Nude Dancing # 02: Mom


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***Wedding Day, Tampa, Florida, Saturday, September 2nd 2006***

Natalie and I spent the rest of Friday night in her bed, making love again and again before we fell into an exhausted sleep that was only interrupted when the dawn sun splashed brightly into the room and roused us.

“You better go Bobby, mom might wake up,” my sweet, red haired sister whispered in my ear.

“Too bad, I’m not finished with my big sister yet,” I said with a smiling growl, then rolled on top of her and found her lips with mine.

“Bobby…don’t…stop,” she squealed when I finally pulled my tongue from her mouth.

“I love you.”

“I gotta get some sleep…before the wedding…I’m the Maid of Honor…pleassssse,” she complained as my lips captured one of her puffy, pink nipples. And then I was in her, completely filling her with my blood filled cock, slipping effortlessly up the slick, now widely stretched channel, in one long, hard thrust.

“Oh Bobbbbby,” she groaned as her ankles locked behind my back, trapping me inside her.

Five minutes later I stumbled from Natalie’s room, naked, my cock swinging, heavy between my legs, sticky with her juices, a six inch strand of cum swinging precariously from its tip. Then collapsed into my bed and was dead to the world until my alarm woke me some six hours later.

Minutes later I groggily tumbled out of bed and started towards the can — butt ass naked.


“Mom?” I squawked, my hand racing downwards to cover my penis.

“You shouldn’t walk around like that,” she chastised.

“Sorry ma, I thought you guys were getting your hair done,” I mumbled, my face reddening.

“Natalie left earlier…then she’s going to the Welsh house to get dressed…my appointment’s at one-thirty.”

“Want me to drive you?” I offered.

“Not with you dressed like that I certainly don’t,” she answered, and now there was a small grin at the corners of her mouth.

“Isn’t your hairdresser called Monsieur Claude? It might just make his day,” I teased, then wiggled my hips provocatively while watching how mom’s eyes darted towards my groin.

“You’re terrible,” she answered but with a laugh. “And Bobby, don’t go back to bed. We’ve got to leave by three-fifteen.”

“Do you think I’m going to be late for a date with the prettiest girl in town?”

“Hah, hah…gosh, I’ve got to leave…there’s bacon and eggs in the kitchen honey,” she said, leaned over and gave me a quick peck on the cheek, and then, after one last quick surreptitious glance down at my groin, turned and rushed towards the door.

But if she had stayed a few seconds longer she would have seen her son in all his fully erect glory — there was no way my hand could have disguised that. Moving into the can and then standing over the toilet bowl I wondered just how much she had seen. And what did she think of what she’d seen. God, not mom too, I thought to myself as I tried to piss through a rock hard hose…

…It was a glorious late summer Florida day, and with lower than normal humidity it was perfect for a wedding. When Mom, my date for the day, came down the stairs at three-ten I couldn’t stop the appreciative whistle that escaped from my lips.

“Stop that,” she said but her smile betrayed her pleasure.

“What happened to that old lady I was supposed to escort today,” I teased as I watched mom descend the last couple of steps. My buddies had always claimed my mom was the hottest mother in town and if they had seen her walk down those stairs that day their tongues would have been hanging down to their knees.

At thirty-six, her tall, trim but shapely body, combined with her light skin, blue eyes and blond hair, clearly reflected her Swedish ancestry. Unlike my red haired sister there was no mistaking the common Viking heritage mom and I shared. Two tall athletic blonds. “You look great mom,” I said.

“You should be going with one of your little girlfriends, not me,” she answered as I took her hand.

“They’ll all be jealous of me…all the men at the wedding,” I promised, then bent over and gave her a light peck on the lips. “You’re beautiful ma,” I insisted, staring into the blue eyes just inches from mine.

“I’m an old woman,” she said with a grin, then added, “Now c’mon, we don’t want to be late for Chrissie’s marriage.”

“You tuzla escort should go out more…date…there must be hundreds of guys who’d die to go out with you,” I argued as we were driving towards the church minutes later. But it was a discussion we’d had before. Both Natalie and I had tried to raise the subject with mom many times over the proceeding three or four years.

