Not a Real Gamer


This is a silly story I wrote about reality warping witches and turning gamers into lusty gamer girls. It’s got some vaguely jerky things said by our intrepid protagonist/victim, but hey you can’t be a gamer without some Heated Gamer Moments right? I hope this is taken in the goofy spirit it was intended.



Kyle cracked open another energy drink; it was time to defend gaming.

He’d been playing video games since he was old enough to use his thumbs. His whole life was a running chronology of the progress of the home entertainment industry, punctuated occasionally by his life’s milestones. When he didn’t have a lot of friends, he played online. When he was feeling down, they picked him back up. They were an intrinsic part of his identity.

That’s why he was so protective. He scrolled through his targeted social media accounts, placing his rage on a slow boil. He had a bunch of dummy accounts that followed some of the worst people online. Journalists, activists, all those people who posted articles about games and how they were misogynist and hated women without even playing the games themselves! All a scheme, he knew in his heart, to alter one of the only constants in his life.

And that would not stand.

His fury flared when he saw a post from his personal nemesis: Vana Allens. She was a freelance game reviewer and “reporter” on the industry. What she really did was spout lies and spin half-truths to concoct a narrative that made gamers like Kyle look like the bad guys. But all he did was want to play video games! He could wait to post another scathing rejoinder to her work.

He read the title of her latest article. Something about a porn video game for trans women or something. Ugh! Politics again! Vana was always making gaming political. Even some of his favourites like MGS and CoD weren’t safe! He let her know as much with his comment. Hitting send, a feeling of elation slid through his body. He’d taken a jab back at the enemy.

While he waited for the verbal dust to settle, he ambled over to his cramped apartment’s kitchen to make himself some dinner. Never one for anything fancy, Kyle settled on a meal of pizza snacks and chips. The diet hadn’t done much for his waistline, which had never recovered from moving out of his parents’ house (and thus his dad’s excellent home cooking). He covered the awkward reality of his weight with heavy sweaters and baggy pants, some of which had game logos, others had just been on sale. His hair was only two inches long now. He’d gone in for his biannual haircut, and it was looking almost intentionally unkempt. The one cleanliness ritual he kept up with regularly is shaving his face. Facial hair made him itch terribly, and he couldn’t stand anything more than light stubble.

When he returned to his gamer den, pocket pizzas in hand, he got the instant gratification of his notification list blowing up. He’d hit them where it hurt! Scrolling through the responses, that had to be the answer. He fav’d the praise, ignored the thoughtful responses, and got typing out spiteful comebacks to the clearly negative replies. There was no point engaging them in good faith; they hated everything he was and stood for. It was up to him to win on the battlefield of words and wordplay, to be the best at making other people angry or sad. Then they’d think twice about coming after gaming!

A noise he hadn’t heard in months startled him from his comment spree. It was a VOIP call. He hadn’t logged into that service in so long that he’d forgotten he had an account, let alone that he was still logged in. Who was calling him this late at night?

Although he didn’t recognise the number, his curiosity was piqued. He hit Accept and put on his headset. The black box of the application’s call screen turned into a high quality webcam image of a woman he’d seen far too many times for his liking. Her curly blonde hair, her librarian glasses, and her appalling air of smug superiority were easy to identify

“Hello there, PrincipledPower,” Vana Allens said, then added, “If that is your real name.”

His brow furrowed, trying to piece together this bizarre puzzle. “Why are you calling me? How did you even get my number?” he asked. “Did I get doxxed by one of your far-left minions?”

She laughed, rolling her eyes. “Of course not, dummy. Your old account on GameFreaks had this number. I thought I’d call you up and…well…I don’t really know what I had in mind. I just thought I’d try to open a dialogue, instead of us just shouting at each other for another few hours online.”

He nodded, but his hands moved to activate his screen capture program. This was too good to be true! One of the leaders of the opposition, the enemy of gaming, was calling him up! If he exposed her for the fraud and the clout-chaser that she was, he’d make a name for himself! He could turn it into so many hits on his YouTube channel, which would make him so much money. All he had to do was intellectually pants a complete charlatan. How hard could it be?

