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ON DISPLAYIt is Saturday evening and we have just finished a fabulous meal. You have prepared a feast fit for kings and the romantic candle-lit dinner has left us both in the mood for a little after-dinner fun. “Come on.”, I say, “Let’s go play.”You give me your coy, little-girl smile. “Yes Sir,” you say. You follow me meekly into the bedroom. You aren’t sure quite what to expect as I have made each evening an experience of the unexpected. I have arranged our room with soft lights, and arranged the bed so that you can fall right onto it. Very, very tenderly I start to remove your clothing, kissing each part of you as it comes into view.First your blouse drops to the floor and you feel my hot breath as I kiss your neck and shoulders. You moan softly as I give you a gentle bite. I am standing behind you and you lean back against me as I reach around to undo the front clasp on your bra. The lacy covering slides down your arms and falls to join the silk blouse. You stretch your hands up behind your head and you hold yourself there to expose your breasts fully to me. You know that I love seeing you in this position better than any other. My hands move softly across your smooth skin, stroking it and moving in ever smaller circles toward your already hard nipples. You secretly hope that I’ll pinch them but I do not.Instead, they feel the same soft gentle caressing that the rest of you receives. My hands move lower now, stroking your belly and you close your eyes to better experience the feeling as my fingers undo the clasp to your skirt. It falls away from you revealing your pale blue silk panties. They are one of your favorite pairs and you know that they look great on you. You feel me turning and you turn also, still with your hands up behind your head. “Open your eyes,” I whisper. You look to see us reflected in the full length mirror in our bedroom. Your long lanky body is stretched out as though attached to me. Your breasts are flattened against your chest and are topped with your long brown nipples which are already getting hard. You see me slowly sink to my knees behind you and start to slide your panties down your legs. Your shaven pussy and its long slit is slowly revealed. You step out of your panties, now completely naked before me. My hands guide you to the bed, lying you down on your front and making sure that you are comfortable. You surrender your body totally to me. You feel my large strong hands touch your feet. They are drenched in warm oil. “Mmmmm,” you say. Starting at your toes, I slowly move all the way up your legs to your bottom. Over and over I rub your legs until all the knots are out. This is totally unexpected but wonderful. From your legs, I move up and start massaging your bottom. The feeling is glorious. You feel my fingers dig deep into the tissue releasing all the tension you have bottled up in your body. Now my hands massage your back in long, strong strokes from the small of your back all the way to your neck.You allow your body to relax like a rag doll and the hot-oil massage begins to sink in. By the time I am done with your back, you are almost asleep. You offer no resistance when I turn you nevşehir escort over to begin on your front. I start with your temples and move down your face. You have never had it so good. The massage continues down your body, firmly massaging your arms and fingers and then moving back up to your chest. The hot oil is softly worked into your breasts and nipples and then lower down to your belly and finally you feel your legs being spread apart to receive the last of the massage and oil on the lips of your pussy. The whole process has taken perhaps an hour, maybe less.You are totally relaxed and more than a little turned on. You open your eyes and stretch your hands out to me. “Come here,” you say in a husky voice. I shake my head, smiling. I hold up several silk scarves. “Can I use these on you?” I ask.You look up into my eyes while a shiver runs through your belly. “O.K.” you whisper. My hands are very gentle as they tie your wrists to the head of the bed. One scarf becomes a gag and your mouth opens wide to offer yourself submissively to it. Now that you are truly helpless, you feel your pussy starting to get very wet.You are totally relaxed, but the anticipation of what may happen next is very exciting. I sit down beside you and begin playing with your slippery nipples. I drip more hot oil on them and begin rubbing it in. You feel my fingers pinching the nipples only to have them escape by slipping though my fingers. You close your eyes, enjoying the constant stimulation. All of a sudden you hear the doorbell ring. The loud sound has you start and your body tries to get up before it remembers that it is attached to the bed.”Shhhhh,” I say softly. “Relax. I’ll be back in a minute.” I leave the room with you still tied to the bed and helplessly gagged. I seem to be gone a long time before I return. When I walk into the room, you are a little relieved and then you see that I am followed by your friends; Bill and Marge! You pull frantically at your bonds trying to get up. Bill and Marge have never seen you in anything else but your Sunday best. Bill is grinning wildly at your exposed body and Marge looks a little shocked. It is obvious from your position exactly what is happening here. Because of the gag you can’t even speak to them. Marge is standing at the end of the bed and is trembling a little as she looks at you carefully.’Perhaps she is wondering what it would be like for her?’, you think to yourself. I am sitting down beside you again and you close your eyes in embarrassment.”She loves being dominated,” you hear me say and despite yourself, you feel your face blush red. “I have had her dominated by both men and women. I gave her a massage a little while ago before I tied her up. I think her body is tremendous when it’s covered in oil. Her nipples are my favorite. Do you see how hard they are. Look at this, she loves them to be pinched very hard.”You feel my fingers at your nipples pulling them hard away from your body. You are unable to contain a moan at the sensation. Your eyes open to see Marge and Bill looking at you closely. You notice that Marge is breathing heavily and looks a little flushed herself. escort nevşehir Marge says, “I think we should go.””Please don’t,” I