Nicole Desired Ch. 19


It was a pleasant Saturday afternoon, a soft breeze drifted through the rose garden as Nicole enjoyed her walk to Linda’s house. She hadn’t said anything about where she was going as she had only decided on making a visit to the house once she had started on her walk.

Nicole entered the house through the patio door and moved into the great room. Looking around she imagined finally being married and becoming the woman of the house. She was set to marry Linda but due to the assault Linda had put the wedding on indefinite hold.

Nicole walked through the house looking at all the wonderful decorating she had done. Sitting down in a comfortable overstuffed chair, her eyes began to water. She thought about what had happened to her, and all the hell she had gone through. She still had times where she was haunted by the nightmare of losing Linda and never seeing her again. She had episodes where she seemed to lose herself for awhile and she could feel the hate and anger swell inside her during these episodes. She felt as if she was losing control over herself.

It was not like how she had lost herself when she and Helen had met with Janet Hillsdale about her husband. The three of them had restrained Janet’s husband and Nicole had broken him down from the pompous male chauvinistic ass that he had been, into a good little caring and obedient husband.

Her mother explained that she had known the dominant side of Nicole had always been there. It had reared its head sometimes when she had been forcing herself to strive to become the best servant she could be. She had been harder on herself than anyone and would not settle for second best.

When Nicole found herself in the proper situation, that personality trait of hers came out and seemed to take care of business. As Helen had put it she became an angel with a whip.

Nicole had not really liked being that way as it was so easy to just lose herself in the moment. She had felt the same loss of herself when she had broken Linda’s brother, after learning what he had done to Linda. It had taken a little while for Nicole to come back around to the sweet demure girl she truly was but she still maintained a control over herself.

Since the assault things had been different. She could feel the power surging through her at times and it scared her. This was different from the other times where she had become dominate to deal with a situation. This was like nothing she had ever felt before.

The nightmares she had would leave her angry and feeling vengeful. When this happened she often chose to hide for a short time either by taking a shower or walking in the garden till she calmed a little. She worried that one time she would not be able to control herself and finally just let all the anger out. Worst of all she feared Linda seeing that anger as she lost control. She knew Linda loved her but lately inside she felt that the relationship between her and Linda was tenuous at best. At times it became hard for her to distinguish what was true and what was just her imagination being driven by the nightmares.

Somehow she needed to find a way to get past all the fear and anger she had inside her, let it go so she could once more fully embrace being the beautiful and obedient lover to the woman that meant the world to her. More importantly she could finally become Linda’s loving wife and at last the two could move back into the house.

Nicole cried as she tried to figure out why Wendy had done such a terrible thing to her. She had healed physically and to most people seemed to have handled it mentally. For most of the time that was true but there were times where it took everything she had to keep herself together.

Drying her eyes Nicole decided to head back to the estate as she needed to get together with the girls and get preparations for dinner underway. Susan was coming home and they were going to have guests. It would do no good sitting here crying and feeling sorry for herself.

Heading out the patio door she looked back once more than headed down the path to the estate.

——- *** ——-

Chrissy was busy taking care of all the set up for dinner so that things would be ready to go when Nicole decided it was time to start cooking.

Maria had come down to the kitchen and was assisting Crissy in any way she could.

Nicole had decided that they would serve braised standing rib roast with baby onions and to compliment the entree they would be preparing a twice cooked potato mash with a touch of sour cream and chives. Also they would be preparing fresh asparagus sprinkled with pine nuts and topped with a fresh Swiss cheese and wine sauce.

The two girls gossiped back and forth as they accomplished the tasks at hand. Maria had been asking Crissy more about Nicole and how the two had become so close with each other.

Crissy explained how Nicole had helped set things in motion that set her on the path to becoming the girl she was. She further went on to explain how she had been doing a lackluster job at service, until the night istanbul escort she met Nicole’s other side.

Maria ask for more details on that subject but all Crissy would say was you don’t want to be on the receiving side of her when she was in that frame of mind.

