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ONE SLUTTY MOMMy mother always prided herself on being a hard working paralegal. She loved the fact that she worked for a large and prestigious company. She loved waking up early each morning so that she could look her very best in the office. She loved wearing expensive attire and high-end accessories. And she loved the amount of money she was making, especially as a single mother who was proud of her independence.So it came as no surprise that she was absolutely devastated when her department closed down and she was laid off. But in an ironic twist of fate, I had been working for that same company, and when they recovered financially from the recession, a new division was created and I was able to get a management position there. And as it just so happened, my mother was later rehired as my paralegal. She tried to laugh it off like it was no big deal. But it was kind of obvious that it bothered her to some extent. How could I blame her for that? She’s my mother and she’s told me what to do all my life, now I would be giving her orders at work. And as it later turned out, those orders would be more than just work related.Housewife, Mother & SlutHe came to my office to congratulate me on the recent promotion. He was a middle aged man and was slightly obnoxious looking.”It’s nice to see some fresh young faces in charge around here. I’ve heard some good things about you and I’m sure you’ll be a valued asset.””Thank you. I really appreciate it. So you’re from the human resources department right?” I asked him.”Yep. And I saw that Sandra was recently hired back and will be working for you. I just wanted to be the first to let you know that you’re probably in for a real treat,” he said with grin.I didn’t know how to respond. If I didn’t know any better, this asshole just made a suggestive remark about my mother, not knowing that I was her son.”What do you mean? That she’s a hard worker?”He kept grinning, “Oh yeah. She’s a hard worker alright. She’s also smart, funny, and she’s a real hot piece of ass. Plus I heard she does other things really well if you know what I’m saying. Her old boss used to tell me that they did all sorts of sexual stuff in the office.””Very funny,” I replied, trying to laugh it off. “You’re pulling a gag on the new guy to get me to hit on her, and you and your buddies will get a nice laugh out of it. I get it. Really, I do. Nice try.””Fine, but when she’s under your desk sucking you off, don’t say you never got a heads up from me,” he said smiling before turning to walk away.”Wait,” I replied. “Are you serious? I mean…that still goes on in the workplace these days? I know it’s a laid back environment around here, but everyone in management seem so professional and uptight.” “Well it’s not against the rules if no one knows about it. Catch my drift?””And you’ve seen this happen with her? Or is this from what her last boss told you?””Both actually,” he said with a smirk. “I’ve caught a few glimpses of her on knees with him. He used to brag about it to me and a few others around here. And I don’t know why you look so upset about hearing this. You look as though I’m talking about your wife, or your sister, or even your own mother. She’s just some legal assistant that’ll help you draft documents for clients. Who knows, maybe if you play your cards right, she’ll be your little office slut too. You should be thrilled.””Uh…yeah…I guess so.”If only he knew…***My head was spinning as I drove home that afternoon.Was he serious? Could my prim & proper mother actually do that type of stuff in the office? Worst of all, was she doing that while still married to dad? There’s obviously nothing wrong with her having sex, we’re all human after all, but hearing those kinds of details about your own mother is a real shock to say the least. I prayed that he was actually referring to another woman with a similar name who was also recently hired back (which is one hell of a long shot). God, I couldn’t believe what was happening. One minute things were going great- with me and my mother both landing well paying jobs. The next minute, my whole world seemed to be upside down. The only thing I knew for sure was that lewd thoughts of my mother weren’t going away anytime soon.***A THING FOR AUTHORITARIAN FIGURES***”So what do you think of my new outfit?” my mother asked as she posed for me.She struck different poses for me to see while she stood in front of her bedroom mirror. As usual, her outfit was both classy and sexy at the same time. It hugged her physically fit body and showed off her curves where they needed to be shown.”You really do look great mom,” I replied honestly.”Thanks,” she smiled. “You know, I’m actually warming up to the idea of us working together, even though you get to be my boss. A lot of my friends tell me about how their k**s move out and then they rarely ever hear from them again. So I think it’s a great thing that we can spend so much time together.””Yeah. You’re right.””What’s the matter?” she asked with a concerned look on her face. “Are you starting to have second thoughts about this?””No, it’s not that mom. It’s just