Nynke Ch. 05


In the previous chapter Nynke and Mary were exploring the ingenious video system their fathers had installed in the house. Through this system they had witnessed how Nynke’s brother, with two of his former High School friends, had fucked both their mothers, Sasha and Nicole. This happened in the last week before the summer holidays last year.


On the big screen we saw the boys in the TV-room downstairs. My friend and I were both heated up considerably through the graphic images. Mary admitted she wouldn’t mind being banged by the three of them. She made the video system zoom-in to the crotches of the boys, shifting the image from one to the other, lingering at the semi-hard cocks. Because of the powerful close up we could clearly witness how their shafts were coated with the combination of their sperm and the cunt-juices of our mums, who had just left the scene.

“Yeeeah, what the fuck! Bad luck we were away with our school class!” Mary said.

“Yep, but if we had been around at the time they probably wouldn’t have let us know what was going on. It was last summer, remember, before my 18th birthday… we were still completely in the blue concerning the sexual frolics in our families… That leaves me puzzled how long ago this all started. When did Lenn start having sex with my mother, or your mother for that matter! Maybe the archives will give an answer!”

We scrolled through the menu to the archives. The oldest folder was a few years back. But then we saw a folder which said ‘oldies’. Mary clicked on the folder, and we saw a list of various named files. The names ranged from ‘3-some with Nicole’ to ‘SNJM0001’ and from ‘the_new_bed’ to ‘this is HOT’. The files were sorted in historical order. We found a file called Lenny18. Mary clicked on the avi-file and the clip showed on the screen. Apparently this was from the time the system was not as elaborate as it is now; it looked much more like a normal home video. The image was still really neat, with good lights and probable shot from a tripod. The first minute or so showed nothing really interesting. The camera zoomed in to a big birthday cake with 18 candles. Lenny came into the shot and blew all the candles out.

“Hé, I now this one! It’s the first home video we made with our new camera, the night before my brother’s 18th birthday! I must have been, uh, 13 years old? Very early the next day I left for a few days to stay with my aunt Fiona. Therefore we had decided to celebrate Lenny’s birthday the night before…, or did we…”

We saw the normal family affairs that go around at someone’s birthday. But at one point the camera got a real good shot at my thighs as I lay back on the couch. My baby pink panties was clearly in view.

“Gee, that must be a shot Lenn must have loved a lot!” Mary said. “Just imagine how he probably has drooled over this… Or do you think he has never thought of you other than as being his kid-sister?”

My face turned red, just from the thought that probably my brother, and certainly my father and John, must have viewed this at least a couple of times.

“No wonder that our fathers have the hots for us. They probably have excited themselves during all those years,” I said, “looking intently at the few glimpses they have of our panties clad crotches… So innocent and so promising at the same time.”

“Don’t forget the hundreds of shots there must be of us in our swim suits!”

“Hé, now you mention that, go back to the menu! I think there was a file named ‘Baywatch’. Wasn’t that the infamous series with Pamela Anderson intended to arouse men watching beautiful women clad only in bright red bathing suits…”

“Yeeah! I remember how my dad watched every episode of the series! Normally he didn’t give a shit about TV, but when Baywatch was on…”

Meanwhile we navigated back to the archives and hit the Baywatch file. The screen was filled with a blown up image of me in a summer dress… I danced through the garden, and occasionally my panties were visible. It was a red scanty garment. Then the image changed to little me dressed in a black bikini, diving from the diving board in the local swimming pool. Parading around the pool the camera followed me in slow motion, now zooming in on my butt and than on my crotch, depending which way I walked. The next frame showed Mary clad only in a yellow bikini bottom, somewhere on a beach. She must have been approximately 15 years old. In the end the shot zoomed in to her crotch, and we could clearly see her tiny girls slit beneath the yellow short… a really nice camel toe. Many clips of Mary and me were put together in an unending array of panties galore. Our fathers had assembled clips form old videotapes together into this home made babewatch movie. It was top notch wanking material of the type that must have put our fathers to the brink of climaxes over and over again.

“OK, I appreciate that a man probably gets really hot and nicely hard just watching you and me clothed like that, but I’d like to go back now to where we were, to the 18th birthday of Lenn,” Mary said with a grin.