“Nicole can be the most loving person I know but that one night I saw a side that sent fear through me. She was unlike anyone I had seen and I was afraid that I was going to be put on the receiving end of her wrath. I found out how close I had come to feeling her wrath but instead she gave me understanding and love when I really didn’t deserve it. From that moment on I swore to become as exceptional as she was when it came to serving the women of the estate. I will not accept anything less from myself and I have never regretted that choice.”

“I noticed a stern streak in her the other morning with Tammy as it did not take much for her to rectify the situation.” said Maria.

“That was nothing and Tammy is playing a dangerous game. I have worked with her to help her excel at service. It is just that she is a bit lazy and she is now in a very precarious position but she does not seem to understand. Nicole broke her down when she was brought here but that has become a very fuzzy memory for her. Lately Nicole has not been in the position to deal with her, as she has had her own demons to deal with. Tammy has used that absence to slack off and even punishment from Miss Helen as well as Miss Linda has not grabbed her attention. If she keeps pushing she will finally get Nicole’s attention and at that time she will realize although too late that it is not the type of attention you want to receive.”

The door to the kitchen opened and Nicole entered.

“How are you two beautiful ladies doing this afternoon?”

“Good afternoon Miss Nicole,” replied Crissy.

“I see you two have done a wonderful job at getting everything ready for tonight. Miss Helen has informed us that this shall be a very important dinner party. I intend to make sure that everything is top notch. I will be helping with the cooking for as long as I am able at which point Crissy will be in charge.”

“Make sure you space the courses correctly we don’t want the guests to feel rushed or the food to be prematurely cooked, which will lead to it drying out and becoming cold. I have a lot of faith in you Crissy and I know that you will do wonderful as well Maria. I will be dining with the women tonight after greeting and announcing our guests. Make sure your every thought is on making this evening a night to remember.”

“We will do everything in our power to make you proud of us Miss Nicole.”

“I know you will Crissy, you will be lead server and Maria you will be her secondary. Tammy will be in the kitchen cleaning as I do not want her slipshod service to cause problems. I will be answering the door and greeting our guests as well as seeing to their refreshment needs. Now let’s get the food cooking and then it is off to get changed. You will be wearing your formal uniforms as this is an important dinner.

“Yes Miss Nicole,” answered the two women.

——- *** ——-

Linda had been in the study with Helen, Denise, Sandy and Carole most of the day. Nicole knew that the business they were going to be handling today must indeed be very important, as she could feel a sense of tension throughout the estate. She missed Linda’s presence, but was assured that as promised they would make up for her absence tonight.

The study door opened and the women exited the room.

“Well lets all go get changed for the evening ladies. It is going to be a very satisfying night,” Announced Helen.

Linda made her way to her suite and just as she was reaching for the door it opened. There in front of her was the most amazingly stunning creature in existence. She was mesmerized for a few moments, as Nicole stood there dressed in a beautiful dark teal gown that hugged every curve of her body. She was adorned with diamonds on her neck wrist and ears. Her hair was pulled up in a high bun style with a small curly strand hanging along each side of her angelic face. Shear black stockings along with Four inch heels finished off her outfit.

“Oops I am sorry Mistress I did not know you were there.”

Linda just stood there for a few seconds taking in the beauty. It never ceased to astound her how lucky she had been that this vision of loveliness had fallen in love with her.

“That is ok sweetie it was my fault as I was preoccupied thinking about other things and wasn’t paying attention. However, I must say that all those thoughts simply vanished from my mind the moment I set my eyes on your beauty.”

Nicole began to blush as she leaned in and gave Linda a soft kiss and smiled at her.

“You are always so sweet to me mistress and I have missed you so much today.”

“As I have you dear but unfortunately it is unavoidable and as I promised I will make it up to you tonight. Now you had better take care of your duties while I change for dinner.”

Nicole escort bayan gave Linda another kiss then headed down the hall on her way to the kitchen.

Crissy, Tammy and Maria were already waiting in the kitchen when Nicole entered. She quickly looked over each girl to make sure they were perfect.

“Our guests should be arriving any minute now so stay on your toes. At six sharp Crissy will announce dinner is served. We will then make our way to the dining room at which time Crissy will begin to serve along with your help Maria. Tammy you shall be in the kitchen cleaning a bit as well as assisting in any way you are asked. Everyone understand their part?”