that…nevermind…it’s nothing.”She put her hands on her waist and gave me that stern motherly look. “Don’t give me that ‘nevermind’ stuff young man. I’m your mother, and I know when something is wrong. So tell me, what is it?”I took a deep breath. “Fine, do you know a guy named Dave from human resources?””Sure I do. Why?””He dropped by to talk to me…and…well…let’s just say that he didn’t know that I’m your son when he was telling me about your encounters with your previous boss…””Oh my god…” she gasped. “That fucking jerk. I…I can’t believe this.””So it’s true then?”She paused for a brief moment. “I’m not a whore. So please don’t think of me as one.””I never said you were.””No, but you were thinking it. I’m a grown woman. Who I have a relationship with, and what I do in that relationship is certainly nobody’s business. So as far as I’m concerned, you have no right to judge me.”I took a few steps forward and put my hand on her shoulder in an attempt to comfort her. “I’m not judging you mom. And you know that I would never think any less of you for any reason. It’s just that, I was surprised to hear that I couldn’t stop thinking about it. That’s all.” “Fair enough,” she replied. “But please don’t think that I’d slept my way to the top or anything like that. I’m a hard working woman who has had to work for everything she has in life. And don’t forget that your university education and this house hasn’t come cheap either.” “That never even crossed my mind. You’re the most dedicated and respectable woman I’ve never known,” I replied honestly. “But I have to ask, did the relationship you have with your old boss happen while you were still with dad?”A sudden look of shock came over her face. “God no! I’ve never cheated on your father, and this has absolutely nothing to do with us splitting up. It was only a short fling I had when I was single.””Thank you. I’m glad to hear that because that was what really bothered me more than anything.”She smiled, “Well I’m sorry I overreacted. But since we’ll be working together, I think it’s best if we just clear the air right now and get it over with. The relationship I had with my ex-boss began over a year after I became single. I was constantly busy with my personal life and career. I worked very long hours, and he was the only man available to me and we slowly developed a mutual attraction. Plus I’ve always had a thing for authoritarian figures which made him even more attractive.””A thing for ‘authoritarian figures’ huh? If I remember correctly, didn’t you first meet dad when you used to work for him at another company?”She flashed a serious look. “Don’t get cute mister. But you’re right, I used to work for your father and that’s how we met. Like I said, I’ve always had a thing for authoritarian figures in my life. It’s my only weakness. So now you can stop wondering what this was all about.”***There was a slight tension between us that night, but it eventually faded away and everything was back to normal.But I still couldn’t get over the fact that it was the first time my mother had ever mentioned anything about her closely guarded sex life. It felt as though layers were being peeled off the person I was most closest to in my life. ***AN INTERESTING DAY***It was the first day that my mother and I would be heading to the office together with me being her boss. I still wasn’t exactly sure how she would handle it, but by that morning, my mother had become very enthusiastic.”I’m so excited!” she exclaimed with a cup of coffee on hand.I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful she looked- beaming with pride and dressed especially prim & proper. She was back to her old classy self again with the way she looked.”Yeah, well it’s defiantly going to be an interesting day,” I replied, smiling back at her. “The fact that we’d be working together still hasn’t fully sunk yet to be honest.””I know how you feel. And you better not abuse your powers either,” she replied playfully. “Believe me, you might be my new boss in the workplace, but I’ll always be the boss when we’re at home.””You know, that part hasn’t really sunk in yet either. It might actually be fun bossing you around for a change,” I joked.She suddenly put her coffee down and gave me a serious look. “Look…there’s something else I’ve been meaning to tell you. Aside from some of the other managers there and a few of my close friends, no one else knows that you’re my son, and I’d like to keep it that way. I’ve gotten over the fact that I’ll be working for you, but it’s still kind of humiliating to me if other people found out about that. I’m still a proud woman you know.””I’m sure I’d feel the same way if I were in your shoes. So if you work hard and do what I say in the office, I’ll be sure to keep this little secret between us.”A look of humility with a hint of embarrassment crept over her face. “You’re obviously starting to enjoy this aren’t you? At the end of the day, just remember who you’re talking to young man.”