Nineteen and Counting.

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Nineteen and Counting.Nineteen and Counting.————–Her delicate left hand was travelling erratically over her own soap drenched body, while her right was applying flat, concentric, experienced motions over her puffy engorged pleasure center, radiating its exaggerated sensitivity to her whole submissive crouch, lower belly and upper thighs. The warm water of the little three bedroom house’s shower was amplifying the masturbation induced heat of the young 19 year old. Jessie had now lost control of the pace of her own breathing as she struggled to maintain the involuntary moans to a level barely audible and well camouflaged by the beating shower cascade. For a second she asked herself why she was such an inadequate person. She tried to cling to the idea that she was still, somehow a good person. She was sure that in some fashion, she was a good person, even if she had to resort to this “despicable” act in order to find any semblance of relief to quench or tame her almost undying thirst and lust. Her innocent mind pondered as to the reason why it was always coming up with shockingly perverted imageries to get her fix. “It’s just a phase,” she thought to herself. “It’s just a phase… After this one I am sure I will be back to being a normal good girl.”Unmoved, her left hand continued its restless journey across her agonizingly sensitive body, holding, caressing, pinching and occasionally groping shameful voluptuous forms that had, of their own volition, grown out of her unwilling, once prude body, bringing with them tzars of joy, each requiring special attention, care, touch and lewd spankings which she was providing generously under the incessant water stream. She now imagined the shower hose to be her thousand imaginary lovers, continuously jerking their gross and shamefully immense members on her abject naked beauty, as if they were liberating themselves of their damp inadequacy on her well brought up persona. Jessie could feel her climax rise as if to meet the challenge the imaginary group relentlessly relieving themselves on her. She tried in vain to chase away the detestable day dream from her mind. She tried to stop the rising symptoms of her imminent condition. But she failed…The climax hit her with full force, even harder than if she hadn’t tried to hold it back for so long; even harder than if she hadn’t tried to cheat by staying as close to orgasm, as long as she could, without actually tipping over. This climatic tsunami was now going to be a well deserved punishment for not being able to prevent herself from cumming. Her breathing became ever so slightly louder. She leaned and pushed her tender back on the cold wall of the small shower, sending goose bumps charged shivers down her spine. Gradually, involuntarily, her right leg lifted off the ground, increasing the accessibility to her water and pussy juice soaked swollen clit. With the other leg, she pushed strongly on her toes into the hard floor so as to reduce the uncontrolled shaking that was sure to come.Jessie rode the waves and screamed a little louder, at the risk of being heard in the next room by her strict parents. There was little she cared about at that point, what mattered were those thousand cocks, all of them focusing their attention on her as they continued to splash her soft affable belly, her gorge, her neck and her lower lip.In her blissful state, enchanted and entranced by her own imagination and torturous fingers, she uttered unintelligible words only for the ears of her unmoved, careless lovers.“Ohhh… Gee. You bastard sons of daemons!!! I am going to cum,” she whaled. ” Cum with me! Please cum on me!”Already blinded with her eyes locked firmly in the back of her head, in a frightening white-eyed yet picturesque figure of bliss, as if to better see the grotesque scene that her crazy brain was generating. Her hand had some difficulty finding the tip of the hose. Following the water stream to its source, she was finally able to find it, but not without momentarily interrupting the abhorrent cascade that was battering her upper body. With a leftward twist, Jessie changed the function of the water hose from stream to pulse.Immediately, the thousand cocks complied to her perverted demand and switched their stream to a messy pulse, an imaginary long awaited torrent of interminable vile masculine release. A baptism of her innocent soul where the diluted deluge of semen being poured on her porcelain skin was mixing with her own pussy juice, rendering her previous effort to clean her inner thighs useless. In her deranged arousal state, Jessie could almost taste them all. She could hear them grunting, a thousand droplets of water impacting surfaces of contrasted solidity, soft skin and hard floor, as nonexistent muscular hands shamelessly jerked disproportionate leaking members.Some viscous spurts of the vigorous pulsing water were repeatedly slapping against Jessie’s tits and her erect encoulored nipples adding to her harrowing pleasure. It made the voluptuous marks of her upper body femininity wobble and tremble while messing with the melodious almost celestial sounds of her cataclysmic orgasm.Slowly, hesitantly, her lips parted again, this time to allow some of the water to enter her mouth. She could taste it. She swore she could taste it…Torn between her guilt and the intense pleasure she was experiencing, Jessie wished that the orgasmic sensation would stop. It carried on for what seemed to her like an eternity, sustained by the lewd day dream of the unending, dishonoring dismounts of so many men on her well rounded body.Another wave hit her, as her hand went faster.