“Yes Miss Nicole,” replied the three maids.

The girls hustled around the kitchen busily making sure everything was on schedule and would be ready to go on time.

The door chimes sounded, announcing that the first of the guests had arrived.

Nicole answered the door to see a handsome gentleman impeccably dressed in black tails and tie. Nicole was taken by his trim yet solid looking body and his warm friendly smile.

“My name is Richard Dumfrees and you my dear must be Nicole, for I do not believe I have ever seen a more delicate and stunningly beautiful woman in my life.”

Nicole broke out with a huge smile instantly developing a huge liking for the man.

“Thank you, that is so very kind of you to say please come in.”

“It would be my honor to enter your wonderful estate.”

Nicole was beginning to melt a little as this handsome man indeed had an aura about him that could melt a girl’s heart. She imagined many a maiden had lost her innocence to this delightful man and at this second she wouldn’t mind doing the same. Suddenly Nicole’s mind flashed back to the name he had given, Dunfrees. She knew that name but for some reason she just couldn’t place where she had heard it before. Oh well maybe it would come to her in time.

Just as Nicole was about to close the door a white stretch limo pulled into the driveway and stopped in front of the door. This was Carmon Bennet’s car, Nicole was sure of that. She had met Carmon many times and the sweet woman had always treated Nicole like a princess.

“Mr. Dumfrees, would you mind waiting one second please?”

“My dear I would wait a year as long as I was allowed to wait in your beautiful presence.”

Oh my though Nicole, he is indeed a charmer and a sexy one at that. She had better watch herself or she might find herself off in a side room sampling this handsome strangers gifts.

“Miss Bennet it is wonderful to see you as it has been far too long since we last spoke.”

Carmon embraced Nicole and hugged her tight.

“It is always wonderful to see your sweet face Nicole and yes it has been far too long since we last visited. I will talk to Linda and maybe the three of us can get together and enjoy a nice lunch.”

“I would love that Ma’am”

“Nicole, how many times have I told you, please call me Carmon.”

“Yes ma’am, I mean Carmon”

Turning to Richard, Carmon greeted him fondly like an old friend.

“It is wonderful to see you Richard it has been a long time.”

“Indeed it has Carmon and as always you still take my breath away.”

“Oh you sweet charmer you will never change. Watch yourself around this handsome devil Nicole. He will have you in bed enjoying his wonderful attributes before you even realize whats happening.”

Nicole smiled at the two guests and asked them to follow her. Richard offered his arm to Carmon who graciously took it and they headed down the hall with Nicole

Nicole escorted the two guests to the great room and announced them to the women. She inquired about refreshments then set to the task of making the drinks. Handing each guest a drink Nicole slowly drifted back over to Linda’s side where she took hold of her arm and hugged tight.

Linda smiled brightly as she loved it when Nicole clung to her. She understood it was the one place that Nicole felt truly safe. It didn’t hurt that Linda also constantly yearned for her sweet touch as well. Nicole was just settling in when the door chimes sounded once more. Excusing herself Nicole left to answer them.

Opening the door Nicole saw a strange man dressed in a dark blue suit. Looking at his dress Nicole quickly summed up quite a lot about the man. The suit was wrinkled and his shoes actually need a polishing. The man just looked out of place at the estate and she concluded he must be involved in Helen’s business deal.

“May I help you,” inquired Nicole.

“Of course you can, or maybe you think I just go around knocking on people’s door to say hello.”

Immediately Nicole’s defenses went up as this man had a crude sense about him and unlike Richard had no class or grace to him at all. He seemed like he would be more at home in a corner bar than at a dinner party. Even the head grounds supervisor who had come out to park the car could feel that there was something about this man that seemed out of place. Maltepe escort He approached the car and just took his time as he kept an eye on the happenings at the front door.

From behind the man stepped a woman wearing a rather plain mini dress. Nicole could see a couple of dark welts across the woman’s thighs. Her hair was straggly, flat and dull; it was clean just needed to have a bit of style. As the woman lifted her head Nicole saw it was Susan.