“Is it to discuss my Maltepe escort bayan exposing your hack job of a career in my latest video?” He moused over to his account tab, where he confirmed that his systematic destruction and utter defeat of Vana’s ideology had grown to seven hundred and three viewers since he’d last checked. Sure, her articles had way more views, but those were all cucks and bots, obviously.

“Not really. Although I question the objectivity of the title.”

“‘Vana Allens: Globalist Pawn or SJW Mastermind’ is the reporting real journalists should do on you.” He crossed his arms, smile crossing his lips.

She huffed flustered by his logic and facts. “Why are you doing this? What do I represent to you that makes me so heinous and threatening?”

“Did you even watch the video?”

“I stopped around the part where you insinuated I’ve never played a game before. Buddy, look, I’ve played games.” She moved out of the way to show off the massive collection of video game maps, posters, and paraphernalia behind her.

He laughed. “Oh, yeah, sure. But all the Crushed Candy in the world won’t make you an actual gamer.”

“Because I’m a woman,” she replied deadpan.

He felt the heat rise into his face when he spoke. “No, of course not! You people always insinuate that we’re sexist or whatever, when we’re not! Plenty of girls can be gamers, they just don’t care about shoving all this politics crap in there. They just want to play games.”

“So female gamers are only gamers if they meet your criteria?”

“You’re so good at twisting my words. You ought to run for Senate.”

“‘The Right is starting to get better at comedy,'” she muttered. Before Kyle could reply, she changed her tactics. “Now come on, meet me half way here. Describe to me what you think a Real Gamer Girl is.”

His screen shuddered for a second, crashing to black then back up again before he could reach his keyboard. Odd. Even stranger was the tingling sensation he felt when he touched his keys. It spread up his hands to his arms, then off to the rest of his body. It felt like a slow rolling case of frisson, and he chalked it up as such.

He peeled through his memories of all the women in his life who have played games. A lot of them played games, but were they really gamers? Gamer was an identity that you embraced, and a lot of them had shunned that title for some reason. The only girls he knew who called themselves gamers were some streamers he followed, and even then…

What made someone a gamer?

Kyle must have been caught in his own mind for a while, because Vana had to clear her throat to get his attention back to the conversation. “Let’s try something simple. How tall are they?”

He blinked in confusion. “What does that have to do with being a gamer?”

“What indeed. How tall is your ideal gamer girl?”

That was obvious. They were short. And since Kyle was shorter than average on the male side, they had to be even shorter than him.

“5’2, maybe? Somewhere in there.” As he said that, the tingling reappeared in his spine. He sank into his chair, and suddenly his arms were resting uncomfortably on the desk in front of him. He hit the lift handle to boost his seat up. It must have compressed itself somehow. He kicked his feet back and forth, feet barely grazing the carpet underneath him.

Vana seemed oddly thrilled by his answer. What was she getting at with this?

“Next question: long hair or shorter? What’s the right length for a gamer girl?”

“Long hair of course.”

“Wouldn’t that get in the way of gaming?” she asked.

“Not with a hairband. Some long, red hair would make her look nice I think. Not dyed red, of course. A natural red.”

“So she’s ginger?”

“Sure, why not.”

The tingling returned. This time, it slid up and down his scalp. He ran his fingers along his head, trying to locate the source. He ended up having to remove his hairband to feel around, but nothing revealed itself. He was just as flummoxed as before! Replacing the clover-themed accessory to hold back his tailbone-length, auburn hair, he again relented. He felt like something strange was going on, but he couldn’t quite place a finger on just what the problem was.

“Something the matter?” Vana asked. He shook his head. Showing weakness would be a terrible idea if he wanted to show off this video to his friends later!

“Of course not. I was just…thinking. So have I proven myself yet?”

“What does she wear?” she asked, ignoring his question.

He scoffed, looking down at his own outfit. His baggy black sweater and khaki combination left plenty to the imagination. “I don’t know, something like this? But, like, the girl’s version. Gamers shouldn’t care too much about their appearances.”

“You don’t know too much about fashion, do you?” she replied, raising an eyebrow.

Kyle took his hands out of his pink hoodie’s front pocket to shrug. “I’m a gamer. I don’t…” He looked down again. His sweatshirt was pink. Escort Maltepe It hadn’t been pink before…had it? His clothes…tight jeans, pink socks, and a matching coloured sweater looked like the ones he’d pulled out of his hamper of clean clothes in the morning…but they also hadn’t been the ones he’d seen just thirty seconds ago.