***TREAT ME LIKE YOUR OLD BOSS***A few hours had passed and I was sitting behind the desk of my office. It felt good being in charge, and not having to take orders from some guy who shamelessly steals other people’s ideas and hard work. çanakkale escort Instead, I just have to report back to upper-management every so often. Plus I would be making more moneyKnock! Knock!My mom opened the door and came inside with a smile.”Hey boss,” she said playfully while walking towards me. “Can I get you coffee or something? I can’t stand the thought of you being overworked siting behind that cozy desk of yours.””Your sarcasm is much appreciated mom. Don’t you know it’s bad practice to be condescending to your work place superior?” I replied.She sat on my desk and continued her playful demeanor. “I guess not. But the reason I stopped by is because me and a few of my old colleagues are going out to eat together. We haven’t seen each other in a while so my lunch break will probably be a little longer than it should. It won’t happen again- I promise.””I knew you couldn’t resist taking advantage of me,” I replied giving her stern but equally joking look. “I just didn’t think it would be this soon. I mean, we’ve only been working together for a few hours now.””Oh relax sweetheart. It’s only an extra thirty minutes. Besides, I’m one of the more experienced employees around here when it comes to paralegal work, so I can get things done in a fraction of the time compared to anyone else.””I’m sure you can. But I still fully expect to be treated like any one of your previous bosses,” I said before immediately realizing what that meant to her.Both of her eyebrows raised and she gave me a sly look. “Sooo…after everything you know, you still want me to treat you like one of my previous bosses huh? That’s quite a revelation, especially considering how I told you some pretty intimate things.””Oh come on…You know exactly what I mean. I meant that…”She continued, “Now when you say that you want me to treat you like my old boss, did you mean how submissive and naughty I could be behind closed doors? Because that’s what your comment sounded like to me.””Has anyone seen Sandra?” a voice said distantly in the background.”Sounds like your friend is looking for you. I don’t have a problem with you taking a little longer on your lunch break. Like you said, you’re one of the best and hardest working people here.”She smiled and turned to leave. “I knew you’d see things my way.”***HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT ABOUT i****t?***After a slightly awkward car ride home, my mother and I had dinner that evening together. None of us mentioned the innuendo filled discussion we had early in the day, but it was clearly still in the air.”So what do you think about this pizza?” she asked, breaking the silence at the diner table.”It’s bread with a little tomato sauce and cheese on it,” I replied. “It’s good, but it’s also crazy how some places in the downtown area can get away with charging some outrageous prices for something that costs only a small fraction to make.”She flashed a motherly look, “You’re starting to sound like a manager already. You should fit right in over there.””Well that’s the idea. Speaking of which, we should really put this awkwardness behind us. I mean, I’m sure we’re both thinking the same thing right now aren’t we?””You’re right,” she said. “I’m sorry for getting a little too playful with you earlier. I was having a good time with old friends and I guess I got a little carried away in your office. So, I’m sorry again if I weirded you out in any way.””It wasn’t that weird. It’s just that you caught me totally off guard and I didn’t know how to react. Well, to be honest, I thought it was actually kind of funny to hear you talk like that. You’re always so proper and elegant when you’re out in public, so it was fun seeing a lighter side of you for a change.””So I take it you liked it then?” she teased.”Oh no, not this again,” I jokingly sighed. “I’m being serious here. You really don’t have anything to be ashamed of. It’s a lot more accepted in this day and age.”I shook my head, “Huh? Wait…are we still talking about the same thing here? Because if I didn’t know any better, I’d swear that you’re asking me about…””i****t,” she blurted out. “Have you ever thought about i****t? Not necessarily with me, but in general.””What? Heck no! What kind of sick pervert do you think I am? How could you ask me something like that?” “Curiosity I suppose,” she said with a shrug, like it was no big deal. “I read a lot of romance stories online and I’m often surprised by the large fan base that i****t has. I’ve been extremely honest with you lately, so you can be honest with me; have you ever thought about it?””I’ll answer your question on one condition,” I said firmly.Her eyebrow raised. “And what condition would that be?””I can’t stop thinking about what you said in the office today, about how you did things that were ‘submissive and naughty’ with your last boss. And by the look you’re giving me, I think you already know what I’m going to ask.”A sly and slightly embarrassed expression crept over her face. “Fine…I’ll go first. You might already know by now that I had a certain liking for oral sex with my previous boss in his office. As for the ‘submissive and naughty’ part, I used to do different things that he’d ask