Dad had died when I was only nine and it was only when Natalie and I had became teens ourselves, when we had started to feel the hormones rushing through our own young, developing bodies, that we realized that mom was seemingly going without. At first she had brushed off our timid enquiries. Then when we got older, fifteen…sixteen, Nat and I worried that she was going without because of us.

Her statements that, “I’m too busy for men,” or “I have to take care of you guys,” or “I’ve got to work overtime — you guys got university coming up,” or “once you’re gone I’ll,” and on and on, had made us feel guilty. Made us feel mom was missing out because of us. She had even refused to let us work nights or weekends during the school year, insisting instead that we study and get an education, that flipping burgers for five bucks an hour was stupid when she could make fifty or sixty bucks an hour working overtime in the ER.

It was weird. For a couple of years at least I’d been encouraging her to date, Natalie had too, but at the same time I had slowly come to realize that I dreaded the thought of her in another man’s arms. Now that I’d lost my virginity, now that I had been dancing naked for hundreds of women night after night, I’d realized I had been growing even more possessive of her. Why shouldn’t it be me who sleeps with her I’d asked myself more and more often in the preceding months. It should be I who replaces my father in mom’s bed, I’d told myself.

“Don’t you worry about me,” mom answered, breaking into my reverie, “once I get you off to university I’ll go wild.”

“Yeah sure mom,” I agreed, having heard this same line at least fifty times over the last couple of years. “I love you… even if you don’t like men,” I told her, when after finally reaching the church and parking, we were walking up the path to the front door.

“I do like them…but you’re my only man right now,” she teased back.

“That’s what I’m afraid of,” I answered with a wry smile. Mom blushed and I had an almost overpowering urge to take her in my arms and kiss her.

“I wish we were getting married,” I whispered in her ear as we stood just inside the door of the church waiting for the usher to guide us to our seats.

“What a crazy thing to say,’ she said with a little titter in her voice, and I felt her hand tremble in mine.

I got more than a few curious yet knowing looks from the girls during the wedding. It was the first time they’d seen me since they’d seen me naked at the club. I’d wondered how they’d react. Jacqui and Trish, bridesmaids, both gave me appraising glances; even Chrissie, the bride, gave me a grinning look when she passed down the aisle on the arm of her father. She looked beautiful in white and for just a second I wished it was me she was marrying.

Of the girls who’d seen me dancing nude at the club only two nights earlier, it was only prissy Amanda who totally ignored me. But that was no surprise; she’d never really liked me anyway. She’d brought her boyfriend to the wedding, a rich guy called George from Boston who was in Law School and he was one of those guys who walked like he had something stuck up his ass.

Watching her during the wedding I decided I’d have a little fun with her during the reception. I thought why not, she’d been pretty free with her hands when I’d been dancing naked for her. In fact she hadn’t been shy at all with her comments when she hadn’t known it was her best friend’s brother whose cock was swinging in front of her.

But during the actual ceremony I found my eyes drawn again and again to the bodice of mom’s summer dress. As my sister Natalie, whose bed I’d shared the last two nights, stood next to her best friend at the altar, it was the tops of mom’s milky white breasts that continually tantalized me. That made my cock tent uncomfortably in my suit pants. Knew mom couldn’t help but notice. Wondered what she thought…actually wanted to take one of her hands so primly placed in her lap and place it on my throbbing manhood…


The reception was held at a local hotel and mom and I were some of the last guests to walk down the reception line. Bold, black haired Jacqui was the first of the girls in the line and coyly inquired if I had brought ‘Robin’.

Mom, just ahead of me going down the line, turned and asked Jacqui, “Robin?”

“Oh, it’s just one of Bobby’s little friends Mrs. Cooper,” the little minx said as she winked at me.

“I don’t think I know her,” mom mused aloud.

Giggling, Trish, the short brunette with the largest and most impressive breastworks of the girlfriends, butted in with, “We were all introduced the tuzla escort bayan other night Mrs. C, and I must say we were all quite surprised and impressed.”

Yours truly just had to smile sweetly and try to hurry mom down the line. Fortunately neither my sister Natalie nor the bride brought up ‘Robin’, ‘Robin’ who was in the process of filling with blood and lengthening in my pants.

“How come I haven’t met this Robin?” mom asked after I’d escorted her to our table and held her seat for her as she sat.

“It’s a joke ma…you know how the girls are always trying to kid me.”