Vana laughed. “You seem concerned, Kyle. Is there a problem?”

“Something’s wrong…something’s…my clothes…” He was having trouble articulating his problem. He wore the same clothes he had when he started the day. Then what was the problem? He could have sworn they were another colour. Could you have a personal Mandela Effect?

“Body type.”

He looked up. “I…what?”

“Body type. What do gamer girls look like underneath their pink hoodies and tight jeans?”

Kyle couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something going on, but he also couldn’t ignore her question. The reason why he couldn’t escaped him as well, but his lips and tongue moved all the same.

“Chubby’s fine. Gaming is an indoor passion, I don’t expect girls to be supermodels. But, like, thick…thighs and butt and stuff.”

The tingling felt really good this time. It encompassed his whole body, making him wriggle in his seat. He halted when he remembered he was still on webcam. Reaching over to hit pause on his side of the feed, there was a strange weight on his chest that offset his balance. Two weights, in fact. When he realised they were just his breasts, he settled back down, forgetting all about the pause button. His tits felt like they were growing, expanding. But he rationalised that away by thinking he must have been breathing deeply, making it feel like they were growing. Once he returned his breath to normal, his melons were back to their normal E cup size. That was strange!

All the tingling hadn’t gone away, however. It was joined by a warmth. When he touched his breast through his hoodie, the warmth blossomed. It took him a while to remember he was still on webcam. His hands left his tits and hung to his sides.

“Have you noticed anything strange going on?” Vana asked. He nodded, though it was still muddled what that feeling was.

“The more I talk with you, the more I feel hazy about things. I don’t remember things right for a while.”

She smiled. “That might be because of the magical enchantment I placed on you at the start of our conversation.”

Kyle was jolted out of his stupor. “What?!”

She laughed again, the melodic sound mocking his confusion. “I’m afraid so. And don’t try and tell me that magic isn’t real. At the start of our call, you looked like this.” She sent him a screencap of himself. But…not himself. He was taller, had dark hair, and was wearing black. It made his mind hurt. He closed his eyes, and thankfully when he opened them again, the picture was gone.

“But why? Why are you changing me?”

“I was asking you what your ideal gamer girl is. I’m under the impression that the person you want to be on your side doesn’t actually exist. I’m just helping your argument by making your imaginary female gamer a reality…by turning you into one.”

He bucked his hips. As much as being transformed was a complete violation, the idea of having his form altered at the whims of another person, combined with the tingling in his body, had made him aroused. His cock pressed at the tight denim of his jeans. His whole body was being corrupted!

“Turn me back,” he demanded weakly, but his focus was on trying not to masturbate openly. He settled for grinding himself into his pants and trying not to moan too loud.

“Why should I? You’re a true gamer, after all. Tell me more about what you’re like. Are gamer girls chaste and uncaring about sex…or are they horny as fuck?”

There was no stopping his reply. “Horny!” he squealed. It was too much. He yanked down his tight jeans, exposing his panties. His dick was poking out the fabric obscenely. Squeezing his rigid member with one hand, his other slid into his sweater and squeezed one of his fat tits.

Vana stroked her chin. “There’s something not quite right about this scene. I doubt you care too much for trans girls in your gaming. That’s ‘politics’ after all.”

The biggest wave of tingling overwhelmed him. It was impossible to ignore, even as the transformation occurred. Kyle watched in terrified fascination as his cock changed in front of his eyes. The feeling in it gradually faded, while its colour changed from his natural skintone to a pastel purple colour. Strapping appeared around his waist, pushing out from his skin and connected to his dick, and he felt it actually pop off his body. His penis had become a strap-on! He tried stroking it, but all he felt was the sensation of rubber-like material in his hand. It was nothing but a toy now.

It was only a matter of time before he had to reveal what had replaced his cock. He fumbled with the strapping, unfamiliar as he was with a woman’s sex toy. Finally getting it loose, he slowly slid the Maltepe Rus Escort dildo out of place.

