Online Part 2

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Online Part 2As arranged, I turned up the following week.I was nervous not sure what to expect and would it be as exciting as the last time.I knocked on the door, the door opened and thee was Jimmy dressed only in a white dressing gown. He invited me in and ushered me to the living room.To my surprise sat on the settee was another gentleman, also dressed in a white dressing gown.I was introduced to Evan, Jimmy said he had invited him because 5 years ago Evan would have been me and he knows what I was going through.I was given a White dressing gown and told to change in the kitchen, we would then all be the same.When I re-entered the living room Jimmy and Evan were sat on the settee with a space in the middle reserved for me. I sat in between them.Jimmy said “lets just take it as it cums, no pun intended”Evan turned to kiss me, his lips were soft and his mouth so inviting, my togue went all the way in. His hand moved under my gown to my now awakening manhood. I did the same and found that he was already hard and wanting to play. I moved and lowered my mouth onto his stiff cock, my lips slide down and I gagged as it went deep in me. He felt nice in me. My mouth moved up and down at a steady speed. His cock end was bulbous but with a pointed end. It was about 6” long and not to thick. Perfect to suck.Evan and Jimmy were now kissing, and Evan was playing with Jimmy’s cock.I was enjoying sucking Evan, there’s nothing better. Evan stopped me and moved onto the floor so that we could both enjoy each other. Soon we were deep down each other’s throats. niğde escort bayan I was so stiff and excited I nearly came at first contact, I had to concentrate other things, or I would have just blown, like a whale.As we sucked, I felt Jimmy snuggle up behind me, his cock was hard against my skin. He got close and moved into a spooning position. This felt so erotic and sexy, id only ever done this with a woman before, and here I am with a man felling every bit as sexy and sensual. I felt his cock rub between the cheeks of my ass, it felt good. My body reacted by twitching and wanting more.Jimmy ran his finger between my ass cheeks, then moved me away from Evan and got me to lay on my chest. He then parted my cheeks and started to tongue my ass, (rimming as I was told later) God how many nerve endings does your ass have. I have never felt that excited before, My ass had never been used like that, Then just when I thought it could not get any better, in went Jimmy’s tongue and wow this was so explosive, my body was tingling so much I nearly passed out. Give me more of this I’m in heaven.Jimmy then rubbed my ass with his fingers, they felt cold and wet, Lube, first one finger, OHHHH so good, then 2 fingers and he moved them around in a circular movement. I was close to passing out now, I did not know how much pleasure could come from your ass being kissed and touched.Evan passed me a bottle of poppers, he said block one side of your nose and sniff the bottle with the other side then change sides. Tis will help raise your sexual escort niğde excitement levels and enhance the experience. Take some every so often.“Now it’s time to go all the way, we have had fingers now its going to be my cock” Said Evan, “I’ll be gentle”I was not sure now, did I want this, I have dreamt of being fucked, watched so many gay movies, and seen the enjoyment on guys faces as they were fucked. But now I’m having second thoughts. I’m here now let’s go for it.I felt Evan rub my ass, it was cold and wet with lube that he had just placed there. His finger went in and then 2, they felt good. I had kept taken the poppers and, in my mind, I was ready for new experiences.I have not mentioned the kissing and cuddling that has gone on and the close contact between all of us, this has been my experience and continues so.Evan had me kneel over the settee and he got behind me and rubbed my ass one final time before I felt the tip of his cock at my ass. He began to slowly push, my ass suddenly said NO, it was like everything was now saying stop. My sphincter was saying no, I was getting tense and suddenly it was a new type of pain. My ass was widening and stretching to a point that I felt it was going to rip open. My body continued to say no, to try and reject this invader.The cock end had hardly began to enter, Evan was gentle, he gave final push and I felt the helmet pop in, my ass throbbed and tingled and continued to say no. Evan waited for a while for my body to relax, then with a final push he went in, and in and in. I felt it niğde escort all. My mind said yes, and my body still said no. My ass was so stretched I still felt like I was ready to rip open. But as he (Evan) got faster so the pleasure increased, God was I enjoying this. How could pain and pleasure combine. My ass was on fire, my brain was on fire and My senses completely shot. I had forgot about the guy fucking my ass and that other person in the room. This was about me and how I was feeling. If you had said six months ago, I going to stick a fat broomstick up your ass, and you will enjoy it. I would have said “no fucking way, ass goes one way” How wrong was I.Evan was starting to go faster then he pulled out and spurted loads of hot creamy cum over my back.It was only after this when my ass stated to feel normal again, but there was still a strong degree of uncomfortableness in my ass and wanting to do natural things.I had lost track of what was happening with the others in the room, even Evan to appoint, even though he was fucking my ass. I was in another place, a good place.When everything settled down Jimmy asked if I had enjoyed it and how did I feel. I responded that I was in 7th heaven. He replied this was all pre planned.Evan, had had a dream to fuck a virgin ass and when I turned up last week, then I had to invite Evan. Also, I thought that if I had fucked you, I might be a tight fit, Evan’s cock was so much better for your first time. So tonight 2 goals were met. 1 virgin. 1 de-virginiser.2 happy people.God, what can happen next time.Whatever that is it has to be good.Ive had a thought about my next story.Its not a story but how I got fucked for the first time as a 45 year old male, by a 50 year old gay biker.If you want to read this, message me. Say “Tell Me More”