Not mine but very good

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Not mine but very goodI’ve known Sharon for about seven months. She often would join our group in the pub, though she was older than most of us. I’m 21, Sharon is about 35, had been married and divorced twice and, I was warned, a maneater. Not that I took any notice when she started to chatting to me and invited me back to her flat. Most guys would have gone, she’s attractive, slim with a great arse, nice tits, what more could you ask. I’d never had a blow job, all my previous girlfriends had refused when I asked (begged?). The first night, without even being asked she went down on me and sucked my cock, swallowing my spunk. We fucked three times in different positions and again in the morning, I felt like I’d won the jackpot on the Lottery.I started going to her flat regularly after that, sex and more sex, she liked younger men and though nothing was said I’m fairly certain that at least two or three other lads were shagging her. She said younger blokes were usually heavy cummers, their spunk tasted nicer and they could recover and fuck her without hanging about to long trying to get hard again. Things quickly progressed from straight forward sex in different positions as she introduced new things to me.We were in bed, I’d already fucked her once and she wanted me stiff again. She was busy sucking my cock, massaging my bollocks, her mouth working wonders. Her hand moved from my balls, pushing my legs further apart and I felt her fingers touching my arse hole which felt nice. She stopped sucking my cock for a moment, licking her fingers before taking my prick back in her mouth, wet fingers returning to my arse. She pressed a finger against my arsehole, pushing the tip in, then overcoming the resistance, pushed it right in my bum, moving it as she sucked my cock which had leapt to full hardness in her mouth. A new experience for me which I was enjoying as it sent messages to my prick making it feel even harder, as I began to push my cock further in her mouth, practically fucking her face until I came, filling her mouth with my spunk.A few days later I was telling a mate about her, he told me that he’d heard that she was a right slut and he’d heard that when it came to sex she had few if any limits to what she’d do, “Just watch it. She might corrupt you” he joked. Sharon has a large collection of toys and an even larger collection of porn DVD’s, including some amateur stuff involving her, with 3 or 4 guys, sucking and fucking, spit roasts, her getting DP’d, fucked up the arse, Sharon with another woman, there didn’t seem to be much she wouldn’t do, my mate was right. Often she’d put on a DVD and before long kırklareli escort she’d have her panties off, using fingers or toys to wank, sometimes making herself cum 4 or 5 times before I fucked her. We’d just watched one of her, she asked if I’d liked it, of course I had. She searched back through it and froze the picture, just at the point when she was about to take a cock in her shitter. “What about this bit? Did you like it? She asked. I said that I had. “Do you want to fuck my arse then?” We were in her bed, lubricating my prick and her arse in seconds. She knelt on the bed bum in the air, spreading her arse cheeks. I got behind her, my cock touching her arsehole, and pushed. My prick just slid straight inside her. Her arse just opened and took me, tight but my knob end easily pushed passed the muscle resistance and I started to arse fuck her while she frigged her clit until we both came.A week or so later, she called my mobile and she asked if I was up for a threesome with another girl. What bloke wouldn’t be? Though it wasn’t quite what I expected. The other woman let me in, Maggie she told me, aged late thirties, naked so I could take in her large heavy swaying tits, shaved cunt, a bit overweight but reasonably attractive. She told me to undress, watching as I stripped, no sign of Sharon. As soon as I was naked she took hold of my cock, wanking me until I was erect and led me into the bedroom where Sharon was laid on the bed wearing a strap-on dildo. Maggie told me to sit on the chair and watch as she straddled Sharon, taking hold of the dildo, guiding it into her pussy and rode it while I sat wanking, wondering where I fitted in. They fucked for fifteen or twenty minutes and the both seemed to cum once or twice. Sharon told me to get on the bed with them. Maggie climbed off the dildo and lay on the bed, with her legs spread wide, cunt gaping, soaked in juices and Sharon told me to get on top in a sixty nine and lick Maggies pussy. I got comfortable, tonguing her cunt, as she pulled pillows under her head then began to suck my cock.I couldn’t see Sharon, but Maggie stopped sucking me for a moment, to tell her she that she should use a smaller strap on dildo. I was to busy to bother what they were on about until I felt the bed move, something being pushed in my bum, feeling a cold liquid be squirted in. I attempted to raise my head from, Maggies pussy, to slow, she shut her legs, clamping my head between her thighs so I couldn’t move. I felt Sharron’s hands on my arse, spreading my cheeks,she gave my balls a squeeze, then the the tip of the strap on probing my arse hole. Thank kırklareli escort bayan god it wasn’t the one she’d fucked Maggie