“Miss Susan it is so wonderful to see you. We have all missed you so very much.”

Nicole embraced Susan and hugged her tight.

The man grabbed Susan’s arm and yanked her.

“Enough of that bullshit as I am not here for my health lead the way to your mistress bitch!”

Nicole froze in her actions as she felt the anger begin to rise inside.

Turning to the man Nicole had a raging fire burning in her eyes and her face carried a very stern look. Susan had never seen Nicole like this before and it even sent a shiver through her.

“Listen here you uncouth underdressed pile of dog shit, I am not your fucking servant, whore, or even friend. I am a woman of the Perklun estate and you will do well to keep that in mind or I will make you wish you had never arrived on my doorstep. You will keep a civil tongue in your head and your hands to yourself or I will have both ripped from your fucking body.”

Grabbing the man’s hand that had hold of Susan’s arm she began to dig her nails into his hand causing the man to wince and let lose.

Gary the grounds keeper having heard the language that had been used approached from behind the man.

“Miss Nicole is there a problem here you would like me to take care of for you?”

Nicole leered at the man intensely and asked.”Is there a problem?”

“No there is not and I apologize for my crudeness ma’am.”

“Thank you Gary but it looks as if things will be just fine you may park the car.”

“Yes ma’am”

Nicole picked up a bell off the stand near the door and rang it. A minute later Tammy showed up at the door.

“Yes ma’am you called.”

“One second hun”

“I did not get your name,” Nicole informed the man at the door.

“Alex Warbler.”

“Please take Mr. Warbler and announce him to Miss Helen. I will take Miss Susan upstairs and see what we can find for her to wear.”

Susan looked into Nicole’s face and saw the love she had always known to be there.

“Mr. Warbler if you would please follow me.”

Alex started to say something then changed his mind quickly when he saw those dagger filled eyes of Nicole’s looking back at him. With a quick bow of the head Alex headed down the hall with Tammy. He was still a little miffed at his reception but in no way wanting to push his luck.

“Nicole it is so nice to see you again and I am so sorry I missed your party but I really had no choice please believe me sweetie.”

“You have no need to apologize Miss Susan. I know that if it had been in your power you would have been there.”

Susan began to softly sob. Nicole held her close and whispered.

“It is all over now whatever the problem it no longer matters. You are home now and you will be staying here where you belong. We will never let anything or anyone hurt you again.”

The two women headed upstairs to Susan’s rooms to get her cleaned up and changed for dinner.

Tammy entered the room and announced Alex Warbler. Linda looked with concern to Tammy and her first thought was where had Nicole gone.

Tammy could read in both Linda’s and Helen’s eyes they were wondering the same question.

“Miss Nicole has taken Miss Susan to her rooms to assist her in getting ready for dinner.”

Helen noticed a strange look on Tammy’s face when she had mentioned Nicole. Also in describing what Nicole had done she used the word taken, not escorted but taken. If there had been one thing that Nicole had insisted be learned by every servant it was the ability to use words to get across an exact meaning. So when Tammy said taken which is a very forceful word she began to worry a little.

Helen stepped forward and shook Alex’s hand.

“Tammy get Mr. Warbler a drink. I would ask that every one please excuse me for a few as I have to see to a couple of details and will return as quickly as possible. Linda would you please join me I may need your help.”

Linda saw the worry in Helen’s eyes.

“It would be my pleasure.”

The two women hurried off towards Susan’s rooms.

Nicole slowly undressed Susan, who had been sobbing since she had left the front door. She slid the short dress over Susan’s head and gasped as she viewed the red welts across the woman’s body.

“My god what has that son of a bitch done to you? I will fucking kill him.”

Susan grabbed hold of Nicole’s arm and pleaded with her not to do anything.

Nicole was flooded with emotion as she saw red and wanted vengeance. As Susan explained how she had come to be in this condition and how she ended up under Warblers control, Nicole’s mind just grew darker and darker.

Sue went on to explain that Helen had found out and worked some sort of deal with the man to free Susan from his clutches. When Nicole asked her what sort of deal, Susan was unable to tell her anything more than some sort of trade.