Online Chat to Romantic Sex


Hello. I am Deepak and these are my experiences in life. I thought of narrating the same for our mutual pleasure. I will be talking of my real life sex experiences. I will not take the real names of any of my partners and will neither reveal the same. So please don’t ask me the same.

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So Let’s begin.


This story is about my first real life experience, how I met the first female of my life in an online chat room, which paved way into real meetings and my first sexual experience. This happened while I was 22, ten years ago. I am 6 feet plus tall, athletic bodied, fair, well endowed and in my early thirties now. My life has taught me that external appearances doesn’t matter much, as I have found top sexual experiences from partner of all colors, height and appearance. I am well educated as well.

So coming to the story, I was in this online chat room which is not functional at the moment. I chatted with this lady who introduced with her nickname “guddy”. We had romantic, sensual and sexual chats in the chat room and she gave me her Yahoo ID [The thing of 2000s and long gone]. So, another day I was online on Yahoo and she came online too and just like that I asked her for her number. To my surprise, she gave me a number. I called the number not knowing what to expect [Eureka : Sometimes it will be Men on the other side]. I heard a sweet voice. It was late at night and we began our Phone sex which lasted all night. We both came many times over the night. Early morning we said good night to each other and went to sleep a bit. In the afternoon she called me again. We talked normally and about what happened last night. Our conversations, video sex chat and chats grew and we finally decided to meet in Bangalore.

On the day I arrived a little earlier than her and waited for her at the chosen location, the bus arrival stop from her city. We knew each other from the pictures [Non nude] we shared with each other. I saw her for the first time in real life. She was wearing a Saree, very thin material. She looked around for me. I slowly walked towards her and helped her with her luggage. There was a small tension in the air. But I was slowly getting the hardon that began when I saw her first. We did talk a bit and took an auto [ No Ola or Uber in those days] to our 4 Star hotel room. In the auto we were sitting very close. She was silent and was a little nervous. I took my arms around her and kept on her arms over her biceps and slowly massaged her. I told her “You are beautiful”. She looked at me and smiled. Her body was now touching mine and our bodies kept massaging each other gently. I could feel the softness of her skin and I think she did too as she told me later that she loves my soft skin.

We arrived at the hotel and took the reserved room and went upto the room. The moment room boy left, we closed the door and hugged each other with her arms around my neck. Our lips made love with each other as her big boobs [38 in size] pressed on my broad chest through her blouse and saree. Her fingers moved through my hair as my palm moved over her hips which were partially covered in saree. I was able to touch her hips by lowering her saree over her hips and started slowly massaging her sexy curves along her hips as we kissed Kadıköy Escort passionately. After a while I moved my lips down to her jaw line and kissed all along and went further down to her neck. Moans started escaping from her and she rubbed her head to mine. My lips kissed all around her neck and as I kissed, I slowly moved her pallu to expose her cleavage. I could see her cleavage line and her blouse was a deep neck one. I slowly kissed all along her exposed cleavage as she kept her one hand on the back of my head and swirled her fingers in my hair as her other palm rubbed my back. My palms went down to her soft ass cheeks and slowly massaged her ass cheeks, both of them as I kissed all along her cleavage.

I was rock hard by this time and she put both her palms inside my t shirt and massaged my back and broad chest. She pulled my t shirt up and put her arms around my neck and we kissed again. Her big boobs pressed into my bare chest as my palms squeezed her big ass cheeks. They were soft and big. I moved my lips to her ear lobes and started kissing and licking her there. She smiled out in laughter and tried to escape, which forced me to hold her tight and did the same even more as she began to moan. I moved behind her as I kept kissing her neck and earlobes. Once behind her, my palms moved to her boobs and I slowly massaged them over her blouse as my hard cock pressed into her ass cheeks [I adjust my legs to adjust my height as per my partner]. I traced her hard nipples over her blouse and squeezed them as I massaged her boobs and her cleavage.

I slowly opened her blouse buttons one by one which exposed her front side. My palms played with her boobs over her bra and gently massaged her cleavage as I kissed and pressed my entire body into her back side. I lost all control by then and opened her bra from behind. Her boobs popped out and I took both of them into my palms and squeezed them gently. My lips kissed all over her nude shoulders and on the back of her neck beneath her hair, as I squeezed and played with her nipples. Her nipples were hard and big. I was so eager to suck her boob, that too for the first time in my life.

I turned her around to see her large boobs and honey colored nipples. Her boobs were of nice shape. I slowly started kissing around her boobs in circles reducing the radius of circular movement and getting closer to her nipples [I read somewhere that women like it and some do] everytime. My one palm massaged her other boobs as the other helped me in kissing her boobs. Her moans got higher as I did this and I reached close to her areola. I took my tongue and licked around her areola without touching her nipples. My tongue moved all along her areola and finally took her nipples and areola into my mouth and start sucking wildly. She held on to my head and moaned. I kept sucking her nipples and licked them as long as I could. After a while, I moved on to her other nipple and sucked it as I played with her free boobs.

All this licking and kissing made her wet and myself superhard. She had removed her saree and covering from her hips and was now semi nude. I loved the shape of her hips, thighs and panty covered vaginal area. I kissed her tummy and navel and lifted her up in my arms just like that. She was stunned and surprised [Later told me that it was her first]. We kissed each other as she put her arms around my neck Ataşehir Escort and I began moving to the bed. We slowly moved down onto the bed. I had this fantasy to crucify[Holding both palms and locking legs with limited movement allowed]. I did the same and started kissing her neck and boobs. She began to moan and I licked nipples.