“I am cumming again… “ she murmured. ”I… Uh! Uh!…again on all your cocks!!!””Like a which in trance, she stayed transfixed by the power of her self induced spell, curse of a young girl with strict parents who held her like a prisoner. Protecting her like a saint temple to be forever preserved from the grips of the lusty, a world that Jessie partially repulsed with her conditioned mind yet craved and yearned for with every fiber in her body.—Her hand slowed down gradually, the breathing along with it. Her trance faded allowing her eyes to regain their normal position. She looked down at her inner thighs trying to assess the damage. It was hard to tell where the water started and where her cum ended. A huge wave of guilt fell upon her. No matter how long she stayed under the shower, she could not wash away the filthy desires scorching through her mind.She felt relieved though. At least the painful urge was gone. Maybe she had gotten rid of it for good. If such a powerful orgasm hadn’t then what would? If such a powerful orgasm couldn’t, karaman escort then she was surely doomed. But she didn’t want to think about that right now.She now had to bath again. Movements that were, only a few minutes ago augmenting her pleasure, were now synonymous of disgusts. She turned off the shower and pulse function and contended with the tap to rinse herself. She avoided the mirror, unable to look at that girl who couldn’t even muster the will to control her sin filled urges. She hasted to her room where she got dressed “properly”; layers upon layers of material intended to hide her well developed womanhood evocative of a well mature, ripe fruit. She had to scoop some more cum oozing down her inner thighs. She brought the secretion closer to her face. From it, emanated an intoxicatingly repulsive odor that seemed to be calling her name with each inhale. “Jeeeeessiiiiiiie, Jeeeeessssiiiie.” The whole mixture, a viscous, soft and transparent like affable discharge waiting to get tasted, begging to be licked.The view of her own semi sticky self, coating her delicate fingers wasn’t helping. Faint ruffles in the adjacent room was letting her know that her parents had started their morning routine. If she didn’t want to face them and spend the next 40 minutes smiling against her will, then the time to leave was now. Jessie quickly got hold of her school bag. She hurried down the corridor, pass the bathroom. Droplets of water could still be heard, dripping down, echoing erotic distorted cries for her name. Jessie could have sworn she saw them smirk, an army of men, standing proud, with their phallusses still erect, dripping elixirs of lust for the weak and the thirsty.A another remorse filled wave came back to coat her mood. She fled down the stair, running from her new fantasy, trying to flee… Flashes of flesh,demented images of a lusty mind.Loosing battle between morality and cravings.Expensive nudity,circles of love, Nipples and boobsviginal cum, so ripe, so fresh.Jessie hurries down the stairs as quietly as she can. In her haste she failed to notice the figure beside her as she gently closes the door trying not to make any noise that would alert her parents of her presence.”hello Jessie”, spoke the female voice with an accent Jessie had gotten used to. “Are you off to school?”The voice brought with it feelings and symptoms that Jessie, over the course of the last two years had tried to get accustomed to. The humid mid west summer made it all the more easy for her to inhale the characteristic signature of Elmira’s perfume, a jasmine-like pollen of pheromone loaded sweat and expensive shampoo scent.Jessie felt that strange weakness in the knees again for some reason impossible to admit. She started to sweat in the most ungodly of places; her palms, her back and her crouch. She wasn’t sure if the last one was sweat or some other denser fluid .As she turned to face Elmira, she realized, just like the many times before her vain techniques failed. Trying to convince herself that Elmira was a woman and that feelings she was having for her were surely due to her own shyness.To her credit, she did try to do something different this time though. She avoided looking at the successful sales woman eye to eye. Jessie made all efforts to keep her gaze on the ground during the cordialities, the hellos, the ‘how-are-yous and how is last year of school going’. But just like the times before, she caught herself staring at the slender legs, wrapped in the tightest of jeans. Jessie’s eyes lingered on Elmira’s visible camel toe. If she looked long enough she could make out the nipples pushing through the padded bra. The 42 year old immigrant’s body was in some ways Jessie’s replica in a stronger frame and slightly bigger chest. “Why do you look so sad?” Asked Elmira in a concerned tone, picking up on Jessie’s silent emotional cries for help“I… I am fine”“They haven’t been lecturing you again I hope.” continues Elmira while getting closer.