Office Sex with Paula


I got to screw Paula on her first day back at work. The gorgeous brunette had been away for six months on maternity leave and I had decided to leave her well alone during that time. It had come to me as a big relief to learn that her baby had a large resemblance to Paula’s husband. I had suffered a while on the off chance it might have been mine. We had been screwing quite regularly at the time even though she was still having sex with her husband.

When I first saw her on her return to the office, my heart was hammering and my cock was sliding upwards in my underwear on its way to full attention. She had regained her shapely figure; her hour glass frame was as perfect as before. Her brown hair had been cut short as was the latest fashion and she looked even hornier than I recalled. As I leant over the desk to welcome her back I took the opportunity for a quick peak inside her slightly open blouse in the process. The welcoming sight of her creamy skin flowing downwards to form her perfect (but small) breasts sent a flood of memories sweeping into my head. Although her nipples were hidden by the cups of her white bra I could only too clearly remember the taste and sensation of her tender buds in my mouth. The wandering of my eyes was not lost upon Paula. She gave me one of her special smiles and at that moment I knew I was going to sample the pleasures of her hot, seductive body once again.

It was lunch time when we met in secret in the company archives which were located in the attic of the main office building. This is somewhere in the past that had been the location of many a secret rendezvous between the two of us. As soon as she arrived, she was in my arms. Our lips met, and we engaged in a long passionate kiss. For a brief second she pulled away from me whilst staring at me with her beautifully large brown eyes. It was at that moment I realised how incredible fortunate I was to be sharing such a woman. I could stare for hours into Paula’s luscious eyes. They were so intensely brown that the blackness of her pupils was almost lost by the deep hue of the colour surrounding them.

A moment of understanding passed between us and then she gave herself to me. Instantly our mouths were joined in passionate union. Paula had an expert tongue and I enjoyed the sensation of having it flick over and around my own. Our hands were groping now at each others Escort Bayan body, our passions rising by the second. I could feel the warmth of her flesh radiating through the thin material of her top and I yearned to touch her skin once again. Paula shared my desire, her slender fingers already working at the buttons of my company shirt. As they came undone, her one hand slid inside to rub over my firm belly, probing downwards towards my groin.

I was not so subtle. Already I was working on removing her blouse from around her top, desperate to once again see and suckle her firm tits. Even still inside her bra, her breasts looked incredible. As I struggled with the fastener to her upper underwear she was busily meanwhile working away on my trouser zipper. As it happened, Paula’s bare bosom was revealed to my sight at the same moment she removed my pants. My hard cock was immediately in her hand as she slipped inside my Boxer shorts. The sensation was fantastic and at the time I started to sample the exquisite sensation of her left nipple inside my mouth.

She gasped with pleasure as I stimulated her tit with my tongue. Eagerly I continued flicking across and around her protuberance. My own underwear was now on its way to the floor and a distant part of my brain decided it would be a good idea if Paula’s remaining clothing went the same way. I broke my hold on her perfect bosom long enough to grope for the fastener to her trousers. Paula’s fingers left their duty in massaging my cock long enough to help with the process. Moments later and her white panties were past her creamy slender thighs and falling to the ground.

We achieved union almost immediately; my cock sliding home into Paula’s waiting and very wet love hole. Memories of desire racked my brain as I recalled the numerous times I had done the very same thing before she had left work to have her baby. Already I could sense the difference in the feel of her love tunnel around my hard shaft. She was still utterly incredible and I immediately started to thrust away inside her muff.

The run up to her having her baby had been a fun and interesting time. As she had grown outwards we had found newer and more exciting ways to stimulate the other. We had worked our way through a catalogue of sexual fetishes and fantasies in the limited time we had together. Paula had loved being fucked Bayan Escort in her bum hole where as I had always had a thrill for seeing women peeing in naughty places. This was a fantasy Paula had no problem with and we had enjoyed many sex sessions with her pissing for me (on even over me), followed by my cock finding its way into her second hole.

On one occasion we had rented a hotel room in the countryside one weekend whilst her husband was away on business. We had fucked our way through the day and well into the night. The hotel room was a disgusting mess by the time we left and we were glad we were able to pay cash and leave no form of id. Paula’s golden piss had sprayed its way over most of the furniture whilst she had allowed me to pee all over her whilst she lay in the bath. I had given her a wonderful fuck in return, doing her doggy style by the side of the bed. When I had finished I took a piss of my own, showering the carpet with my hot pee. She had laughed at the sight and it had been a wonderful sound to hear. She had sounded so care free, devoid of all her worries and as soon I had finished my slash over the floor I had returned my cock to her waiting pussy.

Returning to our shared moment in the company attic, we were now in full flow and intensely enjoying each other. I was busily telling her how much I had missed her whilst at the same time my cock was sliding up and down inside her incredibly hot and wet pussy tunnel. My gentle whispers of seduction in her ear were rewarded by her soft pants as she gasped for air between her exertions. Her body was thrusting against mine in time with the rocking motion of our love making.

I had lifted Paula upwards, sliding her backwards so the curves of her round bum cheeks rested on one of the surrounding archive shelves. Her legs were wide apart and wrapped around my torso. She was so hot, both literally and figuratively. I was so incredibly aware of the press of her bare exposed flesh touching mine and of the wonderful sensation of her naked breasts pushing against my chest. I was now kissing and caressing her neck, moving my way downwards, sensitive to the feedback her body was giving me. As I pleasured her erogenous zones she groaned slightly between her panting breaths. I moved one hand up her back and went on to stroke the base of her neck. I knew from sweet experience Escort just how much of a thrill Paula got from that one particular place. Even now in the middle of our sex, I could feel the soft shudders of pleasure racking through her body as I gently fondled and massaged her favourite sensitive spot.

The hot wet grasp her pussy had on my cock was utterly delicious. I was doing my best to control my raging hormones and my burning desire to come too soon. Instead I focused hard, trying to savour every second of having my dick once again inside Paula’s love palace. She on the other hand, was lost in her desire, oblivious to her part in our love making. I swear if anybody came up into the attic at that moment in time, she wouldn’t even notice. I suddenly had the thought, that being discovered fucking Paula on her first day back would not go down too well in the office!

Trying to put this nagging worry out of my head I returned to wonderful task at hand. Paula had such an incredible body and I wished I had more time and privacy to enjoy her more. As it was, Paula was now racing towards her orgasm and I moved to join her. I increased the pace and strength of my thrusting dick, maximising the pleasure I was giving her. Her hot breath was against my ear, her pants now incredibly quick as her moment of utter pleasure approached. I could feel my own climax nearing as we continued to rapidly fuck. I strained desperately to hold back on the final act burning inside me. In the end I could resist no longer. I came inside Paula’s love tunnel feeling my sperm erupting from my bell end and flooding into Paula’s loins. As ecstasy grabbed me, I felt her hold on me tighten incredibly so as a racking orgasm gripped her stunning body. The sensation of having just come together was mind blowing, a confirmation of our perfect suitability as fuck buddies.

Evan as my mind reeled with orgasmic bliss and my strength momentarily fled from body, I was focused on Paula’s reaction to our crime of passion. I was still inserted between her legs and I could clearly feel the wetness of our sex clinging to the pubic hairs that touched our skin. In answer to my unspoken question, she moved her head round to allow her lips to brush against mine. We kissed; our union sinking deeper as our mouths opened wide to except the other’s tongue. With our sex spent, her kiss was simple affirmation of the very real desire she had for me. My answering kiss was just as true, my arms still holding her naked close to mine. Once again I thanked my lucky stars for the opportunity to screw this delicious temptress and eagerly looked forward to our next session.