“So I won’t get to meet her?” mom asked.

“Not tonight ma,” I said, omitting to tell her she had seen ‘Robin’ earlier in the day when I’d popped into the hallway naked.

It turned into a great party after the meal finished and the dancing started. I danced with both Jacqui and Trish at the reception and neither of them, in spite of their being with dates, was shy in taking the opportunity to both tease and compliment me.

“Do I get to see ‘Robin’ tonight?” sexy Jacqui, Natalie’s wildest friend, teased as we danced a slow one after dinner. “I think I feel him,” she laughed as she plastered her body against mine.

“Do you?”

“Uh huh…and if I’m not mistaken he seems to be getting bigger.”

“I guess he likes you,” I teased back.

Of course I danced with Natalie and mom, although both were so popular that I only got a couple of dances from each during the party. The only one of the friends I didn’t get up on the dance floor was Amanda, the three or four times I tried to get her up for a dance she rebuffed me with one excuse or another. It just made me a little more eager to get her alone. It was near eleven at night when I finally got my chance.

“Hey, there you are,” I said with feigned surprise in my voice as she passed the doorway I was lurking in. “I was afraid in all the rush we wouldn’t get our dance tonight.” I had followed her from the reception hall and watched as she had strolled down the long hallway past various other halls on her way to the lobby, where I watched as she’d bought some cigarettes. Then I’d ducked into a doorway when I’d seen her start back.

“Bobby? What are you doing here…I mean…” I could see her shock at seeing me, saw her eyes quickly flit nervously as she looked for a way to escape. I grabbed one of her hands and led her through the open doorway.

“But…we can’t go in here,” she said almost desperately as I led her through into the deserted and dimly lit meeting room.

“Just for one dance,” I urged as I took her into my arms and pulled her against my body.

“There’s no music…George’s waiting,” she said as she tried to pull back from me.

“You weren’t so shy the other night,” I teased, holding her tight. “In fact I seem to remember you were quite happy to-“

“That was disgusting. You should have told us…dancing naked,” she said scornfully.

“I seem to remember you were quite eager to see Robin…in fact I think you might even have touched him,” I laughed as my palms settled on her bum and pulled her even tighter against me.

“I was drunk…I don’t remember…don’t…please Bobby,” she stammered as her face reddened.

I slid my hand between our bodies and quickly unzipped myself, then grabbed one of Amanda’s hands and led it to the gaping opening through which Robin’s head was proudly emerging.

“We can’t…somebody will come…George would never understand,” she complained even as her fingers circled me.

“It’s just one dance,” I replied as my hands started to lift Amanda’s dress up her legs.

“What are you doing?” she cried when her dress was above her waist and I started to push her panties down.

Not one blond hair graced the mound that I bared, not one hair camouflaged the bright red slit that lay exposed. I pulled her against me so that my raging cock was trapped between her inner thighs.

“We can’t…please Bobby,” Amanda protested but I knew she was as excited as me.

“When do you go back to school anyway?” I whispered in her ear as I danced her around the room.

“Thursday…not til Thursday…please Bobby, let me go,” she pled even while adjusting her legs so that my penis was fitted perfectly against her now moist gash.

“So we’ve got a few days,” I said as I released her and then bent and picked up her panties off the floor.

“I don’t want to…I won’t…now give me my panties,” she ordered, her composure and her bossy manner restored.

“They’ll make a good souvenir,” I said with a smile.

“But you can’t…how will I explain to George?” she asked.

“Amanda, surely you’re not going to let him see you undressed tonight? You guys aren’t even married. What would your poor mom say?” I asked as I twirled her delicate, lacy pink panties in the air and then turned and left the room whistling.

“You’re horrible…I hate you,” Amanda hissed at my back.

An hour later, Mom, Natalie and I were among the last to leave the escort tuzla party, all of us a little high from the excitement and the drinks we’d imbibed, mom especially.


“Is mom okay?” Natalie asked as I supported mom as we walked towards the front door of our house. It was just past one in the morning and we’d just got home from the reception. Mom, who hardly ever drank more than a couple of alcoholic drinks in an evening, was, now that the dancing was over, really starting to feel the champagne she’d been sipping all night.

“Yup…just a little too much to drink,” I said, smiling at my sister. “You looked beautiful today Nat.” She blushed quickly as she smiled shyly back at me.