“Oh my god,” he whispered, staring at his new pink pussy. Aside from the thickness of the lips and the prominent clit, it looked like all the vaginas he’d seen in porn. He was scared to touch it for fear of making the whole thing real. But it was real. The witch had somehow changed his sex.

“Enjoy your new look?” Vana asked, driving her dagger home.

“You can’t do this!” he demanded. Even with his new equipment, he wasn’t about to think of himself as a woman. That was too…degrading. He was still a guy in all the ways that mattered! He was still Kyle, vanguard of the culture war, and he wouldn’t be humiliated this way! But all the same, he could not stop touching himself.

“But it’s already happened. There’s not much left to do. Your body was the hard part, now all I have to do is change your reality around you.”

The walls in his sparsely appointed bedroom rippled. Items shifted size and colour and dimension in ways he’d never thought possible in the real world. His eyes rejected the information they were receiving. But no matter how hard he tried to force the illusions away, his world was changing all the same. His room’s beige colour became a pastel lavender. The posters of hardcore tactical FPSs turned to character focused RPGs. His cherished shelf of WWII memorabilia became a shelf of chibi stuffies of some of his new favourite characters. His bodypillow didn’t disappear, but the big tiddy anime girl turned into…well a different big tiddy anime girl. But one who totally wasn’t his type!

It was all too much. Kyle tried to shut out the chaos, clamping his hands over his ears and shutting his eyes, hoping the madness would subside.


The gamer shot up out of bed. What a dream! It had felt so real. But, as she thought about it, it was pretty ridiculous in the clarity of wakefulness. It had felt for a moment that she’d actually been a boy!

Kylie’s alarm beeped, bringing her attention to the clock. Holy Moly, she almost missed her 8 PM stream! Getting ready would take too long. Her audience would just have to deal with her bedhead and makeup-less face. She did have enough time to get into her latest cosplay. Zero suits were expensive, but her reflection in the mirror told her it’d been worth the price!

Kylie booted up her streaming program. It was almost time! She adjusted her camera so that it caught her whole body. It took her a while to find a place that sold plus sized jumpsuits for video game characters, but her current outfit looked great on her thick body. Of course, she’d cut strategic holes in the outfit so that her pussy and tits were constantly on display, but that only made sense. She had to make her money somehow!

“Hi guys!” she said in her cheerful, caster voice. “It’s me, Princess_Powerup, here to stream my push to get to Silver League! I know it’s been a long time coming, but I feel good about this one. I’m not even drooling yet, see?” She spread her legs, showing off her pussy. Though the act of stimulating herself with a couple quick rubs accidentally got a thin strand of moisture to appear as she pulled her fingers back. Oops! Guess she got wet accidentally. Oh well!

The chat was full of her regulars. Most of them were calling her a goddess. A hottie. A truly slutty gamer girl. Some of them were saying the usual things. That she was a fake gamer. That she was only doing this for the clout. And that was silly. She loved video games! She just liked masturbating like a horny slut while she played. And no matter what dumb boys out there said, Kylie deserved to play those games just as much as they did!

While her first map loaded, she crammed the fingers of her left hand into her dewy slit and imagined all those horny body jerking off for her lewd body. Even the ones who hated her were in the channel for a reason. They’d masturbate to her horny image. They’d lose themselves and their convictions, all for the pleasure of watching a horny gamer girl like her get off while she got good. All those hard dicks shooting loads while she shot her specials. She spread her legs wide to show herself off. She wanted them to see. She wanted all the world to know what a needy slut she was.

Picks were almost done when she returned her attention to the game. Her pussy juice covered fingers quickly picked her character. The chat called her a dummy, and she laughed. That was true, but only when she was horny! Which, admittedly, was a lot of the time. But if they had her body, they’d be thirsty thots too! They were just jealous that they couldn’t be both attractive and next level talented like she was.

A few moments after her first death, the stream pinged. She’d reached her first donation milestone already! Wow, the audience must love her play! She scrolled up the chart to find out what she had to do for reaching that mark.

“Ooh, dildo while I play? Okay, but promise you won’t tell anyone~” she said with a giggle. Freshly washed and ready to go was her special purple dildo. This one looked strangely lifelike, despite its obvious fake colour. This one had special significance to her…but she couldn’t remember why. Maybe it had been her first? She’d bought so many sex toys over the years that it was impossible to remember!