On your knees and … pray.

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On your knees and … pray.#4″you should really talk to Father O’Maley if you’re having guy troubles Melissa”. Melissa looked dumbfounded at the idea. “What’s he gonna know about guys” Melissa and her girlfriends snickered at that comment as everyone heard the rumours that he was gay. “Mel.. you’re almost 20 and still haven’t figured guys out?! You remember Ashley? She told me he helped her alot just before she moved away to another College.. really… we’d all love to hear what he suggests you do… actually we DARE you to” giggled Cris, Mel’s best friend. Melissa hesitated for a moment then let out a sigh.. “fine… as you guys can’t seem to give me good advice anyway, I’ll ask O’Maley”.Melissa’s guy trouble basically consisted of her wanting a serious boyfriend but every guy she met never seemed to want a commitment. Was this normal? Was she wrong for wanting more? Her friends just confused her further so she would ask Father O’Maley for his thoughts. Father O’Maley was a good looking, overly polite man in his 40’s who liked classical music and talking at length with the little old ladies after church. Rumour was he has been seen kissing men but his popularity keep him in favour with the church.Mel went to the church after dinner knowing the choir would be practicing and Father O’Maley would be there listening. Although she saw his car in the lot, there were no others. “choir must be starting later tonight” she thought. She went to Father O’Maleys office and found him on the PC. “Oh!… Melissa! I wasn’t expecting you!” he stammered. “Hi.. umm.. I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about boys and dating” she asked with embarrassment in her voice. “of course, of course, come in and sit down “. Melissa sat opposite Father O’Maley…. shifting her chair so she could see him behind his PC monitor.”now.. first off… why would you come see me when your friends must all have excellent dating advice… he asked. “well… Cris said you helped Ashley about guys and .. and well… we all think you likely know more about that than we do.” She realized how bad that sounded but it was too late. he looked at her for a moment then cleared his throat. “why exactly is that?” bartın escort “Ummm.. sorry.. i shouldn’t have said that” was all she could come up with. She could see he looked upset. He gritted his jaw slightly and cleared his throat again with a forced smile. “I want you and your friends, and everyone to know for that matter.. I’m most definitely not homosexual”.”oh please.. I didn’t mean to…” she stuttered, suddenly feeling 1′ tall. Even if you were it’s none…””BUT… but.. I am not.” he interrupted her, looking visibly depressed. She felt she had really fucked up and now had to correct things. She got up and quickly moved around his big desk. So quick, he didnt realize until she was almost to his side. He quickly bolted up and asked what she was doing. “I want to give you a hug… you’re so nice to everyone and I.. i just want to say Sorry” she said, reaching up and wrapping her arms around his neck. Her head to the side pressed against his chest, her smile quickly froze.On the screen of Father O’Maley’s PC was a movie of him bending a young woman over his desk… was that.. Ashley? and was he… fucking her?! Just as she realized what her eyes were seeing, Father O’Maley returned her hug. “Thanks Mel.. I really appreciate that. So let’s talk about your dating questions… Ok Mel?.. Mel?” Marcus O’Maley suddenly realized something was wrong, very very wrong… a quick glance confirmed it… his favourite homemade porn was still on.. and Mel was looking right at it.”you.. watching it?” he asked. “she didn’t say a word, staring in disbelief as Ashley was now on her knees sucking his cock through the opening in his robe… the same hard cock she could now feel pressed against her pussy. In her mind she was thinking about how to get out of this situation. Certainly a simple “no” would do it. Just as she almost had enough courage to turn and step away, he said something which held her in place.”You like watching her suck my cock? You think she’s likes it?””ya”She couldnt believe she answered him. Suddenly another…”See how she’s pumping my cock and licking the tip?””ya”and another..”see how shes standing now and rubbing my cock on her pussy, hear how wet it escort bartın is?”””uh huh”and the