I got us Maltepe Escort back to the birthday video. Off course the rest of that particular movie wasn’t all that interesting. So I hit the fast forward button. And then the video became really intriguing after all. As I was off to bed, my father opened a bottle of Champaign at midnight, marking the beginning of Lenn’s birthday. Than my mother explained to Lenny that his birthday present had to wait until the next morning.

“Lenny, we have a real nice present for your 18th. I can assure you we won’t disappoint you, but you’ll have to wait a few more hours until Nyn has left the house for Aunt Fiona. I suggest we go to bed and get a good night sleep. Than in the morning at breakfast, after we will have waved Nyn goodbye, you can uncover your present.”

“Whoops, if that isn’t a confirmation of your presumption that your parents and your brother did hide some matters to you…”

“Yep, and I think this can become really interesting, for it is Lenny’s 18th birthday. Remember what my parents have actually done with me since my birthday… I hope they have taped what was going on the next day, when I was gone that is. The waving and kissing goodbye sequences at breakfast are familiar to me. It was our first digi cam, and my father was really keen at that time with his new toy. He simply must have shot a lot of tape those days. Let’s see if there is any footage that I have never seen thus far!”

We hit the fast forward again and witnessed the hugging and giving of good advice for my upcoming trip to Aunt Fiona. I travelled by train, and the trip would take some 10 hours, if I remember it well.

“How cute you looked in those days, with your pigtails!” Mary said grinning. “I adore that dress, with the frillies at the seam and that red sash. It matches the red ribbons in your pigtails. Must have given you some attraction on your trip!” Mary made fun of my cute looks, and of my dimples increasing the young-girly look when I smiled that cute innocent smile.

When I was gone, my father took the telephone and rang a number. After a short conversation he hung up. A quarter of an hour later a sophisticated good-looking Chinese woman arrived. She was under 30 years of age. She was a full blooded Asian girl, the type that gave men a raging hard-on instantly. A small posture, 5 feet 3 inches in length, with straight short-cut black hair. She wore a straight short business-like skirt. Her prim tits were set high on her chest, with the nipples clearly visible as they pushed her white blouse distinctly forward. Apparently she didn’t wear a bra. Not that she needed one; her titties had to be absolutely firm the way they stood up. As she walked her breasts swayed underneath her clothes. Her bright face radiated an innocent openness. Judged by the video images she probably was a pleasant, nice-to-be-with kind off person.

“Hello, I’m Pui-Yuk, and you must be young mister Leonard,” she said as she walked to Lenn with her hand extended.

Lenny grabbed her hand, but he couldn’t bring out any coherent syllable at all. His mouth hung open and his eyes popped nearly out of his head. His member was probably on the way up, considering the reddening color of his face.

“You don’t be shy, Lenny,” Pui-Yuk went on. “Actually, I’m your present for today. I am daughter of good friends of your parents. Your parents have asked me to make this day unforgettable for you. There is almost nothing we can’t do, that is if you are up to it. We can take one step at the time. I see to it this day is very good for you, and you will remember the rest of your life.”

Pui-Yuk sat down next to Lenny on my chair. She gave my brother a very warm smile, and kept on holding his right hand in her hand. All the time she squeezed his hand and stroked his underarm.

“Lenn, show Pui-Yuk she’s welcome and give her a glass of Champaign,” my mother told him.

Lenny reluctant took his hand back, got up and gave Pui-Yuk a glass. Seated again he poured her glass full with the light yellow bubbling liquid, and topped the other glasses off as well. They toasted each other, and after drinking their glass down, they got up and kissed each other.

“Your daddy gave me a budget for today. I’d say we first go down town and do some birthday shopping,” Pui-Yuk suggested.

And so they left.

“What a pity they left the camera at home!” said Mary.

“Well, the really interesting shots we are hoping for won’t be filmed in the city I presume, but right here in the house.”

And so it was. The next shot was in the sitting room. My parents sat on the cough as Lenn and Pui-Yuk walked into the room. My brother wore sportive trousers, and a matching pullover. It was a college look with a Scottish tartan. He was quite radiant, and the two had used their time as well to become friendlier with one another. They darted around and simply couldn’t keep their hands from each other.

“We’ve left all my old clothing in the store, absolutely everything, even my underwear! Pui-Yuk insisted I threw away my old ones. She advised some Anadolu Yakası Escort good briefs by Hom. And dad, they simply fit absolutely tight and wonderful. Never thought that such sexy garments would be so comfortable as well.”