of me, things that turned both of us on to no end.””Like?””Like I used to occasionally go pantyless to work. He would call me in to his office, have me sit on his desk, and make me lift up my skirt to show him how I felt about it. That usually ended with me having to wipe his desk clean. In addition to me giving him oral sex, he would sometimes screw me in the supply room. And finally, if we worked overtime together, he would insist that I strip down and do my paralegal duties in the nude. And that meant that I had to walk around the office completely naked. There have been several instances where the custodian has gotten quite a show.””Well that was a more that I was expecting to hear,” I replied, feeling stunned by my mother’s admissions.She shrugged, “You asked for it. But now it’s your turn. I have bent over backwards trying to be completely honest with you since you found out about my private endeavors, and I expect some reciprocation. So…have you ever thought about i****t?””I guess.””That short answer better be a joke young man,” she said with her eyes becoming wide and her anger building. “I mean it, you may be the boss at work, but I’m still the boss at home. So start talking mister.””Okay okay, it was a joke,” I replied with a laugh. “But to your question, yes, I have. Who hasn’t? I may have even visited some of the same sites you go to on occasions. So I’m not surprised that it has a large fan base, and it’s probably a lot more popular as a fantasy than people think.”An amused look came over her face. “Well what’s your favorite category of i****t? What excites you the most?””Do we really need to go there?””After everything I told you? I think it’s fair. Now start talking.””I’ve always thought that father/daughter stuff was kinda hot, where the daughter teasers her dad and he starts feeling helpless because of his natural urges. I also think mother/son stuff is kind of fun too I guess.””Mother/Son stuff huh?” she said with a grin. “Oh my. I had no idea you felt that way. Have you ever thought about me?””I should have known this was a set up. This is your way of embarrassing me for being your boss isn’t it? I just knew it.”She laughed, “Relax sweetie. Believe it or not, I actually do like that you’re my new boss. And thinking about me in that way is really nothing to be ashamed of. Like you said, this kind of thing is more common than people realize.”I paused for a moment, “…Well…in that case…I may have thought about you in ‘that way’ once or twice in my life- maybe a little more. Can you blame me? Mother or not, you’re a beautiful woman.””I’m flattered that a vibrant and healthy young man would say that about me,” she said graciously.”So what about you?” I asked. “What kind of stuff do you like to read? Are there any particular i****t fantasies you like to think about?””What do I think about? Right now I think I could use a warm bath with some light music to unwind after a long day. Maybe a little television afterwards and then it’s off to bed.””That’s not a bad idea. If I’m not mistaken, you owe me some paperwork tomorrow,” I replied.She smiled, winked, and got up to give me a kiss on the forehead before leaving.***OFFICE RELIEF & PROPER HOUSEWIFE*** It was late the next afternoon when my mother knocked on my office door, carrying some documents in a folder. She looked gorgeous as always. Her hair and make-up were done to perfection like usual, and so was her professional attire. But unlike yesterday, instead of wearing pants, she wore a knee-length office skirt with stockings on her legs which could grab any man’s attention.”Good afternoon boss,” she said with grace and class. “I have the briefing you wanted, complete with detailed information and research I added on my own.””And that’s why you’re the most dedicated and valuable person in this division,” I said honestly to my mother. “I’ll be sure to recommend a pay raise for you once evaluations come. You deserve it.”It was obvious that she felt proud of what I said, and it made her stand a little straighter and hold her head up a little higher.”Thank you sir. I do appreciate it. And speaking of dedication and hard work, you look exhausted. Don’t let the pressure of a new job get to you. It’s always good to have a nice break every now and then to cool off. Trust me on that.””Yeah, well this job ain’t easy. It pays well, but of course that means upper-management expects good results. Thanks for caring though.”She casually walked over to where I sat and leaned her backside against my desk. Her face showed a touch of excitement and her skirt rode up slightly, and I was in anticipation over where this was headed.”I saw you glancing at my legs a few times in the car this morning,” she said with a hint of seduction. “I don’t think that’s ever happened before. Did you see anything you like? Or did you remember what I said about wearing a skirt for my ex-boss?”I gulped and nervously replied, “Both maybe. What you did for your previous boss crossed my mind when I saw you were wearing a skirt. Plus you have great legs if you don’t mind me saying so.”She reached down with both hands to pinch the sides of her skirt, escort çanakkale and she slowly