Open Relationship & Girlfriend’s Sexcapades –1

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Open Relationship & Girlfriend’s Sexcapades –1Let me first tell you about myself. I am working in a leading company as a senior manager and I am ambitious about my career. I have a busty figure and amazing stats of 36-30-38. I have a fair complexion, awesome pair of boobs and a big ass that any man can die for.I knew that no guy can control himself after watching my swinging ass while I walk. I knew very well how to play with it. I actually enjoy being slutty in front of hot guys. Every girl enjoys that but we really hide it.I met Akshat in my college. At first, we were normal friends in a group. But, slowly I started falling for him as he was very caring and protective about me.Friends, believe me – it is one of the most heart touching qualities in a guy for which any girl can fall easily even if that girl is a big shot slut. He was also equally falling for me. And then finally the day came when Akshat asked me to go on a date with him.He proposed me and I wasn’t surprised at all. I said yes to him and then we hugged. It was my first hug with him. It will always be a special hug for me.Before Akshat, I dated 4 more guys but that wasn’t serious. It was just for fun and to fulfill my eagerness towards sex and sluttiness. For Akshat, I really started feeling from my heart and not with my slutty nature. Akshat knew that I was not a virgin and I have a bit of sluttiness inside because of my previous relationships.Akshat was very supportive and honest. In college days when we were together, we used to have sex very regularly and I used to enjoy it with very much.We used to bunk classes and visit hotels and spend hours together and have lots of horny and seductive sex. I used to enjoy giving him blowjobs and I love it whenever he licked my vagina passionately.He almost fucked me in every possible position. Because of him, I stopped masturbating as we used to fuck each other almost every day or at least we used to have oral sex (vagina licking and fingering).Everything was going great. But I still had that bitchy or you can say, slutty nature inside me. I used to watch other hot guys as well in my college and my friends’ group. I used to check them out but I avoided this act of mine in front of Akshat. I was scared that he might lose trust in me. So I enjoyed being a slut but in Akshat’s absence.We got placed in different organization and different cities. I moved to Mumbai and he moved to Patna. It was the most heartbreaking phase of our lives. With time, everything started falling apart and our whole day chatting and meetings moved to just night calls and late-night chatting.We both actually really started feeling each other’s absence. And to be honest, physical intimacy was one of the major factors of it. Our love was unconditional but still, our physical needs were incomplete.So, it all changed from here. I started staring random guys in my office, my locality, my neighbors or hot guys in the gym. Trust me guys, we do enjoy it, we love checking out hot guys in random places and workplace. And we don’t reflect it in our activities as we maintain our image.I knew Akshat was my love and all this was wrong but it was not something that I could have controlled. I purposely started going out with my colleagues in a group to spend some time together and we all can get to know each other well.In all of them, Rohan was the hottest guy and I had an eye on him. I wanted to enjoy the feeling of him staring at my boobs and ass and I can check him out wildly. I used to like him a lot. We used to chat a lot in the office and also through Whatsapp. We used to stare at each other’s body very much.We also used to hug, kiss on cheeks, sit closely and touch each other’s body in those ödemiş escort cafes. I used to get wet by all this. Initially, I lied to Akshat about it. But then I thought I should express him about my actions and why I was doing it. I was in guilt. I was sacred also.And then, one day, Akshat decided to give me a surprise. He visited Mumbai without informing me. He directly reached at my address and was waiting for me to come from office as he knew that I return by 8 pm.But that day, I went out with my office colleagues to some cafe and as usual, I was in the same slutty mood with them where I was touching them and they were touching my body (no sexual intentions).Akshat didn’t know about all this. He waited till 10 pm and called me to check where I was. I said that I was home only but actually, I was returning from that cafe where I got a little drunk.My office colleague (Rohan) came to drop me in his car by 11 pm. Akshat was right there in the car parking of my apartment and was shocked to see me in such a situation where I came with a guy in his car and lied to Akshat about it. I came into my senses after seeing him.He had bought a gift for me, it was in his hand and he threw it on the road and started moving out of the apartment. I