long for my cock to fill her mouth. Jen asked me if this was the same Sarah from my stories on xhamster. I shook my head up and down. As Sarah finished taking in my last shot of cream, Jen sat next to her, and they swapped kisses, sharing my load. I sat back as they kissed for a it longer. “baby, could you go another round, or did we suck you dry?” Jen asked. Oh I was so up for it, but I knew I needed a recharge, but Jen and Sarah simply replied that we have set something up, soon, very soon, more like early morning. Jen and I got dressed, and she soon left. As Sarah and I talked, my door opened up, and My wife popped out. She asked why I was out here, and Sarah responded with her asking my a question that got her upset. She didn’t want to wake anyone. wife popped back in and a good night, followed with the door closing. I stared at Sarah and she said, Oppps you got caught, but lucking for you it was me. I said lucky, and thankful. Plans were on for the next time, the next morning.