raised them to reveal the flesh of her thighs and the top of her garter.”I’m glad you think so. You know, when I got dressed this morning, I realized that I never answered your question about if I had any i****t fantasies of my own. So maybe this may give you an idea…”With that said, she pulled her skirt up even further to reveal the bottom end of her bare vagina to me in my office. My heart was pounding at the sight of my mother’s brown labia. She pulled even further fully expose her cleanly shaven crotch. If things weren’t hot enough, she sat on my desk and spread her legs apart, putting her dripping wet pink flesh on full display for my viewing pleasure.”Oh my…” I gasped with my eyes glued to her womanly parts. “I…I take it you have a thing for mother/son? You’re soaking wet…”She nodded. “Yes. Among other things, I enjoy a good mother/son story every now and then. And if you’re wondering why I’m doing this, it’s because I can’t stand the thought of my son being over-worked and over-stressed. Judging by your reaction, it’s worked. Have a good day boss.”I was snapped out my trance when my mother yanked her skirt back down and walked away. Just as she was about to leave my office, she gave me a wink and another reminder not to stress out.***A few short hours later and my mother and I were in the car and on our way home. To say things were more awkward than yesterday was an understatement. I had just had an up close encounter with my mother’s vagina, and to make matters worse, she was acting extra friendly while I drove as if to tease me.”You look so much more relaxed than when I saw you at your office,” she said as I drove. “Coffee and donuts always work wonders don’t they?””Sure they do. But I think you know that I had something a little more visual to help calm me down.””Good. Well I’m glad it worked. It was a little raunchy I’ll admit, but it worked. Men always seem to lose their minds at the sight of a woman’s vagina, even if it’s the one they came out of.”I tried not to but I couldn’t help but laugh.”Very funny mom,” I replied. “But seriously, that was the best part of my week. All the stress I had from this promotion left my body and I felt like a new man.””In other words, you went to the bathroom and masturbated didn’t you?” she asked playfully.”No comment on that.”She laughed, “Well, I really don’t mind you getting off to my private area. You being happy is all that matters. Just don’t expect that to be a common occurrence. Like I’ve said before, you may be the boss at work, but don’t forget who calls the shots when we’re at home.””Actually, that might not be the case anymore” I retorted. “If I’m not mistaken, I’ll be bringing home a bigger check than you. So that would kind of make me the man of the house now wouldn’t it? I mean, it’s tradition. You can’t argue with that.”I kept my eyes on the road as I heard her giggle ever so slightly.”Mom, I can hear you laughing. What is it?””I love this new take charge attitude of yours,” she said playfully. “It’s nice. Really. You’re becoming a grown man now. It’s certainly a lot better than seeing you play video games all day. But I suppose you’re right on that account. You’re the man of the house now.””Hmmm…this isn’t like you to give up so easily. I’ve got a funny feeling about this.””What? Your mother isn’t allowed to agree with you anymore?” she asked as if she was genuinely surprised.”Well, this conversation would have to be put on hold. I could use a nice long shower right about now.”I pulled in to our driveway, and once we got home, we headed to our respective rooms to unwind after a long and unusual day.***SEEN A NAKED WOMAN BEFORE?***The awkwardness and sexual tension between my mother and I continued that night. We had a nice home cooked meal which she made. And it was extra special considering that she rarely takes the time on a weekday to make some of her best dishes with a gourmet presentation.”How do you like the food?” she asked, already knowing the answer.I nodded while I cleaned my plate. “Delicious. You really knew what you were doing when you made this. I haven’t eaten food this good in a while mom.””Thank you,” she said proudly. “You deserve it. After all, you’re the man of the house now right? Isn’t that what you want? So I guess I’ll have to treat you accordingly.””Hmm…now I’m starting to become even more skeptical here. Do you want extra breaks at work or what? There has to be a catch here?”She smiled, “There is no catch. It’s just that, it’s a pleasure to see you becoming a real grown up. I meant what I said earlier about you becoming a young man now. As a single mother who’s raised you for the past many years, I find it to be very rewarding. And I couldn’t be more proud of you.”I reached over and patted my mother’s hand. “Thanks mom. I owe it all to you. Sorry if I was being a jerk about it.””Don’t worry. But in the meantime, these dishes won’t clean themselves. Come on, help me bring all these plates over to the kitchen counter.””After a meal like this, you deserve the night off. I’ll do the dishes tonight and you go rest.”She smiled, “I appreciate that. Good night sweetie.”My mother then gave me a kiss on the check before heading up the stairs.