Nikke’s Surprise



It had been a few months since I’d watched my wife Nikke lose her inhibitions at the photo shoot with Jack and Ben.

At the time, although I had often fantasized about watching her having sex, the reality of seeing her naked, exposed and satisfying two men had come as a bit of a surprise. My initial reaction when I realised that she was about to be penetrated in both ends was one of shock. Although I had watched with mounting excitement as they gradually removed all her clothes, I had never expected her to allow them to penetrate both her mouth and vagina.

I remembered feeling that I should stop them, tell them that it had gone too far but as I continued to stroke my throbbing erection I had to admit to myself that I was enjoying the spectacle. I wanted to see her used like a slut.

We had talked about it since and although she kept apologising for her uncharacteristic slutty behaviour in Jack’s studio, I reminded her how she had admitted afterwards that she would probably do something similar again if I wanted her to.


Nikke’s account of what happened later that year.

Since my experience at Jack’s studio our love life had taken an erotic turn for the better. I guess that I had become less inhibited and open to new ideas.

Rich would often tell me how he wanted to see me ‘used’ by more than one guy. I tried to explain that when it had happened at Jack’s studio, I had not expected it and if I had been told before hand I would have refused.

However, I could not deny the fact that when it happened, I had never felt so aroused. To have two men, one whom I had never met before, lusting after my body and then feel them both reach an orgasm as they used me, made me feel sexy.

Rich and I had always gone for long walks in the countryside. Recently, during one of these walks, we were strolling along a path and about to pass a dense looking area of trees. Rich said, “let’s explore that woodland.”

“But it looks impenetrable, why do you want to explore it?”

He turned to me a grinned as he said, “we’ve never had sex in the open air before and there might be a secluded spot amongst the trees.”

He then playfully slapped my backside, grabbed my hand, and led me through the undergrowth and into the woods.

The trees were densely packed and there was only just enough space between them to squeeze past. After only fifty feet or so we came into a clearing. In the centre was an old, gnarled solitary tree.

Rich led me toward it and backed me up against it.

“Somebody might come and see us!” I said, as he started to kiss my neck and grope my breasts through my T-shirt.

He laughed as he continued his kissing and then lifted my T-shirt before saying, “Maybe they’d enjoy watching.”

I looked around nervously as Rich stood back a little and started to remove my T-shirt.

I knew that he wasn’t going to stop, and to be honest, despite my protestations about being caught I realised that the situation was arousing me.

With my T-shirt now removed it only took a few seconds for Rich to remove my bra and release my breasts.

With the mixed feelings of arousal and fear of being seen I leaned back against the tree as Rich lowered his head down to my breasts. He then alternated between each, kneading one whilst sucking on the other one’s nipple.

His free hand then moved down to the zip on my jeans. Still convinced that somebody could appear at any moment I felt my zip being lowered and then the waistband being unfastened.

Rich then eased my jeans down over my hips until he was able to push his hand between my upper thighs and feel the wet gusset of my knickers.

He then pushed the soaked gusset to one side. I then gasped as he slid a finger up into my wetness.

With his finger pushed up inside me he moved back slightly and said, “get my dick out Nikke.”

By now I was passed caring about being seen. I reached for his zip and soon had his rock-hard dick in my hand.

I stroked it longingly and, yearning to feel it inside me, said hoarsely, “fuck me Rich, fuck me against the tree.”

He did not need to be asked twice. He moved forward until he was pressing his body against mine. I opened my legs as far as I could withing the constraints of the jeans that were stretched between my thighs. Rich withdrew his finger and held the crotch of my knickers to one side as I guided his dick up into my wetness. With the glans of his erect penis nestled cosily between my wet labia he pushed further forward, pressing my naked back against the rough bark of the tree. As his lips pressed against mine, I felt his erection slide all the way up into my wet and willing vagina.

He paused for a moment and then started to thrust his dick firmly and rhythmically into me.

The risky situation and the open air had aroused us both and before long, with Rich’s lips now resting on my ear I could hear and feel his heavy breathing.

With his thrusts becoming ever more urgent I could feel my orgasm Bostancı Anal Escort rising rapidly.

