Office Girl


Maribeth had not been working long at the office before she set her mind on seducing Mike. He reminded her of the tall, strong soap opera men. Actually, she had read up on this company and saw a picture of this young vice president. “Good enough to eat,” she had said outloud.

She even fantasized about seducing him on her way to her interview, pushing her skirt up and slipping her finger inside of her panties. She wondered, as her finger gently massaged her clitoris, if she might see him that morning and what she might do if she did.

“I could wink at him and lick my lips in a slow, seductive way,” she thought and then giggled outloud. “No I don’t want him to wonder, I want him to know that I want to fuck him, not just tease him,” she decided. But, how would she do that without the whole office knowing what she had in mind.

Maribeth had left early for the interview. Actually, she left an hour before she needed to be there. Since she wasn’t in a hurry, she decided that fingering herself and fantasizing about Mike would put her in the right frame of mind for an interview.

She drove slowly through the city, watching the traffic but all the while playing out a steamy encounter in the office with the sexiest vice president she had ever laid eyes on. Her finger left her clitoris and dove deep inside of her, slipping in and out. Maribeth’s heart began beating faster, her breath more labored as she pulled up to a red light. It was a pleasantly warm summer morning and her windows were down, leaving nothing to the imagination of the other drivers.

“Oh, Mike…..Oh, Mike……I’ve got something you’re gonna like,” Maribeth said between heavy breathing. A car load of college boys were in the lane next to her and couldn’t believe the free show they were getting.

“Hey, Hey baby….whatcha got going on in those panties?” Said the driver, a dark-haired young man with flashing green eyes.

Maribeth was startled, as she had truly been in her own world. “Oh My God,” Maribeth said in a startled voice.

“Don’t stop, baby girl,” said the diver, “In fact, why don’t you just pull over to that parking lot over there. It would be much safer, and we…we could help you out…if you know what I mean.”

“Uh…no….,” Maribeth said shyly, “What do you mean?” Of course, Maribeth knew exactly what they meant as she turned in to the parking lot. “Yee Haw,” shouted the carload of guys.

“Boys, boys….,” Maribeth said firmly, “I have an interview in 45 minutes. I need help with feeling confident. Would one of you like to, uh….build up my self esteem?” she giggled and pulled her satin blouse up far enough to reveal the fact that she had not warn a bra.

Maribeth’s heart was racing and her twat was rapidly moistening in anticipation of a good quick fuck. The driver of the car started to open his car door when all of a sudden….”SHIT! It’s the cops….” The boys rolled up the windows and sped away.

Unfortunately, Maribeth was stradling the console in her front seat and was unable to get back into the driver seat before the police officer was leaning Bostancı Ukraynalı Escort in her window. “Uh…Uh….I can explain,” Maribeth said rapidly.

“I’m sure you can, Miss,” the officer said, “and you can start your explaining right over there.” The officer was pointing to an alley behind the strip mall.

“Yes sir,” Maribeth answered. “Uh, Officer…I do have an interview I need to be to in…uh….30 minutes. I can’t be late,” Maribeth pleaded.

“That, missy, is entirely up to you. Now, follow me,” the officer walked off toward the alley.

“It was like this,” Maribeth began, “I was at the stoplight and I was so nervous, and…and…when I get nervous I start fidgeting with my clothes. I wasn’t really taking them off, it just looks like it.”

“I really don’t give a shit about your story, honey. I just like the look of your lips and I think they would fit around my horny cock real nice. Now, what do you think. And…you better think fast because, didn’t you say you had an….interview?” The officer smiled and unzipped his pants.

“Damn,” Maribeth mumbled with a mouth full of cock, “I sure hope he comes quickly. I don’t want to miss my interview.” Maribeth grabbed the officer’s ass and roughly rocked him in and out of her face, tightly grasping his dick in her mouth and teasing it with her tongue. Luckily it was all over in a matter of a few minutes and she was on her way, with only a warning. A warning to come back to his beat real soon.

Maribeth always carried a clean up kit in her car, for times such as this. She brushed her hair and used babywipes to clean up. At 5 minutes until 10 she was walking in to the reception area of a beautiful office building.

“Hi, I’m Maribeth Meuret,” she said professionally, “I have an interview at 10. The receptionist handed her a clipboard with an application and asked her to take a seat and fill it out. Maribeth walked slowly over to the overstuffed couch. She turned around and prepared to sit down, and then….she looked up. To her amazement, there he was….. Mike Brown.

“God,” she thought, “I want to fuck that man.” At that moment, he looked up and they made eye contact.

Maribeth felt faint and started to loose her balance. She dropped the clipboard, thinking to herself what a spectable she was making of herself. It didn’t stop there. Maribeth was wearing 3 inch heels and totally lost her balance. Down she went onto the couch, her side slit skirt inching up and revealing her beautiful thigh and a lacy panty leg.

Mike was over to the coach in just seconds. “Miss, Miss…are you okay?” he asked. Of course he was noticing the beautiful sight displayed in front of him.

Maribeth was speechless and decided she had probably blown the interview but maybe this would be the way to get Mike to notice her. She responded in a small quiet voice, “I’m so sorry,” Maribeth said in a tearful voice.

“Should I call an ambulance,” Mike asked?

“No, if I could just rest a few minutes…..maybe in a quiet office???” Maribeth suggested, “maybe Bostancı Üniversiteli Escort your office?”

Mike swept Maribeth up and carried her to his office and laid her gently down on the couch. Maribeth didn’t release her arms from around Mike’s neck and pulled him close to her mouth. “Shut the door,” Maribeth softly ordered.