***For the never several minutes, I washed the dishes and reflected on how crazy things have been lately. I couldn’t believe that my mother and I had talked about such intimate and personal things. On top of being my mom, she was by far the most classy and elegant woman I know. And I was still trying to wrap my head around the fact that she showed me her vagina up close as a way to relieve me. I heard footsteps behind me just as I was finishing up, and I turned around to say ‘good night’ to my mother.”Thanks again for the…”My jaw immediately dropped. I stood in disbelief at the sight of my mother walking in the kitchen completely naked.She looked stunning. Her hair was down and her make up was freshly washed off, giving her a natural look. Her body showed her middle-age, but that the same time, she was great physical shape from all of her workouts. She had athletically toned legs and thin arms, and her breasts were medium sized and sagged a little. And her hard pink giant nipples showed that either she was cold, or she was aroused.”Oh don’t give me that look. What’s the matter, you’ve never seen a naked woman before?,” she asked as she grabbed a cup off the counter and headed to fridge for some juice.I stammered, “Of…of course I have. It’s just that…you’re YOU. You’re my…””You’re mother?” she said, finishing my sentence. “Of course I know that. But since you want to be regarded as ‘the man of the house’, then it’s only fitting that I be your housewife. And before you were born, your father and I were practically nudists at home. So it’s only fair that you get the same treatment isn’t it?””I…I’d have to agree. I think I could get used to this.”She poured her juice and just as she left, she lightly touched the growing erection through my shorts. “It sure feels like you could. You’ve really turned out to be a real man in more ways that one. sleep well.”***NAKED HOUSEWIFE & OFFICE SLUT***I sat in my office late the next morning and reflected again upon all that’s happened in the past many hours. Earlier in the day, as we rode in the car together, my mother made it perfectly clear that the previous night wasn’t some fluke; and that she would be more than willing to be my naked housewife in order to relieve stress for the both of us, and to show her appreciation for how hard I was working. And naturally, the thought of that hadn’t left my mind since.Knock! Knock!My mother was at my door, wearing her usual office attire and a bright smile. The clock said it was 11:55 so I just assumed it was the same situation as the day before.”Hey there,” I said. “Need another extension for your lunch break?””Actually, not today. I told them I’d be skipping today’s lunch meeting with them.””Why?”She gave me an uncharacteristically shy and vulnerable look as she approached my desk.”Because I still feel as though we still have some things we needed to clear up between us, and I couldn’t wait until this evening. Besides, I really like this office setting. It’s fitting.”I nodded, “You’re right about the clearing things up part. I haven’t been able to focus on work all morning, especially after seeing you…you know…naked last night. Plus I haven’t been able to shake the thought of seeing you that way from now on either. “That’s a good thing I hope…” she replied with an eyebrow raised.”That’s a great thing,” I smiled. “You’re amazing.””Good,” she said smiling back. “Because I think there’s something else you might like to hear. Remember when I told you yesterday that I enjoyed mother/son fantasies?””How could I forget?””Well, you never asked me anything beyond that. Because if you had, you would have found out that I used to spy on my brother having sex with our mom growing up. It happened on his 18th birthday, and since then, I developed a rather strong oedipal fantasy that would rival most male authors of i****t stories.”A small shiver went down my spine, the good kind, but I tried my best not to show my mother how aroused hearing that made me. I tried to say as calm as possible, but regardless, she could tell I was enthused.”Oh…” I gasped. “You mean Uncle Joe and Grandma have been…””Screwing,” she said. “I don’t get to see it anymore because we obviously don’t live together anymore. But I still fantasize about them from time to time, especially when I’m reading stories. And more recently, I’ve developed another strong i****t fantasy regarding someone else in my immediate family; care to guess who that is?”I paused for a moment to be sure what she was implying. “At this point, I’d say it’s your current boss, the guy you’re talking to right now, and who’s office you’re standing in. I know, I’m an irresistible guy.”She laughed, “Three days as a boss and you’ve got an ego already? You’ll fit right in with upper-management.””So what happens next? I mean, we obviously can’t be open about this, but it’s not like anyone is going to find out.””Well I’m already going to be your naked housewife at home,” she stated. “Neither of us seem to have a problem with that. çanakkale escort bayan So as your work place subordinate, why not add another title for me?””I’m not sure where this is going, but I love the