Oops again! Yet more adventures.


Oops- yet again! More adventures of a horse cock stepdad!

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Later that evening, Mark was in the lounge watching TV with Millie. As usual, she was snuggled in to him and his arm was casually wrapped around her as he cupped her tit. Unusually, she had a top on that evening, a plain white shirt with buttons down the front.

His wife Janice sat in her armchair across the room, desperately trying to ignore as her husband fondled her daughter’s big tit. She knew it wasn’t right, but she felt powerless to intervene and she watched helplessly as Mark’s free hand slipped round and started to unbutton Millie’s shirt.

“Oh God!” she thought, “I wonder if he’s going to titfuck her again? He does like to do that.”

Ashamed, she realised that she actually kind of hoped that he would, and that she found it thrilling to watch when he molested her teenage girls.

Millie’s shirt was soon slipped off her body and thrown aside. She wasn’t wearing a bra so when Mark told her to stand up in front of her he was able to reach up and have full access to her voluptuous breasts. Millie turned to her Mother and smiled as her stepdad squeezed and fondled her tits.

“Daddy Horsecock really loves my titties mom, doesn’t he?” she said, as Mark twirled her nipples and leaned up to take one in his mouth. She ran her fingers through his hair and gently guided him from breast to breast as he feasted on her body.

“What do you think Mom, should I give Daddy Horsecock a blow job or a titfuck this evening? You want to choose?”

Janice groaned, she couldn’t understand what was happening in her life these days. Over the last couple of weeks she had seen both her daughters seduced by their stepdad, fucked and turned into personal sex toys for his pleasure. She had tried to turn a blind eye at first, but as the nudity and sex accelerated, she found it harder and harder. Eventually, she managed to get by and pretend nothing was happening, even as Mark would fuck one of the girls in front of her, but she fixbet coped by denying the reality before her. But now? How could she deny when her daughter was challenging her to choose the sex act for that evening. No! Enough is enough! Time to draw a line and reset some boundaries around here.

Sitting up, she took a deep breath, braced herself and opened her mouth to speak.

“Titfuck, Millie!” she said, and then slumped back in horror! What had happened to her resolve? She was going to put a stop to the shenanigans and actually she was now becoming engaged in them? What the fuck?

“Ok Mum” said Millie, “Tit fuck it is!”

She pushed Mark back into the sofa and leaned over his face, dangling her big tits for him to suck and fondle.

Mark meanwhile was enjoying himself immensely. After a few more minutes of eating titflesh, he decided to unleash the beast and dropped his hands down to his flies.

“Oh no you don’t!” said Millie, as she leaned down, grabbed his wrists and put his hands firmly back onto her tits.

“Mom can help with that!”

She turned to her Mother and looked her square in the eye.

“Mom, do be a dear and help get Daddy’s Horsecock out for me, our hands are a bit busy just now!”

Mark gasped, he couldn’t believe what Millie had said to her Mother. How would she react to that?

Without a word, Janice stood up, walked across the room and bent over and started fiddling with Mark’s flies.

He was rock hard and it took a bit of work, but eventually she had his zipper down and started pulling his trousers off.

Mark lifted his hips as she slipped them down his legs and then one at a time raised his legs as she took his trousers off and cast them aside.

His cock bounced up in the air as it was freed from the confines of his clothes and with a look of disdain Janice grabbed it in her right hand and held it still.

Millie shimmied into position while Janice held Mark’s huge cock in place. Once everything was suitably lined up, she released her grip and made her way back to her seat. Sitting down, she pretended to ignore the grunts and gasps as Mark fucked her pretty daughter’s big tits. But she couldn’t help looking over, and when she did, it was to her shame that she saw Millie looking at her all the while, as Mark pumped away between her breasts.

Millie smiled to herself. She knew that she had broken her Mother’s resolve that evening, fixbet giriş and realised that she had real power over her. Already, her mind started to scheme as she planned ahead.