“Yes Ma’am,” Mike responded. Mike rose up and walked to his office door. He looked around in the hallway, all eyes were upon him as he closed the door, and locked it.

Mike turned slowly around. In the short time it took him to do that one task, Maribeth had slipped out of her satin blouse and skirt. She was stretched out on his couch in a Victoria’s Secret lace bra and panty set. “Wanna know what will make me feel all better?” Maribeth said slyly.

“Tell me…..whatever it is….WHATEVER it is….I will do it,” Mike responded.

Maribeth was mindful that the office was not closed and that the office staff was outside in the hallway wondering what in the hell was going on. So Maribeth whispered, “Mike….I want you to pull my panties and bra off with your teeth and then I want you to explore my PUSSY with your TONGUE.”

When Maribeth raised her voice to say “Pussy” and “Tongue” Mike quickly placed his hand over her mouth. “Baby, I want to do everything you want me to do and then some, but we have got to be quiet. “Okay, Mike,” Maribeth said softly, “I’ll be good as long as you let me SUCK YOUR DICK!!!!!” Maribeth giggled loudly.

Mike lost his temper at this outburst and slapped her ass. “Ouch! Why did you fucking hit me?” Maribeth demanded loudly. At this point, unknown to Maribeth and Mike, the CEO was making his way to Mike’s office. He stood outside the door, listening.

“Mike, I came here to fuck you and suck you, not to get hit by you,” Maribeth said angrily.

“Girl, I don’t even know you, and I don’t make a habit of fucking strange girls, though I was about to make an exception. You, however, have been very bad and have made too much noise. You need a good spanking to get you properly ready to take my cock. Maribeth tried to get up off the couch, but Mike was on her and holding her down while he slipped a set of handcuffs on her small wrists.

The CEO, still at the door, turned around to see the office staff all listening intently. “You can all go home, I will handle this. You don’t need to listen to any more of this trash,” he stated, and sent them all home.

After the front door was locked, he went to the key box and took out the master key to the offices. Gary had been the CEO for nearly 20 years and had resented Mike’s rapid promotions in the company. Now, not only was Mike getting promoted, he was also getting pussy.

Gary slipped the key into the keyhole and quietly turned the knob. Mike had Maribeth handcuffed and by this time, he was in the process of tying each of her ankles to the desk legs. Gary stood in the doorway as Mike then began licking Maribeth’s pussy. He wasn’t doing it slowly; he was doing it like a madman, breathing rapidly in Bostancı Vip Escort and out. Maribeth wasn’t saying anything, and Gary noticed Mike had gagged her.

All of a sudden, Mike stopped his tongue fucking and stood up. “Well, Maribeth, are you ready to behave now? Do you need another spanking?” Mike demanded.

Mike knelt down and removed the gag from her mouth. “Yes sir, I’m ready to behave. And….if you want to spank me again, that would be fine,” Maribeth answered.

“That would be fine?” Mike said sarcastically? “I don’t have to ask you for permission.” With that, Mike untied Maribeth’s ankles and pulled her up on her feet. “Bend over, bitch. Bend over and take what’s coming to you,” Mike ordered.

Maribeth quickly complied. Mike spanked her over and over again until her ass was pink. Then she heard him unzip his pants. She started to rise up but Mike pushed her over, saying, “Hang on, baby, for the ride of your life.”

Gary was still standing at the door, but now he sporting a bulge the size of Texas. His cock ached to join in. He could no longer stand there and be only a spectator.

“What is this?” Gary demanded, “fucking on office time?” Gary did not allow time for either Mike or Maribeth to answer. He walked right up to Maribeth, who was bent over, unzipped his pants, and thrust his 9-inch cock into her mouth and stated, “Mike, I assume you will be bringing up the rear? Carry on then, son.”

Mike stood there momentarily, and then grabbed Maribeth’s ass cheeks and slowly slipped his cock into her virgin ass. Each stroke Mike took forced Maribeth to lunge deeper onto Gary’s cock. With each lunge, Maribeth just sucked harder and tighter.

Gary could feel the climax building as he let go of Maribeth’s hair and grabbed her tits. Maribeth’s nipples were hard and aching to be pinched. Though Maribeth couldn’t voice her wishes, Gary understood her need and squeezed her nipples until her muffled cry let him know he had gone just a little too far.

Maribeth pulled her mouth off of Gary’s throbbing cock. She moistened her hands with the cum that was beginning to seep out of the swollen head of the CEO’s cock. Maribeth glided her hands tightly up and down his cock. Gary began moaning and leaned back, resting on the desk. “Damn girl, you are fucking good….fucking good.”

“Sir, I need a job,” Maribeth said breathlessly as she stroked his cock, “I need a job really bad, sir.”

“Girl, you can give me a blow job, a hand job any day of the week…..if you want to work here and just pretend you are a secretary, that would be great. And, honey…you can call me Gary, after all this, you can call me Gary.”

“Gary,” Marybeth cooed while she continued stroking him, “If I come to work for you, will you let me suck your big fucking cock whenever I want?”

“Oh, baby, you can suck it, ride it, and take it in your sweet ass,” Gary answered.

“Oh goody,” Maribeth giggled.

“AAAAHHHHHHH, OHHHHHHHHHH…….MmmmmmOOOOOOhhhhhhh,” Mike yelled as he came in Maribeth’s ass, oblivious to the fact that Maribeth was quite enjoying Gary.

“Mike,” Mary asked politely, “Please be a dear and wipe up the mess you left on my ass. I need to get cleaned up and report to work as Gary’s personal secretary.”

Mike gasped and Gary just laughed. “Son, you may be younger, but I’ve got a few more years experience….and a few more inches.