say, “She’s actually turned on by your being here. Maybe you could do something for her. Could you put these on her nipples?” Marge looks at the nipple clamps with her eyes wide apart. “What are those?” she says in wonder.”They’re called nipple clips,” I say.Marge takes them in her hand to examine them. “Don’t they hurt?” she asks.”Sure, a little,” I say, “but she really likes them.Marge looks at you questioningly. “Do you really?” she asks in a small voice. You nod your head. She moves slowly over to the side of the bed and I move aside. She sits down beside you and takes one of the clips in one hand. Her fingers are shaking as they pull one of your nipples up and away from your breast to attach the clip to it. Your eyes close and you moan at the sensation. You feel the other nipple being pulled and pinched as Marge attaches the other clip to it. You have never been so embarrassed as right now. You feel Marge standing up and you open your eyes to see both Marge and Bill looking at your body.”Look Honey,” says Bill, her pussy’s completely shaved! You feel my hands gently opening your legs and you try to keep them closed. “Bill,” I say, “would you please tie her other knee like this one?” Between the two of us your knees are now tied wide apart thus exposing your embarrassingly wet pussy lips. My fingers pull your tender pussy lips wide apart to further expose you to your friends.”One of the things she enjoys best,” I say, “is to be punished. Take a look at some of these pictures.” You see me take out our private album and show the pictures of you being spanked just like a little girl. The album contains graphics pictures of you and despite the already exposing position you are now in, you find yourself embarrassed again.Bill is standing just behind Marge as they look through the album together. You can see that Marge is turned on by the photographs and you see Bills hands reach around her to play with her breasts. She leans back against him and allows him to undo her blouse and slip his hands in to hold her firm breasts.They stop at one picture in particular. “I’ll be tieing her up like that in a few minutes,” I say, “I figure that I’ll give her a good spanking until her bottom is pink and then I’ll use her vibrator on her until she comes while hanging there. Do you like using a vibrator Marge?” Marge looks down submissively as she whispers, “Yes.”Your vibrator is on the table beside you. You see me pick it up and hand it to Marge. Her blouse is now completely open and Bill completes the job by removing it from her shoulders to reveal her trim breasts topped with tiny pink nipples. “Here Marge,” I say, “play with her with it. Just don’t let her come yet.”Marge turns on the toy and begins touching your hot, oiled body with the humming instrument. She starts at the inside of your bound knees and works her way upward. Soon you are straining to be touched directly on your pussy but Marge won’t allow it. She touches you all over, first your belly, next your breasts, then the nipple nevşehir escort bayan clips and finally back to your upper thighs but it is a long time before you feel the vibrator right on your clit. She can’t leave it there long because it will only take a moment for you to come and she won’t allow it. It seems like an eternity for you as your body writhes in its bonds seeking relief. Finally she stops, you open your eyes to see that everyone’s clothes are now on the floor and Bill is sporting an erection that is, to say the least, impressive.Bill and I untie you and reattach you so that you’re standing with your hands tied to the ceiling. Your legs are attached wide apart to leave you completely accessible to us. Marge stands in front of you and presses her body against your own slippery one. Bill stands behind her and reaches around to remove your nipple clips. He takes first one then the other and places them on Marge’s pink nipples instead. She gasps as she feels the piquant pinch of the clamps for the first time ever.Marge stands behind you now and you turn your head to see her holding a small leather strap. You see her slide one hand into her brown haired pussy while the other swings the leather against your buttocks. The first few strokes are very light but soon she is smacking your smooth bottom in sharp stinging strokes. The spanking turns you on even more. It does not take long and it is over. You feel DanielleMarge’s hand rubbing your bottom and feeling the heat rising from it. One then two of her fingers slide into your dripping pussy to wet themselves and then they move further behind you to lubricate your tight bottom. You reach up on your toes and moan behind the silk gag as her fingers go particularly deep.Bill is standing in front of you and you feel the tip of his massive hard-on nudging against your pussy. Marge slides her fingers deep into your body and you move forward naturally, thus impaling yourself on Bill’s cock. Marge controls the rhythm now as her fingers slide in and out of your rear pushing you harder and harder onto Bill’s cock. You know you are close to coming but it is not to be allowed yet.Marge removes her fingers and they are quickly replaced by my cock. Now you are filled as never before. Bill’s large organ fills your pussy completely while my cock fills your bottom. You close your eyes, savoring the sensation. You hear the hum of the vibrator again and it touches your sensitive breasts just as Bill and I start sliding in and out of you. You feel me press against your well-spanked bottom and you are even more turned on by the feeling. You open your eyes to look right into Marge’s. You open your mouths and your tongues touch in a sensitive kiss that connects you all together.Bill and I start thrusting in a perfect rhythm. He pulls out as I push in then vice versa. Your body feels like it’s turning inside out. You feel my body tighten in the beginning of my orgasm. The feeling is too much for you and you feel both your pussy and ass tighten on Bill and me as your orgasm starts from the depths of your belly and flows outward. You cry out hard against the gag, letting yourself scream really for the first time in your life as we all begin coming together. Even Marge, with two fingers deep in her pussy moans as her orgasm mingles with yours. It is perhaps the most exquisite sensation you have ever encountered.THE END.Geriwww.bdsmfinder.com