Now oblivious to everything around us I had my arms around Rich’s waist, pulling and encouraging him to thrust harder as my own breathing became a series of gasps and soft whimpers. Finally, with his hot breath in my ear he gasped, I’m going to cum Nikke.

I felt the thrusts of his thick shaft briefly pause and then his hot semen flooding my insides. This was the final trigger for my own orgasm. I let out an uncontrollable scream as my body convulsed against Rich’s body.

We stayed coupled together as our breathing gradually returned to normal and Rich’s dick softened inside me.

Eventually Rich withdrew, stood back, and gazed at me with his limp and dripping dick still hanging free from his jeans.

I felt relaxed and at ease even though I was topless, and my jeans were pulled down below my crotch.

“Someone could still stumble upon us and see you like that,” said Rich.

I just giggled and replied, “so what, maybe they’d enjoy the spectacle!”

Rich then grabbed my T-shirt and bra, stuffed them in his pocket and said, “you’ll get them back after I’ve had a pee.”

He then quickly disappeared into the trees leaving me half naked standing by the tree.

I thought about chasing after him but eventually decided to stay put. I could hear twigs snapping beneath his feet some distance away among the trees but then total silence. I assumed he’d found a suitable tree to pee against.

After my earlier post orgasmic euphoria, I began to feel vulnerable and nervous. This wasn’t helped when I heard a twig snap behind me. The last time I’d heard Rich he was some distance away in front of me.

I quickly pulled my jeans back up and did my best to cover my breasts with my hands. My heart began to race as another twig snapped. This time much closer behind me. Despite my racing heart I realised that the idea of someone catching me was exciting. For some reason I assumed that it would be a man but felt reassured that Rich would soon return so I was in no immediate danger.

I kept my hands covering my breasts and my back toward the sound.

Suddenly a twig snapped directly behind me and at the same time a hand grabbed my shoulder.

“OK you pervert,” I said with as much confidence as I could muster, “I suppose you want to see my tits!”

I spun round, moving my hands away from my breasts, ready to confront this stranger as Rich burst out laughing saying, “great tits, how about a fuck?”

I moved toward him shouting, “you bastard, you scared the shit out of me!”

I then slapped him half heartedly on the arm before he took me into his arms and said, “so you wanted to show your tits to a stranger then.”

“Maybe I did,” I said coyly.

Rich gave me my bra and T-shirt back. Once I was dressed, we headed back home.

That night as we lay in bed Rich asked, “did you enjoy our time in the woods.”

“Mmmm, Yes.”

“How about the risk of being seen and watched?”

I was quiet for a little while before I admitted honestly, “Actually, it made me feel vulnerable, but I found it arousing.”

I then slapped him playfully as I added, “I felt especially vulnerable and nervous when you disappeared with my T-shirt and bra leaving me there with my tits exposed!”

Now it was Rich’s turn to be silent for a while until he said, “I’d love to do it again but make you feel more vulnerable.”

“How do you mean.”

“I want to tie you to the tree, rip off your clothes and fuck you.”

Trying to dampen his enthusiasm but secretly excited by the idea, I replied, “And how do you propose we walk back with my clothes ripped off?”

He’d obviously already given this some thought, replying, “we’ll take some spare clothes with us.”

“I see.”

“So, what do you think Nikke,” he said, “will you do it?”

“Maybe, if I’m in the right mood. Now go to sleep.”

Rich was soon gently snoring as I lay there wide awake. I’d often had fantasies of being captured, stripped, tied up and used. I’d never confided this to Rich, but it would often feature in my imagination when masturbating or sometimes when Rich was making love to me.

As I lay there thinking about Rich’s proposal, I began to like the idea.

The following morning, we had breakfast together, but nothing was said about our conversation the night before.

A week later I was feeling in a particularly horny mood when I said to Rich, “so when are you going to take me to the woods and tie me to the tree?”

He immediately rushed over, held me in his strong embrace and said, “whenever you like darling, but are you sure?”

“Yes,” I said, “but it had better be today before I change my mind.”

He then held me at arm’s length and asked, “will you wear that old dress that I always liked. The black low cut one with the red flower print.”

“Its in the charity bag ready to be collected with the other old clothes tomorrow. It was starting to wear out and had a few marks on Bostancı Yaşlı Escort it.”