“No! No! It’s just that …”“Look, Jessie. You don’t have to tell me. I understand. I was 19 once too and boys had the same effect on me too.”Elmira stared into Jessie’s wet eyes, trying for force a smile that wouldn’t come. She got even closer to the now sobbing Jessie and wrapped her hands around her in a warm caring embrace. Jessie felt the soft hands criss-crossing her shoulders and neck. She felt the soft pressure of their combined bosoms, unintended clumsy attempt to realign their almost contacting nipples.Jessie’s senses were overloaded. She all in all she felt safe. The soft voice, the tender touch on feverish skin longing for a touch, especially that touch.“I feel like I am going crazy,” she confided.“Why would you say that? You are one of the smartest young girl I know Jessie. And I have been in all the houses this side of town.”“Thank you Elmira, you are kind,” said Jessie in a panting voice, her own hand slowly going around Elmira’s waist. ”Sometimes, it’s like I know what I am supposed to do, but my whole body is telling me to do something else. And it doesn’t make any sense. And it’s like mum and dad tell me these crazy stories of who I am supposed to be and what I am supposed to do. But… I… And…”“it’s Ok! It’s OK!” interrupted Elmira while holding Jessie by the hands. “Forget your mum and dad for a little bit, they are just worried about you, that’s all. Look, I am taking you for a girls night out this Saturday and this time you are not shying out on me…”“But. Mum and dad would never let me go out…”“Well who says they have to know.” replied Elmira with a wink.With that she picked up her beauty products paraphernalia and headed for the door.Jessie admired the woman for whom she had an obvious crush go up the door steps with her perfect jean blue ass sweeping the air, proliferating her fertile recently accentuated odor. Jessie turned around and headed for her last days of summer school with a radiant smile that no mean nor mocking cellphone text could dethrone until Saturday.Elmira excused herself to Mrs Miller as soon as she entered the house and asked for the bathroom. She stayed in there for a while, still under shock from what had happened to her. It seems Jessie hadn’t been the only one to be turned on by the consoling hug. She freshened up a little and turned the knob of the small bathroom door where the shower hose was still dripping intermittently.“So Mrs Miller, you wanted to see the new Yves Saint Laurent? Your man is going to love it on you.”—-Saturday was finally here, but not after having made its two clients wait an agonizing eternity, like a diva on the stage, impossibly prolonging her last note and keeping a escort karaman waiting audience in pre-applause frozen pose. Elmira had told Jessie’s parent that her two teenagers were organizing a board game party at her house. After thorough investigation, the Millers had conceded to let their daughter go, once they had found out that Elmira herself would be keeping an eye on the young herd and take Jessie back when the game was done.There was no board game. And the teenagers had already long left for their summer vacation in their father’s house in South Carolina. Instead, Elmira had taken Jessie to a bar where she had introduced the young girl to alcohol and male strippers. Jessie had the time of her life. She was also ecstatic to spend some time with Elmira who she was growing more fond of by hour.After Elmira’s sexual confession of having on-going multiple lovers since her divorce, Jessie confided that she was still technically a virgin, but that she masturbated from time to time with purposefully chosen hair brush that doubled as a 4’’ dildo. Jessie also explained how conflicted she was between her sexuality, her parents and religion imposed morals.“Jessie! Listen,” started Elmira. ”All religion is about is ensuring that we do not harm others. Somewhere along the line that message got distorted into oppressing people to adhere to certain cultural norms that are, more often than not, contradictory to the no harm principle.”“What?” Shouted Jessie trying to make sense of it all through the noise and the light buzz.“Let’s just say most of religion is BS. As long as you are a nice person you will be fine. Also,” continued Elmira still sipping on a strangely colored triangular shaped drink “Don’t be afraid to listen to your body.”“My body? I think my body is a little bit crazy.”“Is that so? What sort of crazy thing is it telling you then?” inquired Elmira.“It is telling me that I want to get fucked tonight,” shouted the young girl, jokingly, with a smile over the loud beating electronic music.“That can be arranged.”Jessie felt a fleet of butterflies rush through her body to Elmira’s response to her half-joking comment. Elmira was already taking out her cellphone and punching keys, obviously trying to reach one of her many lovers. If she wanted to stop, the opportunity was now. She didn’t… The music was too loud anyways.Elmira’s plan was simple. She called one of her favorite man toy letting him know that she would be over for some action. Once there and once the light had been turned off, Jessie would take Elmira’s place and if he found out, “Well, knowing Chris, I am sure he is going to like it even more…”————-Finally she heard the knob of the apartment door twist. Jessie saw the familiar beauty coming to deliver her from the strange looks of people making their way to and from the elevator of the apartment complex. The strangers’ look hadn’t been as hard as the anticipation though. “Sorry for making you wait outside, ” whispered Elmira. She extended her arm and pulled Jessie inside the apartment. She obviously had some difficulties trying to prevent her naked boob from being visible from outside the apartment. The apartment itself was barely lit by a candle like chandelier. Jessie had a hard time trying to make out the furniture, let alone Elmira’s superb lines. She had seen enough though thanks to the hallway illumination and the engraved image of the naked MILF’s body had in turn engraved a crusty lickable rectangle form on each of her ivory colored breast.