knew what he was thinking that I was having an affair with Rohan which was not true.I stopped him forcefully and he used all his power to release himself. But I begged him to listen to me once. I managed to take him with me into my flat and luckily, my roommate had gone to his hometown.Akshat was crying like a baby and it was breaking me. It was an unbearable situation for me to see him like this. So I told him that I will prove to him that there is nothing between me and Rohan.I called Rohan immediately and kept the call on speaker. We chatted for long on the call and Akshat was listening to it closely. In the end, he understood that there was nothing between me and Rohan.I felt relaxed. We kissed each other passionately then. Later I explained to him (in conversation):Akshat – If you aren’t having an affair with Rohan, then why were you in his car? Why did you lie to me on call? Why are you drunk?Me – Akshat, I want to explain to you everything but first please tell me that you won’t judge my character. Otherwise, I will not be able to explain myself.Akshat (confused) – What are you talking about? Why will I judge your character, Ankita?Me – Just tell me that you won’t judge my character.Akshat – Okay, I won’t judge your character, I promise.Me – Akshat, from the last 6 months, I have been feeling very lonely in Mumbai. So I decided to make friends and go out and chill with them.Akshat – What’s wrong in that? You should have a life apart from your career also.Me – It’s about something else also.Akshat (again confused) – Something else? What?Me – You didn’t hear me properly, baby. I am feeling lonely also.Akshat got shocked hearing this and was numb.Me – Trust me, I haven’t done anything to break your trust, otherwise, you would have seen something else today.He was listening to me silently with a shocking expression.Me – You know about my past relationships and why I was into those relationships. I want to confess that in college as well, I used to stare guys randomly. In our friends’ group, I used to watch Karan a lot.He had a muscular body, fair skin, and tall in height. He looked very hot. Almost every girl in our college had an eye on him. I was very attracted to him even when we were in a relationship.Akshat started looking somewhere else and was not facing me.Me – I am telling you all this because I want you to know that I am loyal to you, baby. I never cheated on you, but I enjoy watching other men as well.I get attracted escort ödemiş to them sexually. I want them to come close to me, touch my body. I feel like touching them everywhere and I love it when they watch me through their lustful eyes like they wanna fuck my pussy and ass right there.Listening to all this, my boyfriend wasn’t reacting at all. I kept going. I told him that everything – all my feelings, desires, fantasies and sexual wishes.After listening and enquiring about my activities, he said that he was comfortable with all such things because it was not possible to control physical attraction towards anybody. He said that I can go out with my colleagues on a regular basis but only on one condition – that I share everything with him either through call or text.I agreed to it immediately and was very happy and relieved after that. He loved me that even he also gets physically attracted to girls in her office and they all go out for lunch together during office hours. But it has no impact on his love and it is just a sexual desire that runs through our veins because of being lonely.I really felt happy that I am blessed to have such an understanding boyfriend and how deeply I am in love with him.I said to him, Let’s go out and have dinner together, my baby must be really hungry”. In return, Akshat replied: “After talking about all this, I am actually hungry for something else now” (winked at me).I realized that my pussy was gonna get rammed today. And my lust for dick was going to get fulfilled after months.I smiled at him and we went out for dinner. While having dinner, we were sitting next to each other and suddenly, Akshat started caressing my waist and pressing it slowly. I was shocked.Me (blushing) – What are you doing, Akshat?Akshat (whispering in my ears) – Don’t you like it? A guy touching you everywhere without any hesitation.I was shocked by listening to his words. His words passed a current in my body. My boyfriend was provoking me to be a slut in his presence.My pussy was really getting wet because of his words. Then we talk about various other things and went to my flat where I knew what was going to happen. But it had a twist which I didn’t expect.As soon as we entered the house, my bf just pushed me towards the main gate of my house and started touching all over my body. I closed my eyes and started taking deep breaths. From my waist, he moved his hand towards my butts and started pressing them passionately. I was just taking deep breath and holding him tightly.With his full pressure on my butt cheeks, I started moaning, “Aaaaahhhh..ahhhhhhh