bombshell…”you want to rub my cock on your pussy too… don’t you?””yes”Her face burned. Without another word he pulled her skirt and panties down and she let him. Both their breathing was fast and shallow. It was now like a foggy dream. That is until he said “Melissa.. reach into my robe and pull my fucking cock out and rub it on that hard clit now” in a voice she didn’t even recognize. She hesitated until he just guided her limp hands into his robe, into his underwear and her shaky fingers wrapped around his throbbing cock slowly pulled it free. He held her tight as she pressed against him and shuddered as she started to grind his cock on her clit as she was told. The precum made her clit slippery within a few strokes. She stared at Ashley on the monitor, he was now fucking her again… Ashley looked lost in the moment was lost and so was she.He led her to the leather couch against the wall. He laid her down and in one quick move, had his mouth on her pussy. Tongue dancing around her throbbing clit, she had no choice but to hold his head and feel the building pressure to cum. He felt it too and promptly moved up to suck her nipples through her open white blouse. “rub it on your clit again Mel” he whispered in her ear. “we.. we.. can’t fuck..” she whispered back sensing what he wanted. “you’re the one holding my cock, not me. I’m not going to fuck you.. just want you to grind on it…… now rub it on your clit. “With a sigh, she was now rubbing and grinding him on her again.. but this time, her legs were open and almost around him.. rubbing it on her clit now included her pussy lips.. it was an intense sensation. Too intense. “Lower” he grunted. and she rubbed his cock further down.. “lower…” he grunted. “n..no.. it’s starting.. to go.. go inside a bit” she moaned feeling the head now slipping between and into her soaked pussy lips. She pulled it up and returned the grinding to her clit… but found herself going back to her pussylips at his urging.She accidentally let his cockhead slip in yet again shocking herself she kept doing it, but more shocking as she suddenly bartın escort bayan felt him push in. If it wasn’t for her hand gripping it, it surely would be all the way inside her. She moaned “noooo….” looking down as if to confirm what she felt. She saw her little hand gripping his cock halfway inside her, preventing all 7″ from going in. “you… you said.. ugh… you weren’t.. ugh… gonna fuck .. me” she moaned, her hand the only thing preventing Father O’Maley from fully fucking her. “you.. you put it in.. not me.. ” he grunted. She stared down as his cock in her hands. Even just 1/2 way in it felt more and more amazing.So hot. So wet. She was 50/50 on what to do. 50% of her brain working on a way to make this stop.. the other 50% wanting her to let go and take all his 7″ deep.”Oh my God Melissa… your hand feels so good wrapped around my cock.”40/60″kiss me”30/70″you want to feel my cock all the way inside you… don’t you?”0/100She released his cock and locked eyes with her Church elder as 4 more inches of his throbbing cock filled her. He wasn’t even the first much older man she fucked. That honour went to her piano instructor… but that was different. She wanted it all year before she created the situation that led to her fuckin him in his car. This was different. She was now moving her hips in time to Father O’Maley, whom she just wanted advice from.. now he was making her want his cock deeper.”Say… Cum.. in me Father”…. he grunted.”No.. I.. can’t” she moaned.”Say… Cum””…cum…””In me Father””…in… me… father””Say… Cum in me Father””cum.. in… me … father””Again…””Cum… in… me… Father””AGAIN!””Cum in me Father””A..AGAIN!!””CUM IN ME FATHER””AGAIN!!””CUM IN ME FATHER!!”She’s not sure what happened first, her own blinding orgasm that almost made her pass out from the intensity or the jackhammering of her teen pussy followed by the rush of hot cum exploding deep inside her. Doesn’t really matter because here she was… kissing Father O’Maley passionately.. whispering in HIS ear how amazing that was.. moving her hips to keep him hard. She didn’t need advice on dealing with guys… she would be here in church every night now. Her parents were pleased she wasn’t going clubbing as much.. unaware that not only was she fucking Father O’Maley.. but also his male and female friends and associates. She now knew more about sex then she thought existed.Cris was right after all.