He chuckled as he replied, “so it won’t matter if it gets ripped and torn then!” as he rushed off to retrieve it.

He was soon back with the dress looking like a dog that got the bone.

“Any more requests?” I said with a grin.

“Black stockings and suspenders with your black lace quarter-cup bra.” he said with a mischievous grin.

I guessed that he would suggest that, having always told me how sexy he thought I looked wearing the matching black lace underwear with the bra that left my nipples uncovered.

Just thinking about his clothing request was making me hornier than ever as I started to imagine being tied to that tree and Rich tearing off my clothes before taking me roughly.

“Any other requests?” I said, already warming to his ideas.

“Yes, no panties.”

“Not even the crotchless ones?”

“No, nothing, just the suspender belt and sheer black stockings.”

I felt hornier than ever as I grabbed the dress from Rich and went upstairs to change.

After rummaging through my ‘special’ underwear drawer I pulled out the black lace quarter-cup bra, matching suspender belt and a new pack of black 15 denier stockings.

I was soon standing in front of my full-length mirror checking out my appearance. The old black dress was made from very sheer fabric and I noticed immediately how my large protruding nipples were quite visible.

Just as I was checking myself out Rich came into the room.

“Wow!” he exclaimed, “you look so fucking horny.”

“Why thank you kind sir,” I said, “are you ready to go to the woods now?”

“You bet,” he said.

I then passed him a canvas holdall in which I’d packed a spare set of clothes and said, “let’s go to the woods then.”

As we walked to the car, I noticed that Rich also had a small bag with him.

“What’s in the bag Rich?”

“Just a few essentials he said with a grin. “A blindfold and some lengths of rope.”

The woodland area was only a short drive away and we were soon walking along the path to the woods having parked the car nearby.

There was nobody around as we found the place where we had entered the dense part of the woodland before.

As we made our way through the densely packed trees, I felt like I was eighteen again. We soon came into the small clearing with the solitary tree in the centre.

I could sense Rich’s excitement as he took my hand and led me over to the tree.

While I stood in front of it, he placed the holdall with my spare clothes behind it, then opened his bag and took out the ropes.

“Put your hands in front of you and hold them together,” he said.

I did as he asked and watched as he excitedly bound my wrists together with a length of rope. He then selected a longer piece and tossed it up over a branch that was above my head.

Tying one of the hanging ends to the rope that was already binding my wrists and seemingly satisfied that the knots were secure he said, “raise your hands above your head Nikke.”

I was already feeling both aroused and vulnerable as he pulled the remaining loose end until my arms were stretched up straight above my head. I felt him tying off the loose end before pushing me closer to the tree. I could feel the rough bark pressing into my back as he quickly secured the end of another rope around my left ankle.

He then walked swiftly around the tree carrying the free end of the rope and then reappeared next to my right ankle.

“Shift your feet apart Nikke and I’ll tie the rope around your other ankle.”

I was soon tied securely to the tree with my feet wide apart and the hem of my old dress now stretched between my knees.

Finally, he produced a soft blindfold that he had obviously kept since our last long-haul fight on holiday. As soon as he placed it over my eyes my feelings of vulnerability increased.

I sensed him moving close to me and then run his fingers over one of my protruding nipples. Both the touch and the anticipation of what was to come sent a shivering tingle through my body.

Suddenly the mood was interrupted by Rich’s mobile ringing.

“It’s Jack,” he said, “I’ll just tell him that I’m busy.”

I could only hear one side of the conversation as Rich took the call and said,

“Hi Jack, tied up right now.”

“Yes, no problem.”

Then, “yes, as promised and ready to go.”

And then, “Yes, definitely a three-man job.”

“No problem. See you.”

“What did Jack want?” I asked

“Oh, he was just checking on something I’m helping him with at his studio.”

Before I could ask any more questions, Rich resumed his touching of my protruding nipples; pinching and teasing them through the fine fabric of my dress.

I felt ready to submit to his every desire as he slid his hand up between my legs and started to caress the soft tender flesh of my inner thighs just above the tops of my stockings. His caresses slowly moved up the inside of my thighs until Bostancı Zenci Escort the tips of his fingers were at the very top, teasing the delicate and sensitive area immediately next to my outer labia.

My nipples were erect and tingling and my vaginal lips oozing when he suddenly withdrew his hand.