“He is waiting in the room. I got him ready for you…”“What do you mean?”“Shhhh…. Not so loud. Just go in there and have some fun.”Elmira was already pushing Jessie to the even darker bedroom. One could make out the edge of a bed and what seem to be the silhouette of a naked man lying on his back.Hesitant steps forward until your feet meet the wooden edge of the bed,Frontier of your youth, last guardian of your innocence You know you can, but you are not sure you should.Jessie slowly climbed on the bed and her hands and knees come in contact with hard calf muscles. She continued her journey forward, carried by her own growing excitement. In a clumsy move, the back of her hand touches a soft pouch lodged between Chris’ legs. Its much softer than she had imagined it to be. Her unintended caress on her unknown partner is met with a soft gasp. For a fraction of second her mind tried to come up with logical questions to explain the lewd indecent situation. “Why are testicles so soft and so close to something that is said to be so hard? And why is he moaning in enjoyment? Doesn’t he know how wrong all this is?”She makes another crawling step forward. This time, its her right breast that caresses a Chris’ fully erect cock, leaving a thin trail of soft musky pre-cum and causing a louder moan from the man toy that hides her own moan. As her tit break contact with his cock, his whole body bends a little upward, asking for an encore that Jessie isn’t sure she is suppose to give.“So what is it going to be this time Eli?” spoke the deep masculine voice. ”Are you the prude school girl, or the corporate executive whore?”Jessie pondered her options for while and decided not to say a word. She continued forward and came to a stop on top of Chris not touching him yet. She could almost hear him breath. The humid summer air sipping through a slim window gap. It’s time. She feels ready.Slowly she lowered her crouch on the hard skyward pointing cock. She could feel her own abundant moisture facilitating the slow insertion. She could feel his huge cock opening the door to the beginning of her adult life, a slow and shy entry carrying with a slight pinch of subsiding pain and a huge bucket of wet pleasure.Jessie gasped in extasy, even though she had tried not too. She moaned in delight as her hands clenched on Chris’s smooth pectorals. She slowly rose back up to the tip his cock, leaving a coat of pussy juice smeared across his penis, clear evidence of her coming of age, then she went back down, deeper and a little faster. She repeated the motion a few more times, each time a little deeper, and it felt like there was still some more cock to down onto yet she felt already full. This was definitely bigger than the handle of her hair comb . Every penetration seemed to be building on the previously constructed tower of excitement, taking her to new heights she thought were not possible without reaching orgasm. Her moans were getting louder now. Chris was grunting silently in sync with her melodious fuck.“Eli”, shouted Chris in between soft groans, ”if this is the torture game… If this is the torture game… I am ready to surrender.”Jessie karaman escort bayan was barely paying attention to Chris now. She was lost in the sweetness of her first fuck. Then, she felt Chris’ cock get bigger inside her, deep inside her, as his moans became loud grunts. Jessi felt like she too was close, very close. Then again she had felt that way the whole night. This was somewhat different though. It felt more powerful. It felt to her like a momentous event was about to happen. Something that she wanted, something that she had feared for so long, and still feared. She was about to cum and let another man cum inside her. —There was a soft ruffle at the door.“Hey Chris, don’t freak out it’s me. Elmira”Jessie slowdown her horse ride on Chris’s juice battered cock to turn towards the door. The light came on, bathing the chique love nest in a soft yellow light. Elmira was standing by the bedroom door, naked with her high heels on. She moved closer to the fornicating couple and started kissing a dumbfounded Chris on the lips.Jessie understood the kiss to be the silent approval from Chris that she was waiting for. She continued where she had left off before the interruption. This time she could see Chris’ muscular 30-something body. It was not unlike the one she had fantasized about. She could also see Elmira’s tits wobble, shake and caress Chris’s arm and chest as she gave a nationality to their kiss with her tongue. Jessie gave herself completely to the feeling and remembered Elmira’s previous advice. “Listen to your body.” She wanted her first time to include Elmira. She wanted to taste her. Still riding frantically, her hands extended to reach for Elmira’s head. Jessie brought her closer and somewhere she found the courage to say and do what she hadn’t for so many years.