baby”. He started kissing my neck and I was just holding his head, pushing him to lick and kiss my neck more passionately. It continued for 5 minutes. And I had my first orgasm without touching my pussy with fingers in months.My legs started shivering and I was like, “Ummmmmmm..ooohhhhhh”. He knew that I had my orgasm. He stopped and looked in my eyes and was smiling naughtily at me. I was pressing his dick above his pants. I was looking in his eyes and said in his ears romantically –Me – I have a habit of being slutty. So, let me do all this. This is what I like to do always. (winked)Akshat – Baby, then show how much sluttiness you have inside you.I pushed him and he sat on the sofa in the hall. I played a hot song on TV. I started dancing like a bar dancer in front of him. I don’t know where it all comes at that moment. I opened my hairs and dancing slowly and was unbuttoning my white shirt (my formal attire). And while doing all this, I was teasing him my horny actions and naughty smiles.I was shaking my boobs purposely and slowly unbuttoning it. He really got out control by watching my sluttiness ödemiş escort bayan and was pressing his dick above his pants. Then I removed my shirt and was in a black bra and grey trouser. I went to him and turned around. My butt was facing him and slowly, I was shaking it and removing my trouser.My fair butts and black pantie was visible to him. And without wasting a second, he just barged my black pantie and put his face on my butt. He started licking and biting it so wildly that I couldn’t even stand because of it. I started moaning, “Oohhhhh yeaaahhhhh ummmmmmm lick me baby suck my ass harder”.I removed my trouser and pantie and he was busy licking my anal. And it is not just him, but every guy is fond of butts.I took support on the side sofa so that I don’t fall with such sensations. I was just enjoying every bit of it and was moaning loudly now, “Aaahhhhhhhhh ohhh Akshat fuckkkkk”.After a few minutes, I turned around and sat on him on the sofa with just wearing a bra and feeling his dick on my vagina.I looked into his eyes and started smooching him wildly. He was also responding passionately. It was the best foreplay that we ever had in our relationship and the best sex that changed everything in this relationship.While smooching, he unhooked my bra within a second and threw it away. Now, I was completely naked and he was wearing all his clothes. He carried me to the bedroom and I lied down on the bed.Without wasting a second, I removed his pants as I was dying to take his dick inside my mouth from months. I love sucking dick and he knew it.He lied down on the bed. I started licking and sucking his dick passionately. He was moaning, “Ohhhhh yeaahhh Ankita..You are such a slutty bitch..aaahhhhhhh ummmmm” and I was enjoying every bit of it.I sucked his dick for 15 minutes and he said that he was going to cum now. I started sucking his more faster and I was playing with his balls simultaneously.He started moaning more loudly, “Oooohhhhh yeaaahhhhh ohhhh baby lick me, my horny slut my bitch” and he cummed inside my mouth. I sucked every drop of it. I lied beside him then. He was breathing heavily.Suddenly, he got up and came on me. His dick didn’t shrink for the first time even after cumming. I was surprised to see his energy. Now we were lying in missionary position.He put his dick on my vagina and I knew that it is finally going to happen after months. But the main surprise was coming for me which was not sex but something bigger than that. Without intimating, he pushed it inside my hole and started fucking me like a horse.Me – Aaahhhh aahhhhh aahhhh fuccckkk Akshat fuck me harder baby..Akshat (while fucking) – I brought a surprise gift for you but threw it on the road. But now, I want to give a real surprise to you. Aaahhhh aaaahhhh ummmmm.Me – Aaaahhhh aaahhhh what is it baby..ummmm.Akshat – You like being a real slut, don’t you?Me – Yessss aaaahhh..His words were making me horny.Akshat – I want to gift you OPEN RELATIONSHIP baby from now.With this, he started stroking me harder. My eyes were wide open because of what he just said. I was so confused and figuring what he was trying to say. I was not being able to understand what is that he wanted.Me – Aaaahhh aaahhhh What..Akshat – From now, I am allowing you to fulfill all your fantasies, desires and sexual desire with any person you wish to and you are allowed to do anything with any person in my absence just be loyal to me my bitch”He started stroking his dick harder and harder and after listening to this, I understood what he was trying yo say. I immediately cummed with those magical words.I was smiling after listening all this. I hugged him while he kept fucking my vagina passionately. After 10 minutes of fucking, he took his dick out and cummed on my boobs. I was satisfied. And he smiled at me. He kissed me on my cheeks. I thought he will take his words back. But to my surprise, he said –“Did you like my surprise?”To be continued.