possibilities. What do you have in mind?””How would you feel about me being your office slut?” she asked bluntly. “It would be the same as with my previous boss, and with your father when I used to work for him. Even as my son, you would get the same benefits as them. What do you think?”I was immediately taken aback by what my mother had just offered. After all the i****tuous fantasizing and masturbating I had done in my life thinking about her, I never thought any of that would ever come true. And here it was, handed to me on a silver platter.”I think it sounds like it’s too good to be true. But if you’re actually serious about this, then there’s no way that I’m passing this up this opportunity.”She smiled, “Well I am serious. It’s a win/win situation for the both of us if you ask me. You would have a great way to relieve stress, and you get to live out your fantasy. Plus I would have a great way to relieve stress, and I would get to live out my fantasy. To top it all of, we would both obviously be sexually fulfilled to the utmost of our imaginations.”I took a deep breath and replied, “You had me convinced the moment you asked. So…uh…how do you suppose we start this thing. I mean…if I were your old boss, what would be happening right now?”She got down on her knees, in between my legs.”Well, with my previous boss, we would have kept the talking to a bare minimum and my mouth would be filled with cock already. Any objects to that?”I shook my head ‘no’. “Good,” she said. “Let’s get started.”Her hands casually headed towards my crotch as if she had done this a million times, and she immediately went to work undoing my belt buckle and zipper. Once undone, she pulled my ever-growing cock out of my underwear and began to stroke it up and down.”Very nice,” she commented. “It’s been a while since I’ve handled one of these. But don’t worry, it’s like riding a bike. You’re a busy man and your time is important. We don’t have a second to waste.”She swooped down and took my cock in her mouth and started sucking. Her vacuum-like suction and wet saliva was more than enough to get my cock fully engorged. And being orally served by my own mother in my office only added how intense this feeling was. The phone suddenly rang in the middle of my mother’s newfound oral servitude for me. It was my boss on the other line.”Don’t mind me,” she said, temporarily spitting my cock out. “You have important responsibilities around here. So go right ahead.”She was right. I cautiously answered the phone while my mother continued sucking me off.”Hello,” I answered. “Good afternoon Mr Smith, it’s a pleasure to hear from you. Yes, everything is going well, thanks for asking….My breathing? Oh, I was just about to leave and I ran back to answer the phone…Lunch? Now?”My mother suddenly looked me straight in the eyes with a ‘Don’t You Dare’ type of a look, and continued to suck, slurp, and bob her head with even more tenacity.”I’m really sorry, but I’ve actually got something going on with one of the employees. It’s an oral communication exercise to build a more cohesive work environment along with trust in the workplace…Thank you…I’m glad you agree on the importance of that…Then tomorrow it is,” I said before the phone conversation ended.She plopped my cock out of her mouth for the second time. “So what did he say?””He was thrilled that I’m such a team player and he wished there were more people like me around here. He also said he loved my emphasis on team work and bonding with my employees. Now where were we?””Oral communication right?””Exactly.”She gave me a playful wink and went back to sucking me off. This time, she used her hand to stroke me, enhancing the sexual pleasure I receiving. I laid back and listened to her slurping noises filling the room, and having oral sex performed by my mother’s expert mouth couldn’t have felt better.”Oh god,” I moaned. “This feels fantastic. I’m going to explode pretty soon if you keep this up.”To my surprise, and brief disappointment, she put my raging hard cock back inside my pants and zipped me up.”This is our first time together and I want it to be memorable,” she said. “And it would be a real shame if it was only an office blowjob. Come on boss, everyone is on their lunch break right now, so let’s go to the office supply room.”***We both adjusted our clothes to look like our proper selves, as if nothing was out of the ordinary between us, and we headed towards the supply room. We made extra sure that no one saw us enter together, and once we shut the door behind us, she grabbed me and planted a big kiss on my lips.”Mmmm…I could really get used to being your office slut.”I gave her a few more kisses and replied, “So can I. And if I’m not mistaken, the supply room is where you used to have sex right?”She gave me an incredibly seductive grin and began to slowly undress. It was as if my mother was transforming before my very eyes in more ways that one. She had always prided herself on being so proper & elegant, along with being a fashionably dressed professional woman. And here she was, slowly taking off her expensive clothes and tossing them to the floor as if they were worthless accessories.”That’s