“That’s the point Lenn,” Pui-Yuk intervened. “This is briefs girls like much much more to see when you drop trousers. And make you feel much more comfy and turned on!”

“Well done, girl,” my mother said. “By the way, I have already put your stuff in our bedroom, as you had asked, so the two of you can go upstairs now.”

Luckily there was another camera upstairs, because the next shot was in my parent’s bedroom as Pui-Yuk and Lenn entered it. The room was altered somewhat from the room as I remembered it to be. A massage table was set up in the middle. Next to it was a stool and a small table, both on wheels.

“Lenn, you now get out of clothes, and take shower. I prepare here.”

“Pui-Yuk, what is it you are preparing? What are we going to do?”

“You leave to me, Lenny. I decide what we do, and when. I sure you like very much, I promise. I make good for you, you see. This is what your parents asked me.”

Lenn shrugged his shoulders and left for the bathroom. Meanwhile Pui-Yuk took all sorts of flasks and things from a bag standing in the corner, and put it on the little table. A pile of towels was put on the edge of the bed. Next she disappeared and came back with both a bowl and a tubular case filled with hot water. She put a flask of massage oil in the tube to warm, and the bowl ended on the side table.

Some minutes later Lenn came back, wearing a towel wrapped around his hips. His hair was wet, and water dripped from his face and shoulders. Pui-Yuk patted on the massage table and pointed where she expected him.

“Now come lie down here on table. You relax, I make good for you.”

Lenn sat on the side of the table, swung his legs on top and reclined backwards, leaning on his underarms. Inquisitive he looked at Pui-Yuk, as if asking ‘what next’.

“Ok, this new for you, you trust me now. I gentle and sweet, and won’t hurt you. I take care of you. Please lay down on table on your back, your nice butt very near edge here, with me.”

Lenn did as he was told, and lay back on the table grabbing the sides with his hands. Pui-Yuk unwrapped the towel around his waist, so he was resting with his butt on it on the edge of the table. His youthful member had already begun to rise.

“You lucky handsome man, mister Lenny. You very nice big penis! Girls very pleased with you I know!” Pui-Yuk said smiling. “You will be very busy man…!”

Pui-Yuk took two leg rests from her bag and attached them to the corners of the table. She put Lenny’s legs into them. Lenn was now lying flat on his back, with his legs raised and spread out to the sides. His penis was pointing slightly upwards, and his balls were dangling free over the edge of the table.

“This very nice. You close eyes now, and I make you look even better. You nice boy, otherwise I must strap you to table.”

Pui-Yuk took an electric trimmer from her table and started to shave away most of the pubic hair around Lenn’s cock and balls. The locks of hair dropped to the ground and formed a nice heap there, leaving only short stubble of hair around his cock. When most of the hair was out of the way, Pui-Yuk got a can of shaving gel and applied a generous amount of the green substance in her hands. She smeared it out in his whole groin-area. With one hand she got a firm grip on his genitals, and with her other she expertly moved a razor. With each new stroke another strip of white foam disappeared along with the hair trapped within it, leaving a smooth and bald part of bare skin. It took only a matter of minutes until the entire area around his genitals was disposed of its hair. With a wet cloth Pui-Yuk rinsed away the last remnants of the shaving foam. Because of the operation Lenn’s member had risen to full strength and was standing at full attention now.

Admiring her work, Pui-Yuk got another bottle in her hand. She applied the contents onto the now rock hard baton and marbles of my brother. She massaged the gooey stuff into his genitals for several minutes. His proud prick was amazingly stiff, its length increased by another half inch because of the massage.

“Now you very still, don’t move, I don’t want to cut your precious penis,” Pui-Yuk said.

Very cautiously she took the tip of his prick between the thumb and forefinger of her left hand. With her right hand she moved the sharp razor blade all over his rigid member. When she had the prick smooth all over, she moved on to his balls. With one hand she held the balls in a way that the skin of his sack was absolutely fixed, so she could apply the razor to the very sensitive skin. Slowly and very cautiously Pui-Yuk removed every single hair from the nut sack, leaving it completely bald and smooth. After rinsing his tools absolutely clean, she applied some substance from another bottle.

“You see now, Lenny, look how your big penis is now,” Pui-Yuk Ümraniye Escort beamed proudly.

And indeed it was a majestic, grand sight. Mary and I were mesmerized by what we saw. The cock of my brother stood up high, pointing straight up in the air. Its circumference was simply huge because of the blood that was pumped into its vessels. I assumed the contents of one of the bottles could also have something to do with it.

