No Protection


No ProtectionM/FFrankie and I had been dating several months by now. She had recently start the pill and we were waiting to be sure before we tried anything. Se without a condom? I bet that’s amazing. We drove after track practice in her little purple neon until we found an abandoned parking lot to an old factory on a no name side road in our town. It was May, The sun was setting and the air was warm and fragrant.She shut the car off and turned to me. We just looked at each other for a while. She was 5’7”. The track captain. Sun tanned skin, brown eyes looking through designer prescription glasses. She was wearing a sports bra and track shorts. I can see the lines in her stomach, not a six pack but those sexy curves women get sometimes. She was sizing me up to. I am 6’2”. Mixed white and Mediterranean. Green eyes. Thin but athletic build. Not much to look at but I suppose I cold be worse off. She is a sprinter, I am a distance runner. We sit in silence ataşehir escort a few more minutes.She finally breaks. “I can’t wait anymore, fuck it.” She says. She undoes her seat belt and dives over the center console, getting on top of me. She kisses me. I undo my seat belt as well and recline in the passenger seat of the car. The sun had set. It was dark. I take off her sports bra, letting the two toned beauties emerge. B Breasts, perfect about for me. I break our kiss and peck at her ears and neck, giving her nipples playing tugs and twists (she loved that). I make my way, pecking kisses, down to her chest and take a nipple into my mouth. She pulls away and then starts to undo my pants. Upon achieving he goal she slides them down to my calves. She takes m cock out, pumping with her hand. “You ready?” She asks.”As ever” I respond She gets up on her knees and slides her track shorts and panties ümraniye escort down. They were a beautiful cotton pair with a floral pattern. She gets them completely off, taking off her shoes and socks as a result, then lowers her pelvis until she can grab me with her hand. Giving me a few more preparatory pumps, she aims me and lowers herself. Frankie had a “drooling pussy”. She would get so turned on her vagina would literally leak fluid, oozing it. She lowered herself, allowing me to enter her with no friction, no contest, just a smooth, slippery entrance. She began to Rock up and down. I laid back and enjoyed the ride. She arched her back and gave her pelvis that forward rocking motion, for a little extra sensation.It felt amazing, this was the first time I was in a woman without a condom. I was going insane. I felt so good, so connected, every little move was felt. We want to move kadıköy escort around more but the car is small, so we wiggle ourselves, after disconnecting, to the back seat and re position the seats to provide more room. I am sitting on one side, penis standing in its glory. She is sitting next to me. She extends a leg and starts to play with me with her toes.”Ready to finish this?” She asked me. I gave no answer. I lifted her foot, kissed it, then brought it back down to pull her back over to me, positioning her on top once again. I enter easily and we begin just raw fucking.I feel the familiar swelling inside. “Soon.” I mutter. “Are you sure?”Yes, do it, I’m ready.” she responded.I grab her ass cheeks, spreading them apart and forcing her down onto me. I am now fucking for us both, moving her by her hips as I lose control. I gush, one pump, two pumps, several pumps. I release my seed into her. Once I finish we stay connected a second and just kiss. She then gets off of me and sits on the other side of the car. She props her legs up, spread eagle, and we just watch as my semen runs out of her, leaking onto the car seat. I look around the car. The windows are steamed up but you can see hand prints, foots, prints, ass prints in select areas. We gather our clothes and return home.