“You too mum,” I added as I gave my mother a kiss on the cheek. We got her inside and I sat her down on the couch in the living room. Natalie rushed off to make some coffee while I went upstairs to change.

“Bobby, help…she passed out. Mommy,” Natalie called, then nodded toward the couch when I came back into the living room dressed just in my boxer shorts.

“You got mommy drunk so you could take advantage of me,” I teased as I encircled Natalie in my arms.

“Nooo…she could wake,” Nat cried, wriggling to escape me.

“I’ll carry her up to her room,” I answered as I bent and lifted mom into my arms.

“You’re sticking out,” Nat said, pointing to my semi hard penis that had escaped through the slit and out into the air.

“Robin’s hungry for you,” I said with a menacing leer.

“Mom will see…put him back,” she ordered as she tried to push my penis back in my shorts even as I carried mom toward the stairs. I was rock hard and still protruding proudly when I gently laid mom on her bed.

“Take off her shoes,” I told Nat as I turned mother sideways and then lowered the zipper on her dress.

“I can do that,” Natalie answered as I slipped one strap off mum’s shoulder. “Bobby…you shouldn’t,” she added, looking up at me as I slipped the other strap off and pulled the dress down to her waist.

“Ma’s wearing pretty sexy underwear,” I said, then gave a short wolf whistle. My cock was at full attention.

“She’ll wake,” Natalie warned. Then she hissed, “No Bobby,” when I unsnapped the yellow, silk demi bra that held up and displayed her breasts so perfectly.

“They’re almost as nice as yours,” I said when I’d bared my mothers chest. For a second I was tempted to sit on her stomach and slide my now throbbing shaft between her still perfect breasts.

“They’re bigger than mine,” Natalie said, a touch of envy evident in her voice as she watched her mom.

I stood and embraced Natalie from behind, then cupped her breasts through her gown and whispered in her ear, “You’re the prettiest girl in the world.” But she was right. Although hers were firmer and rode slightly higher on her frame, moms were larger, rounder and fuller than her beautiful daughters.

“Oh Bobby, we shouldn’t,” she cried while she pushed back against my surging shaft that had fit itself into the crack in her bum.

“I wish you weren’t leaving,” I said as I lowered the zipper on Natalie’s gown. It rustled as it fell around her feet. “Sexy underwear too,” I complimented as she bent to pick up the dress.

“I have to hang it.”

“I want to see them,” I insisted as I undid her bra.

“She might wake up,” Natalie protested feebly as my fingers moved to her nipples.

“Look at moms,” I whispered in her ear as I caressed Natalie’s body.

“We shouldn’t…its wrong,” she moaned as she slipped one of her hands behind her back and grasped the pole that was now pushing insistently against her bum.

“Both of us drank from them, drank momma’s milk,” I said softly as I gently pulled my sisters nipples. “Do you think she has any more for us?” I asked as I released Natalie and moved towards the bed.

“Don’t! She’ll wake…please Bobby,” she begged as my lips closed over my mother’s nipple. I sucked from one, then another, then slowly stood back up and kissed my sister.

“You’re terrible,” she lied as I bent my head and took one of her long, thick, pink nipples deep into my mouth.

“I got to hang the dress…it’ll be ruined,” she said as she pulled away from my grasp. Grabbing the dress from the floor she took it to mom’s cupboard where she found a hanger.

I moved back to the bed and slowly peeled moms matching panties down her legs as Natalie watched. “Cover her Bobby…please,” she hissed as I knelt between mom’s legs. Natalie slowly slipped her own panties down her legs as she watched me. Her red pubic patch was a lovely contrast to mom’s wispy blond curls.

“Soon,” I promised, then lowered my head down between mom’s legs.

“Please Bobby,” Nat pled as she watched my nose and tongue disappear into her mother’s sex.

My cock sprang upward, arching in need, throbbing as it demanded the vagina whose smell and taste were driving me wild. The vagina that had borne me out into the world so many years ago.

“BOBBY!” Louder now, Natalie cried, as she struggled to pull my head back from my mothers centre.

Angry, wild, almost crazed with lust I leapt from the bed and engulfed my sister in my arms…then lifted her up roughly and dropped her down onto my burning spear.