“I love you Elmira,” Jessie whispered softly almost breathless.Elmira got turned on by the tenderness of her tone. She reached out and stroke Jessie’s hair a couple of times before sticking her tongue in her mouth to massage hers. With her other hand Elmira gently squeezed on Jessie breast and nipples.Jessie’s body was doing all the thinking now. Her growing aura of pleasure had completely enveloped her mind preventing it from any attempt at expressing guilt, yet it radiated all the passion and depraved requests her body wanted. She wanted more. Even more than her poor juvenile mind could handle. In that moment of pure uninhibited passion, her true cravings surfaced.In between kisses and hops, she brought Elmira’s head closer for another message this one not so tender.“Fuck my mouth you dirty bitch. Treat me like a toy,” Jessie shouted in her panting trance.” I know you want it.”Jessie noticed the hesitation in Elmira’s eyes. She knew Elmira cared too much for her to fully understand what she was asking of her. A sharp sound filled the room as Jessie slapped Elmira, almost losing her balance on the cock she was bouncing on. For a quick second Elmira was baffled and horrified at the dirtiness and kinkiness coming from the prude soon to be deflowered teenager. In a natural unprogrammed response, Elmira’s hand swung. She slapped Jessie’s big tits with her left hand, then immediately followed it by a slap on her cheek with her right.Jessie gasped in obvious blissful pleasure at the added roughness. She barely had time to regain her composure and Elmira was already standing on the bed facing her and forcing her drenched pussy in the teenager’s delicate lips, tongue and chin.This was a bit too much for a first timer to handle. A hard dick in her leaking pussy. The woman she loved, not only present, but naked, french kissing her and the boy toy she was riding, her tits bouncing and leaking faint traces of milk on his body. And now she was forcing her swollen wet slit on her young mouth…“I am going to cum…” Jessie muffled softly. Her voice fading in the lusty perversion of the moment. “Can I please cum on your cock?”Elmira broke her forced cunnilingus to admire the deflowering climax. Jessie wasn’t waiting for an answer though. Her eyes were already rolling in the back of her head as if to reduce the emotional overload brought on by the combined simulations of the now pounding cock and pussy on her own pussy and mouth. Still responding to her primal desires, Jessie broke off the cunnilingus and pulled off Chris’s cock. She rode the last wave of her orgasm on Chris’ mouth, rubbing her still leaking juices all over his cute face.Chris, who had been holding it in for a while now released the pressure that had been building up, once he realise that Jessie had cum. His started unloading the content of his tightened balls, shooting his semen all over Jessie’s back. No juices were going to be wasted; Not on Elmira’s watch. While rubbing her own unattended pussy, she licked up the young man’s cum in repeated down up motions that prolonged Jessie’s climax.Jessie was insatiable though. She wanted it all. Everything she had ever craved for. She had waited for so long, denying herself the pleasures of youth for undeserving parents and some godless priests. Today she wanted it all. All. She wanted all those things she had heard about some many times from her school friends. All the things she had had a glimpse of from mocking and provoking emails and text messages. All the things her own mind had fantasized. She wanted to fuck them with all she had, with all she could; hands, pussy, mouth and ass. She wanted to fuck them so, and then remove all evidence of this obscene failure in self restrain by cleaning up their cock and pussy of all cunt juice, jizz and and ass juice.She got off Chris’ face, finally letting him breath. She turned around, and smile at Elmira who was now frantically rubbing her pussy. She tended to Chris’ cock by sucking and kissing his still hard phallus, adding her thickest saliva to the already wet and odor filled penis, sucking it like a predator would the last bone of the last prey on earth.She delighted at the texture of Chris’ cock. A soft mushy skin, beneath which she could could feel the hardest of muscle responding with involuntary jerks to her every kisses and caress.Jessie then held the base of his cock firmly, and sat down on it, inserting inch after inch of the slippery cock in her tightest of holes. She leaned back a bit and whaled at him as the cock went deeper than her “makeshit” dildo ever had.“Ohhhhhhhhh. fuck my ass! You gotta fuck my ass!”After the initial delight of the titanium erect cock passing through her sphincter, she spread her legs wider and she pulled Elmira’s head once more towards her. This time she stuck Elmira’s face on her pussy and clit while sloppy sounds of anal penetration rose from beneath, facilitated by the most natural lubricant, a mixture of all the juices than man and woman could provide; They all fucked and rejoiced in this rare moment. The coming of age of a tender women. A true nymph in the making…