For his part, Mark was thoroughly enjoying the evening. He had titfucked both his daughters several times each lately, but this time was different.

He too realised the control Millie had exercised over her Mother, and his mind wrestled with the possibilities. He also wondered whether Millie had real controlling impulses, as he pondered the afternoon, when she had left him alone with her best friend. An afternoon which led to Hannah sucking his cock before rushing off home to try to seduce her own Daddy.

Mark was looking forward to finding out how that had gone, and wondered if a threesome with Hannah and her father might be a possibility.

The idea certainly appealed to him.

Mark began to feel that tightening in his balls as he began to build.

“Ready baby?” He groaned as he started to cum. Hot strings of cum shot out and spattered Millie, covering her face, neck and tits.

Rope after rope splashed over her until, with a groan, Mark was spent.

He made to lie back and relax but with a look in her eye which he hadn’t seen before, Millie told him no.

“Stand up Daddy Horsecock!” she told him. “Right there.”

He stood as he was instructed, wondering what was going on.

He soon found out.

“Mother Dear! I need to go and clean Daddy’s cum off before it dries. Would you mind cleaning him up for me while I do that?”

Janice almost fainted at the thought. She had not had any sexual contact with Mark for several months now, ever since she had started her new job. That first day, she had met her new Boss. By mid morning he had told her to unbutton her blouse to show off her figure and by lunchtime she was topless on her knees before him, sucking his dick as he instructed her about his particular requirements. It turned out that he had very particular demands, and when he used a certain tone of voice, Janice jumped to obey.

By mid afternoon, she was naked, but bent over his desk as he fucked her from behind. Something about him had triggered a submissive, slutty side and Jeff had fucked her daily, sometimes several times a day ever since. Now that Jeff had taken ownership of her body, he instructed her that she couldn’t fuck anyone else without his permission. Already she had lost interest in Mark, because although he was handsome and had a monster cock, he was actually a very considerate lover and frankly, that was no longer what Janice sought. She wanted, no actually needed, to be dominated and controlled.

And that was why, as Millie tutted and said, “Hurry up Mother, come and clean Daddy” she found herself rising from her seat, walking across the room to kneel before Mark.

She reached for his still semi erect cock and began to lick it, making sure she got every bit of cum from his dick.

“Make sure there are no dribbles in there Mother!” said Millie, and watched with glee as Janice took Mark’s cock, which was now fully erect once again and closed her mouth around it. She began to suck and used her hands to massage his cock and balls. Trying to make sure she had drained every last drop of spunk from him.

So now Mark was in a new sex situation. Several times lately, he had fucked one or both of his stepdaughters in front of their disapproving Mother, but now here he was, with their Mother on her knees in front of him and giving him a rather expert blowjob.

Mark was very appreciative of her technique, and all too aware that it had improved greatly since a few months ago when she had last condescended to have sex with him.

He filed that thought away for later as he took Janice’s hair and pulled her head in to his groin as he started to pump her mouth and throat.

Looking over at Millie, he saw her watching with absolute rapt attention as he mouthfucked her Mother.

Even though Mark had recently shot a large load all over Millie titties, the situation was pressing so many buttons for him, that he quickly felt himself start to cum.

He didn’t bother to warn Janice, but instead gripped her hair tighter and forced his cock deeper into her mouth and down her throat.

She started to gag as he began to pump hot cum straight down her throat, but he didn’t relent. He pulled her head in, and thrust his cock as deep as he could into her throat.

Eventually he was spent, and he pulled himself back.

Janice retched and gasped for air as his cock pulled out.

She had thought he was going to kill her with his cock, as she had struggled for air, all the while sucking and swallowing his cum.

She fell back on the floor, drained and used. Wonderfully used actually.

“I’m going for a shower” said Mark, as he turned and left the room.

Millie turned to her Mother, “Well done, Mummy!” she said.

“Daddy Horsecock seemed quite pleased with you tonight. I think he might be back for more you know.”

And she was right!