I felt myself start to panic. Worried that perhaps someone had entered the small clearing as I said softly, “what’s up Rich?”

He didn’t reply.

I then felt him grip the low neckline of my old dress and, suspecting that he was about to fulfil his fantasy of ripping off my clothes, felt my panic subside.

My excitement increased as I felt the fine fabric of the shoulder straps start to dig into my flesh as he started to pull down hard on the neckline.

The pressure of the shoulder straps increased almost to the point of being painful. I started to doubt that it would give way when suddenly I heard a tearing sound. The straps gave way, and I felt the cooler late summer breeze in the clearing waft over my sensitised nipples as Rich tore the front of the dress down far enough to expose my breasts.

The breeze was strong enough to cause the leaves in the canopy to rustle quite loudly making it impossible to hear any foot fall.

With my dress ripped open and my breasts exposed I suddenly felt alone. I assumed that Rich was teasing me, leaving me tied and vulnerable like he had on the previous occasion.

I wanted him to touch me again, to tease my erect nipples, explore my wetness, but above all to take me roughly against the tree.

I had I listened intently, trying to detect the sound of his footfall and his return.

I then heard a twig snap. My excitement rose once more. I sensed that he was close again and then swooned as I felt lips encase my right nipple.

“That feels great, you teasing bastard,” I said joyously, as he alternately sucked and gently bit my erect nipple.

I yearned for him to put his hand up between my legs again as he continued to use his mouth on my nipple.

I felt a hand touch my knee and then slowly move up under my dress.

My anticipation of him seeking out my wetness again sent me to new heights of arousal until suddenly another mouth descended on my left nipple.

“Rich, what the fuck!?” I exclaimed as a hand clamped over my mouth and the unmistakeable voice of Jack said, “just enjoy it Nikke,” as a hand grabbed at the torn front of my dress and ripped it right down to the hem. With one final tug, the hem then gave way, and I was totally exposed.

As if to reinforce the fact that I was now exposed and at anyone’s mercy I felt the cool late summer breeze blow between my parted thighs and across the wetness of my labia.

Having heard Jack speak whilst both nipples were being sucked left me in no doubt that there were at least three of them. Was one of them Rich?

As if he was reading my mind, Jack said, “Rich is standing back and watching.”

The usually sensible part of wanted to object, to somehow get free of the ropes and run.

I then realised that my secret long held fantasy was about to come true. In my mind I already had an excuse for my conscience; ‘I was tied up and helpless, there was nothing I could do.’

With both nipples being teased and sucked, I felt Jack press his face up against my pubis. I gasped as his tongue curled between my legs and slurped over my clitoris.

At the same time, his fingers quickly found my wetness. With his tongue softly teasing my clit he then slipped two fingers up inside me.

Other than knowing it was Jack sending incredible tingles of pleasure through my groin I had no idea who the other two were. And to be honest I no longer cared. Any fear of being found had totally gone. I no longer cared that anyone could wander in through the woods and see me in this highly compromised position.

All I cared about was the incredible sensations these three men were causing and the orgasm that was rapidly building inside me.

I was in no doubt that all three of them would fuck me; treat me like a slut and use me for their pleasure but I didn’t care.

Feelings of lust were filling my senses as three male mouths and two fingers pleasured me.

My breathing was already in short sharp gasps as my whole body started to convulse. The sharp gasps quickly became cries of sheer pleasure as Jack’s two fingers and his tongue worked their magic.

I could hear my shrieking cries echo around the trees as my orgasm overrode every sense in my body. My body twitched and pulled against the restraints of the ropes until I felt as though I would pass out.

I felt the two men pull away from my breasts leaving my nipples wet with their saliva.

Jack then eased his fingers out of my oozing vagina before giving my hypersensitive clitoris a final flick of his tongue.

As I slowly came down from my orgasmic high the men started to talk to each other.

Jack said, “What do you think guys, I told you she was horny didn’t I?”

A voice I recognised as Ben from the photoshoot in Jack’s studio replied, “

I love the way her big tits are displayed in that tiny bra. Like they are defying gravity.”

A third voice that I did not recognise added, “I love the way the black stockings and suspenders seem to focus my gaze onto her milky white upper thighs and her cunt.”