By this time she was very active and told me that she wants to see my cock [Was eager as she saw on cam, without face]. I stood on the bed on my knees and removed my pants. She looked eagerly into my hardness over my underwear. I removed my underwear and my 8 inch cock sprang open into the view. Her eyes were not lashing and she just stared at my cock without any eyelashes and movements. As I was on my knees she was close to my hips and was looking at my cock. Without giving me any sign, she just came to life and took my hard cock into her mouth.

My god.

I was not expecting that and it was the best feeling I ever had in my life. I felt both warmth and cool on my cock. My instant reaction was to hold her head. She looked up to me and slowly started sucking me. Her lips moved all over my cock and licked my cock head as her head moved up and down. She took my cock deeper into her mouth each time and sucked. Her fingers moved in tandem with her mouth movement and it felt so good. She played with my balls and occasionally took my cock out and licked my cock head.

She told me “Fuck me now” and laid down on bed. I saw her white panties and slowly spread her thighs. I wanted to return what she gave me and started kissing her inner thighs as I massaged her boobs. I slowly went up to her pussy and vagina and kissed over her panty. I moved over the panty to her other thighs and kissed her all soft thighs and moved down again. This time I removed her panty and she opened her legs exposing her wet pussy lips. They were glistening with her wetness and I lowered my lips and started kissing her outer lips as I massaged her thighs with my palm. I kissed around her pussy and sucked her pussy lips into my mouth and sucked them fully. I did the same for her right side and licked all along her wetness. Her moans got higher and she asked me again to enter her now.

I moved my hips closer to her pussy and positioned my cock head over her pussy lips [Being first time I was a little unsure on positioning, she helped]. I slowly pressed my cock into her pussy. My cock head went into her pussy slowly. As she was very wet, we didnt use any lubricant. I pushed deeper in her and my cock slowly moved inside her as she moaned. My cock went more than half into her and now I can position my arms on both sides of her hips and started pushing in and out of her wetness. I felt a bit uneasy for a few strokes and then it became alright. Once I got into the rhythm, I started moving in and out of her freely as our moans became louder. I used my palms to rub her nipples as my cock rammed deeper into her. I Pushed my entire 8 inches into her and moved faster and deeper.

Now i got the feel for the same and pulled my entire cock upto the tip of her pussy and rammed it fully into her in one thrust. She loved this and with each thrust the moaning was louder. I kept doing the same as she asked me to keep going and not stop. I did the same and her breaths and moans got higher and they peaked [Later she told that that was her first of three Maltepe Escort orgasms in that session]. As she came I was deep in her pussy. She pulled me body down and kissed me. That kiss went on for a while. I was so horny that I continued slowly moving in her. After a while I thought of doing doggy.

She stood on her knees on the bed and I stood on the floor. It was a view. Her large 38 size ass cheeks pointing out with her pussy line and wetness clearly visible between her ass cheeks. I slowly massaged her ass cheeks and rubbed her with my palm. She smiled and asked me to enter her. I placed my cock head into her pussy and entered deep in her in one push. My hips splashed into her ass cheeks making loud sounds. I held onto her hips and started moving in and out of her. She also started pushing me back according to my rhythm and we soon was in tandem. I loved this and pulled my cock to the tip of her pussy every time and rammed it full and deep in every push as she loves it. My palms rubbed her ass cheeks in all possible manners. I also moved my palm to her tummy and rubbed her there. Later as I fucked her deep and hard, I started massaging her one boobs as I held my other palm on her hips to stay in control of the flow in her pussy. I rubbed and massaged her breasts and nipples as I entered her hard and deep.

She moved out of my cock onto the bed and asked me to lie down on the bed. She came over me and sat on my hips over cock and rubbed her wetness on my cock. All along the cock. Her palms massaged my broad chest and she said she likes it. Slowly she inserted my cock into her pussy and sat down on my cock taking me fully into her. She told me that “it’s her turn now” and smiled. She began moving on my cock in circles lifting up and grinding me. The feeling was so hot. I moved my palm over her breasts and massaged her as she rode me. Her speed began increasing and I also tried to push up into her wetness as she came down on me She kept her one palm on her clits and began to rub there. Noticing that she likes to do that, I replaced her fingers for mine. She guided me to her clits and i started rubbing her as she fucked me with full speed. My one palm on her boobs, another one her clits and my cock deep inside her wetness. I can still see that image in my head and am so hard now.

Her breaths got heavier and I was getting too horny to control now too. I told her that I am near to come and she told me to cum any time and she is nearing another cum. I asked whether she liked what I did so far and she said “Yes my honey.” Hearing this I rubbed her even faster and she told me she is cumming and grinded me hard and deep as she came. She didn’t stop and moved up and down as she took my fingers in her mouth and sucked them. I told her I am cumming and I came hard deep in her pussy. She didn’t move and sat like that and after a while lied down on my chest. My cock was still hard and was in her. She told me you are still hard after all this cum. I want to taste your cum next time. We talked with her on my chest and slept off for a while.

We woke up and went to the bathroom and that may be in another story. Our encounters continued for 4 days in bangalore and after that she came to Kerala, where I was at that time. We roamed around in beaches [Enjoyed sex in three beaches], twice in bus, numerous time in our flat, in house boats and in the hotels we stayed. All that and more in future chapters.


I hope you liked this experience of mine. I would like to hear your comments and opinions and do message me here by clicking on my ID and contacting me here.

Have a great day and hope you came [Smiles].