“Wheeee, look at that!!!” Mary shrieked. “I have never seen a prick sooooo big! Look at its thickness!”

“I agree with you! But its length isn’t bad at all either. I think it is at least 8 inches or more! My brother really does have a nice big cock to die for!”

The two of us looked transfixed to the screen. What we had seen thus far was very erotic. But it was only the prelude of what was yet to come. Pui-Yuk let my brother lay down on his stomach, and began a massage of his whole body. She used the warmed oil first upon his feet, and then went up along the back of his legs. His buttocks got a thorough massage as well, at which Pui-Yuk’s delicate hands occasionally disappeared into the crack of his bum and in between his legs. Then they travelled up along his spine, to the shoulder blades, his neck, and finally the sides of his head. After she let my brother turn around, she began in the opposite direction down towards his groin area. Once there, Pui-Yuk took yet another amount from the oil-bottle, and took her time applying the greasy stuff all over Lenn’s rod and massaging it thoroughly into his balls. The smooth balls rolled nicely through the fingers of her two hands. They moved as in a blur all over his rock hard marbles. Than she wrapped the fingers of her right hand around his cock in a tight grip, and started to jerk him off. This off course didn’t take too long after all the manipulations she had already put him through, so she was rewarded pretty quickly with a nice hot geyser of sperm that erupted from Lenny’s throbbing cock…

With a fresh towel Pui-Yuk cleaned Lenny’s crotch. Than she took the semi-rigid prick into her mouth and sucked him back to full strength, all the while kneading and teasing his balls.

“Well mister, you like so far? We now see if you able to fuck, yes? You do want fuck me, no?”

Pui-Yuk took away the leg rests and let Lenny scoot up a bit so he was stretched out completely on the table. With a big grin she jerked another few times at his cock. She released his prick for a moment, in which she got the zipper of her skirt down and stepped out of it. Underneath she wore silky gold knickers. It hugged her tushy real tight. We could clearly see the outline of her pussy lips right through the fabric. Then she unbuttoned her blouse and let is slip from her arms. Her small perky tits stood firm upwards. The aureoles had a deep dark brown colour, the nips were nearly black. The crowns of Pui-Yuk’s tits contrasted so good with the olive skin colour of her perfect titties.

Then she got up on the table herself. She hovered with her crotch above Lenn’s shaven prick, and then squatted down over him, finally lowering her cunny on his pole. His stiff was trapped now between his belly and her hot little love box. If only for her panties his throbbing member would simply have slipped into her slick pussy. But she didn’t allow this to happen yet. She took her time getting him back to full strength. First she shoved back and forth with the crotch of her panties over his thick pole. She held his cock trapped between her outer labia, covered by her panties. The gusset was soaking wet with her pussy juice by now, which made his cock slide easily back and forth along her engorged nether lips. Now and then his shaft even brushed her clit, which made her shiver from the tingling spreading through her body.

Pui-Yuk took Lenny’s hands and placed them over her small breasts. Lenny moulded the firm tits which were just a little bit more than a hand full. The nipples with their big areoles pointed straight forward, forming together two perfect dark coloured pyramids, giving the tits a nice pronounced appearance.

Lenn was getting more sexed up by the second now. Judged by the bucking movements his hips made he had to be on the brink of exploding. Pui-Yuk sat up straight and got her slender hips up in the air losing the contact she made with Lenn’s rod. She slipped the panties from her butt, and nudged the head of Lenn’s cock against the opening of her tight Asian pussy. A few times she shoved his meat through her gushing wet slit, and slowly sat down again. This time she took his rock hard pole right into her slick tunnel. It took her quite some time to accomplish a full penetration, because her twat was that tight. Once Lenn had bottomed out into her small love sheath, he began pounding in and out of Pui-Yuk’s sex. Pui-Yuk bounced up and down on Lenn’s big dick, meeting every trust he made into her by forcing her sex down onto his groin. Her cuntal lips kept the tip of his penis in its tight grip, milking the precious liquid from his balls. As her red hot cunt clenched unto his mighty sword she forced him to empty a second load of his sperm. This time he shot his hot seed deep within this beautiful body, the perfect example of female art, as he exploded inside the most gorgeous female he had ever met. With a loud groan he shouted out his youthful orgasm, as an unleashed animal.