exactly what we did in these places. Now be a good boss and fuck me until I can’t take it anymore.”The last article of clothing was gone from her body and she completely naked except for the stockings on her legs and the heels on her feet. She turned out and spread her legs apart, placing her hands on the table as she bent down.I freed my rock hard erection and headed towards her. My heart pounded through my chest as the realization that I was about to finally fuck my own mother fully sunk in. She reached down with one hand to spread her labia apart, and I could tell that she was having the same thoughts based on how dripping wet she was.The head of my cock slide of her womanhood, and so did the rest of my shaft. Her body trembled when I went all the way in, and I held her hips tightly and proceeded to fuck her once her vaginal canal adjusted. It felt phenomenal being inside of her. And soon, the tiny room was filled with the sounds of wet rhythmic slappings from my crotch pounding the flesh of her ass, along with the faint sounds of us moaning..”Oh god…” she panted. “Fuck me…that’s it…fuck me…fuck your little office slut…”We tried our best to muffle our voices and moaning to make sure that no one would hear us. It was already a big enough risk as it was, and we didn’t want to get caught. But the fact that we were having sex in the office place was an added thrill to the already taboo act of i****t.Her legs suddenly started trembling at a ferocious pace and her body started shaking. My hands on her hips and thighs felt her muscles flexing and contracting, and it was clear that she was on the verge of a powerful orgasm. “Oh shit…” she whimpered. “Oh…rub my clit…rub it for me…”I reached down and furiously began to rub her engorged clitoris. The fluids seeping from her wet vagina coated my hand like a leaking faucet. “I’m almost there…don’t stop…keep screwing your mother…”Hearing my proper & respectable mother’s dirty mouth added to how hot this sexual situation was. We were both sweating profusely, and I could see some of the glass in the small room start to fog up.But I didn’t have much time to think about my own pleasures, as my mother’s back arched violently, and a strong gush of fluids rushed through my fingers as I fucked her pussy and fingered her clit the best that I humanly could.It took every ounce of strength she had to keep from thrashing her body around and screaming at the top of her lungs for the entire office building to hear. And it took every ounce of strength that I had to keep pleasuring her the way that she need to be pleasured.Once her orgasm subsided, her body was in a near state of collapse as she bent back down with her hands on the table to hold herself up. Soon, it was my turn to orgasm”I’m going to cum…I’m going cum mom….” I said as softly as I could.My mother immediately got re-energized, dropped to her knees, looked up at me, and jerked me off until I exploded all over her mouth, coating her lips and tongue with my orgasm. She didn’t stop until I was completely drained, and she finished up by continuing to look me in the eyes while she swallowed.”That was fucking amazing,” I stated, breathing heavily.She continued licking her lips along with the tip of my penis. “And you have no idea what that did for me. I feel like a brand new woman.””But you know what doesn’t look brand new? This floor with your squirt and my cum all over it. God, what a mess we made.”She smiled looking down at it. “Yeah, what a mess. Good thing we’re in a supply area. I’ll have it cleaned up in no time boss.”After a few more licks on my shaft and kisses to the head of my cock, she put my penis back in my pants and zipped me up. While still naked, she then grabbed several sheets of paper towels and used them to wipe the floor clean, before hiding the ‘evidence’ in the pocket of her jacket to throw away some place else.***I watched my mother get dressed and reveled in the fact that I just had full blown sex with my own mother. It was such an erotic sight seeing her go from an office slut, back to being the prim & proper woman everyone knows her as. The awkwardness that had been lingering between us was now gone, and everything felt normal. Everything felt the way that it should.By the time we left the supply room, a group of people from the same floor, but different division, had just returned from their lunch break. It was obvious that they knew we just had sex. Especially by looking at my mother with her ‘I just got fucked’ hairdo and her slightly crinkled suit.My mother didn’t care though. She walked right passed them with her head held high and a proud smile on her face. I could even here some of the women in the background gossip about us with their whispering voices.”Well those two clearly had sex.””Couldn’t they have gotten a hotel room?””I’ve heard they’re actually related.”After three days, this job turned out to be more than just a significant pay raise. It was a unique bonding experience for my mother and I, and it would continue to be just that. Not only was she my mother, but she had also become my naked housewife, and in her words, my office slut. And that’s the way it was meant to be.