with, much thinner. It pushed through the tightness, some discomfort at first but then it was in, slippery, penetrating my lubricated arse hole. She began to fuck my arse, Maggie moved her legs apart and resumed sucking my cock. Sharon pushed the plastic cock in and out of my arse faster, pushing my head down between Maggies legs when I tried to look up. Each time she thrust into my arse I felt that I was going to cum, holding back as along as I could until I could bear it no longer and spunked in Maggies greedy mouth. Even after I’d cum Sharon continued to fuck my arse, and I was forced to lick and suck Maggie’s pussy until she came, covering my face in her cunt juices.I must admit I rather enjoyed it and it became a regular thing, although after that first time she always took me in the bathroom and flushed my arse clean, then I’d do hers. Usually I’d arse fuck her first then she’d do me, using bigger and bigger dildo’s on me, stretching my arse, knowing it would get me erect again ready to fuck her pussy. We had a couple more sessions with Maggie and on New Years eve about a ten guys ended up going to Sharons flat where we all took it in turns to fuck her. I fucked her three times, once up the arse and I think most of the other blokes had her at least as many times. She must have been fucked between 30 and 40 times between midnight and when I left the following afternoon.I didn’t see her again for about a week or ten days, then another good long fucking session over a weekend. Then irregularly over the following weeks until three weeks ago when I was back in favour and I went to her flat with her. Usual thing, into the bathroom, flush out each others arses, before she told me another another guy was joining us, Mark who had been satisfying her for a few weeks. As soon as he arrived he undressed, and came into the bedroom, he had quite a large prick which he was stroking, almost fully erect. Sharon laid back fingering herself and he joined us on the bed. It wasn’t long before she rolled over, kneeling demanding that one of us fuck her while she sucked the other. She took our cocks as we fucked her from opposite ends until I’d cum in her cunt as she swallowed Marks load. Afterwards I lay on my back, eyes closed, dozing until I felt a tongue, licking up the length of my cock then the tip being sucked. I suddenly realised it was Marks lips wrapped around my rapidly stiffening prick and went to push him away. Sharon stopped me, “Let him suck it. You’ve escort kırklareli watched me with girls I want to watch you and Mark. Shut your eyes and enjoy” That’s the embarrassing thing, I was I enjoying it, feeling my cock growing harder in another blokes mouth as he sucked me off. I even opened my eyes to watch, noticing that Sharon had moved around, taking his prick in her mouth sucking him, watching Mark suck me.He probably only sucked me for two or three minutes before I was fully erect and she told him to stop. She told him to move out the way, lay with her legs spread and told me to get in a sixty nine with her. I got on top dropping my head between her thighs, tasting my own spunk as it dribbled out of her cunt. Mark said something I didn’t catch , but I heard her reply when she turned her head and stopped sucking my cock, “There’s a tube in the drawer. Use plenty, his arse is tight” I wriggled but she held me tight, telling me to keep still, assuring me it would be much better than a dildo in my arse, “A hard, hot, throbbing cock in your arse, Mmmm, you can do mine after. Now keep still and lick my cunt” Since the first time she’d done my arse with a dildo, I’d wondered how it compared with taking a real cock in the arse and was about to find out. I tried to suck and lick her pussy while Mark inserted the end of the tube of lube in my bum and squirted some in. I flinched when I felt his fingers working the slippery gel around my hole then his fingers probing, first one then a second being slid in my anus. He pushed them in and out, sort of twisting them as he did, then I felt him behind me, a hand on my bum, spreading my cheeks, the tip of his cock sliding up my arse replacing his fingers. His cock was probing my arse, just an inch or less of his thick cock forcing my sphincter open to give him access to my virgin arse. Sharon sucked my cock harder, wanking me into her mouth, distracting me as Mark pushed harder, breaking through the resistance forcing more of his cock in my arse. I arched my back, a momentary flash of pain, then his slippery cock slid in, I’d taken him. I felt him pushing again, the final inches penetrating my arse until his pubes were against my bum. He began to move, slowly at first, then faster, thrusting his prick in and out of my receptive arse hole. I felt close to cumming, Sharon, must have realised and stopped sucking, moving up the bed and, it felt like she was sucking his balls, licking his cock as he arse fucked me. He started grunting as he rammed my arse, shafting me harder, then I felt his cock sort of throb, pulsate inside me and realised he’d cum in my arse. He kept still pumping his spunk in my bum, then withdrew, got off the bed and went to the bathroom to shower. My cock was rock hard and Sharon had no intention of letting that go to waste, kneeling on the bed she told me it was her turn, spreading her buttocks for me to arse fuck her.